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 9/22/21 - Some Nice Captured Spanish American War Items Including a Regimental Knapsack Flag, Captured Fuse Pouch With Inscription and Spanish Metal Insignia. Fantastic WW1 2ND Division Silver Star Grouping With Portrait Photos. WWI Chaplains Last Rites Kit. WWI German Helmets. Some Very Nice American Headgear, WWI Trench Shoes and a Nice Selection of US Collar Discs. Very Rare Survivors Grouping From a Soldier who Survived the Torpedoing of the USS Tuscania in 1918. WWII B-10 Flight Jacket With Wonderful Squadron and Shoulder Patches. US Marine Corps Model 41 Decorated Field Jacket From an Iwo Jima Marine. Fantastic PT Boat Photo Album, 200 Photos. Scarce Corpsman's Helmet Liner. Collection of WWII German Naval Insignia. Korean War Named South Vietnamese Camo Shirt and Bag. Collection of Vietnam Patches Including River Patrol Forces. Captured NVA Canteen And Much, Much More!!

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