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WWI Uniforms and Groupings
U-1220  Aviators uniform and cap set of Julian Lathrop who served with SSU 1 of the American Field Service in 1916 as an Ambulance driver. He later enlisted in US Aviation and became an Artillery Observer. He was assigned to the 85TH Aero Squadron. His tunic was labeled with a Toronto label as some of his training occurred in Canada. This style of wing is EXCEPTIONALLY RARE!! $2695
U-1219  Fantastic WWI Pilots Tunic for an American Field Service Driver who transferred to Aviation. Tag is inscribed to M.  Cree. Basically Mr. Cree in French. Note the space between was left for a first initial that was never added. He served with TMU 526 for 6 months before transferring to aviation. He hailed from Tyrone, PA and was a Columbia University graduate. $1395  ON HOLD
U-1218  Great 84TH Division Trench Mortar artilleryman Overcoat. $195
U-1217  Nice named 40TH Division tunic and overseas cap. $225
U-1216  Railway Engineers uniform set. $195
U-1215   Rare identified uniform of the 117TH Trench Mortar Battery of the 42ND Division. Very nice uniform with numbered collar brass and cap brass and the RARE Trench Mortar Battery collar disc. Amazing bullion Trench Mortar bomb and great French made 42ND Division SSI. A rare set to find. It is named in the trousers. Needs some research. $675  $SOLD$
U-1214  Rare 1ST Division set , for a member of the 7TH Field Artillery. Instead of the 1ST Division insignia, the tunic shows the owner as part of the Army of Occupation and embroidered a small "1" below. Numbered collar brass, backed by red circles are also part of observed 3Rd Army uniforms. Cap has the same red backing. a couple of scattered moth bites, otherwise excellent. $350
U-1213   Scarce 42ND Division Trench Mortar Officers overcoat. Very nice condition overall. Trench Mortar items are always rare due to the small size of their units. Unit and "US" stencils shows this was once issued to an enlisted man and then recycled by an Officer. $250  ON HOLD
U-1212  Scarce 28TH Division Trench Mortar overcoat. Very nice condition overall. Trench Mortar items are always rare due to the small size of their units. $190ON HOLD
U-1211  Very interesting WWI Air Service enlisted man's grouping. Large grouping includes patched tunic with great 1ST Army Air Service shoulder patch. Selection of post cards that this enlisted man sent home, trousers and overcoat have some moth damage, original and copy photos, dog tag, retired sheriffs wallet badge, Veterans caps and more. $450
U-1210  7TH Division Engineers tunic. Some mothed areas as shown. $160
U-1209   WWI 6TH Division tunic. good condition overall. $160
U-1208  WWI Period Nurses cape. $90$SOLD$
U-1207   Wonderful US Marine Corps 1ST Sgts tunic. Excellent condition with scarce rank patches. Virtually no mothing. Dated and contact marked on the interior. Great for a combat display $675  $SOLD$
U-1206  Camp Pontanenza Bakers tunic with Baker Sergent rank. Great condition. $190
U-1205   Very nice 104TH Infantry, 26TH Division tunic. Excellent condition with numbered collar brass. Very nice. $225 ON HOLD
U-1204  WWI US Marine Corps cotton Corporal's uniform. Excellent condition with just a couple of tiny moth nips to the patches as shown. $295
U-1203 Choice set of US Marine Corps Forest Green wool trousers. About mint, well marked . These are tough to find, especially in such fine condition. $200ON HOLD
U-1201  WWI Nurses cape with red cross on the front. The first 2 photos make the cape look lighter than it is. Good condition. Some repairs. $110 $SOLD$
U-1200  Choice set of WWI enlisted wool trousers. $70ON HOLD
U-1199  Nice enlisted Air Service enlisted grouping. Includes tunic, helmet, discharge document, map, photo, dog tag. Scarce early Signal Corps patch and New York certificate. Very nice set in very good condition overall. $475
U-1198  WWI 1ST Division Officer's tunic, trousers and Sam Brown belt. French made and in excellent condition with older collector tags and research. Nice numbered collar insignia. $425$SOLD$
U-1197  Scarce 40TH Division Musicians tunic. good condition overall. $210
U-1195   Clean set of WWI Trousers with belt. $80
U-1194   Clean set of WWI Trousers. $70ON HOLD
U-1191  Scarce 76TH Division enlisted man's uniform. Some scattered nips and repairs but a tough uniform to find. $195
U-1189  Fantastic 30TH Division enlisted uniform. French made patch. $225
U-1188  Extremely rare 1921 Airship Pilots Uniform and extensive paperwork. This wonderful open collared uniform shows a fantastic bullion airship wing as well as ribbon bars documenting his service from his enlistment during the Spanish American War to retirement. He made his first balloon flight in 1911 in a Free Balloon. (That is, one that is not tethered but goes with the wind.) He arrived in France in March of 1918 and was assigned as Deputy Commander of the US Balloon Section. He served in that capacity until after the Armistice when he became the Commander of the Balloon Service, AEF. Includes extensive paperwork from his pre WWI period, including hundreds of items. Most from 1900-1917. Most of his Wartime paperwork in not present. Ex-Bob Ford Collection. $4295$SOLD$
U-1186  Fabulous 4TH Division tunic with numbered collar insignia. Patch version has the 3RD Army center design. $220
U-1185  Fantastic named 32ND Division identified tunic to a Soldier in the 147TH Field Artillery. Very nice condition overall. $195 $SOLD$
U-1184  Choice set of WWI Trousers. $75
U-1183  Vet nice 27TH Division named grouping. Includes  avery nice tunic with 27TH Division SSI, named painted helmet (one break to strap), regimentally marked with some inscribed battle honors, dog tags on original corps with religious device, named British gas mask bag with serial number and painted 27TH insignia, also his whistle and chain. Gas mask itself is not present. Small hole to gas mask bag. Really a nice IDed set. $585  $SOLD$
U-1181   6TH Division tunic with great embroidered patch. Good condition overall. $160
U-1180  WWI US Navy Jumper and Trousers. Named to two different individuals. Shows wartime, overseas service. A few scattered moth bites, otherwise, very nice. $140
U-1179  Very nice British contract made 37TH Division sergeant's tunic. Nice condition with a few tiny moth bites. $170$SOLD$
U-1178  Scarce Central Records enlisted man's tunic. Very nice condition with just a few tiny moth bites. $220
U-1177   General Intermediate Supply Depot, sergeant's Ordinance tunic. A few tiny moth bites and some light stains to right sleeve, as shown. $190
U-1175  Nice 26TH Division Officers tunic with French made SSI. US National Guard and Infantry collar insignia. Missing 2 buttons and a few tiny moth bites, otherwise very nice. Great combat division with an amazing history. $195
U-1173   WWI 1ST Army Medical Officer's named tunic. Nicely inscribed and dated. Bullion Captains bars. $195
U-1172  Rare US Marine Corps 5TH Brigade, AEF tunic with French made shoulder sleeve insignia and French made overseas cap with cap device and "5" representing 5TH Brigade. Very nice condition. Tunic is very nice with PFC rank patches on both sleeves and a great set of collar discs. A couple of scattered moth nips of no consequence. $995 $SOLD$
U-1170  WWI enlisted mans ground crew uniform with 4 bladed propeller patch. US and Air Service collar discs. Tan cotton, very good condition. $225
U-1169   WWI Air Service ground crew enlisted mans uniform. Small size, about a 34 chest. 4 bladed propeller patch. $195
U-1167  Scarce WWI 89TH Division. 341ST Machine Gun Battalion SSI. Good condition. A few scattered moth nips and one hole to elbow as shown. $245$SOLD$
U-1166  WWI Air Service Sergeant's tunic with Liberty Loan Air Corps patch with French made Air Service bullion centered rank insignia. US and Aviation collar discs. Very nice condition. $265
U-1164  Wonderful French made US Aviators tunic. Classic French style with "false" belt at the waist. French made winged props and wonderful French made Aviators flight wing. Excellent overall condition. 2 overseas stripes. $1295
U-1161  2ND Army/ 4TH Corps artillery tunic . Great hand made patch. Some slight mothing to the 2 lower pockets. Rare patch. $265
  U-1157  WWI Observer's Tunic with 3Rd Army SSI. Very nice French made Observer wing. Tunic is excellent overall with just  a couple of scattered moth bites. Ex Bob Ford collection. $995
U-1156   WW1 Period US Naval Officers Frock Coat with matching trousers. Excellent condition overall. Dated 1914.   $245
U-1155  WW1 Period US Naval Officers Dress Jacket with Trousers. Dated 1914.  $145
U-1154   Very nice identified US Naval Aviators Uniform Jacket and Trousers. Excellent condition overall with research. Just needs a wing. $$725
U-1152  WWI US Issue shirt with contract tag still legible. $90
U-1151   WWI 37TH Division Tunic. Good condition overall. $210
U-1150  WWI Wool OD shirt. Shows actual use an wear. $70
U-1149  WWI 84TH Division tunic . Very good condition overall. $180
U-1142  WWI 7TH Division Ambulance Drivers Uniform, tunic and trousers from Ambulance Company 22 of the 7TH Division. Includes his unit marked canteen, cup and eating utensils, person photos and postcards mailed home. The panoramic photo is in a broken frame, with broken glass, so photo will be shipped rolled. Great ambulance grouping!! $445 $SOLD$


U-1138   WWI 28TH Division tunic with "US" and Artillery discs. Good condition overall. $165
    U-1132  WWI District of Paris tunic, cotton with overseas, honorable discharge stripes. Good condition overall. $150
U-1128    1916-1917 dated US Marine Corps 2 pocket cotton tunic with original label. Named on the interior. $275
U-1126   87TH Division Tunic and Trousers. Good condition overall. $185
U-1124  WWI Pilots Uniform. Some repaired areas and mothing in the lower pockets and the body of the tunic as shown. French made tunic with great set of bullion wings. Affordable Pilots uniform with overseas service. $695$SOLD$
U-1121  Very rare tunic worn by a Volunteer Physician who most likely served with one of the Surgical Units in France. I have seen one other shot of Dartmouth Medical Students wearing similar tunics. I have not found anything on this individual. These early volunteers served in British and French Military Hospitals and many Hospitals sponsored 6 Month overseas tours for a complete surgical staff, such as Lakeside Hospital or Massachusetts General Hospital. Only one I have ever seen. $750
U-1111   Very nice WWI 3RD Division Officer's Trunk Grouping. Great stenciled trunk with named 3RD division uniform with trousers, Sam Brown belt, dog tags, leather leggings, wool puttees, money belt and other items. Includes a very scarce WWI British named SBR Gas Mask and Bag and even his original shoes. $1395
U-1110  Nice WW1 3RD army tunic and trousers. Good condition overall with just a few scattered moth bites. $180
U-1109  WWI District of Paris uniform with a few items named to the Veteran. Cotton uniform. Most likely the patch was removed for laundering, due to the fragile nature of bullion, and was just never put back on. $175
U-1108  Very nice larger set of trousers. 3 small holes to front as shown. $60
U-1107  WWI Wool EM Trousers. Very good condition overall.  $60
U-1105  WWI cotton 29TH Division Medical tunic. $180
U-1104  WWI 2ND Army tunic. Good condition overall. A few popped stitches on the shoulder patch. Overall good condition with the exception of a couple of tiny moth nips. $160
U-1096  Nice 26TH Division, 101ST Engineers tunic, trousers and overseas cap/ Good condition. $235
U-1083    Very scarce Siberian Expeditionary Forces OD wool tunic with nice multi piece shoulder insignia. A few scattered moth bites as shown otherwise very nice. $675
U-1081    Very scarce WWI US Marine Corps Tunic in traditional forest green. Very nice Headquarters, 5TH Regiment, 2ND Division, AEF patch. Velvet backing with embroidered Indian head. Overseas stripes on red backing. Wartime green sleeve linings which as usual lack USMC property marks. Very rare uniform. $1495
U-1078  WWI Khaki cotton US Marine Corps 2 pocket tunic. Very nice condition with size marking. $295
U-1077  Rare WWI US Navy Corpsman's tunic. As you know many Corpsmen were attached to the Marine Corps Units in the field. Tough item to find. $275
U-1072   New Old Stock WWI US Navy Jumper in an amazing Size 46!! Never worn still with original label. $80  ON HOLD
U-1068   WWI OD enlisted tunic with US and Engineer brass. A few small repairs and honorable discharge and overseas stripes. $125
U-1062  Very nice US Army Ambulance Service Grouping. Tunic has a very nice Ambulance Service insignia with unusual stitching, trousers and overseas cap. A few small flaws to the wool trousers as shown. Named Gas Mask and Bag, Puttees and sewing kit are also present. Lastly is his town medal pinned to the chest. Great IDed set. $495$SOLD$
U-1060  WWI OD Wool "Chinstrap" wool shirt. Very nice condition. 2 small flaws as shown. $135
U-1050  91ST Division Tunic and Trousers with great Liberty Loan patch. Excellent condition. $180
U-1033  WWI OD wool shirt with "chinstrap" button collar. Outer button fly edge needs to be re-sewn. $110
U-1030   88TH Division Uniform set. Includes tunic with 88TH SSI, trousers with issue belt and WWI Victory Medal with bar. Good condition overall. $225   ON HOLD
U-1025   Nice Master/ Senior Engineers, private purchase, named on the interior. $120
U-1024  Very nice Railhead/ Regulating Station Uniform Grouping. Named and serial numbered uniform, with belt and trousers. Also includes Pay book and pass. Some scattered moth nips. $225$SOLD$
U-1017  Very nice enlisted Motor Transport Corps enlisted Private Purchase tunic, named ont he interior. Very nice. $190
U-1016  Very nice named 2ND Army Ordinance Officer tunic and trousers. Named in several places. Good condition overall. A couple of tiny moth bites. $215
U-1015  WWI enlisted cotton medical corps tunic with cotton trousers. Good condition overall with some usage stains to trousers. $125ON HOLD
U-1013  5TH Division Grouping with tunic, trousers, overcoat and photo with memorial print and overseas cap. Tunic needs a repair on the rear right as shown. $450$SOLD$
U-1012  WWI First Army Artillery tunic with honorable discharge and overseas stripes. Medical collar disc most likely is for an attached Medic. $185
U-1001  28TH Division tunic with single pin back collar disc. Nice private purchase tunic with French made SSI. A few tiny moth nips. $185
U-995  Advanced Sector Service of Supply uniform grouping with tunic, trousers and Veterans cap. Named on the interior. $235
U-986  Very nice 1ST Army Engineers tunic. Very nice. $190
U-985   WWI First Army Artillery uniform with 1ST Army patch. Very good condition except for  a few moth nips. $190
U-974  WWI French made Pilot's Uniform, named on the interior. Wing has been removed. This came with another tunic named to the same Pilot which still retained its wing. I tried some quick searching on the Pilot's name and did not turn anything up in overseas squadrons, so he could have been an instructor. $295
U-967  Nice 1ST army Artillery tunic. A few small moth nips, otherwise very nice. $140
U-966  7TH Division Tunic. Very good condition overall. A few loose stitches on shoulder patch. $185
  U-947   WWI 37TH Division tunic. Very good condition overall. $190
  U-942  Very nice 28TH Division private purchase tunic with numbered collar brass and old typed museum tag in the pocket. $195








U-936   Very nice 1ST Army Motor Transport Corps tunic with fantastic MTC Sergeant sleeve rate. US and MTC collar brass. A couple of moth nips and one rear seam has opened up, which will need to be re-stitched. $275


U-929  WWI Cotton US Marine Corps blouse. Identified in the sleeve. $275
U-897  1ST Army Air Service Officers uniform with stripped chest insignia. This tunic still has its great 1ST Army Air Service French made insignia. It also appears to have had a bullion pilot's wing removed and a sew on French wing on the other side, or possibly an Italian one. Needs research. Very high quality. $425
U-894   WWI Cotton Blouse with USQMC Rank insignia. Good condition overall. $95 HOLD
  U-822   Very interesting 309TH Engineer Grouping. Fantastic camo 84TH Helmet with "309" worked into the camouflage. Liner is loose and chinstrap in pieces. Named gas mask and bag with inked Engineer castle. Tunic has scarce early axe design but the tunic and trousers are HEAVILY moth eaten as shown. $495
U-758  WWI US Army Issue Trousers. Good condition overall. Repair to reverse. $60
U-756   WWI US Army Issue Cotton breeches. $50
U-681   WWI wool enlisted man's tunic with collar discs, rank and discharge stripe. $140



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