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WWI Uniforms and Groupings
U-1687  Rare, 34TH Engineers, Master Engineers private purchase tunic. Numbered collar brass. Very nice condition. $375
U-1686  84TH Division, Signal Corps Corporals tunic. Very good condition overall. $275
U-1685  Wonderful 40TH Division tunic with numbered collar brass. Wonderful velvet patch. $275
U-1684   WW1 US Marine Corps tunic with 1918-1919 contract. Some small moth bites as shown. Nicely named. $395
U-1683   76TH Division MTC Sgts tunic with single bar Victory medal and numbered New York Service medal. Very nice set. $275
U-1682  Scarce 19TH Division Engineers tunic. This rare tunic shows the SSI of a stateside Division that did not make it overseas, yet it has overseas stripes. Research shows that numerous Soldiers were brought back from France to help form the 19TH Division into a combat ready unit. $295$SOLD$
U-1681  Nice 80TH Division tunic, named on the interior. Nice condition overall. $190$SOLD$
U-1680  WWI wool enlisted shirt. Exc condition overall. $85
U-1679  WWI wool enlisted shirt. Exc condition overall. $85
U-1678  Scarce straight leg WW1 trousers. Exc condition. $135
U-1677  Fantastic WW1 Tank Corps Grouping named in both the tunic and on the decorated Gas Mask Bag. Nicely patched tunic with side view tank Corps disc, Tank Corps patch. Helmet lacks lower chinstrap. Great decorated gas mask bag. Includes his puttees, holster, pistol belt, clip pouch and aid pouch. $1195
U-1676  77TH Division Corporals tunic with rare silk screen patch variation and US 305 collar disc. $295
U-1675  Very nice WW1 US Marine Corps tunic with campaign ribbons and shooting badge. Well marked on the interior sleeve. Clean overall. $595
U-1674  WW1 US Marine Corps Tunic with shoulder cord and shooting badge. Liner has been changed. Will display perfect. $525
U-1673  WW1 Engineer tunic with odd green and red Engineer shoulder patch. $225
U-1672  1917-1918 US Marine Corps Dress trousers. $95
U-1671  Scarce private purchase wool lined work trousers. You see wW1 Engineers wearing garments like this. $125
U-1669  Very nice YMCA Workers uniform for a War Worker operating in the Advanced Sector. Would have been setting up rest areas and canteens within 20 miles of the front. $245
U-1668   WW1 Musicians tunic with scarce Master Sergeant Bandleader rank with musician disc. $155
U-1665  WW1 Officers Tunic for a member of the Service of Supply. Very nice condition overall with just a few spots on the very bottom, as shown. $225  $SOLD$
U-1664  WW1 US Army Shirt. Very nice condition overall. Shows modest use and wear. $80
U-1663  Scarce 76TH Division, Artillery Brigade, private purchase uniform. Very nice condition overall. $195
U-1662  WW1 76TH Division uniform group. Includes, 2 overseas caps, cotton tunic and trousers. Numbered disc, patches have been removed from the uniform, but you can see where they used to be. Nice lot. $285
U-1661  WW1 Private Purchase shirt. $65
U-1658  Choice WW1 Identified Pilots Uniform. Very nice pin on bullion wings and Air Corps Shoulder patch. Metal "US" and winged prop insignia are also French made. Appears to be named to "H. H. Vende", very nice condition. I assume the spelling is wrong.  $1195
U-1657  Amazing 93RD Aero Squadron Pilots Grouping. Includes tunic, 2 pairs of trousers, RAF and US Army overseas caps, named Campaign hat, RARE, Spaulding Flight Jacket, helmet and goggles. One of his sweaters is present with boots, commission, original photos, boots etc.. Goulding had one aerial victory. There are actually photos of the downed Aviators bodies already stripped of souvenirs by the Soldiers who arrived first. Research is also included. $4195  $SOLD$
U-1649   Exceptionally RARE WWI Air Service Observers' uniform with one of the rarest styles of bullion wings. It is the British Style of Observer wing with a small bullion US in the center of the "O". I have only seen 2 of these, this one, and another which is in my collection on an identical uniform from the same Observer. He first service was with the American Ambulance Field Service with Section 1, between January and September of 1916. He returned to the US and went to Plattsburg Training Camp to become an Army Officer. He was then trained in Artillery and Aerial Observation joining the 85TH Aero Squadron in 1918. Includes Sam Brown Belt, red piped , French made Artillery Officers overseas cap. Sam Brown belt is in average condition, tunic is excellent and named on the interior. Phenomenal outfit!! $1995
U-1648  Fantastic 2ND Air Park uniform for a member of the 170TH Aero squadron. Named to 2 individuals. Research should show who was in the 170TH. Clean uniform. $425
U-1645  Very nice Motor Transportation Corps tunic and trousers. Very nice overall. $265
U-1644  41ST Division Engineers tunic. Three initials are present so it may be possible to ID this Soldier. Exc condition. $210
U-1643  Very nice private purchase 6TH Division tunic. Great patch. $210$SOLD$
U-1640  Very nice 77TH Division Medical Sgt. Tunic. Very nice overall. $275
U-1639  WW1 28TH Division enlisted tunic. Mexican Border period 1ST PA collar disc. Very nice overall. $235
U-1637  3RD Army Ordinance Officers tunic. Very good condition overall. $195$SOLD$
U-1636  Very nice 7TH Division tunic. $175
U-1634  Choice, larger set of WW1 wool enlisted trousers. $100
U-1632  Very nice enlisted aviation uniform.. French made aviation SSI with fantastic bullion aviation Corporal's uniform. $295
U-1627  WW1 Naval enlisted mans Jumper. $125
U-1614  Very nice 1ST Army Air Service Tunic. Great shoulder patch. Not named but very nice overall. $295
U-1613  CHOICE set of WW1 Wool Breaches. Almost unworn. Size 34 inch waist. There is a 3/4 inch tear to the seat, otherwise about perfect. $135
U-1612  Pair of WW1 wool trousers. A few tiny nips otherwise super clean, showing almost no wear. $95
U-1587  WW1 Motor Transport Corps tunic with Sgt stripes with MTC badge in bullion. A couple of tiny moth bites to the MTC patch as shown. $235
U-1584  Very nice Tailor made First Army Medical tunic with bullion caduceus. $195
U-1575  Very nice Officer grade, Private purchase Motor Transport tunic. Exc condition. $225$SOLD$
U-1546  WWI Chief Petty Officer, Carpenters white cotton blouse with stripes showing a 5TH enlistment. Just lacks the 4 front closure buttons. $195
U-1544   WWI 37TH Division Tunic. Good condition overall. $185
  U-1538  WWI Observer's Tunic with 3Rd Army SSI. Very nice French made Observer wing. Tunic is excellent overall with just  a couple of scattered moth bites. Ex Bob Ford collection. $925
U-1537  Railway Engineers uniform set. $175
U-1533  Enlisted man attached to the Office of Chief of Engineers. $245
U-1523  cotton khaki Railhead/ Regulating Station uniform. Good condition overall, great patch. $160
U-1518  Very nice named 7TH Division  enlisted mans uniform. Very nice condition and named with serial number on the interior. $195
U-1504   WWI US Enlisted Mans tunic with Signalman's armband sewn directly to the sleeve. $225
  U-1503  Very nice 1ST Army Engineers tunic. very nice condition overall. $225
U-1499  Very rare tunic worn by a Volunteer Physician who most likely served with one of the Surgical Units in France. I have seen one other shot of Dartmouth Medical Students wearing similar tunics. I have not found anything on this individual. These early volunteers served in British and French Military Hospitals and many Hospitals sponsored 6 Month overseas tours for a complete surgical staff, such as Lakeside Hospital or Massachusetts General Hospital. Only one I have ever seen. $620
U-1498  Very nice 6TH Corps Engineer Officers tunic. Some stain to the back as shown. $215
U-1494  Very nice 1920s Infantry Officer from the 101ST Infantry of the 26TH Division. Includes tunic, trousers and campaign hat. $255
U-1493  Early 1920s 77TH Division Officers tunic and campaign hat. Background appears to be black, instead of the typical blue. Campaign hat is very nice just having a loose sweatband. $320
U-1491  Unusual WW1 wool enlisted trousers, dated 1920. $60
U-1486  Very nice 6TH Division Engineers tunic. One medium moth hole on the rear left shoulder. $190
U-1483   WWI Air Service ground crew enlisted mans uniform. Small size, about a 34 chest. 4 bladed propeller patch. $195
U-1475  Set of RARE US Issue trousers made in Ontario Canada. $85
U-1471  GHQ enlisted mans tunic. Very good condition overall. $150ON HOLD
U-1465  WWI Flight Instructors cotton Officers tunic. The tunic is missing its pin back wings and the collar insignia. It does retail its bullion Flight Instructor badge on the cuff, some moth damage to the patch as shown. Overall, well used and washed. $295
U-1464  WWI Officers Cape. Note the buttons match the typical Officers overcoat. This would be an accessory item which most Officers would not have purchased. $110
U-1457  WWI Cotton trousers, large size, choice condition. $75
U-1456  Very nice WWI trousers. Excellent condition overall with just a couple of tiny moth nips. $95
U-1454  Large size WWI wool trousers. Slight stain on front left thigh. Includes belt. $95
U-1433   Very nice 41ST Division tunic. Exc condition overall.  $220
U-1432  Very nice 41ST Division tunic. Exc condition overall.  $210
U-1419  88TH Division tunic. Very nice condition overall. A couple of scattered moth bites as shown. $180
U-1376  Wonderful WWI White Naval Officers Tunic and trousers. . "NR" Naval Reserve buttons are usually seen on Aviation uniforms. Nicely named to "J.S. Morgan". $195
U-1366  WW1 wool trousers. $75
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