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WWI Uniforms and Groupings
U-2058   Very rare, possibly unique, uniform from a Marine who served in the 6TH Regiment. His shoulder patch reflects that he served in both the 1ST Battalion and was briefly attached to Regimental HQ. The name of the Marine will be provided to the purchaser. $1595 $SOLD$
U-2057  Rare 1ST Army Signal Corps tunic with PFC of signals rank. $210
U-2056  Enlisted man attached to the Office of Chief of Engineers. $210
U-2055  Very nice 2ND Engineers, 2ND Battalion, 2ND Division AEF. Wonderful patch. Cotton Summer tunic. $435 $SOLD$
U-2053  Scarce 1ST Army Headquarters Reserve Officers uniform. Very nice condition. $275
U-2050  Rare Battalion and HQ personnel for a unit attached to First Army. $260
U-2049  Rare US Navy or Marine Corps fatigue jacket with Naval Officers darkened Officers buttons. I have seen these same buttons on Marine Officer tunics made in France. $295
U-2048  WW1 6TH Marine Regiment, 2ND Division tunic with yellow background, indicating 2ND Battalion.. Nice condition overall. Honorable discharge and 2 overseas stripes. $1295
U-2045  Scarce 1ST Army, 41ST Division Musicians tunic with scarce musician disc. $215
U-2041   Incredible WW1 Trunk Grouping for a WW1 Signal Corps Photographer who took some of the best known photos of WW1. During WW2 he was placed in the WRPS-( War Relocation Photographic Section). He took a significant number of photo documentation of Japanese in relocation camps. Some of these were propaganda in nature so the American population would think they were being treated very well and had great lives in the camps. He also photographed the 442ND Regimental Combat Team, a Japanese American Unit sent to fight in the ETO.

His importance as a WW1 and WW2 photographer cannot be overstated. If this grouping had a uniform, it would be in the museum! It does have his named WW1 helmet, named gas mask set, named Mess kit and of course named trunk. His gas mask is inscribed "Bon Ami", French for "good friend" and it actually was used in 2 gas attacks as documented by Mace in the record card. There is a German sand bag, a section of German papercloth camoflage cloth in a large triangular shape and what appears to be a papercloth German curtain for observation positions in the front trenches.  The photos shown are NOT INCLUDED. These were found on the internet and are representative of hundred that he took for the signal corps.  $2995

Although born in North Hampton England, in 1889, Charles Mace was brought as an infant to Colorado. He grew up and attended local schools in Denver. After graduating from high school, Mace worked as a staff photographer for the Associated Press and worked for various area newspapers including the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post . During World War I Mace served in the U.S. military and was assigned to the Army Signal Corps as a photographer in the European theater.

After the war, Mace and his brother Gordon, who was also a photographer, invested in a mountain inn—The Baldpate Inn near Estes Park, CO—which they ran for many years. The inn was quite successful, became well-known, and still exists today. Along with running the inn, Mace continued his work in photography, and was soon exhibiting his Colorado nature photos in galleries, domestically and internationally. He also developed skill as a commercial photographer, and was good enough to win contracts to shoot advertisements for Eastman Kodak, Colgate, and other well-known companies.

When the Denver-based WRAPS(War Relocation Photographic Section) office was established in 1943, director Tom Parker hired Mace because of his skills as a photographer as well as the darkroom. When staff member Francis L. Stewart resigned at the end of 1943, Mace replaced him as the second key WRAPS photographer after Parker. At that time, Parker sought another person to run the darkroom and identified Hikaru Iwasaki , a 19-year old Nisei , who was incarcerated at the WRA camp known as Heart Mountain , to fill the job. Parker left the outfit in 1944, in part in order to make a film for the United States Navy. At that point Mace took over directorship of WRAPS and was the chief photographer; Parker however returned within the year to resume his assignment as head of the WRAPS.

Next to Parker and Iwasaki, Mace was the most productive documentarian. His fellow photographer Hikaru Iwasaki counted Charles Mace as his favorite colleague in the WRAPS, describing him as a "great guy," and someone who felt deep sympathy in regard to the plight of Japanese Americans during the war. In this sense, Iwasaki said that Mace hoped his resettlement photographs would encourage Japanese Americans to leave camp and re-enter society even while the war was still in progress.

Mace has over 800 photos online in the Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives (JARDA).


U-2040  Rare AEF uniform for a soldier in a Coffee production plant in France. Yes, the AEF needed a LOT of coffee. Some scattered moth bites. $245
U-2039  WW1 Sergeants tunic. Very good condition overall. $140
U-2038  WW1 Marine Summer tunic, about MINT!! $295
U-2036  WW2 US Marine Corps Corporals tunic. Nice condition overall. $250
U-2035  Very nice named WW1 Summer Marine Corps tunic. $275
U-2034  Very nice WW1 wool trousers. $60
U-2032  Anti Aircraft tunic with overseas stripe and wound stripe. $250
U-2028  Nice named Summer US Marine Corps blouse, named on the interior. $250
U-2027  Very nice Engineer Sergeant tunic for a Soldier on the Officer of the Chief Engineer of the AEF. $250
U-2024  Nice 28TH Division tunic with patched hat and photo history with an additional patch glued to the inside cover. $395
U-2023   Very nice Air Service Mechanics uniform set. Named on the interior. Scarce disc.  $275
U-2017 Rare 85TH Division uniform with French Tank Corps specialty patch. This has been identified in the past as a specialty patch for Soldiers trained to work on Tanks as mechanics. One pocket is torn out, as shown. Rare tunic. $495
U-2015  Scarce wool mackinaw with fantastic 1ST Army Aviation and 169TH Aero Squadron shoulder sleeve insignia with some research. $550
U-2011   WW1 28TH Division grouping for a member of the 28TH Division in its original going home suitcase. Gas mask bag is named. Gas mask itself is ton. Nice untouched set. $495
U-2009  WW1 US Marine Corps Corporals tunic. Good condition overall. $225
U-2007  WW1 Motor Transport Corps tunic. Overall good condition. Some staining to patch. $150
U-2003  Super clean US Marine Corps Master Sergeant tunic dated 1918. Very clean, never pieced for collar insignia. $595
U-2002   41ST Division uniform grouping. Includes tunic, trousers, overseas cap. helmet, issue blanket, sweater vest, puttees , shovel and shoulder patch removed from the uniform. $695
U-2001  WW1 1ST Army Medical tunic. Scarce version of the patch. $250
U-1894  WW1 Motor Transport Corps tunic with Sgt stripes with MTC badge in bullion. A couple of tiny moth bites to the MTC patch as shown. $195
U-1893  WW1 Engineer tunic with odd green and red Engineer shoulder patch. $195
U-1892   WW1 Musicians tunic with scarce Master Sergeant Bandleader rank with musician disc. $135$SOLD$
U-1891  WW1 42ND Division tunic. $195
U-1890   WWI 37TH Division Tunic. Good condition overall. $145
U-1889  77TH Division Corporals tunic with rare silk screen patch variation and US 305 collar disc. $245
U-1888  WW1 Cavalry Buglers tunic with shooting badge and Mexican Border ribbon. $145
U-1887  WWI Flight Instructors cotton Officers tunic. The tunic is missing its pin back wings and the collar insignia. It does retail its bullion Flight Instructor badge on the cuff, some moth damage to the patch as shown. Overall, well used and washed. $245
U-1886 Very nice 6TH Division Engineers tunic. One medium moth hole on the rear left shoulder. $150
U-1885  Railway Engineers uniform set. $145
U-1884  Scarce 76TH Division, Artillery Brigade, private purchase uniform. Very nice condition overall. $165
U-1877  WW1 5TH Corps Artillery tunic. Exc condition.$220
U-1869  4TH Division, 3RD Army Officers tunic. Looks like the family put the insignia on the wrong side! Nice tunic. Very light discoloration across front. Not very noticeable. Great patch. Named but will take some effort to decipher. $225
U-1864  cotton khaki Railhead/ Regulating Station uniform. Good condition overall, great patch. $140
U-1863  Very nice Motor Transportation Corps tunic and trousers. Very nice overall. $225
  U-1859  WWI Observer's Tunic with 3Rd Army SSI. Very nice French made Observer wing. Tunic is excellent overall with just  a couple of scattered moth bites. Ex Bob Ford collection. $850
U-1849  Very rare tunic worn by a Volunteer Physician who most likely served with one of the Surgical Units in France. I have seen one other shot of Dartmouth Medical Students wearing similar tunics. I have not found anything on this individual. These early volunteers served in British and French Military Hospitals and many Hospitals sponsored 6 Month overseas tours for a complete surgical staff, such as Lakeside Hospital or Massachusetts General Hospital. Only one I have ever seen. $595
U-1847  Very nice 1ST Army Engineers tunic. very nice condition overall. $185
U-1846  GHQ enlisted mans tunic. Very good condition overall. $130
U-1845  Very nice 13TH Engineers tunic with Staff Sgt. Engineers rank. $185
U-1844  First Army Signal's uniform. Scarce version of the shoulder patch. $195
U-1837  37TH Division tunic with US and Infantry discs. $150
U-1833  Very nice custom made 85TH Division Corporal's tunic. $210
U-1829  WW1 Wagoner's shirt. Good condition overall. One small tear near the cuff. Easy fix. $135
U-1825  Very nice identified Engineer enlisted mans trunk grouping. Great complete set including helmet, tunic, trousers, overseas cap, socks, entrenching tool, gas mask set, blanket, bed sack, captured German canteen and German map case, toque, sweater vest, US pouches, sewing kit, grooming kit case, souvenirs and more!! $1195
U-1822  Nice named Engineer enlisted tunic. Well named on the interior. Patch is for the Office of Engineers of the AEF. $195
U-1788  85TH Division medical Corporal's tunic. Hand embroidered caduceus.$230
U-1782 Scarce WW1 13TH Engineers tunic. Wonderful condition overall. $265
U-1778 Good set of WW1 trousers. $65
U-1762  Very nice 14TH Railway Engineers tunic with Victory Medal and City Medal from McDonald, Pennsylvania. Very nice overall. $295
U-1754   Scarce Wool Mackinaw with wool waist belt. Exc condition overall. $450
U-1749  1920s GHQ Tunic. 1922 Period. $125
U-1739  WW1 Railhead/ Regulating Station Uniform with draft cards. Very good overall. $225
U-1727  WW1 Air Service enlisted set with tunic, trousers and a great set of hobnail boots. US and Air Service discs. Some moth bites to trousers. $450
U-1706  Very nice 41ST Division tunic. Exc condition overall.  $195
U-1705  88TH Division tunic. Very nice condition overall. A couple of scattered moth bites as shown. $180
U-1685  Wonderful 40TH Division tunic with numbered collar brass. Wonderful velvet patch. $275
U-1678  Scarce straight leg WW1 trousers. Exc condition. $135
U-1661  WW1 Private Purchase shirt. $65
U-1613  CHOICE set of WW1 Wool Breaches. Almost unworn. Size 34 inch waist. There is a 3/4 inch tear to the seat, otherwise about perfect. $135
U-1483   WWI Air Service ground crew enlisted mans uniform. Small size, about a 34 chest. 4 bladed propeller patch. $195
U-1475  Set of RARE US Issue trousers made in Ontario Canada. $85
U-1464  WWI Officers Cape. Note the buttons match the typical Officers overcoat. This would be an accessory item which most Officers would not have purchased. $110
U-1456  Very nice WWI trousers. Excellent condition overall with just a couple of tiny moth nips. $95
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