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                                  What we buy



          That is a loaded question. Some dealers will tell you. I buy everything. That maybe true if you are willing to sell your items for 25 cents on the dollar. That way they can make a purchase and figure out what it is worth later. We need to maintain a profit line to stay in business, but we will not take advantage of our customers to do so. We pay a fair wholesale price for most items and even higher for items we have ready buyers for.

         The items listed below represent just some of the items that we are looking for. Please feel free to send us photos of what you have for sale and we can discuss an offer. Without photos, there is not too much that we can do, so make sure you send them to us.


    1) Spanish American War items of interest include Tropical campaign clothing, Campaign Hats, Medal groupings, Captured Spanish items of all types, web gear and photography.

    2) WWI items of interest are virtually all countries and all items. This is our best known specialty so we need lots of items in this category. Uniforms, headgear, groupings, equipment, medal groupings, captured souvenirs, trench art, scrapbooks, photo albums. US, German, British and Canadian, French etc..

    3) WWII items of interest include all American Uniform groupings especially of the ETO, headgear, medal groupings, photo albums, edged weapons, Air Force uniforms and flight jackets, especially painted A-2 Jackets. We also purchase select captured German and Japanese souvenirs.

   4) Vietnam items of interest include campaign clothing, fatigues, jungle jackets and tiger stripes. Interesting helmets, headgear and equipment. Helicopter related items including decorated flight helmets and flight suits. Cloth insignia made in Vietnam prior to 1972. Photo albums, Tour Jackets and souvenirs. Captured Viet Cong and NVA items.


   5)  We are looking for virtually ALL US Military uniforms and Headgear 1775-1815.


   6) Civil War items of interest would be Uniforms and Headgear as well as items identified to specific individuals. All Confederate items would be of interest.





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