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Spanish American War Items
SA-844  Very rare Boxer Rebellion, captured Chinese Sword. Excellent condition overall. These were sought after trophies and are rarely seen today. Shows actual combat use and wear. There is a very thin wire wrap which is loose in places. Nicest one we have seen. CA. 1900.   $695  $SOLD$
SA-843  Great unit shot of Company I of the 1ST California Volunteers  in 1899.  Approx 10 x 14 inches. $175$SOLD$

The First California Regiment, under the command of Col. James S. Smith, served in the Philippines both during the Spanish American War, and during part of the Philippine-American War. The unit was mustered into service on May 7, 1898 at San Francisco California. At this time, the unit consisted of fifty-one officers and 986 enlisted men.

On May 25, the 1st California steamed for the Philippines, where it arrived on June 30. The unit took part in actions on July 31, 1898 (near Malate) and in the capture of Manila on August 13, 1898. In the former it lost one man killed, and ten wounded, and in the latter one man killed and two wounded. The Philippine-American War began on February 4, 1899. On July 26, 1899, the First California Volunteer Infantry left the Philippines for the United States, arriving in the U.S. on August 24, 1899. The unit was mustered out of service on September 21, 1899. At the time of muster out, the unit consisted of fifty officers and 999 enlisted men.

During its term of service, the unit had one officer who died of wounds received in battle. In addition, eight enlisted men were killed in action, one man died from wounds received in battle. twenty-four died from disease, two died as the result of accidents and one man drown. Also forty-three men were discharged on disability and seven men deserted.


SA-842  Modified Frazier Box. Scarce to find . Looks like it was set up for Cavalry. $150
SA-841  Wonderful New Jersey, Spanish American War Medal. $80
SA-840  United Spanish American War Veterans Medal. $75
SA-839   United Spanish American War Veterans Medal. $85
SA-838   Pre Spanish American War trowel bayonet. Excellent condition. $240
SA-837   Philippine Insurrection, white LINEN, United States Marine Corps enlisted blouse. Some staining and button appear to be a mix of periods. This tunic could be as early as 1902 or as late as 1908. Very scarce. $250  $SOLD$
SA-836    Exceptionally RARE, 1ST US Volunteer Cavalry(Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders), Campaign Hat. This unique hat with large crossed sabers along one side was actually in Cuba and worn by a member of the 1ST USV Cavalry with Teddy Roosevelt!! The owner began the Spanish American War with Troop "C" of the New York Cavalry, enlisting May 2 of 1898. and transferred to Troop "L",1ST USV Cal on July 9TH, 1898 at Camp Alger arriving in Cuba later that month.
          His story-hat was made by Ridabock & Co., New York with their label embossed on the sweatband (faint but legible). Benson used India ink on the left side of his hat, drawing large cross sabers insignia, with troop letter above and “1st U.S. VOL. CAV.” below. Saber knots hang from each hilt. Where the “1” of 1st is written, the wool is gone where ink was originally. Sporadic mothing on the left side, on the upper creases, and a larger hole inside the fore and aft fold. The sweatband is still hanging on by a few threads.  The original silk band was replaced in the period with the half in wide white leather, and the stories of various members have been memorialize upon that. There is also a tear on the front brim.  And of course snowflake vents are on this 1889 pattern hat.
         The caricatures of other members of the Rough Riders are drawing with a brief note made about them. The include, starting at front center going right: Unknown (too much wear); “Chaplain Brown, He did very good.”;  “Sergt. H. Fish, Killed June 1898.” ; “Died as he had lived, A saint, R.H. Davis.” ;  “Victor Benson Troop L US Vol Cav. Enlisted NY———1898” (This is written in the rear tassel ends area);  “Capt. Allyn Capron Killed June 1898.” ;  “Adjutant Hall (wild stampede?) Las Guasimas?”;  “Col. Leonard Wood ——-1st U.S. Vol. Cav.”;  “Lieut. Col. Roosevelt The Bravest and the Best (remaining unknown).”;  “Gen. Shafter” (inscription unknown.”  Most of the figures are thinning and some hard to see, and it does take in most cases some magnification to read the inscriptions.
       Benson was in Troop C, New York Cavalry, 27 years of age when he transferred to the Rough Riders at Camp Alger, Va, July 9, 1898. He was buried in Simonsville Cemetery in Andover, Vermont.  He is listed there as being a captain in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI.  Don't miss this one, you won't get another chance at one. $3495  $SOLD$

SA-835   Spanish American War table bell made from brass recovered from the wreck of the Battleship Maine. There are 2 versions of this bell. This one was available at the Pan American Exposition of 1901. Approx. 3.5 inches in height. $160$SOLD$
SA-834   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
  SA-833   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
SA-832  Fantastic Bamboo Canister made in Cuba in 1898 after the American Victory at San Juan Hill, Kettle Hill and Santiago. Was most likely made for holding tobacco or cigars. Measures approx. 11 inches in height. $145
SA-831  Span Am Period Rifle Belt. $130
  SA-830   Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. One device has just one wire. $95
SA-829  Spanish American War Commander's breast medal. $95
SA-828   Model 1889 US Navy Holster for the 38 Revolver with scarce small size embossing. Holster has been waxed which could be removed. This is the white material seen. Could be buffed off or stripped. Tough holster to find. $215
SA-827    Model 1881 and Sun Helmet plate. Very good condition. $60
  SA-824  Great pipe carved "Boer War" and "Pretoria June 5TH, 1900". Tip of mouth piece snapped off as shown. $180
SA-819 Rare! Spanish American War, New York Officers dress belt buckle an keeper. $95
SA-818   Model 1895 Undress Coat for a Captain of Staff. Note the black background on the straps. Very tough branch of service to find. Un named. One small hole on the bottom front. $295
SA-811  Nice Spanish American War photo grouping with the Massachusetts Span Am War certificate. The Soldier who owned these items was in the 9TH Massachusetts and evidently had a Spanish American War display. He was able to make a connection in Cuba through Metro Golden Meyer who provided him with copies of Spanish images. Great stuff!!! $175 $SOLD$
SA-806   Scarce 2ND Pattern 1898 Tropical Coat with Artillery shoulder straps. The second model eliminated the colored pocket flaps and cuffs but kept the rear pleat and cloth belt and loops. About Mint! $620
SA-804  Spanish American War Haversack flap used by the 69TH "Jolo" Regiment in the Philippines until 1898. The knapsack was cotton with a tarred flap. Rare Souvenir of the Spanish American War. $225
SA-804      Shortened Hat Tally from the USS Yankee . $50
SA-801   Very scarce Model 1893 Officers Tunic with Lt. Colonels rank on the sleeves. This short lived design was only used between 1893-1895. Tunic is in good condition with the exception of one "L" shaped repair to the right arm. $495
SA-800   Rare Spanish American captured bronze nautical bracket removed from the Spanish ship Viscaya after it was sunk by the USS Brooklyn in Santiago Bay Cuba. $295
SA-799  Spanish American War Rifle Tool for the Trapdoor. $40
SA-798   Great Veterans Medal for Soldiers who served overseas in the Spanish American War. Fob has been affixed to ribbon. Some tearing to ribbon. Interesting item. $65
SA-791  Very nice Spanish American War Milk Glass Candy Dish with the American Eagle sitting on a nest of three eggs, labeled Cuba, Puerto Rico and The Philippines. Very nice. $80
SA-787   Rare set of Spanish American War unit stencils for the 8TH Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.  On January 7, 1899, the 8th Massachusetts began its service abroad, steaming for Cuba. It arrived three days later. In Cuba, it served as part of the occupation force on the island. The unit would continue in this role until April 4, 1899, when it began its trip home to the U.S., arriving on April 9, 1899. One appears to be made specifically for canteens and the other for haversacks and other equipment. Local Boston maker. It appears the stencil was held in place by a clamped frame on top of the object to be stenciled and then they stencil brush was used. Can be shipped with or without frame. $245
SA-785  Navy Ship's tally for the Gun boat Vesuvius which fired on Santiago. $120
SA-783  Spanish American War Navy Cap Tally from the USS Miantonomoh. $80
SA-782 Spanish American War Navy Cap Tally from the USS Monongahela. $80
SA-780  Exceptional Spanish American War embroidered panel with classic American eagle with an anchor with cross flags in red white and blue thread and silver bullion. Measures 20" x 20" inches. $295
SA-779  Model 1902 Infantry shoulder cords for the blue uniform. $30
SA-778   Spanish American War gray leggings with wool linings- State contract. $60 
SA-776  Boer War Pipe engraved, "Boer War", "South Africa" and 1900 and 1901. Inlaid with a silver coin with Queen Victoria and portrait of Boer Leader, Paul Kruger" a popular image on Boer War pipes. $215
SA-772  Philippine Insurrection enamel cup. $70
SA-614   Circa 1902 Porcelain Army Issue Cup. $85
SA-769  Very nice Model 1885 US army Blanket with indigo blue field and dark blue stripes. Choice condition. Edges were bound by soldier to keep edges from being frayed. $235
SA-766   Spanish American War, 1898 dated Ammo Crate for 45 Caliber Ammo. I believe this was for the Trapdoor Springfield. $155
SA-764   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $135
  SA-763     Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. $90
SA-758   Spanish American War Period portrait of a Marine at Guantanamo, Cuba. 6 x 8 inch overall. $95  ON HOLD
SA-752  Georgia State Faithful Service Medal. Rare! $50
SA-749  Unusual Spanish American War- Phil Insurrection cloth signs for the American Red Cross. Approx.  6 x 12 inches. $90
SA-748  Unusual Spanish American War- Phil Insurrection cloth signs for the American Red Cross. Approx.  6 x 12 inches. $90
SA-738  Set of 25 cuff and pocket sized Spanish Army buttons. $55
SA-708    Spanish American War Officers false embroidered 16TH Infantry collar insignia. Very tough to find. $85
  SA-653   23RD Infantry Cap Device. $30
  SA-651   Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-650     Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 23RD Regiment. $35
  SA-649    Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-648    Matched pair of New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-647    Single, sew on, New York Officers Collar Insignia from the 3RD Regiment. $35
  SA-640   Spanish American War cap  and shoulder paddle badge. $50
SA-587   Fantastic Spanish American War treatise on the Naval Actions during the Spanish American War including original information from Spanish sources. $80
SA-537  Very rare Maryland Spanish American War Ladder Badge. Nice condition. $225 $SOLD$
  SA-501  Scarce "National Guard, State of Maine" service medal. $40
  SA-497  Scarce Massachusetts Expert Rifleman badge with 3 bars. $SOLD$ $55
  SA-385   73RD Artillery Collar Insignia. $25
  SA-384   Band Hat insignia. $25
SA-383  Spanish American War mess kit. $80
  SA-300  Original 1930s Navy Expeditionary Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  SA-299 Original 1920-30s China Campaign Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 6 inch length.
  SA-277  Spanish American War-1902 period Musicians hat insignia. $25
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