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18TH and 19TH Century American Wars
SA-1622  One of the rarest Revolutionary War items we have ever offered. This bayonet and scabbard were purchased from France by Benjamin Franklin and Silas Dean for the American Forces as part of a large arms purchase in December 1776.  This bayonet arrived in March of 1777 on board the Ship Amphitrite.  John Langdon was in charge of Maritime Affairs for the State of New Hampshire and per instructions of March 19TH, from the New Hampshire House of Representatives, took possession of 2,016 muskets with bayonets for 3 Battalions (term used interchangeably at the time with Regiments). In April and May of 1777, Silversmith John Ward Gilman was paid 16 pounds, 16 shillings to apply regimental marking to both guns and bayonets. The muskets were marked with "NH" followed by "1B, 2B or 3B" specifying to which battalion it belonged followed by "No." and finally the number. The bayonets were marked with the same die sets, but only used the "No." with number. They are easily distinguished by their marks. Without going into the great history of the 3RD New Hampshire Battalion, it can be said that this bayonet and scabbard was definitely used at Saratoga, in the great American victory. This single action secured the direct support of the French, and led to their sending troops to America. Most probably this gun also saw service at the Battles of Monmouth, Sullivan Campaign, Various Battles in New York and the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. These are virtually unique in the world of the American Revolution, in that we know what happened to these bayonets every step of the way. A phenomenal museum piece. To bring some pricing background. These muskets now sell for between $25,000-40,000 depending on condition and there are about 65-70 known in various condition. I believe there are only about 35 bayonets known, so they are actually more rare than the guns!!  $3995

SA-1621  Model 1763 French Revolutionary War Charleville bayonet. Looks to be a battlefield pick up. Unfortunately no history of where it came from. Still a very nice find. $175
    SA-1620  7 Inch priming horn with raised panel showing 1799 date. One small worm hole to the reverse. Very nice. $150
SA-1619  1880s Officers or Soldiers private purchase mess kit to store and cook enough food for 1-2 people. Nicely marked. Approx 12 inches. $165
    SA-1618  Trapdoor rifle bayonet scabbard with "US" brass button. This was during the switch over to the hook set up for use with the new canvas belts, or if necessary the older style leather belt. The hooks are almost always missing. $75  ON HOLD
SA-1617  Civil War Springfield relic Bayonet. Appears to be a Battlefield pick up. Looks to have been exposed to weather but never buried. $65
SA-1616  Phenomenal Mexican Revolution, Punitive Expedition, machete with bold engraved a wild lion like creatures with the slogan "Soy el Teror De Los Traydores" which loosely translates "Death to the Traitors". It is unclear if this was carried by Government supporters referring to Pancho Villa's men as the "traitors" or if it was carried by one of Villa's men who looked upon the men supporting President Caranza as traitors. One of the most interesting Mexican Revolution its I have ever seen. $995

SA-1615  Civil War Soldiers Coffee Pot. Tinned steel. Approx 7 inches in height. Shows some campaigning and repair. $145
SA-1614  Civil War through 1870s Massachusetts Haversack. These haversacks have been found marked to the State of Massachusetts and also un-marked. One Post War contract was found for this style and size. This does not mean that these could not have also been made, under a different contract, late in the War. The jury is still undecided on this. This one shows no signs of any markings. Includes inner, "Rice Bag". Unlike most of these, this one actually shows lots of use and wear. My theory is that they could have been very late War and then contracted again, Post War. $695

SA-1613  Captured Philippine Insurrection woven fiber hat. Not sure which plant this was taken from, possibly catarzi?  Insurectos were poorly clad and armed and various types of peasant hats were worn. Extremely rare!! $895
SA-1612   Spanish American war mess knife. $60
    SA-1611  Very rare Confederate Bowie Knife metal sheath with folded metal belt loop. Measures 12 inches in length. A friend of mine who passed away about 20 years ago, dug this up in the 1960s. on the McDowell Battlefield in Virginia on May 8TH, 1862. It was Stonewall Jackson's 1ST Victory in his Valley Campaign. $495
SA-1610  Revolutionary War brass button mold made and signed by Josiah Miller. Miller was a brass mold maker in Rehoboth, Massachusetts from about 1725-1771. This mold is of a 4 button capacity. 1 large flat, 1 small flat and 2 small domed buttons. these are VERY rare. $850

SA-1609  Spanish American War black leather cartridge box with "USM" which stands for "United States Marines". Good condition overall. $295
SA-1606  Rare set of Model 1902 period Cavalry NCO Trousers. Philippine Insurrection. A few scattered moth bites. Otherwise bright and clean. $295
SA-1605  Fantastic Civil War Confederate Gardiner Pattern Cedar Canteen. Excellent condition overall, inscribed very lightly "R. H. Simmons" in 3 places, one above the other. That what bored Soldiers do. When I searched the Confederate archives I came up with about 20 Soldiers with that name. Unfortunately, there is no other information carved into the canteen that would allow us to discover its owner's history. The inscriptions really only stand out when reflected with light. Overall a very clean canteen. You won't be disappointed. $1895

SA-1603  1860 Silver plated eyeglasses case by Parker and dated 1860. It is also engraved on the top of the case. This deluxe pattern is one I have not run across and certainly was costly at the time. $85
SA-1602  Gettysburg Walking stick made from wood removed from Round Top. This was a tourist item from about 1900. It is impressed with the ink inscription-  "Gettysburg July 1-2-3 1863 Wood From Round Top". Very nice $195
SA-1601  Spectacular Civil War Walking Stick. It is inscribed, "Cut in the --- of 7 Pines Battlefield where 15000 Soldiers Were Killed. May 31ST and June 1ST, 1862" Nice heavy stick. Great historic item. $255
SA-1598  Very unusual large bronze spike from the USS New Hampshire.
in 1816-1864 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire by the Portsmouth Navy Yard.
Construction details: built of live oak with copper fastenings believed to have been forged at the Revere Foundry, established by Paul Revere.
Large spike is approximately 8 inches in length and bronze. There is a small piece of copper bottom as well as some items recovered on and around the ship. The metalwork of the USS New Hampshire  was produced by Paul Revere's foundry in the war of 1812. (Revere, who died in 1818, pioneered the use of malleable copper bolts in the Navy's ships). The New Hampshire went on to serve in the Union's blockade fleet during the Civil War; it later caught fire and sank in 1922. Bears "US" stamp. $250
SA-1595   Spanish American War Cavalry Corporals stripes. $40
  SA-1593 Spanish American War Artillery Corporals stripes. $30
  SA-1592  Set of 2 wood support rods for Merriam packs. $50
    SA-1591  Fantastic War of 1812 Cheese box canteen. Painted inscription, most likely dating from the 1830s of  "War of 1812" and "M.S". Massachusetts canteens were marked "M.S." and so i believe it refers to the original inscription. $695
SA-1585  Massachusetts Marksman badge from Massachusetts. $40
SA-1581   Fantastic early Spanish American War Veterans Welcome banner from Pittsburg, PA. Hand painted sign on very light cotton. Looks to be pre-1910. Approx 10 feet in length. Great condition with original ties. $495
SA-1579  1870s National Guard mounted cartridge box.  Split to rear seam. $60
SA-1573  Model 1872 Meat Can. These have become very tough to find in recent years. A few pin holes in the bottom. Cannot be seen when displayed. $495
SA-1570  Rare Revolutionary War Soldiers wooden canteen. Approx 7 inches across. Iron bands. Raised mouthpiece. Classic design. $850
SA-1569  Very rare Revolutionary War Cartridge Box, known as the "Essex Box". These were made in Essex County Massachusetts circa 1778-1785. There designs are very similar, all sharing a brass hook closure assembly, rectangular body and 18 hole cartridge block. They also were equipped with a detachable shoulder strap that buckled to the box. This example lacks its block, but is in overall very nice condition, some loose threads. $895
SA-1567 Revolutionary War Cartridge box with 18 hole block. Flap overhangs the box front by a few inches. Missing buckles for shoulder strap. Some open seams, very well used. $395
SA-1563  Civil War WOOL NCO Sword Sash. These are significantly tougher to find than the Officers Silk Sashes. Wear to acorns, which can be made to look significantly better. $495
SA-1561  Model 1898 Infantry enlisted Tropical Coat. these saw service for about 6 months before being replaced by the all khaki 1899 coat. Shows actual use and wear. Some staining and neck wear as shown. Lacks belt as most do. $725$SOLD$
SA-1553  Pre Spanish American War Sword hanger. $75
SA-1552  Massachusetts Marksman medal, 1890. $45
SA-1551  Spanish American War Massachusetts 3RD Class Marksman badge. Named on reverse, missing the pin. $60
SA-1549 Spanish War Veterans badge with break to ribbon. $40
SA-1546  Phenomenal Civil War Portrait photo of a member of Company B of the 13TH New Hampshire Volunteers showing off the signature badged kepi of men of New Hampshire. Crystal clear and in choice condition. Image is approx. 2.25 x 2.75 inches. $525
SA-1538  Civil War St. Louis canteen with sling. Bottle is in very nice condition with the exception of 2 small pin holes at the bottom, barely noticeable. Sling is well used and has some vertical frays and splits but is intact and sturdy. $220
SA-1534  Very nice Civil War enlisted Mans Artillery Shell Jacket. This was the standard uniform jacket for enlisted artilleryman during the majority of the War. After the War many of these ended up being sold as surplus, some being used in theaters for plays. These frequently have been tailored or modified. In this case we have a jacket in excellent overall condition, with just a few visible flaws. The red trim has 2 small areas on the collar which have been replaced. There are also 2 small "pillows" on the rear which support the sword belt which are replacements. Lastly the complete lining has been removed. Overall bright and clean showing no abuse or insect damage. A fantastic Civil War uniform that won't "break the bank". $1350  $SOLD$

  SA-1529   Scarce Medal from the Citizens of Michigan for Soldiers who served in the Philippine Insurrection. $75
SA-1525  Rare oversized study on uniforms of the American Revolution with 50 color plates, published in 1926 for the New York Historical Society. Charles Lefferts actually painted the 50 studies for this volume as well as wrote the descriptions. This volume had a 1 time print run of 500 copies, which this is the 220TH. The plates typically sell for $20 each, so the plate value alone is $1000. They seldom come up for sale and few are left. A black and white small version was produced in the 1970s, but it nothing like this. This one priced at $595
SA-1519  Civil War Officers folding cutlery. Great accessory items. $220
SA-1517  Scarce Civil War Soldiers Ladder badge from a Sgt in the 14TH New Hampshire Volunteers. Nicely named on the shield. As you know, many of these were never named. This one is very nice. $495
SA-1515  Revolutionary War Bullet Mold by Josiah Miller. Miller was a brass mold maker in Rehoboth, Massachusetts from about 1725-1771. The "IM" stamp clearly appears on the side. This is an excavated camp site item. $375
SA-1513  1915 GAR Reunion, cast iron paperweight. Approx 3.75 inches in length. $125
SA-1503  Set of 19 Civil War Patriotic Covers, some scarce ones. Instant collection. $235
SA-1502  Set of 20 Civil War Patriotic Covers, some scarce ones. Instant collection. $245
SA-1498    Revolutionary War period American Blacksmith made Pike head. This was found in New York State and could date even earlier to the French and Indian War period. $450
SA-1492  Revolutionary War period Indian Trade Axe. Maker marked as shown. Crack along the weld shows the early technique. $250
SA-1491  Fantastic Revolutionary War period Camp Axe.. Handle is more modern but the head is  late 18TH Century. $250
SA-1486  Small War of 1812,  Naval Dirk. Approx 9.5 inches overall. Leather scabbard with Pewter throat, missing drag. Flaking to scabbard. Diamond shaped blade.  $225
SA-1483  Revolutionary War period American Bayonet scabbard with frog. Scabbard measures 13 inches. Obviously missing a bit off the bottom. Scabbard is sewn to the frog. Frog was sewn to a buff leather waist belt. Just a fragment of which remains. $595
SA-1482  Spanish American War Campaign Medal. Rim numbered. $90
SA-1480  13TH Coast Artillery Regiment paper and photo grouping. $90
SA-1476  Very Rare, Spanish "Knapsack Flag" of the 30TH Regiment, which served in Puerto Rico during the Spanish American War. These flags are frequently confused with regimental flags, but were actually issued to each man. They were great sources of pride and were carried where ever the Soldier was. In barracks they were used as shelf covers. In the field they were sometimes worn as bandanas or hung in camp. In death they were used to cover the face of the Soldier at burial. This one appears to have a bullet hole in it. Some scattered stains as shown. Very nice item. Approx 30 x 30 inches. $925

SA-1472  Spanish Sun helmet device. Very nice condition. $125
SA-1471  Scarce New Hampshire Civil War Document to a Corporal in the 5TH New Hampshire Volunteers. He joined in 1861 and then was killed in action in June of 1862 at the battle of Seven Pines. $255
SA-1468   Great reunion ribbon for the 10TH New Hampshire. $55
SA-1466  1860 patent marked container for water filter hose also used for snuff/ tobacco. $90
SA-1462  Fantastic 38TH Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry escutcheon. Wonderfully hand painted with rank and corps badges. His name and photo appears at the bottom. Some foxing and light staining. He was captured and taken Prisoner by the Confederates in April of 1863. 20" x 25". $245

SA-1460  Choice 8TH Massachusetts framed patriotic roster. Exc condition overall. 20" x 24".   $125
SA-1455    Fantastic Western "Cowboy" hat. Very wide brim with bound edge. Dates to about 1890. Fantastic cap. Light soiling, a couple of moth dings. $525
SA-1453  Rock Island Arsenal marked leather repair kit with awl, needles, punch and backer, tacks and awl wrench. $120
SA-1446  Spanish American War Souvenir badge. $40
SA-1434  Cast iron Civil War musket with "12TH NH Vols" cast into the butt of the musket. The musket would have been painted gold when created in the 1880s. Sometime in the 1960s-70s someone painted it. These were given out at a reunion of the 12TH NH in the early 1880s. Approx 12 inches in length. $125
SA-1425  Civil War Artillery Gimlet. This rod would be shoved into the touch hole, after the gun is loaded to pierce the powder bag to facilitate the fuse. $75
SA-1422    Indian Wars lead filled Artillery Kepi badge. $65
SA-1413  Civil War Unit History  for the 14TH New Hampshire Volunteers. $110
SA-1404    Fantastic New England powder horn. Excellent original condition. Dates anytime between between 1775 and 1840, so can be used for a variety of exhibits. $80
SA-1400    Choice Civil War bayonet with scabbard. Scabbard is the variety with th ebuff leather hanger. Some very light scuffing. Grades and 8 out of 10. Really a nice set. $450
SA-1397  I believe this is a captured Spanish Pouch. Can't find a reference to this specific pouch. It may be an Artillery fuse pouch. $130
SA-1395  Spanish American War Officers Sword Belt. Good condition overall. One split to the loop that hold the buckle in place. Otherwise a nice belt. $250
SA-1393  Philippine Insurrection campaign hat band worn by members of the 51ST Iowa upon their return to the US. Rare. $90
SA-1392  Tiffany and Co. bronze 10 year Service medal for 10 years of service. $65
SA-1391  Span Am 50TH Anniversary Medal. $45
SA-1382  Spanish American War Pumpkinseed canteen in choice condition. Name is lined out otherwise almost unissued. $225
  SA-1362  Set of (2),  8 x 10 cabinet cards of Spanish American War Troop Ships. Not sure which they are. Needs research. $65
SA-1361 Fantastic set of Revolutionary War documents for a Soldier who fought for 3 years in the service of the Continental Army in the Second Battalion of Connecticut Line Unit, turning over pay due to him to someone to whom he owes money in September of 1780. Revolutionary War paper items are scarce but to find three items from the same Soldier is almost impossible. $395
  SA-1359  Model 1899 US Marine Corps Dress Tunic. Good condition overall. 1910 dated. $395
SA-1353 Rare Boxer Rebellion Unit Photo (13.5 x 16.5 inches) of Company L of the 14TH just returned from the Boxer Rebellion, also known as the China Relief Expedition. 

During 1900 the 14th Infantry Regiment was deployed to China to help put down the Boxer Rebellion. The 14th was the spearhead in winning a victory over the Chinese army at the Battle of Yangcun. At the Tung Pien Gate in Peking, the regiment was taking heavy fire and was unable to effectively engage the enemy. To counteract, volunteers were called for to scale the wall and lay down suppressive fire from the better vantage point while the rest of the regiment followed. Corporal Calvin P. Titus, a band member and chaplains assistant from E Company, volunteered, and with rope slung over his shoulder scaled the wall and laid down the suppressive fire that allowed more and more soldiers behind him to follow.

For his actions, he was awarded the Medal of Honor as well as receiving an appointment to West Point. For their conduct of the operation, the 14th Infantry Regiment was rewarded by the Chinese government a large amount of silver bullion which was later fashioned into an ornamented punchbowl with matching cups and other dinnerware that is still kept in 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment headquarters. $250


SA-1350  Private purchase Spanish American War campaign hat. Brownish tint, non regulation without vent holes on the side. Nice Corps badge. $450
SA-1346  Very scarce Spanish American War captured Spanish knapsack flag. These were carried by all Soldiers in Cuba, PR and the Philippines during the Spanish American War. Some were regimental flags others were Spanish coats of arms. Tough item to find. $595

SA-1341  Very scarce Spanish American War manual for the Springfield Rifle, Springfield Carbine and Army Revolver. Choice condition. 1898 dated. $150
SA-1340  New York National Guard, NCO Manual from 1905. Good condition overall. $50
SA-1329 Spanish American War captured Spanish bayonet scabbard and frog. Very scarce. $225
SA-1327  Pre Civil War Militia Ammo Box. Would have had a shoulder strap with buckles like the classic Civil War boxes. Great hand hut regimental monogram, "CR". Dry and stiff, some threads popped as shown. Tin liner. $145
SA-1315  Scarce 1905 dated holster for the 38 revolver. Choice condition overall. $245
SA-1309   Rare set of Spanish American War unit stencils for the 8TH Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.  On January 7, 1899, the 8th Massachusetts began its service abroad, steaming for Cuba. It arrived three days later. In Cuba, it served as part of the occupation force on the island. The unit would continue in this role until April 4, 1899, when it began its trip home to the U.S., arriving on April 9, 1899. One appears to be made specifically for canteens and the other for haversacks and other equipment. Local Boston maker. It appears the stencil was held in place by a clamped frame on top of the object to be stenciled and then they stencil brush was used. Can be shipped with or without frame. $195
SA-1306  Civil War Veterans Grouping. Includes GAR hat badge, Boston GAR Encampment badge and Patriotic Order, Sons of America"
 membership badge. $125
SA-1308   Circa 1902 Porcelain Army Issue Cup. $80
SA-1306  Civil War Veterans celebrate "Decoration Day", and lay flowers on a Civil War monument. 8 x 10 , Most likely taken about 1915-20. $60ON HOLD
SA-1299  1898 Peace Jubilee in Philadelphia celebrating the Spanish American War victories. $80
  SA-1292    Spanish American War 1ST Pennsylvania Artillery hat badge. $40
  SA-1291   Spanish American War 1ST Pennsylvania Artillery hat badge. $40
  SA-1290  Spanish American War 1ST Pennsylvania Artillery hat badge. $40
SA-1281 Spanish American War "Pill Box" visor cap. Ohio side buttons. $240
SA-1279  Indian War portrait photo, taken at Ft. Yates, North Dakota. $125
SA-1275  Very nice gold painted Civil War canteen with very nice applied Eagle with flag. Most likely in a GAR post at one time. $250
SA-1239   1904 dated Saber straps. Very nice condition. $60
SA-1236  Very scarce miniature canteen for the 12TH New Hampshire Volunteers with original sling. This was part of a set of miniature equipment items. One of which was given out at each reunion. Would have had a label on the front now gone. The collection of 12TH New Hampshire items is from my personal collection and is for illustration purposes only. $95
  SA-1235  18TH Pennsylvania Band. $40
  SA-1219  Massachusetts Marksman's Medal. $35
  SA-1218 Massachusetts Marksman's Medal. $35
  SA-1217   1911 War maneuvers watch fob. $35
SA-1216  Massachusetts Civil War Officers button. $40
  SA-1213  Spanish American War Officers shoulder strap device. $50
SA-1195   Fantastic 1913 GAR National  reunion ribbon. $35
SA-1160  Scarce Spanish American War 8TH Pennsylvania Volunteers canteen. Nice condition. Missing inner cork. $195
SA-1158  Spanish American War, "abdominal band" believed to be healthy to wear around the mid section. This one has never been used. $125
SA-1155  Spanish American War 16TH Pennsylvania Infantry Band hat badge. $45
SA-1134  Rare Circa 1850s Connecticut Guards tunic. We used the button back marks to date the jacket. They, like many other state units, used throwback style uniforms to show their long lineage. Many of these pre War militia units went to War dressed in these uniform. Very mothed, needing lots of repairs. Named as shown. $595
    SA-1116   18TH Pennsylvania Musicians cap badge. $30
SA-1107  Spanish American War, 2ND Army Corps medal. $80
SA-1105   Spanish American War 1ST Pennsylvania Artillery hat badge. $45
SA-1104  Spanish American War 1ST Pennsylvania Infantry hat badge. $45
SA-1067  Original empty box for a Cuban Occupation medal, numbered 8754. $50
SA-1066    Original empty box for a Philippine Campaign medal, numbered 31915. $50
SA-1064  Scarce named Rhode Island Militia Marksman's medal from 1903-04. $60
SA-1028  Late 18TH Century wood and bone snuff box. Approx. 3 inches in length. $125
SA-1018  Civil War Clay Pipe. About 6 inches in length. $50
  SA-1009  Massachusetts Volunteer Militia shooting medal. $50
  SA-1008  Massachusetts Sharpshooter medal, 1889. $65
SA-1007  Mass Volunteer Militia Revolver Qualification, Span Am War period. $65
SA-989   Spanish American War period sword Straps and hanger. $50
SA-988  Spanish American War period sword Straps and hanger. 5TH Cavalry marked $60
SA-979  Model 1899 tan EM shoulder straps. $20
SA-971  Rare Massachusetts Naval Militia collar insignia. $50
SA-969  Model 1902 Artillery Cord. $50
  SA-859  Musicians cap or collar badge. $20
SA-799  Spanish American War Rifle Tool for the Trapdoor. $40
SA-782 Spanish American War Navy Cap Tally from the USS Monongahela. $80
SA-779  Model 1902 Infantry shoulder cords for the blue uniform. $30
SA-501  Scarce "National Guard, State of Maine" service medal. $40
  SA-384   Band Hat insignia. $25
  SA-277  Spanish American War-1902 period Musicians hat insignia. $25
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