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Spanish American War and Earlier Items
SA-1025    Choice Confederate Cap Box. Much better condition than normally seen. This one is the classic, single loop suspension with lead finial instead of brass. Outer flap is excellent, inner flap and body about mint. Very tough to upgrade this one. This one turned up at a Massachusetts Gun show in the 1980s. $1250
  SA-1024  Fantastic War of 1812 period Powder Horn. Dated January 1ST, 1809. Great period scrimshaw of geometric shapes, buildings, a deer. A period repair, original plug with wooden pegs. 12 Inches overall.  $395
    SA-1023   Very nice set of 8 Indian War Battle Streamers which would have been attached to regimental colors as battle honors. These are most likely 1940s production. Set of 8. $175 $SOLD$
SA-1022   Model 1883 blue wool campaign shirt. 2 pocket front with button closure and no flaps. Tinned metal cuff buttons. Excellent condition overall. This is the single toughest item of US Spanish American War gear for a collector to find. No inspector marks visible, but regulation pattern. These were an item frequently used after a Soldier was discharged, so the survival rate of these is almost zero!! First I have been able to get my hands on in 30 years. $1795$SOLD$
SA-1021  Civil War Officers Infantry Tactics manual. Inscribed to the 12TH Connecticut Volunteer Lieutenant who carried it. $155$SOLD$
SA-1019  Civil War Soldiers glasses and case. Case dated 1860. One lens is chipped, case excellent. $75
SA-1018  Civil War Clay Pipe. About 6 inches in length. $50
SA-1017  Civil War Soldiers shaving cup and razor. Razor is SUPER sharp, so if you buy it, be careful. Razor has chips and cracks, cup is excellent. $90
SA-1016   Fantastic Revolutionary War wooden canteen with wooden pegged handle. Measures 8 x 5 inches. Holds about 1 quart. Most likely would have been carried in a saddle bag or with a wagon or artillery crew. Wonderful, uncleaned condition. $395 $SOLD$
SA-1015   Very nice pistol belt for the 38 Revolver. Excellent condition overall. $295$SOLD$
SA-1014   Wonderful revolver holster for the US Army 38 revolver. Exc condition. Dated 1908. $225
SA-1013   Civil War Veterans certificate for Massachusetts service for a Soldier in the 46TH Massachusetts volunteers. With nice original frame and research.. $125
    SA-1012  Bayonet for the Model 1816 Musket. These were used heavily up through the Civil War, by both sides. Good condition overall. "US" surcharge and "NC" inspector. $130 
  SA-1009  Massachusetts Volunteer Militia shooting medal. $50
  SA-1008  Massachusetts Sharpshooter medal, 1889. $65
SA-1007  Mass Volunteer Militia Revolver Qualification, Span Am War period. $65
SA-1006  Massachusetts Marksman medal, 1890. $65
  SA-1005   2ND Corps of Cadets Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, Medical Corps. $90
SA-1004  Spanish American War Massachusetts 3RD Class Marksman badge. Named on reverse, missing the pin. $80
SA-1003  1ST Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, Medical Corps. $90
SA-1002  Exceptionally rare Confederate Belt and Buckle. This classic CSA plate was worn by units from every state in the South. On its original leather belt. $5795$SOLD$
SA-999  Very nice pistol belt for the 38 Revolver. Excellent condition overall. $375
SA-998  Rare Civil War Confederate Gardner Pattern canteen. This was the standard Confederate canteen in the Civil War. It has been carved "10 V" for the 10TH Virginia. No name but it has an original sling which is quite scarce. Great color and excellent overall. $1995$SOLD$
SA-995  Civil War Snuff Box. Dated on the edge 1860. $75
SA-994   RARE!! Spanish American War "Patterson", Experimental Entrenching Tool. Very nice condition. Chain appears to be a replacement. $450
SA-990  Spanish American War Haversack Strap. $60
SA-989   Spanish American War period sword Straps and hanger. $50
SA-988  Spanish American War period sword Straps and hanger. 5TH Cavalry marked $60
SA-987  Post Spanish American War Haversack Strap. $50
USS Maine (ACR-1) starboard bow view, 1898 (26510673494).jpg
Image result for battleship maine Image result for battleship maine
 SA-978  The USS MAINE arrived in Cuba's Havana harbor on January 24, 1898. Because of propaganda from the U.S. newspapers and the Cuban Insurgents, the situation in Cuba was not fully understood in Washington DC. The U.S. Consul in Havana, Fitzhugh Lee, was also somewhat out of touch with the country in which he was living. In response to a small protest by Spanish officers, not affecting the United States, Washington sent the USS MAINE, under the command of Capt. Charles Sigsbee, to Cuba on a "friendly" visit. At about 9:30 PM on February 15, the MAINE was shattered by two separate explosions and rapidly sank. Two hundred and fifty-two men were killed. Ammunition continued to explode for hours after the blast. American newspapers, engaging in yellow journalism to boost circulation, claimed that the Spanish were responsible for the ship's destruction. The phrase "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!" became a rallying cry for action. Although the Maine explosion was not the only cause cause, it served as a catalyst that accelerated the events leading up to the war.  This bronze 12.5 x 18 inch plaque was manufactured from bronze salvaged from the wreck. These were not available to private citizens, but could only be purchased by cities and towns for memorials or military veterans organizations. They are all numbered in 3 places. The reverse, the edge and in led pencil across the back. The distribution was tightly controlled and very few are in private hands. Approx.  50 were made. Don't miss it!! $1850
SA-986  Exceptionally RARE!!! Spanish American War, 3.2 inch, 1897 dated Canister Round, still filled with shrapnel balls. Segmented case would shatter when fired. $495
  SA-984  Model 1902 Artillery Sgts. sack Coat. $295
SA-983  Model 1902 tunic, Excellent condition. $275
  SA-982  Model 1899 US Marine Corps Dress Tunic. Good condition overall. $395
SA-981  Spanish American War Artillery helmet plate. $65
SA-980  Model 1899 tan EM Cavalry shoulder straps. $30
SA-979  Model 1899 tan EM shoulder straps. $20
SA-975    Model 1902 Generals Un Dress visor cap. Choice condition overall. The side buttons were upgraded to rimmed eagle from rimless eagle. The only flaw is the sweatband is missing, otherwise the cap is choice. $895
SA-973  Spanish American War blue belt for the Krag Rifle. Spaulding made version, unmarked. $125
SA-972  Scarce Spanish American War canvas leggings with locking metal clasps. Mint unissued . $75
SA-971  Rare Massachusetts Naval Militia collar insignia. $50
SA-969  Model 1902 Artillery Cord. $50
  SA-968  Cap badge of the 23RD Infantry which served in the Philippines against the Spanish in 1898 and stayed to fight the Insurrectionists in 1899-1900. $50 $SOLD$
  SA-965  Private Purchase Model 1904 Campaign hat. Excellent condition overall. Very nice body. A torn section on the sweat band and some loss as shown. $695
  SA-964   Very rare Philippine Insurrection decorated mess kit. I believe the scene to be that of Manila harbor, showing the Spanish fortress. $235
SA-963  Very scarce 16TH Infantry Dress Officers Model 1881 helmet. The white leather binding strip around the edge of the cork visors has chipped away, otherwise choice condition. $395
SA-962  Model 1904 Campaign hat. Excellent condition overall. Very nice body. A decorative clip has been added to the bow. A torn section on the sweat band and some loss as shown. $750$SOLD$
SA-960  Very interesting Spanish American War Veterans walking stick. Very nice condition. $90
SA-958  Scarce Pre War Pennsylvania National Guard, 8TH Infantry, Company L. Cloth sling with buckle. $295
SA-957   Tan Spanish American War period with 1899 dated interior sticker. Clean overall, missing the top cap. Cork interior must have some breaks, as there is movement. Will not effect the look, as can be seen in the photos. $110
SA-956  Model 1899 blue Sergeants Sack Coat. Clean overall, with the exception of  a few small scattered moth nips. One interior pocket. Research on this Solider has been done. $495
SA-954  Amazing embroidered Spanish American War regimental commemorative with US and Cuban flags. Includes nicknames and signatures. Approx. 15 x 15 inches. $395
SA-949   Very RARE!!! 1902 Experimental woven belt with leather flaps. These belts are incredibly rare with just a small amount made. Only one we have seen! One flap has a small split. Most likely the only one of these you will find and most certainly one of the best in existence. $650
SA-948  Exceptionally rare 1ST Style Mills 45-70 woven belt. The first style used red for Artillery, yellow for Cavalry and light blue for infantry. I have only seen one other artillery belt for sale. $750
SA-943  US Spanish War Veterans Commaders badge. $90
SA-942 Spanish War Veterans badge with break to ribbon. $55
SA-940  Scarce pistol belt for the 38 Colt with "NGP" plate, National Guard Pennsylvania. $295
SA-938  45 Round belt for the Trapdoor Springfield with scarce blank front buckle and keeper. $250
SA-937  45 Round belt for the Trapdoor Springfield with scarce early cast "US" buckle and keeper. $275
  SA-932  Spanish American War US Navy Fuse Belt with Navy eagle snaps. Very nice condition overall. $395
SA-930   Model 1885 US Army Cavalry Carbine Belt. Very nice condition overall. $200
SA-929  Model 1887 US Army Cavalry Carbine Belt. Very nice condition overall. $175
    SA-924  Nice Trapdoor Springfield Bayonet and scabbard. Well marked. $125
SA-923   Scarce model 1898 Tropical Coat, piped in blue, for Infantry. Shows actual use and wear. The colored facings did not hold their color well, which is why this model was only worn for one year. Incredibly large size 42+. very unusual for this period. Lacks the belt and 1 belt loop. Not unusual as the belts were frequently discarded. Rare to find. $855
SA-921   Model 1889 US Navy Holster for the 38 Revolver with scarce small size embossing. Holster has been waxed which could be removed. This is the white material seen. Could be buffed off or stripped. Tough holster to find. $195
SA-918  Philippine Insurrection campaign hat band worn by members of the 51ST Iowa upon their return to the US. Rare. $90
SA-917  Rare Spanish American War, flag pin. These were worn by Cuban Rebels and supporters of "Cuba Libre" who wanted the Spanish out of Cuba. About 3.5 inches in length. $175
SA-916  Spanish American War Commander's breast medal. $85
SA-912  Exceptional Spanish American War embroidered panel with classic American eagle with an anchor with cross flags in red white and blue thread and silver bullion. Measures 20" x 20" inches. $245
SA-910  Fantastic Spanish American War Navy Uniform for a Sailor on the famous USS Iowa! This exceptionally rare model is the seldom seen, pre War cut which came with an interesting set of details dropped in later models including s shaped front pockets and decorative cut to the front bib. The trouser fronts also has fancywork dropped in later versions. Excellent condition overall. Only the second such set we have ever seen.  $995
After shakedown off the Atlantic Coast, Iowa was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet and was ordered to blockade duty, 28 May 1898, off Santiago de Cuba. On 3 July 1898, she was the first to sight the Spanish ships approaching and fired the first shot in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. In a 20-minute battle with Spanish cruisers Maria Teresa (flagship) and Oquendo, her effective fire set both ships aflame and drove them on the beach. Iowa, continuing the battle in company with converted yacht Gloucester sank the Spanish destroyer Pluton and so damaged destroyer Furor that she ran upon the rocks. Iowa then turned her attention to the Spanish cruiser Viscaya which she pursued until Viscaya ran aground. Upon the conclusion of the battle, Iowa received on board Spanish Admiral Cervera and the officers and crews of the Viscaya, Furor and Pluton.
SA-908   Scarce 2ND Pattern 1898 Tropical Coat with Artillery shoulder straps. The second model eliminated the colored pocket flaps and cuffs but kept the rear pleat and cloth belt and loops. About Mint! $495
SA-907  Very rare Model 1889 white cotton duck fatigue jacket , made for use in tropical climates. Rare garment. $695
SA-895   Historic painted document chest, formerly the property of John Davis Long who had  a distinguished career including Massachusetts State Legislature, Lieutenant Governor and then Governor of Massachusetts. President McKinley offered him a cabinet position and he chose Secretary of the Navy. His Under Secretary, Theodore Roosevelt clashed with him frequently during the build up with Spain. It was Long who actually ordered the USS Maine to Havana Harbor. After Roosevelt's departure for Cuba, he continued to direct Naval Strategy. A very intriguing character with a close association with Roosevelt's rise to fame. Box is pin and measures  25 x 20 x 13.  $395
SA-893 Spanish American War captured Spanish bayonet scabbard and frog. Very scarce. $225
SA-891   Very US Marine Corps McKeever cartridge box. Excellent condition overall. $425
SA-877  Spanish American War Haversack flap used by the 73rd "Jolo" Regiment in the Philippines until 1898. The knapsack was cotton with a tarred flap. Rare Souvenir of the Spanish American War. $225
    SA-875    23RD Regiment, National Guard cap circ. 1890. $175
  SA-859  Musicians cap or collar badge. $20
SA-858   Huge Spanish American War Indiana Officers Pillbox cap. Choice condition. $395
SA-842  Modified Frazier Box. Scarce to find . Looks like it was set up for Cavalry. $150
SA-834   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
  SA-833   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $125
SA-832  Fantastic Bamboo Canister made in Cuba in 1898 after the American Victory at San Juan Hill, Kettle Hill and Santiago. Was most likely made for holding tobacco or cigars. Measures approx. 11 inches in height. $145
SA-831  Span Am Period Rifle Belt. $130
  SA-830   Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. One device has just one wire. $95
SA-801   Very scarce Model 1893 Officers Tunic with Lt. Colonels rank on the sleeves. This short lived design was only used between 1893-1895. Tunic is in good condition with the exception of one "L" shaped repair to the right arm. $495
SA-800   Rare Spanish American captured bronze nautical bracket removed from the Spanish ship Viscaya after it was sunk by the USS Brooklyn in Santiago Bay Cuba. $295
SA-799  Spanish American War Rifle Tool for the Trapdoor. $40
SA-787   Rare set of Spanish American War unit stencils for the 8TH Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.  On January 7, 1899, the 8th Massachusetts began its service abroad, steaming for Cuba. It arrived three days later. In Cuba, it served as part of the occupation force on the island. The unit would continue in this role until April 4, 1899, when it began its trip home to the U.S., arriving on April 9, 1899. One appears to be made specifically for canteens and the other for haversacks and other equipment. Local Boston maker. It appears the stencil was held in place by a clamped frame on top of the object to be stenciled and then they stencil brush was used. Can be shipped with or without frame. $245
SA-783  Spanish American War Navy Cap Tally from the USS Miantonomoh. $80
SA-782 Spanish American War Navy Cap Tally from the USS Monongahela. $80
SA-779  Model 1902 Infantry shoulder cords for the blue uniform. $30
SA-778   Spanish American War gray leggings with wool linings- State contract. $60 
SA-772  Philippine Insurrection enamel cup. $70
SA-614   Circa 1902 Porcelain Army Issue Cup. $85
SA-764   Spanish American War 50 Round Ammo Belt. $135
  SA-763     Rare Faux Embroidered Officers Collar Devices. $90
SA-749  Unusual Spanish American War- Phil Insurrection cloth signs for the American Red Cross. Approx.  6 x 12 inches. $90
SA-748  Unusual Spanish American War- Phil Insurrection cloth signs for the American Red Cross. Approx.  6 x 12 inches. $90
SA-708    Spanish American War Officers false embroidered 16TH Infantry collar insignia. Very tough to find. $85
  SA-501  Scarce "National Guard, State of Maine" service medal. $40
  SA-384   Band Hat insignia. $25
  SA-277  Spanish American War-1902 period Musicians hat insignia. $25
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