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Vietnam- US Cloth Insignia

Over three million personnel served in Vietnam, but only those of the U.S. Navy Task Force 116 wore the distinctive black beret while serving and fighting as the River Patrol Forces in the murky, brown waters of the Mekong Delta. Those who served in Task Force 116 are among the most elite teams deployed by the U.S. Navy in Vietnam: PBRs, SEALs, HAL-3 Seawolves, and VAL-4 Black Ponies.

Their mission was to route the enemy deep within the secluded waterways of the Delta. This book illustrates the colorful insignia, emblems, and artifacts used by these units in great detail. Many of the patches, jungle jackets, and tiger stripe uniforms didn't survive because of the environments of war in South East Asia and the restrictions placed upon U.S. Sailors. The unit patches produced by the River Patrol Forces used symbols of heraldry, strength, defiance, and sometimes humor which represents the best of men fighting to protect their "brothers in arms". The black berets and the distinctive unit patches emblazoned on their jungle jackets and worn into battle brought these men together as a fighting unit.                  $49.99.


  VP-734  Very rare sniper SSI. $275  $SOLD$
  VP-733  Extremely rare 271ST patch. $275
  VP-732  307TH Combat Aviation Bn. $250
  VP-731  Rare Radio Research patch about 3 inches. $245
VP-730  "Death Dealers" $245
  VP-729  16TH Cav. Unknown version. $225$SOLD$
  VP-728  48TH Guns, Helicopter gunship. $225$SOLD$
  VP-727  164TH Aviation Combat Group. $225
  VP-726  Squadron size Marine Squadron. $195
VP-725   Large squadron size Coast Guard Squadron ship patch USCGC Half Moon. $195$SOLD$
VP-724   Large squadron size Coast Division 12 . $195
VP-723  Rare USCGC Chase, squadron size . Wonderful patch. $195
VP-722   Rare USCGC Ingham, squadron size . Wonderful patch. $195
VP-721  Rare Coast Guard Ron 3, squadron size . Wonderful patch. $195
  VP-720  Brown Water navy Squadron Patch. $175
  VP-719   114TH Attack Helicopter . $155$SOLD$
  VP-718 "Intruders" Rare patch, shoulder size. $155
  VP-717  Great Seawolves HAL-3 Squadron patch. $175
  VP-716   HCU-1   mixed gas unit. $155
  VP-715  MACV Team 10, MACV pocket patch. $155
  VP-714  Advisory Group from 4TH Corps. $155
VP-713  Rare early Interpreter. $145$SOLD$
  VP-712  Rare Naval Communication pocket patch. $150
  VP-711  Navy Helicopter  Squadron HC-1  Det-1,  $150
  VP-710   Navy Helicopter  Squadron HC-1  Det-1,  $150
  VP-709  228TH STS co pocket patch. $145
  VP-708  374TH TAW. $145
  VP-707  Cobra Gunship Squadron. $145
  VP-706  Cobra Gunship Squadron. $145
  VP-705  162ND attack Helicopter Squadron patch. $145ON HOLD
  VP-704  219TH Aviation Co. $145
  VP-703  Cobra Gunship pocket patch. $145
  VP-702  Naval Advisory SSI. $125
  VP-701  ACTOV pocket patch. $125
  VP-700  HCU-1 shoulder patch. $125  ON HOLD
  VP-699  Rare RU-8D patch. $125
  VP-698  221ST Bird Dog Unit. $125
  VP-697  52ND Aviation Bn. $125
  VP-696  191ST AHC pocket patch. $125
  VP-695  16TH Cav Guidon patch. $125
  VP-694  16TH Cav. Pocket patch. $125
  VP-693  CAC,Long Trip. $125
  VP-692  Advisory Group 80. $120
  VP-691  229TH Aviation bn. $125$SOLD$
  VP-690  18TH CAC. $125$SOLD$
  VP-689  114TH Subdued AHC. $120$SOLD$
  VP-688  Color AHC pocket patch. $140
  VP-687  Rare USCGC Vietnam patch. $120
VP-686  Coast Guard Cutter Blackhawk pocket patch. $120
  VP-685  Dust Off SSI. About 3 inches in height. $125$SOLD$
  VP-684  Vietnamese made, Coastal Squadron One . $125
  VP-683  Coast Guard Squadron 3. $100
VP-682  Large USCG communications unit patch. About 5 inches. $120
  VP-681  191ST assault Helicopter. $125
  VP-680  515TH ASP Rangers. $100
  VP-679   18TH CAC Delta. $120
  VP-678  Early armed help patch. $120
  VP-677 544TH Trans. $100$SOLD$
  VP-676  22ND Aviation Battalion. $125
  VP-675  235TH Aviation, Aero Weapons. $135
  VP-674 Avionics Thailand. $100
VP-673  Delta Aviation. $75
  VP-672  550TH Signal Co. $125
  VP-671  Skycranes. $100
  VP-670  Air Ambulance. $100
  VP-669  Tailboard pocket patch. $100
  VP-668  Military Advisors, 4TH Corps. $100
VP-667   Incredibly scarce, 8TH Cavalry, Military Police patch, shoulder size. The most desirable of MP patches. $650  ON HOLD
  VP-666  River Section 535 is one of the toughest of alll River Section patches to find. Only the 2ND one I have ever had ! $375 $SOLD$
  VP-665  Japanese made Tonken Gulf Yacht Club patch with integrated service stripe. $65
  VP-664  Naval Advisory Group SSI, removed from uniform. $140
  VP-663   Naval Advisory SSI, removed from uniform. $140 ON HOLD
  VP-662  Vietnam Fire Fly pocket patch, removed from a Jungle shirt. $245 ON HOLD
VP-661  Vietnamese made, subdued 114TH Assault Helicopter Unti patch. $95  $SOLD$
  VP-660  Vietnamese made novelty patch, approx 4 inches. $55  $SOLD$
  VP-659   184TH Aviation Company SSI with added callsign number of "35". $110  $SOLD$
VP-658  Scarce pocket hanger, subdued, 611TH Transportation Company. $110
  VP-657  Scarce pocket hanger, subdued, 611TH Transportation Company. $110  $SOLD$
VP-656  Scarce pocket hanger, full color, 611TH Transportation Company. $110  $SOLD$
  VP-655  Scarce pocket patch, quilted, full color, 611TH Transportation Company, SSI. $110
  VP-654   Scarce pocket patch, subdued, 611TH Transportation Company. $95
VP-653  Vietnam Sealift Command, pocket hanger. $80
  VP-652  MACV Pocket Hanger. $50
  VP-651  1ST Engineer Brigade, pocket hanger. $50
VP-650   Rare SSI for the 175TH Assault Helicopter Company, "Outlaws". $275
VP-634  Rare patch for A company, 1ST Aviation Battalion, 1ST Division, 3RD Air Lift. Hand made in Hong Kong.  Unit only existed for 6 months. $175
VP-627  Rare opportunity to own a REAL, South Vietnamese C.I.D.G. printed cotton patch. Printed cotton patches can be tough to determine authenticity. this sheet was brought home by an American Advisor. They actually had curtains and pajamas made from these sheets of patches. We are selling them individually, so price is for one. $50 each
VP-633   Very rare Sentry Dog Handler SSI. $40
  VP-632 Very rare 82ND Airborne RECON Team scroll. $60ON HOLD
VP-631  79TH Tactical Fighter Squadron patch. $125
  VP-629   Phantom II factory patch. $35
  VP-625   366TH Tactical Fighter Wing- squadron patch. Stain to lower corner as shown. $45
  VP-590  Vietnamese made American Hippy Flag. $25
  VP-588  US Special Forces SSIs. $15 each.
  VP-585  Very RARE Sniper scroll. $65ON HOLD
  VP-556   44TH Medical Battalion In Country Made patch. Hand embroidered. $20
  VP-584   Vietnam era Airborne Ranger SSI. $25
  VP-583   Vietnam era Airborne Ranger SSI. $25
  VP-582   Vietnam Special Forces Jump Oval. $15
  VP-573    1ST Signal Brigade, Vietnamese made. $20
  VP-557  44TH Medical Battalion In Country Made patch. Hand embroidered. $20
  VP-552   Vietnam jump wings. $20
  VP-551   Vietnam jump wings. $20
  VP-550   Vietnam jump wings. $20
  VP-543   Vietnam jump wings. $20 ON HOLD
  VP-407    Combat Medics Badge, embroidered on cloth. $10
  VP-406     Senior Pilots Badge, embroidered on cloth. $15
   VP-405       Crewmans Badge, embroidered on cloth. $15
   VP-404     Pilots Badge, embroidered on cloth. $15
  VP-403     Senior Pilots Badge. $15
  VP-399     Senior Airborne Wing. $15
  VP-385    Beach Master 1 Unit Insignia. $30
  VP-371    1960s Para Jump Oval. $10
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