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Vietnam- US Cloth Insignia
  VP-928   Great US made  large Korea Service Novelty patch. Measures  6 inches. $50
  VP-927   Korea Service Novelty patch. Measures  3 inches. "Blooded" red back. $50 $SOLD$
  VP-926  Vietnam period 24TH Marine Amphibious Unit. $25
  VP-925   Vietnam period Japanese made novelty. $35
  VP-924   Vietnam period Marine Aircraft Control SSI. $25
  VP-923   Vietnam period Novelty for a Marine Swimmer Unit. $35
  VP-922   Vietnam period Marine novelty. $35
  VP-921  Vietnam period Japanese made  Okinawa "Running Club" novelty. Most likely a commemorative for a 100 miles training march. $30
  VP-920   Vietnam period Japanese made  Okinawa "Running Club" novelty. Most likely a commemorative for a 100 miles training march. $30
  VP-919  Great Vietnam Novelty patch. "Ski Vietnam". $60
  VP-917  Great Vietnam Novelty patch. 3.5 inches. $55
  VP-916  Vietnamese made River Patrol Section 13, SSI. "Cheap Charlie" style. $165
VP-907  Theater made 716TH Military Police pocket hanger. excellent condition. $50
VP-902    Scarce COLOR 175TH Avn Co. Pocket patch. $225
  VP-754  494TH Tactical Fighter Squadron, Japanese made. 4  inches. $95
  VP-903   Navy Helicopter  Squadron HC-1  Det-1,  $90
  VP-842   Cobra Gunship Novelty patch. Japanese made. About 3.75 inches. $90
  VP-802   Great Vietnamese made cap size, Delta Playboys patch. Measures 2.5  inches. $40
  VP-796  Great Vietnamese made Short Shaft, Delta Aviation patch. Measures  4.5 inches. $50
  VP-902  23RD TASS FAC, Jiminy Cricket.  3.5  inches. $80
  VP-901   102ND Air Police Squadron SSI. Approx 4 inches. $35
  VP-900   Vietnam EOD qualification patch. $30
  VP-899  221ST Bird Dog Unit. $70
VP-898   Scarce 219TH Aviation Co. HEADHUNTERS. $120
VP-897  Vietnam Snoopy, "War Dog" patch. $40
  VP-894  "Red Eye", Air Defense. $40
  VP-868  Military Advisors, 4TH Corps. $80
  VP-867  Japanese made Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club patch with integrated service stripe. $55
VP-866  Takli Air Base, SSI. $55
  VP-864  Philippine made Anti Submarine Squadron. $60
  VP-862  GEEIA Squadron. $60
  VP-861  $40
  VP-860  11TH Air Assault SSI. $60
VP-858  Vietnam Squadron patch, framed with signatures of squadron mates of VMA-324. $100
  VP-857   Rare rocker from the Brown Water Navy, Seawolf offshore base LST, Hunterdon County. The ship was disposed of after Vietnam. $45
  VP-853   Early War shoulder patch for a "Dart" Pilot. $40
  VP-849  Vietnam Peace novelty patch. $35
  VP-846     Navy Aerial Photounit, 1974. Approx 3.5 inches. $75
  VP-844  Underwater Demolition Team 121. Vietnam era. $75
  VP-841  4TH Corps Advisory Team Patch. About 2.5 inches. $95
  VP-840  Japanese made "Tonkin Gulf" Yacht Club, navy novelty patch. $80
VP-839   Vietnam era, 494TH Tactical Fighter Squadron patch. $120
VP-837  Joint Communications Support Element. $65
  VP-833   Vietnam "Zig Zag" Novelty patch. $55
  VP-832    Vietnam Peace novelty patch. $35
VP-831   Great Vietnamese made Delta Aviation, 4TH Corps  patch. Measures  4 inches. $50
VP-829  7TH Airborne Command and Control Squadron patch. $90
VP-828  Vietnamese made Government Employees patch. $50
VP-827  Large, 5 inch, 7TH Fleet, novelty patch. $70
  VP-825  Unknown Aviation Squadron patch. $50
  VP-823  Vietnamese made "Munitions Branch" SSI. $55
  VP-811  Great Thai made  HC-1, Det 1, patch. Measures  5 inches. $125
  VP-809  Great Vietnamese made  SEA War Games patch. Measures  4 inches. $50
  VP-808  Great Thai made  SEA War Games patch. Measures  4 inches. $50
  VP-806    Great Thai made 1ST Marine Air Wing novelty patch. Measures  4.5 inches. $110
  VP-803  Great Vietnamese made  patch. Measures 3  inches. $40
  VP-795  Great Vietnamese made USCG Ordinance patch. Measures  4 inches. $70
  VP-794  Great Vietnamese made  "Wingnut" patch. Measures  4 inches. $70
  VP-793  Great Vietnamese made  18TH CAC patch. Measures 4  inches. $70
VP-786  4 Corps Delta, Flight Platoon. 4  inches. $80
  VP-783  Delta Aviation, 4 Corps, Bartenders.   4 inches. $90
  VP-781  US made 119TH Assault Helicopter Co.  3  inches. $85
  VP-775  US Coast Guard, Explosive Loading patch Japanese made.      4 inches. $95
  VP-772  Coast Guard Squadron 1, Japanese made. 4  inches. Scarce version.  $120
  VP-771  Thai Made Operation, "Clean Sweep". TF-78.  3.5  inches. $80
  VP-770  Large Snoopy novelty patch, Far East Cruise.   5.5  inches. $80
  VP-769  7TH Cavalry SSI. 3.5 inches. $90 ON HOLD
  VP-767  VC-123, MACV Fairchild C-123 Aircraft used by Westmorland and others.3.5 inches.  $60
  VP-752    13TH Tactical Fighter Squadron. 3.5  inches. $90
  VP-751   391ST Tactical Fighter Squadron, theater made.  4 inches.  $125
  VP-749   444TH Fighter Interceptor Squadron.  5 inches. $95
  VP-748   15th TAC , Japanese made. 3  inches. $120
  VP-746   347TH Tactical Fighter Wing, Japanese made.  4 inches. $120
  VP-739  310 Air Commando Squadron SSI.   4 inches. $140
  VP-733  Extremely rare 271ST patch. $275
  VP-726  Squadron size Marine Squadron. $195
  VP-716   HCU-1   mixed gas unit. $155
  VP-715  MACV Team 10, MACV pocket patch. $155
  VP-712  Rare Naval Communication pocket patch. $150
  VP-709  228TH STS co pocket patch. $145
  VP-701  ACTOV pocket patch. $125
  VP-692  Advisory Group 80. $120
  VP-680  515TH ASP Rangers. $100
  VP-672  550TH Signal Co. $125
  VP-670  Air Ambulance. $100
  VP-669  Tailboard pocket patch. $100
  VP-663   Naval Advisory SSI, removed from uniform. $140 ON HOLD
VP-650   Rare SSI for the 175TH Assault Helicopter Company, "Outlaws". $275
VP-627  Rare opportunity to own a REAL, South Vietnamese C.I.D.G. printed cotton patch. Printed cotton patches can be tough to determine authenticity. this sheet was brought home by an American Advisor. They actually had curtains and pajamas made from these sheets of patches. We are selling them individually, so price is for one. $50 each
VP-631  79TH Tactical Fighter Squadron patch. $125
  VP-625   366TH Tactical Fighter Wing- squadron patch. Stain to lower corner as shown. $45
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