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 WWI Books, Paper, Photos, Manuals etc..
P-1102  Very rare Norton Harjes Paper grouping. Includes an incredibly rare Norton Harjes Service Certificate, signed by "Richard Norton", its founder, the Drivers passport, travel orders and document in French mentioning his ID will be cancelled by a certain date. $495
P-1101   Ambulance Number 10 with dust jacket. The 1st and most famous of the Volunteer Ambulance Drivers accounts of service in France. $40  $SOLD$
P-1100  Ambulance Number 10. The 1st and most famous of the Volunteer Ambulance Drivers accounts of service in France. $40
P-1099  Extremely rare WWI poster advertising a baseball game between the Women of the YMCA and Red Cross. Photocopies of the teams are included. $425
P-1098  5TH Regiment US Marine Corps citation certificate. Nicely framed. $130
P-1097  Choice copy of the History of the 2ND Division. $130
P-1008  Outrageously rare WWI Balloon Corps Recruiting Poster. This is the only one I have ever seen or heard of. Maybe the only one in existence. Was poorly stored and has damage as shown. Still a once in a lifetime item. $995
  P-991    Rare American Field Service Unit Citation for Ambulance Section SSU 2. This would have been provided to each Driver from the unit.  $165
P-995  Nice set of 28 photos of WWI aircraft squadron insignia. Some from the sides of planes, others photos of the official approved designs. Each frame is about 19 inches in height. $220
P-800  Very nice 16 x 24 inch poster advertising, "Comfort Kits" to be purchased and sent to WWI Soldiers as Christmas Gifts. $120
P-941  WWI US Marine Corps War Service Certificate. Framed. Wrinkled as shown . $80
P-1096  Rare Tank Corps printed roster. Approx. 16 x 20 inches. $155
P-1087  Very nice 16 x 20 inch print showing the Commander of the "Lost Battalion, Charles Whittelsley  refusing the offer of the Germans to surrender. $125
P-1086  Set of 33 Issues of "Stars and Stripes". Good condition overall. $100  $SOLD$
P-1085   Set of 10 copies of "Stars and Stripes" and "trench and Camp". Average condition. The set. $40
P-1084   Rare American Field Service Recruiting poster from 1917. Excellent condition and archivally mounted on linen. $595
P-1083  Exceptionally rare engraving of the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris. These were presented as gift for individuals providing service to this facility. The American Ambulance Field Service started here and later became the American Field Service. Approx 500 were made. This is the only one we have ever found or seen. Approx. 9 x 12 inches.  $595  ON HOLD

P-1081  WWI Manual on Battle Maps. $35
P-1080   26TH Division welcome home booklet. Approx. 5 x 7 inches.$35
P-1079  Volume 1 of the 2 volume set of the History of Illinois in WW1. $35
P-1077  Fantastic Original Divisional returns of the 26TH Division of the American Expeditionary Forces. Gives details of all senior officers as well as original records month by month  of unit strengths, casualties, effective number of horses etc. An amazing original set of documents. 49 pages total, many of them hand written on Official Divisional returns forms. $695
P-1076   Scarce WWI Liberty Loan War Train Poster. This train carried captured souvenirs and would stop in various cities. The train was a traveling museum and the money paid would go to the Liberty Loan. A couple of tears, easily mended. The chipping to the upper left will be covered when framed. $225
P-1075  Interesting grouping for an enlisted man in the 94TH and 11TH Aero Squadrons. Includesa small starter diary with just 3 pages, notebook with instruction on rigging SPAD aircraft and more. $195
  P-1074  Unit History pamphlet of the 21ST Field Artillery. Detached cover $30
P-1072  History of the 347TH Machine Gun Battalion. $40
P-1071  History of the 71ST Coast Artillery. $40
P-1070  "Cadillac's role in WWI. $40ON HOLD
P-1069  1919 Motor Transport Unit history. $30
P-1068  Anecdotal history of the 101ST Field Artillery, C Battery. $35
P-1065  Story of Robert Todd, an American ACE witht he RAF, signed by him. $40
P-1064  General Robert Alexander's memoir of service leading the 77TH Division in WWI. $35
P-1063   Scarce set of "New England Aviators". This rare set has biographies of Men from the New England States who served in the Lafayette Flying Corps, US Air Corps, US Navy, RFC and RAF. A must for any aviation collector. Great study of uniforms and wings. $225
P-1061   "The American Negro in the World War.". This classic text includes great photos of 92ND and 93RD Division Soldiers in uniform as well as history of their exploits. First few pages have tears and are before the title page. Very scarce reference. $90
P-1057   Very interesting WWI US Pigeon Corps photo album/ scrapbook. A small amount of pigeon corps photos for a man who served in a pigeon unit. there are also a great selection of Wartime articles of the service and individual pigeons. $395
P-1055  Rare, History of the Lafayette Flying Corps. This original 1ST Edition has a volume 1, with all the Aviators biographies and information and portraits. Volume 2 has the history of the men, their training and their squadrons. Volume 2 has some condition problems with a few loose pages in the front of volume 2 with some tears. The binding is also loose. Good research copy. $295
P-1054    Great Citation Document for the Ordinance Officer of the 2ND Division. Good condition overall with some edge and corner chipping. $225
P-1052  Nice photo showing female physicians at the American Women's Hospital. Approx. 6 x 8 inches.$75
P-1050  Very rare 1920 dated Pigeon Service Manual. Exceptionally tough to find. $195
P-1049  Fantastic WWI 77TH Division Signalman's scrap book. Portrait photos, 77TH Division patch, original sketches done in France and much more. $255
  P-1048  Rare Women's War Manual for Women going overseas. $65
  P-1047  Fantastic WWI Austrailian Military Railway Christmas Card. $30
  P-1046  Scarce Scouting and Patrolling manual. $35
P-1043  Citations of the Second Division. $40
P-1042  Citations of the Second Division. $40
P-1040  Very scarce large format American Field Service film program from the French premier, of their Fund Raising film. This film was then used all over the US to raise funds. This program also contains the list of Ambulances and donors as of the date of the film, 1916. Some discoloration from the insert to one page and the inside cover and some margin stains. $95
P-1039     2ND Division History in good condition with list of all decorated, all those killed and the history of all 2ND Division Units. Shows some wear and use. $110

P-1036   WWI Citation Certificate for a 2ND Division Lt. Colonel. Some edge chipping otherwise very nice. Printed in Paris and issued in France. $175
  P-1030  WWI 5TH Marine Corps citation certificate. Nicely framed. $175
P-1029   Rare volunteer grouping for a Turkish immigrant who fought for the United States. Interestingly his letters home are written in Arabic. Photos of him and a relative with beret, Connecticut state service document, his naturalized citizenship document. $195
P-1027   Very nice WWI Period Cavalry Recruiting Poster. Approx. 20x25 inches. Dated 1920. Unfortunately mounted on foam core. Some corner dings. Still a rare piece. $140
P-1023  Scarce WWI manual on Scouting and Patrolling. $45
P-1022      WW1 42ND division, Engineer Battalion. Unit History. Good condition overall showing bumps, scrapes and use. $40
P-1021      WW1 12TH Infantry Regiment Unit History. Good condition overall showing bumps, scrapes and use. $40
P-1020     WW1 63RD Infantry Regiment Unit History. Good condition overall showing bumps, scrapes and use. $40
P-1018   WW1 4TH Division Unit History. Good condition overall showing bumps, scrapes and use. $40
P-1013   Nice copy of the 1ST Division History. The Veteran used it to store his personal information and photos which have been removed leaving tape residue and paper residue. Does not effect the rest of the book just the inside cover and a couple of blank pages. $85
P-1012  Very scarce American Field Service Diploma. These were given to Ambulance Drivers to commemorate their service and would have their name, unit and dates of service. This one is unused. They are quite large and measure approximately 24 X 28 inches. Excellent condition with some shallow marks from being rolled as seen. $95
P-1006  Interesting grouping of souvenirs from an AEF Soldier mailed home. Red cross presentation folder with US Seal on front and photo of the grave within. A second photo shows the graves location in a temporary cemetery before it was moved. $110
P-1005  Fantastic scrapbook, put together by an Ambulance Driver in the US Army. Includes some rank insignia and shoulder patch, travel paperwork, ID cards, passes, letters, souvenirs and loads more. Great set!!! $375
P-1004   Rare cache of Mexican currency from the US Invasion and assault on Vera Cruz in 1914. $80
P-999   Rare souvenir book of images in and around Belleau Wood, Vaux and other areas around the key American victory. Approx 4 x 6 inches. $55
P-984  "Lost Battalion" advertising blotter. $20
P-979   Williams College in WWI. Large format hardcover, some fading. Some small holes to binding as shown. $50
    P-974  Rare 18 x 30 poster showcasing mistakes made in dugout construction, which can cause death. Printed overseas in France, these would have been used to remind troops to follow proper procedure. This is the only one we have ever seen. $100
P-972    The State of Maine did not give an official state medal for WW1 service, instead each Service member received  a certificate of gratitude. This one is to a female. Most likely a Nurse. $80
P-971  The State of Maine did not give an official state medal for WW1 service, instead each Service member received  a certificate of gratitude.  $60
P-969  INCREDIBLE map for the possible full invasion of Mexico. Planned out in 1915 but never carried out it shows a landing area at Vera Cruz with an invasion path to Mexico City! An unbelievable 6 feet in length! $150
P-968  General Staff planning map 1915 of Mexico. Map is approx. 2 feet in length. $70
P-967   Scarce battle area map. In split on a fold into 2 halfs. $45
P-965  Scarce Western Front battle map. $45
P-964  Scarce Western Front battle map for Northern Italy. $45
P-963  Scarce map showing transportation roads and allowed AEF usage, by Corps area. $40
P-959  WWI US Trench Map. French design, printed by the US Army. Dated August of 1918. Shows trench positions. $110

P-956   WWI  Michelin Guide for Soissons. $35

P-955   WWI Chicago War Exposition guide book. Each item on display was numbered. This guide book told the viewers exactly what they were looking at. Scarce to find. $55
  P-954   Rare combat map used by an Officer serving at Verdun! With some field notes on the side. $85
P-953  Unit History for the 101ST Field Artillery. MINT condition with original dust jacket. $55
P-952  US training map from Ft. Leavenworth from 1914. $40
P-951  Set of 2 WWI US Army Posters printed by the Engineers showcasing WWI insignia. Both measure 27 x 15 inches. $90
P-476  WWI Poster for the "War Exhibit Train" which was a train loaded with captured weapons, uniforms and insignia. The train exhibit was used as a fund raising tool for the 4TH Liberty Loan. $110
P-579  Very rare set of letters and postmarks for a Soldier who was declared missing in action, then "Deceased", even though he was recovering in a hospital. He was smart enough to send word to his family before he was declared dead. Very unusual circumstances an rare WWI Postal Marks. $195
P-612   Very rare Program guide for the 1ST US Government War Exhibition of captured artifacts at San Francisco, California. $125
P-634  German printed "Citations of the Second Division" . $55
P-632   German printed "Citations of the Second Division" . $55
P-788    History of the 2ND Engineers. Very good condition. $130
P-948  Rare WWI Hotchkiss Machine Gun Manual with full diagrams and pull out illustrations of the gun, accessories and various carts. $120
P-945  Well worn copy of the History of the 29TH Division. $35
P-937   Scarce 1930 2ND Division Reunion Issue of the "Pill Box". Great graphics on the cover. $40
P-934   1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue #6 , Good condition overall. $35
P-933   1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue #7 , Good condition overall. $40
P-930   1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue #3 , Good condition overall. $35
P-929  1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue # 9 , Good condition overall. $25
P-928  1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue # 8 , Good condition overall. $30
P-926  1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue #4 , Good condition overall. $25
P-925  1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue # 12 , Good condition overall. $35
P-924  1919 dated 1ST year, 2ND division Newspaper made in occupied Germany, Issue # 13 , Good condition overall. $25
P-918  Rare presentation copy of General John Pershing's report of the First Army. This version is bound with leather spine and marbled end papers and with his person calling card paper clipped to the interior. $150
P-912  Unit History of the 316TH Infantry, 79TH Division. $50ON HOLD
P-910  With the American Red Cross in France. Partial dust jacket. $65
P-896  History of the 307TH Field Artillery of the 77TH Division. $55
P-893  Unit history of the 54TH Pioneer Infantry,. Missing lower corner of cover as shown. $40
    P-890  Amazing Soldier political cartoon showing Uncle Sam and the Kaiser of Germany and King of Austria. Size is approx. 8 x 10 inches. Signed by the artist, a member of the 116TH Engineers. $75
P-888  Unit history for the 39TH Infantry Regiment of the 4TH Division. Good condition, some bumps and small tears. $55
P-887  WWI Trench Mortar Manual. Missing corner. $25
    P-885  WWI 1ST Division Map with troop movement notes and markers. Approx.. 36 inches in length. $85
P-870    Nice 16 x 20 inch poster of General John Pershing. Very nice condition. Can be shipped with frame, or taken out and shipped rolled. $75
 P-869    Americas Munitions- The Bible on the subject of WWI Equipment and Vehicles used in WWI. Exhaustive descriptions of the process of determining the right materials and their procurement. $85
P-856   32ND Division unit History. $45
P-855  28TH Division Unit History. $40
P-852   302ND Field Artillery Unit History. $40
P-845  History of Parke County, Indiana in WWI. $50
P-844  History of Nobles County, Minnesota in WWI. $50
P-843  History of Howard County, Indiana in WWI. $50
P-842  History of Nelson County, North Dakota in WWI. $50
P-841  Yearbook for Medical Officer's training Camp at Ft. Riley, KS. $50
P-835   77TH Division Unit History. Cover is a little worn, with one break to bottom spine. $50
P-834  Scarce volume covering the history of the Machine Gun units of the 29TH Division including both Battalions and Companies. Full rosters. Cover wear. $60ON HOLD
P-831  102ND Machine Gun Battalion, Company A, 26TH Division Unit History. Some water damage to the cover, otherwise good. $50ON HOLD
P-828  Scarce Battery History of Battery C of the 149TH Field Artillery. Tough to find. $60
P-825   History of the 304TH Ammunition Train, 79TH Division. Very good condition overall. $50ON HOLD
P-824   History of the 107TH Field Artillery of the 78TH Division. Cover shows wear, otherwise excellent. $45
P-822  Scarce history of the 115TH Infantry of the 29TH Division. Very good condition. $65$SOLD$
P-820  History of the 90TH Division. Cover shows heavy wear, otherwise excellent. $45
P-819  Great unofficial history of the 26TH Division. Good condition. $50
P-818  Volume 2 of the history of the 28TH Division. Cover shows that it was well used. $40
P-816  3 Volume Set of the History of the American Field Service. Spine damage as shown otherwise very nice. Solid set. $70
P-815   Unit History of the 4TH Division. Good condition overall. $45
P-793  115TH Infantry, 29TH Division unit history. Some splits to cover as shown. $75
P-789  WWI unused Soldiers Diary. $35
P-787  History of the 29TH Division. Good condition overall with full Divisional roster. The first 3 or 4 pages has some water stains, otherwise very nice. $80$SOLD$
    P-775  WWI Aviators flight map. $40  ON HOLD
P-564  WWI Soldiers French Phrase book. $25
P-636     2ND Style American Battlefield Monuments Commission guidebook for the battlefields in France. $70
P-755    Great colored insignia and poem print. Photo of the Soldier who owned it, inserted in the bottom. Approx 16 inches overall. $80
P-754   3RD Army Print with original 4TH Corps shoulder insignia made from silk inserted into the frame. Choice condition overall. Approx 14 inches in length. $95
P-753   Large embroidered ribbon commemorating Soldiers who were killed in WWI. Approx 11 inches overall length. Very scarce. $110
P-331   WWI commission for a WWI Aviator. $80
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