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 WWII Headgear

HH-1611  Rare B-2 Shearling cap modified for use by a Waist Gunner with the addition of goggle retention straps. First we have seen. Split to the rear. Will not show, when on display. $250
    HH-1610   WWII Light weight flight helmet. Exc condition overall. $160
HH-1609   WWII Airborne Helmet with original chin straps. Painted black. Paint appears to have been there since the War. I won't speculate of the various units that could have jumped at night, because I have no evidence that any specific paratrooper used a black jump helmet. Yet here it is, 100% real.  Lacks liner. $695
HH-1608  Very interesting PT Boat painted M-1 helmet. Missing 1 side of the chinstrap. The color is a very deep blue color. Came from an estate with a PT Boat patch and navy rates that have been lost. Helmet is un-named so you can't prove it was worn by a PT Boat Sailor... but... it was worn by a PT Boat Sailor, believe it or not. $275
HH-1607 WW2 M-1 Helmet liner. Great condition overall. Named with serial number to an Army Nurse. One repair to leather chinstrap. $100
HH-1605  Choice Lt. fixed loop, front seam helmet. Very nice condition with name in pencil on the interior. Nice liner also with Lt. Bar and name "Lee" as in the pot itself. $450 $SOLD$
HH-1604  Rare Navy Corpsman helmet liner. Scratched Sgt. Stripes behind the white painted disc. The side has Skull and bones. This insignia was adopted by Corpsman serving with Marine Units as the Red Cross insignia was making those personnel targeted by Japanese Snipers. $395
HH-1603  Very nice M-1 Helmet. Front seam, swivel loop. Very nice. $350
HH-1600  Rare US Army Medics helmet liner with large red cross that crowns the liner. Good condition overall. $495
HH-1599  Nice WWII Navy Helmet. This is a dark wave blue version which some small craft like PT Boats were painted instead of battleship gray like many of the larger ships. This one has the sailors nickname on the front" JUNK". The reverse was inscribed by a jokester on the crew "SHIT". I believe the liner is a replacement and not the original as issued. The helmet straps show rust which is typical fro Navy helmets exposed to spray. Would be perfect for a PT Boat display. $395$SOLD$

H-1598  WW2 Camouflage helmet cover with integrated mosquito net/ sniper veil. $75
HH-1596   WWI Semi Soft chocolate Crusher. Not the butter soft visor but one which is certainly not a stiff brim. $235
HH-1595   WWII Officers fur felt visor cap. Good condition overall with some tiny nips. $85
HH-1593  WWII US Navy WAVEs overseas caps. Nice condition overall. Named to Rita Hoffman. $70
HH-1592   WW2 Camouflage helmet cover with integrated mosquito net/ sniper veil. $75
HH-1591   WW2 period wool visor cap. Type brought overseas and worn by GIs. $75
HH-1587  WW2 enlisted visor cap. Good condition overall. $100
HH-1584  WWII Short Brim HBT herringbone fatigue cap. Shows lots of actual use and wear in the field. $100
HH-1583  Choice WW2 Air Corps Overseas cap. $40
HH-1582  WWII Forest Green cold weather cap with forest green wool lining, 1940 dated. $50
HH-1581  Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx size 6 5/8. $65
HH-1580   Choice mint WWII green Daisy Mae, size 6 5/8. MINT. $60
HH-1577  VERY Rare  allied Air Force painted liner, CA 1946-48, with fixed loop helmet. Very good condition overall. $345
HH-1576    WWII US Navy Fixed loop helmet for a Navy Ordinance unit. $230
HH-1575  Scarce WWII enlisted mans Crusher Cap. True Crushers are much, much tougher to find than Officers crusher caps. $225
HH-1574   WWII Campaign hat. Very good condition overall. $90$SOLD$
HH-1572  Post WWII Captains helmet with matching liner. Most likely early 50s usage. $165
HH-1566   WWII Short Brim HBT herringbone fatigue cap. Shows lots of actual use and wear in the field. $100
HH-1565  WWII Fur felt enlisted visor cap. Good condition overall. $80
HH-1564  Late WW2 Tan khaki visor cap. $95ON HOLD
HH-1562  Enlisted mans visor cap. Good condition overall. $65
HH-1552   WWII Navy Foul Weather hat. Some cracking and dryness. $120
HH-1551  WWII Swivel loop Nurses Helmet. Helmet was first owned by a soldier and then picked up by  Nurse Captain. Nicely IDed to both. $350
H-1550    WW2 Daisy Mae Hat. Exc condition overall. $65
H-1547  WWII Cold Weather cap. $55
H-1545   Very interesting 3RD Air Force painted M-1 Helmet. Fixed loop, original chin straps. Apparently the owner served overseas and after return was sent to the 3RD as an instructor. The purpose on the "2" is unknown. $325
HH-1541  WW2 Marine Corps service cap. Good condition except for two tiny moth bites to the crown. $75
HH-1539  WWII US Marine Corps side cap. Exc condition. $35
HH-1533   Very nice WWII US Navy Sun Helmet with painted Electricians Mate Rate.  $95
HH-1530  WWII Swivel loop, rear seam helmet with field repaint. Missing one strap. Average condition. $150
HH-1521  Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 7/8. $65
HH-1520  Marine enlisted cap in khaki. $30
HH-1518   WWII British Type C Flight Helmet as worn by many of the American Fighter pilots. Choice condition. Lacks headphones. $335
  HH-1517  A-11 Flight Helmet. Good condition overall except for a small wear hole above the forehead. $95$SOLD$
  HH-1509  Clean leather Navy and Marine Corps flight helmet. $95
HH-1507    Choice WWII green Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 7/8. $65
HH-1502  WWII Fixed loop helmet with full liner and strap. Helmet shell has been cleaned. $345
HH-1498   WWII Short Brim HBT  herringbone fatigue cap. Shows lots of actual use and wear in the field. $100
HH-1492  Choice WWII khaki Daisy Mae, approx. size 6 5/8. $85
  HH-1489  WWII Officers visor cap. Small bend to visor as shown. $95
HH-1488  WW2 US Marine Corps enlisted cap. $125
HH-1483  WWII M-1 Fixed Bail helmet. Excellent confdition overall with excellent liner. Exterior of the liner was repainted in the past, otherwise a nice M-1. $350
  HH-1477  1930s ships enlisted hat for the tug, USS Uncas. A few small mothed spots. This ship received a battle star for helping drive off a German submarine during a convoy run. $75
HH-1458    WWII enlisted visor cap. Very good condition. $80
HH-1455  WWII enlisted visor cap in choice condition. $90$SOLD$
HH-1448   WWII Officers Garrison Cap. $50
HH-1447  WWII Ordinance Garrison Cap. $50
HH-1170   WWII enlisted mans visor cap. $75
  HH-1439  WWII Summer weight flight helmet. Choice condition. $120
HH-1437    1944 dated Sun Helmet. Good condition overall. $65
HH-1433   WWII Navy helmet shell. Blue Gray finish. Chinstraps are gone and have been replaced with 1950-60s straps. $150
HH-1393  WWII chamois lined Flight Helmet. Excellent condition. $95
HH-1380  WWII enlisted cap. $95
HH-1347  WWII enlisted man's visor cap. A couple of tiny moth nips. $65
HH-1341   Very nice WWII US Marine Corps enlisted Garrison cap. $40
HH-1339   Very nice WWII Artillery enlisted Garrison cap. $30
HH-1265    WWII enlisted Navy hat. Choice condition. $40
HH-1145   Hood Low Pressure Liner which was interestingly issued out and then turned into a safety helmet or toy. $90
HH-1129   WWII enlisted Glider Signal Corps overseas cap. $150
HH-1028  WWII Field Cap, dated 1945. $60
  HH-926  WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers forest green cover. $20
HH-925   WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers tan cover. $20
HH-727  Enlisted Engineer Garrison cap. $20
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