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 WWII Headgear

HH-1419  Later War, front seam, swivel loop helmet. Original straps in good but worn condition. Nice liner. $895$SOLD$
HH-1418  WWII Airborne Overseas cap. 1944 label. $130$SOLD$
HH-1417  Scarce WWII True Crusher for an enlisted man. Choice. These are much tougher to find than Officer's crushers. $240
HH-1416   WW2 US Navy helmet, with stenciled "Captain" on the front. $325
HH-1413  WWII Army Fatigue cap. Excellent. $85
HH-1412  WWII US Marine Corps enlisted visor cap. $95
HH-1410   WWII Jeep cap. A couple of tiny moth nips, otherwise very nice. $80
HH-1409  WWII web chin cup, late War. $40ON HOLD
HH-1404    Very nice B-6 helmet with provisions for oxygen mask. very nice condition overall. $110
  H-1400   Very interesting 3RD Air Force painted M-1 Helmet. Fixed loop, original chin straps. Apparently the owner served overseas and after return was sent to the 3RD as an instructor. The purpose on the "2" is unknown. $375
HH-1397  Post WWII US Marine Corps US Marine Corps Helmet Cover. WWII Swivel loop helmet with camouflaged helmet liner with remains of a lieutenant bar on the front. Depot repair tot he top as shown. $395  $SOLD$
HH-1393  WWII chamois lined Flight Helmet. Excellent condition. $95
HH-1392    Post WWII 9TH Division Helmet with regimental and divisional parade decals. Great condition overall. $250 ON HOLD
HH-1389   Nice WWII Fixed loop M-1 Helmet named on the strap to a Colonel. Liner is also stenciled with Colonels insignia. Great original WWII field worn M-1 helmet.!! $325$SOLD$
    HH-1385  WWII Fixed Loop, front seam, Navy Captains M-1 Helmet. Great salty look!. $330







  HH-1381  WWII WAC Officers cap by Knox. $225
HH-1380  WWII enlisted cap. $95
HH-1376  VERY Rare  allied Air Force painted liner, CA 1946-48, with fixed loop helmet. Very good condition overall. $375
HH-1375   Cadet Pilot's Visor Cap. Needs to be cleaned up a bit. $85
HH-1374  Enlisted mans visor cap. Good condition overall. $75
HH-1368  Fantastic helmet brought home by a WWII 32ND division Officer who transferred to 1ST Cavalry. Helmet is painted on the interior with a diary like inscription covering its use in 1945-46. Helmet shows use and wear with a great gold majors cluster on the front.  $375
HH-1367  WWII enlisted Airborne artillery overseas cap. $150
HH-1366    WWII enlisted Airborne overseas cap. $150
HH-1363  WWII M-1 Fixed Loop Helmet with very odd Navy battleship gray, horse head or mule head painted on the front. VERY unusual. $275
  HH-1361    WWII Tan Officers late War visor cap. A couple of tiny moth nips to rear crown. Otherwise excellent. $90
HH-1348    WWII Army Officers visor cap. very nice condition overall. $120
HH-1347  WWII enlisted man's visor cap. A couple of tiny moth nips. $65
HH-1346  Choice WWII Fatigue cap. Nice label. $110
HH-1345   WWII "Daisy Mae" hat. Very nice condition. $80
HH-1342  Early WWII British helmet stenciled and used by a US Soldier.  Very nice condition . $140
HH-1341   Very nice WWII US Marine Corps enlisted Garrison cap. $40
HH-1339   Very nice WWII Artillery enlisted Garrison cap. $30
HH-1331  WWII Tan Officers Visor Cap. $110
HH-1330  WWII Fur felt enlisted visor cap. Good condition overall. $110
HH-1326   WWII US Marine Corps Fatigue cap with stenciled EGA. $170
HH-1325    WWII Executive Officers M-1 Fixed Loop Helmet. Good condition overall. $450
HH-1316  Late WW2 Tan khaki visor cap. $120
HH-1312  WWII Shearling Flight Helmet. Excellent condition. $125
HH-1306  WWII Forest Green cold weather cap with forest green wool lining, 1940 dated. $50
HH-1303  WWII Swivel loop Nurses Helmet. Helmet was first owned by a soldier and then picked up by  Nurse Captain. Nicely IDed to both. $355
HH-1296  Extremely rare WWII Helmet painted for a Civilian Employee stationed overseas. White band with triangle front and painted silver top. No liner. $345
HH-1283   Very nice WWII US Navy Sun Helmet with painted Electricians Mate Rate.  $110
HH-1274  Choice Officers Luxemberg visor cap with Luxemberg marked eagle. $225
HH-1265    WWII enlisted Navy hat. Choice condition. $40
HH-1263  Very rare WWII Navy Radioman/ Electrician painted helmet with painted helmet and liner as well as an engraved and painted insignia with initials for the owner of the unit. $495
HH-1261   WWII M-1 Fixed Loop Helmet and Liner. This one shows lots of use. $225 ON HOLD
HH-1258    WWII Flight A-9  cloth flight helmet with early metal tube for communications. $110
HH-1249  WWII Front Seam, Fixed Loop M-1 Helmet with applied Major's cluster which has been painted over with the rest of the helmet. Nice liner. The interior of the helmet appears to have been re-sprayed but overall a great M1. Original chinstrap has been replaced with post war version with clips.$325
HH-1246   WWII US Marine Corps Contract sun helmet with device. $125  ON HOLD
HH-1221  WWII US Navy White Cotton Cap. $35
HH-1219  WWII tan cotton MP Enlisted Garrison Cap with Green and Yellow Piping. $30
HH-1201  WWII Swivel Loop, front seam, M-1 Helmet with chin strap. Lacks liner. $145
HH-1190    WWII Fixed Loop Helmet with original chin strap. Excellent condition overall. $240  ON HOLD
HH-1178  Well used WWII HBT fatigue cap. Nice condition. $80
  HH-1165   Very rare Navy Corpsman's Helmet with odd red and white liner. Great for a Normandy display!! One chin strap section has detached. $625
HH-1154  WWII enlisted man's overseas cap with German made DI. $50
HH-1150 WWII M-1 Fixed loop helmet with liner. Unit designation painted on the interior of the helmet. Exterior of the liner has been repainted in the 50s. $250  ON HOLD
HH-1149   Choice WWII Naval Officers Sun Helmet. $85ON HOLD
HH-1145   Hood Low Pressure Liner which was interestingly issued out and then turned into a safety helmet or toy. $90
HH-1137  WWII M-1 Helmet Liner. Khaki Straps, one break as shown. $65
HH-1130    1944 dated Sun Helmet. Good condition overall. $55ON HOLD
HH-1129   WWII enlisted Glider Signal Corps overseas cap. $150
HH-1095   WWII OD fatigue cap. $40
HH-1028  WWII Field Cap, dated 1945. $60
HH-998  WWII HBT Army Fatigue cap. $80ON HOLD
  HH-926  WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers forest green cover. $20
HH-925   WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers tan cover. $20
HH-907    WWII US Navy Fixed loop helmet for a Navy Ordinance unit. $250
HH-727  Enlisted Engineer Garrison cap. $20
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