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 WWII Headgear

HH-1295  Post WWII US Marine Corps US Marine Corps Helmet Cover. WWII Swivel loop helmet with camouflaged helmet liner with remains of a lieutenant bar on the front. Depot repair tot he top as shown. $525  
HH-1294  WWII US Marine Forest Green Winter hat. Excellent condition. $110
HH-1293  Very nice A-11 Flight helmet, large size. $175
HH-1292  Early WWII Camo Helmet with full liner and strap. McCord batch marking. Most likely produced in 1941. Excellent condition. We have only seen a couple of others like this. $325
HH-1291  Fabulous WWII Australian made  Visor cap with bullion Warrant Officer eagle. fantastic hat!! $350
HH-1290  Fabulous WWII Chocolate Visor cap with bullion eagle. fantastic hat!! $425$SOLD$
HH-1286   WWII M-1 Helmet with original net. Great liner. Front seam, swivel loop. $345
HH-1285  Choice WWII ATC Pilots hat with fantastic bullion cap badge. $395$SOLD$
HH-1283   Very nice WWII US Navy Sun Helmet with painted Electricians Mate Rate.  $110
HH-1280    Fantastic WWII visor hat with bomb scoreboard and name and squadron numbers on the underside of visor. This Officer was in the 500TH Bomb Squadron (The Rough Raiders), 345TH Bomb Group, the famous "Air Apaches!!  $365
HH-1279   Very rare WWII US army Medic's Helmet. In 1944-45 some units were distrustful of the enemies willingness to respect their status as protected and began eliminating the use of white panels behind red crosses as Germans were sometimes targeting Soldiers with these helmets. Instead Medics used the Red Cross with just white outline and later just the Red Cross without any white. This helmet has Red Crosses on all 4 sides and the wearers first name on front and would date to second half of 1944 into 1945.It was recently discovered in Maine and sold on Craig's List for $150!!! Needless to say I was not the lucky one, but paid through the nose for it! Authentic Medics helmets are almost impossible to acquire. The liner was added by the person I purchased it from. $2295
HH-1277  Fantastic helmet brought home by a WWII 32ND division Officer who transferred to 1ST Cavalry. Helmet is painted on the interior with a diary like inscription covering its use in 1945-46. Helmet shows use and wear with a great gold majors cluster on the front.  $395
HH-1274  Choice Officers Luxemberg visor cap with Luxemberg marked eagle. $225
HH-1271   Very scarce WWII Rear Seam, swivel loop US Navy battleship gray with "XO" for the Executive Officer of the ship. One strap missing. $150$SOLD$
HH-1270  WWII Sun Helmet with early style chinstrap. Very nice condition, as used by all branches. $60
HH-1269  WWII M-1 swivel loop Helmet with choice liner and chinstrap including leather liner strap. Clean example. $255
HH-1268   WWII US Marine Corps HBT cap with interesting use of EGA. One worn on each side. Possible evidence of rank on the front at one time. $155
HH-1267  Choice US Marine Officers Visor Cap with H and H marked cap device. $155
HH-1266   Very rare Chinese National Aviation Corporation, (CNAC) Pilots cap. Great bullion embroidered cloth and bullion badge mounted on a US made tan lightweight visor cap. $1750
HH-1265    WWII enlisted Navy hat. Choice condition. $40
HH-1264   WWII enlisted Navy hat. Choice condition. $40
HH-1263  Very rare WWII Navy Radioman/ Electrician painted helmet with painted helmet and liner as well as an engraved and painted insignia with initials for the owner of the unit. $495
    HH-1262  WWII Fixed Loop, front seam, Navy Captains M-1 Helmet. Great salty look!. $330







HH-1261   WWII M-1 Fixed Loop Helmet and Liner. This one shows lots of use. $225 ON HOLD
HH-1259  WWII tan true Crusher cap. Cover is loose on the frame and should be tacked down.. $130
HH-1258    WWII Flight A-9  cloth flight helmet with early metal tube for communications. $110
HH-1255  Extremely rare WWII Helmet painted for a Civilian Employee stationed overseas. White band with triangle front and painted silver top. No liner. $395
HH-1253   Cadet Pilot's Visor Cap. Needs to be cleaned up a bit. $95
HH-1249  WWII Front Seam, Fixed Loop M-1 Helmet with applied Major's cluster which has been painted over with the rest of the helmet. Nice liner. The interior of the helmet appears to have been re-sprayed but overall a great M1. Original chinstrap has been replaced with post war version with clips.$325
HH-1246   WWII US Marine Corps Contract sun helmet with device. $125  ON HOLD
HH-1241   WWII Forest Green Officers side cap. $55
HH-1230   WWII Tan Air Corps Soft Helmet in choice condition. $90
HH-1221  WWII US Navy White Cotton Cap. $35
HH-1219  WWII tan cotton MP Enlisted Garrison Cap with Green and Yellow Piping. $30
HH-1218   WWII US Marine Corps Officers Visor Cap with high quality maker marked insignia. $165
  H-1214   Very interesting 3RD Air Force painted M-1 Helmet. Fixed loop, original chin straps. Apparently the owner served overseas and after return was sent to the 3RD as an instructor. The purpose on the "2" is unknown. $475
HH-1209  WWII US Marine Corps Officers Visor Cap with high quality maker marked insignia. $165
  HH-1202  WWII Swivel loop, front seam, M-1 helmet with liner. Liner was repainted and possibly the interior of the M-1 shell. $180$SOLD$
HH-1201  WWII Swivel Loop, front seam, M-1 Helmet with chin strap. Lacks liner. $145
HH-1193   Helmet painted to the "69TH" with the name of the Soldier on the front. Possibly 69TH Seabees. Some damage to liner straps. $85
HH-1190    WWII Fixed Loop Helmet with original chin strap. Excellent condition overall. $240  ON HOLD
HH-1178  Well used WWII HBT fatigue cap. Nice condition. $80
HH-1177  Unidentified WWII Navy Gray stenciled helmet. Can't tell you what this one stands for . Fixed loop, front seam. Ex Bill Rizzutti Collection. $295$SOLD$
    HH-1167  WWII rear seam swivel loop helmet with khaki liner. Choice condition accept for one of the riveted liner straps with has popped off. $150
  HH-1165   Very rare Navy Corpsman's Helmet with odd red and white liner. Great for a Normandy display!! One chin strap section has detached. $625
HH-1162   WWII front seam swivel loop helmet with battleship gray letter T painted on the front. Probably a WWII Navy used helmet. Choice condition. $145
HH-1159  VERY Rare  allied Air Force painted liner, CA 1946-48, with fixed loop helmet. Very good condition overall. $415
HH-1154  WWII enlisted man's overseas cap with German made DI. $50
HH-1150 WWII M-1 Fixed loop helmet with liner. Unit designation painted on the interior of the helmet. Exterior of the liner has been repainted in the 50s. $250  ON HOLD
HH-1149   Choice WWII Naval Officers Sun Helmet. $85ON HOLD
HH-1145   Hood Low Pressure Liner which was interestingly issued out and then turned into a safety helmet or toy. $90
HH-1137  WWII M-1 Helmet Liner. Khaki Straps, one break as shown. $65
HH-1133  WWII Helmet net. Soft 1/2"  size squares. $90
HH-1130    1944 dated Sun Helmet. Good condition overall. $55ON HOLD
HH-1129   WWII enlisted Glider Signal Corps overseas cap. $150
HH-1097   WWII M-1 Helmet Rear Seam, late war swivel loop helmet. $180 
HH-1095   WWII OD fatigue cap. $40
HH-1087  Nice WWII Officer Fur Felt visor cap. Small tear to sweat shield as seen, otherwise very nice. $125
HH-1032   WWII Army Sun Helmet with inscription. One crack in sweatband. $75
HH-1028  WWII Field Cap, dated 1945. $60
HH-1011  WWII Swivel loop Nurses Helmet. Helmet was first owned by a soldier and then picked up by  Nurse Captain. Nicely IDed to both. $395





HH-998  WWII HBT Army Fatigue cap. $80ON HOLD
HH-929  WWII Forest Green cold weather cap with forest green wool lining, 1940 dated. $45
  HH-926  WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers forest green cover. $20
HH-925   WWII Tan US Marine Corps Officers tan cover. $20
HH-907    WWII US Navy Fixed loop helmet for a Navy Ordinance unit. $250
"HH-734   WWII USMC Green US Marine Officers visor cap cover. $35
HH-727  Enlisted Engineer Garrison cap. $20
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