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 WWII Medals and Documents
MM-788   1920s US Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with enlistment bars. $225
MM-787  WWII US Marine Corps Medal Grouping, purchased from the family years ago. Includes cased late War Army contract Purple Heart, (Issued in large quantities to the Marines in 1945), Insignia, sweetheart pin, ribbon bars etc.. Should be a fun research project. $225
MM-786  WWII boxed Silver Star Medal with contract label. $100 $SOLD$
  MM-785   WWII boxed Silver Star Medal with contract label. $100
MM-784   WWII boxed Silver Star Medal with contract label. $100
MM-783  Fantastic Radio Operator's, 20TH Air Force paper and medal grouping. Includes a HUGE map of Japan featuring a detailed mission list with results and an explosion graphic over each target. Includes cased Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross with citations for both. He received the DFC for heroism on a bombing run when they were hit by flak and fighter, they continued their mission, even though their aircraft has quite damaged and dropped their bombs on target. The entire crew received this honor. His Air Force scarf, unit histories, patches, publications and even a piece of shrapnel from his aircraft. Great set!! for a B-29 Staff Sgt. $595ON HOLD

MM-782   WWII US Coast Guard Good Conduct and Victory Medal. $80
MM-781   Korean War Purple Heart for Jay Richard Corbin of Union PA. Government engraved with 3 original photos. $250 $SOLD$
MM-780    Historic 94TH Division, 376TH Infantry KIA, Purple Heart/ Bronze Star Grouping with Documents and graveside photographs. Bronze Star and Purple Heart are government engraved and in original boxes. The Purple Heart and Accolade are contained in their original mailing tube, There are graveside photos from 1965 as well as cemetery booklets. There is a 1963 dated letter from a woman from England who this Soldier made a permanent impression on, during their short relationship, that years later she still thinks of him. There is also a unit photograph. He was killed during his units assault on a sections of the "Dragons Teeth" line. We seldom see KIA groupings so rich in display material. $1495
MM-779  Very nice career Navy Chiefs medals/ dog tags/ ID Card grouping/.It appears he served from 1943 until 1963. Includes his medals, ribbon bar sets, dog tags, ID cards and bar mounted medal set. $225
MM-778  WWII Jolly Rogers grouping for a 320TH Bomb Squadron, 90TH Bomb Group, B-24 Navigator. Includes his Government engraved Purple Heart as well as unengraved Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross. There is some original paperwork and quite a bit of research. A previous collector had added some additional items for display, which we have removed, to return the group to its original state. $675$SOLD$
MM-777  WWII Merchant Mariners Medal Grouping with rare early 1ST type Merchant Mariners medal. These medals were given only to those Merchant Mariners who were either wounded or killed in action. Some nice original photos of this Officer and an original hat badge. Scarce original inner and outer box. Scarce white waist belt with Merchant Marine belt set. Unfortunately not identified. Research may prove fruitful. $425$SOLD$
MM-776  WWII US Navy Contract Purple Heart with dog tag on chain. No research has been done on this one. $275
USS Pringle (DD-477) - Wikipedia
MM-775  Very nice WWII Navy KIA Purple Heart for a Sailor killed on board the USS Pringle at the Battle of Okinawa, April 16TH, 1945.  Includes dog tag in leather case, original inner and outer boxes and shipping label.$1495$SOLD$

Assigned to radar picket duty on 15 April, she shot down two kamikazes on 16 April 1945 before a third crashed into her bridge, and plowed through the superstructure deck, abaft the base of number one stack. A single 1,000-pound bomb, or two 500-pounders, penetrated the main and superstructure decks and exploded with a violent eruption, buckling the keel and splitting the vessel in two at the forward fire room. Six minutes later, 258 survivors watched Pringle slide beneath the surface.
MM-774  Historic 75TH Division Purple Heart. Very nice Government engraved heart. $425
MM-773  WWII US Marine Corps Purple Heart grouping for a member of the US Marines. Purple Heart is privately engraved, Good Conduct Medal, Pacific campaign with 3 battle stars. Should be  fun research project. $495 $SOLD$
MM-772  Historic WWII Purple Heart for a Soldier who started with a Coast Artillery unit early in WWII, serving in North Africa, Sicily, France Belgium and finally Germany where he was killed in action in October of 1944. At some point he transferred from the Artillery unit to an Armored Division, with which he served as an Armored Infantryman. I am not sure his specific unit. Medals come with a folder of research. Great set. $425$SOLD$
MM-771   Historic Purple Heart for a Sailor from the USS Helena a Brooklyn Class light cruiser. After being torpedoed at Pearl Harbor, on December 7TH, 1941, the ship was repaired and returned to duty. After refitting the ship had a distinguished career in many Pacific battles until finally sunk by the Japanese at the Battle of Kula Gulf on July 5TH, 1943. Government engraved and in excellent condition. $1295  $SOLD$
MM-770   Historic 27TH Division Purple Heart for a member of the 165TH Infantry Regiment. $425$SOLD$
MM-769  WWII 76TH Division KIA Purple Heart to a member of the 304TH Infantry, Company "L". Amazingly includes records he mailed home. Pepsi provided booths in which Soldiers could dictate letters home which would be directly recorded onto a 45 record. So you can actually hear his voice!! Very unusual. $495$SOLD$
MM-768  WWII Purple Heart which was issued to an Officer in the 129TH Airborne Engineers. The medal is un-named which is normal. We know who it belonged to because an ID button was included. $250$SOLD$
MM-767  Very nice WWII Cased Purple Heart. $110 $SOLD$
M-766  Scarce WWII Service Medal for Soldiers of Rhode Island. $70
M-764   Fantastic photo album, documents and medal grouping to POW Staff Sergeant Richard J Pinardi. Pinardi flew with the famed Cotton Tails, 450th BG 15th AAF. He was shot down on October 18th 1944 over Vienna, Austria. Pinardi was a gunner/aerial photographer. He spent the rest of the war as guest of the German Government. The group contains a typed letter to his mother from General Twinning, Western Union telegram Missing In Action, a wonderful photo album of combat nose art, formations and day to day living in Italy. Also several POW letters (11) a publication made overseas on Stalag Luft. 1.Also his POW Dog Tag, his US Dog Tag ,all his medals, several sets of wings (post war), ribbon bars, state documents, flight helmet, vet hats, Purple Heart certificate(wartime dated) and tons of photos and other items not pictured. A wonderful archive to hero who served his country. DON'T MISS IT  $1395. $SOLD$
MM-762  Very scarce WWII cased Purple Heart which was sent home by the Soldier to keep safe for him until he returned. This one is in the original mailing sleeve with military stamps. He was part of the 379TH Infantry of the 100TH Division. $225 $SOLD$
MM-761  WWII Government engraved Purple Heart with original box. Very nice condition. $250  $SOLD$
MM-760  WWII Navy contract Purple Heart with purple coffin case. $325 $SOLD$
MM-756  Barnstable, MA WWII Service Medal. $45
MM-755  Estate purchased KIA Accolade and Purple Heart Certificate along with Purple Heart that this Soldier received in life. $250
MM-753   Historic, 75TH Division KIA Purple Heart grouping. Includes the Government engraved Purple Heart with case, Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade documents, Personal Effects, Dog Tag, Unit history and commemorative pamphlets. a very nice set. $895$SOLD$
MM-752  Historic 41ST Division KIA Purple Heart Grouping for a Soldier killed in action in the Pacific on Biak Island. Includes Government engraved and cased Purple Heart, Purple Heart Certificate, Accolade Document, Next of kin telegram announcing the death and other important letters and a portrait photograph. Casualties on Biak were 435 Americans KIA and 2,360 WIA. The Japanese lost an estimated 6,125 KIA, with 460 POWs, and 360 Formosan POWs. $855$SOLD$

MM-751  Very nice 9TH Division, KIA boxed Purple Heart with Government engraving. On 30 January the division jumped off from Monschau in a drive across the Roer and to the Rhine. He was killed during this push. $425$SOLD$
MM-750  This one is tough to explain. It is stamped not engraved, so possibly  a privately done replacement or duplicate, definitely done in the period, not a modern stamping. Priced accordingly. $245 $SOLD$
MM-749   WWII KIA, Purple Heart Certificate with other official paperwork for a Sailor who was killed during a Kamikaze attack on his ship, the USS Achilles on November 12, 1944. He is buried in a common grave, photo of the stone with is part of the set. $275
MM-620    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $95ON HOLD
MM-697  Nice Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal pair with citation and DD-214. includes 3 photo and numerous other badges/ ribbons. $180ON HOLD
MM-708  Small grouping from a member of the 776TH Tank Destroyer Battalion. Includes the rare unit history, (Damaged), Bronze Star set, Tank Destroyer collar disc, bracelet and 5TH Army medal. $120
MM-788   Historic WWII KIA Purple Heart for a member of the 34TH Infantry of the 24TH Division. $395$SOLD$
MM-786  Post WWII "China Service" medal in the original box. $125
MM-776  WWII Air Medal, Victory Grouping with impressed Bombardiers wing and leather name strip. $175
MM-762  Air Medal engraved "Robert S. Stevens". Unresearched. $125
MM-761  WWII slot broach Air Medal. $60
MM-760   WWII slot broach Air Medal. $60
MM-759  English made ribbon bar. Sew on style. $30
MM-755  WWII Government engraved Purple Heart. This is the tiny block engraved style. Unresearched. $250
MM-754  Very nice WWII WIA 80TH Division, BAR Gunner, from I Company of the 317TH Infantry. Comes with research package. Includes Government engraved Purple Heart and Bronze Star with both medal documents, The Purple Heart is typical wartime. The Bronze Star is most likely a CIB upgrade. Nice set to build a display with. $595ON HOLD
MM-746   Scarce small lot of WWII boxed Bronze Stars. Each medal is still wrapped in the original paper with box. Price is $35 each.
MM-740  Small medal, insignia and dog tag set. Unresearched. Also a "short snorter" of 1 bill. $80
MM-734   American Defense Medal with "Fleet" bar. $40
MM-721  Purple Heart Certificate, Bronze Star Certificate and Promotion Document to a member of the 16TH Infantry Regiment, 1ST Division. Comes with 2 original photos of this Medic with his buddies. $295
MM-680   Pre War Japanese Medal presented to US Navy and Marine personnel who visited Japan in the 1920s. $95
MM-679   WWII Medal Grouping for a Bronze Star, Purple Heart recipient. Bronze Star is Government engraved. CD of research is included. This Veteran was from the Chicago area and we have quite a bit of information about him, but have yet to figure out his unit. Needs more research. $220  ON HOLD
MM-626   WWII Silver Star. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $145$SOLD$
MM-623   WWII boxed Air Medal. $90
  MM-595   WWII Matt finish US Navy contract Distinguished Flying Cross. $95 $SOLD$
  MM-576    Scarce WWII Navy Contract Air Medal. Good condition. $85
MM-517  WWII cased Air Medal with case. Exc. condition overall. $75
  MM-492  WWII  Barnstable, MA Town Medal. $40
  MM-469  British made Good Conduct Ribbon bar. $15
  MM-460  WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer, Burma 1941-42.  $35






  MM-141  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $15 per foot.
MM-121  1930s-40s WWII Silver Clusters for Medals and Ribbon Bars. $5 each
  MM-119  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  MM-118  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Air Medal Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  MM-116  American Campaign and Pacific Campaign ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-115  Philippine Defense ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-114  Presidential Unit Citation ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-113  US Navy Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. (Expert Rifle Sold Out) $10 per foot.
  MM-112  US Coast Guard Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. $10 per foot.
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