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 WWII Medals and Documents
USS Jarvis (DD-393).jpg  
MM-727      Very rare Purple Heart from the USS Jarvis. One of only 2 major US vessels to go down with no survivors during WWII. The Jarvis was present during the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Moored next to Mugford in berth B6 of the Navy yard for minor repairs, Jarvis opened fire with 5-inch guns and machine guns and made preparations to get underway. Within minutes of the initial attack, her 5-inch guns were among the first to challenge the enemy raiders, and her gunners claimed four planes.
     During the battle for Guadalcanal, "Following a night patrol off the southern end of Savo Island, Jarvis returned to Lunga Point to screen the unloading transports. The warning of an impending air attack suspended these operations and the transports and their protective screen of destroyers and cruisers deployed in the body of water between Guadalcanal and Florida Island, soon to be called "Ironbottom Sound". When enemy torpedo bombers appeared around noon on 8 August, they met a stream of antiaircraft fire. Only 9 of the 26 planes penetrated the defensive fire, but they set the attack transport George F. Elliott ablaze and torpedoed Jarvis.

Despite a 50-foot (15 m) gash in her side, she was considered seaworthy and ordered to proceed under cover of darkness to Efate, New Hebrides, escorted by the minesweeper Hovey. Apparently unaware of the order because her radios had been disabled, her commanding officer, Lt. Comdr. William W. Graham Jr., decided to steam to Sydney, Australia. Jarvis departed Tulagi at midnight on 9 August and moved slowly westward through "Ironbottom Sound".

The destroyer, continuing to retire westward, had little speed, no radio communications, and few operative guns; but she refused aid from the destroyer Blue upon being sighted at 0325. After daybreak a Saratoga-based scout plane sighted her 40 miles off Guadalcanal, trailing fuel oil and down by the bow. That was the last time Americans saw her. the Japanese, still mistaking Jarvis for an escaping cruiser, dispatched 31 planes from Rabaul to search out and destroy her. Once discovered the badly damaged destroyer was no match for bombers raking the ship with bullets and torpedoes. According to Japanese records, Jarvis "split and sank" at 1300 on 9 August. None of her 233 remaining crew survived the onslaught. $775  ON HOLD


MM-726  Korean War Government engraved Silver Star with issue document and newspaper clippings for  32ND Infantry, 7TH Division Soldier. Great citation!! Rare to find. $695ON HOLD
MM-725   Very nice WWII US Navy Navy Cross. Wrap broach with wide ribbon. Very nice condition overall. $395ON HOLD
MM-724  WWII Distinguished Service Cross, Robbins contact. Mint condition. $150ON HOLD
MM-723  WWII Soldiers Medal for non combat acts of heroism. $90
MM-722  Scarce Legion of Merit awarded in 1944 to a Sgt. $150ON HOLD
MM-721  Purple Heart Certificate, Bronze Star Certificate and Promotion Document to a member of the 16TH Infantry Regiment, 1ST Division. Comes with 2 original photos of this Medic with his buddies. $295
MM-720   WWII New York Conspicuous Service Cross in original box. $80
MM-719  Very clean WWII KIA 4TH Armored Purple Heart Grouping for an August of 1944 casualty. Includes government engraved purple heart, purple heart certificate and government accolade and mailing tube. $750
MM-718   WWII Bronze Star grouping with dog tags, badges, patches and medal set with named capture papers for souvenirs brought home. $150
MM-717   Nice 1930s US Marine Corps engraved Good Conduct medal. $120
MM-716     Very nice cased WWII Purple Heart set. $110
MM-715     Very nice cased WWII Purple Heart set. $110
MM-714     Very nice cased WWII Distinguished Flying Cross set. $95$SOLD$
MM-713    Very nice cased WWII Distinguished Flying Cross set. $95
MM-712   Very nice cased WWII Silver Star set. $110
MM-711   Very nice cased WWII Silver Star set. $110
MM-710  Nice 8TH Air Force enlisted man's Air Medal grouping with newspaper clipping of the award, dog tags, wings, British made ribbon bar and more.. $155
MM-709  Government engraved Bronze Star set. $95
MM-708  Small grouping from a member of the 776TH Tank Destroyer Battalion. Includes the rare unit history, (Damaged), Bronze Star set, Tank Destroyer collar disc, bracelet and 5TH Army medal. $150
MM-707  Rare US Marine Corps KIA, Iwo Jima, paper grouping. Includes telegram notifying next of kin of his death, Purple Heart Certificate, Letter presenting Asiatic Pacific campaign medal and PUC. Next of kin property listing. PUC Citation Doc with attached ribbon, Marine Corps Commemorative KIA Certificate and selective service cards and paperwork. Some items about the return of the body. $795
MM-705   90TH Division Bronze Star with Certificate with interview recorded on paper. Government engraved Bronze Star, original mailing tube. Very nice. $250
MM-704  WWII Government named and engraved Purple Heart. Some basic research included. $225$SOLD$
MM-703  WWII cased Silver Star with some post War paperwork and memorial card from the Veteran's funeral. $150$SOLD$
MM-702   Pre- WWII US Navy Expert Pistol Shot medal. $75
MM-700  Officially impressed Navy Good Conduct Medal. $50
MM-699  Officially impressed Navy Good Conduct Medal. $50
MM-697  Nice Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal pair with citation and DD-214. includes 3 photo and numerous other badges/ ribbons. $225
MM-696   This Cavalry Purple Heart was acquired, on the West Coast, with the owners DAV card many years ago. No research has been done. $150
MM-695  Nice numbered and cased WWII Purple Heart. $135
MM-691  Bar mounted Navy Medals WWII-Korea. $100
MM-690  Bar Mounted Medals with 1939 engraved Good Conduct. $110
MM-689  Nice Navy Good Conduct medal with 3 awards. Includes an engraved 1922 planchet with 2 successive awards with engraved dates. $160
MM-688   Historic Normandy, June 6TH, 1944, P-51 Ace Pilot KIA!! This Pilot achieved 1.5 Victories with the Eagle squadron before joining the US Air Corps. He was assigned to the 334TH Fighter Group and was with the 334TH Fighter Squadron when he was killed in action. Very historic medal. $1795
MM-687  Naval 6 place medal bar with officially impressed Good conduct medal. $135
MM-686  WWII Navy Good Conduct Medal. $75
MM-685  1937 Good Conduct Medal with 1941 named 2nd award bar. $110
MM-684  Very nice US Navy Contract Air Medal for a Marine Corps Aviation Sgt. Named outer box. $250
MM-683  Great WWII embossed US Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal. $80
MM-681  Nice WWII set of medals, insignia, dog tag etc. for a Pilot who joined the Army Air Corps in March 1943, proudly serving his country. As a 1st Lieutenant, he flew 94 round trips over the Assam-China "Hump" route, piloting C-46 aircraft on cargo hauls for the 1332nd Air Transport Command China-Burma India Theater Operations. This was the first use of aircraft for an "airlift" type of operation. For his efforts he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Cluster. $250
MM-680   Pre War Japanese Medal presented to US Navy and Marine personnel who visited Japan in the 1920s. $95
MM-679   WWII Medal Grouping for a Bronze Star, Purple Heart recipient. Bronze Star is Government engraved. CD of research is included. This Veteran was from the Chicago area and we have quite a bit of information about him, but have yet to figure out his unit. Needs more research. $220
MM-672   Very scarce KIA Purple Heart for a member of the 607TH Tank Destroyer Battalion. Includes the Purple Heart Certificate, Accolade document, reprint of the unit history and a letter to the Gold Star Mother. Government engraved Purple Heart in excellent condition. $645  $SOLD$
MM-670  Scarce early 8TH Air Force KIA Group. Includes his Government engraved Purple Heart and Air Medal. Purple heart is numbered. Some research has been done. His B-17 was shot down over Lorient, France on May 17TH, 1943. 364TH Bomb Squadron, 305TH Bomb Group. Condition is excellent overall. $595 $SOLD$
MM-665  Rare 101ST Airborne Division Purple Heart for a member of the 321ST Glider Field Artillery Battalion, B Battery, HQ Battalion who was killed in action on January 10TH, 1945 in Belgium during the relief of Bastogne at the Battle of the Bulge. Includes his Government engraved and numbered Purple Heart and his rare Elk Lodge KIA cased medal with regimental DI. Rare set!!! $1695  $SOLD$
MM-647   WWII US Navy/ Marine Corps Purple Heart in original short titled case. $350
MM-643    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-642     WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-637  WWII Air Medal in case. Excellent condition. $70
MM-626   WWII Silver Star. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $145
MM-624    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-623   WWII boxed Air Medal. $90
MM-622    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-620    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-619    WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
MM-616   WWII slot broach Silver Star. Excellent condition. $80
MM-615   Scarce small lot of WWII boxed Bronze Stars. Each medal is still wrapped in the original paper with box. Price is $35 each.
MM-608  Scarce WWII Navy Contract Silver Star Short Titled USN Case with WWII Army Star, Excellent condition. It was common for the Navy to use standard US stock late in the War. $250
MM-602  WWII boxed Silver Star in original box. Mint condition, 1943 contract. $115
  MM-595   WWII Matt finish US Navy contract Distinguished Flying Cross. $95
  MM-576    Scarce WWII Navy Contract Air Medal. Good condition. $85
MM-517  WWII cased Air Medal with case. Exc. condition overall. $75
  MM-492  WWII  Barnstable, MA Town Medal. $40
  MM-469  British made Good Conduct Ribbon bar. $15
  MM-460  WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer, Burma 1941-42.  $35






  MM-141  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $15 per foot.
MM-121  1930s-40s WWII Silver Clusters for Medals and Ribbon Bars. $5 each
  MM-119  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  MM-118  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Air Medal Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  MM-116  American Campaign and Pacific Campaign ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-115  Philippine Defense ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-114  Presidential Unit Citation ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-113  US Navy Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. (Expert Rifle Sold Out) $10 per foot.
  MM-112  US Coast Guard Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. $10 per foot.
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