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 WWII Medals and Documents
MM-868  Historic Purple Heart grouping with certificate and photos for a Soldier in the 853RD Engineer Aviation Battalion.. Includes Government engraved and cased Purple Heart, numerous photos, embossed discharge certificate folder. The 853RD Engineer Battalion was unfortunately the victims of a German Guided bomb which struck the USS Rhona on November 26TH 1943. This unit lost almost 500 killed and the ship sank with over 1000 Soldiers and Sailors dead.. $695

MM-697  Nice Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal pair with citation and DD-214. includes 3 photo and numerous other badges/ ribbons. $180
MM-779   WWII Navy Contract Bronze Star in the short titled case. $275
MM-778  Navy Short Titled Case. for the Distinguished Flying Cross. $150
MM-777  Scarce Navy/ Marine Corps Contract Purple Heart in short titled case. Very nice condition overall. $395
MM-776  WWII Air Medal, Victory Grouping with impressed Bombardiers wing and leather name strip. $145
MM-869   Purple Heart for an Infantry, PFC killed in action on December 14TH, 1944. He was from California. Government engraved with original box. $375$SOLD$
MM-854   WWII KIA, Purple Heart Certificate with other official paperwork for a Sailor who was killed during a Kamikaze attack on his ship, the USS Achilles on November 12, 1944. He is buried in a common grave, photo of the stone with is part of the set. $235
MM-845  WWII cased Air Medal with case. Exc. condition overall. $75
MM-843  Air Medal engraved "Robert S. Stevens". Unresearched. $125
MM-842  WWII slot broach Air Medal. $60
MM-832  WWII Government engraved Purple Heart. This is the tiny block engraved style. Unresearched. $220
MM-829  Post WWII "China Service" medal in the original box. $110
MM-803  Scarce WWII Town Medal from the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. $60
MM-782   WWII US Coast Guard Good Conduct and Victory Medal. $80
MM-760   WWII slot broach Air Medal. $60
MM-759  English made ribbon bar. Sew on style. $30
MM-754  Very nice WWII WIA 80TH Division, BAR Gunner, from I Company of the 317TH Infantry. Comes with research package. Includes Government engraved Purple Heart and Bronze Star with both medal documents, The Purple Heart is typical wartime. The Bronze Star is most likely a CIB upgrade. Nice set to build a display with. $595ON HOLD
MM-746   Scarce small lot of WWII boxed Bronze Stars. Each medal is still wrapped in the original paper with box. Price is $35 each.
MM-734   American Defense Medal with "Fleet" bar. $40
MM-721  Purple Heart Certificate, Bronze Star Certificate and Promotion Document to a member of the 16TH Infantry Regiment, 1ST Division. Comes with 2 original photos of this Medic with his buddies. $295
MM-680   Pre War Japanese Medal presented to US Navy and Marine personnel who visited Japan in the 1920s. $95
  MM-469  British made Good Conduct Ribbon bar. $15
  MM-460  WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer, Burma 1941-42.  $35






  MM-141  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $15 per foot.
MM-121  1930s-40s WWII Silver Clusters for Medals and Ribbon Bars. $5 each
  MM-119  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  MM-118  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Air Medal Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  MM-116  American Campaign and Pacific Campaign ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-115  Philippine Defense ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-114  Presidential Unit Citation ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-113  US Navy Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. (Expert Rifle Sold Out) $10 per foot.
  MM-112  US Coast Guard Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. $10 per foot.
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