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 WWI Medals, Badges and Documents- All Countries
M-1461  WWI Gold Star Mothers Pilgrimage Medal with original neck ribbon. $145  $SOLD$
M-1460  Croix de Guerre with palm. $45
M-1459  WWI Croix de Guerre. $40
M-1458  WWI Croix de Guerre with star and ball/bar suspension. $50
M-1457  Verdun Medal with original box. $85
M-1456  Fantastic pre-WWI-WW2 Submariner's grouping. Includes Numbered Mexico Service Medal. WWI Victory with Destroyer bar. Good conduct with 3 bars including the early Submarine "USS S-49" bar, Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station bar and bar for 1934. Also includes Manchester, NH and NH State WWI medals. $595 $SOLD$
M-1454  Very nice Purple Heart grouping  for a member of the 102ND Infantry of the 26TH Division. Includes named and numbered Purple Heart in its original box, numbered Mexican Border Medal, Victory Medal, 26TH Div. Reunion medal and research and copy photograph. $595  ON HOLD
M-1453  Very nice WWI Marine Corps Medal Grouping with Government engraved Good Conduct Medal. Named and numbered. Also includes his Victory Medal, County Medal, Dog Tag and named Sharpshooters medal. This Marine served in France with the 95TH Company, 6TH Regiment. $495 ON HOLD
M-1452  7TH Artillery grouping including dog tag, collar and rank insignia and nicely named city medal. $210
M-1450  Scarce Verdun medal certificate with letter for a Sergeant Major in the famous 308TH Infantry of the 77TH Division.. Original envelope is also glued tot the rear of the letter. $120

Morocco WW1 Order Ouissam Alaouite Knight Al Alaoui Military Medal. Scarce. $165


M-1448  WWI New York State Medal, numbered on reverse. $35
M-1447   Scarce version of the Verdun medal with bar. $125
  M-1446   WWI State medal for New York. $40
M-1445  Scarce Wide Navy Ribbon Bar for a  Soldier who served on the Mexican Border and then went to the  Navy during WW1. $50
M-1444  WWI New York State Service Medal. $40
M-1443   Boxed Pennsylvania WWI Service Medal with original box . $35
M-1442  WWI Red White and Blue Ribbon as used on City and Town Medals. $15 per 1' foot length.
M-1439  Small grouping for a member of the 502ND Engineers. Includes group photos, original discharge, paybook and envelope and boxed and named Rochester, NY medal. Nice condition. $80
M-1438  WWI Fourrager cord. Very good condition. $80
P-1433   WWI Citation Certificate for a 2ND Division Lt. Colonel. Some edge chipping otherwise very nice. Printed in Paris and issued in France. $175
  M-1421  Very nice numbered New York WWI Service Medal. $40
M-1420  WWI French Medal Militaire as issued to many US Troops especially those awarded the DSC. The highest decoration for an enlisted French Soldier. $65
M-1417   Very nice 78TH Division grouping. Includes painted helmet,( lacks liner and strap), Nicely decorated gas mask and bag, All the patches removed from the uniform, including an early version of the 78TH Division without lightning bolt. Medal grouping includes the government named and engraved Purple Heart, named New York Conspicuous Service Cross, Victory Medal and numbered New York State medal. Souvenir German belt buckle and original numbered Purple Heart box. His cotton tunic and trousers are present although soiled and modified into a work jacket. Pocket flaps and straps have been removed. Very nice set. $695$SOLD$

M-1415    Rochester, NY city medal for "A. Jensen". $40
M-1414  WWI New York State Medal with silver wound button. $45
M-1407  Very unusual  4 palm Croix de Guerre. This was most likely attached to a unit guidon or regimental colors , either American or French signifying 4 awards at an Army Level. Rare to find. $350
M-1397  National Guard Sharpshooter badge. $45
M-1396  WWI Marine pattern Pistol Expert badge. $55
M-1376  American Legion 1920s bronze medal for Student Achievement. $45
M-1371  VFW Post Commanders Medal. $40
M-1327   WWI State medal for the Pennsylvania National Guard. $35
M-1322   WWI Pennsylvania National Guard Service Medal with ribbon in original box. $50
M-1321   WWI Pennsylvania National Guard Service Medal with ribbon in original box. $50
M-1299  Michigan Masonic Pocket Tolken, ID coin with instructions in case of death. Very nice. $50
  M-1285  WWI French Commemorative. $30
  M-1223  Scarce WWI Bronze National Guard Marksman's pin. $55ON HOLD
M-1222  Scarce WWI Bronze National Guard Sharpshooter's pin. $55
M-1220  Early style Marksman badge with early "T" bar pin. $40
  M-1216   Rare California shooting badge. $35
M-1192  Replacement occupation medal for WWI. $30
  M-1129  Original silk ribbon for a WWI US Regimental Color. This for Champagne- Marne. Shows actual use and wear. $75
M-1115  New York WWI service Medal. $40
M-1015   6TH Pennsylvania watch fob. $30
M-992  Boxed Pennsylvania WWI Service Medal with original box and sleeve. $40
  M-967  Free and Accepted Masons WWI Service Medal. Planchet only. $40
  M-326  American Legion Past Commanders Medal. $30
  M-288  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $20 per foot.
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