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 WWI Medals, Badges and Documents- All Countries
M-1239   1920s contract Certificate of Merit!! Very rare and seldom seen. Un-numbered. Named to the recipient on the bottom of the box. Very rare find. Not the crazy price of  a numbered version. $595$SOLD$
    M-1238  1933 contract boxed campaign medal for the Mexican Border Action. Numbered on the rim and the box. $110ON HOLD
M-1237  Scarce 3RD Division Veterans medal with 2 3RD Division lapel pins. $95$SOLD$
M-1236  Nice 4 bar victory medal. $110
M-1235   WWI numbered US marine Corps Good Conduct medal. $95
M-1234  Early 1920s engraved US Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal. $165 $SOLD$
M-1233  Scarce WWI Chateau Thierry Medal. $210
  M-1232  WWI St. Mihiel Medal. $150
M-1231  Rare US Shipping Board medal. Very nice. $80
M-1230  Mexican Border National Guard medal. $35
M-1229  WWI Victory Medal, France bar. $35
M-1228  WWI Victory Medal with Meuse Argonne and Defensive Sector. $55
M-1227    WWI Victory Medal with Meuse Argonne and Defensive Sector. $55
M-1225  149TH Field Artillery Medal. $55
M-1224  WWI War Service Ship Building in gold plate. $75
  M-1223  Scarce WWI Bronze National Guard Marksman's pin. $55
M-1222  Scarce WWI Bronze National Guard Sharpshooter's pin. $55
  M-1221    Scarce WWI Marksman's custom pin with Pistol Sharpshooter lower bar. $55
M-1220  Early style Marksman badge with early "T" bar pin. $40
M-1219  Very nice named and 1917 date Marksman badge. Very nice. $50
M-1218  Pre WWI Ohio National Guard Marksman pin. Catch is broken, but pin is intact. $45
  M-1217  WWI Sharpshooter badge. $35 
  M-1216   Rare California shooting badge. $35
M-1215  Fantastic WWI 80TH Division Distinguished Service Cross Certificate. Excellent condition, except for some fold lines. Great citation, involving this Captain attacking a German Machine Gun position, forcing their surrender. $695 ON HOLD
M-1214  Fantastic USS Pennsylvania Gun Captains Good Conduct Medal with bar, Victory Medal with Atlantic Fleet Bar, shoulder patch, letter of a Submarine firing incident, US Naval record sheets, Navy Dog Tag and more. $275$SOLD$
M-1210  Very nice US Navy Grouping with Rim Engraved Campaigns. Includes Navy Mexico, properly numbered and jeweler named to him and "N. Dakota", 1ST Haitian is also jeweler named and also engraved. USS Nashville, Good conduct is government engraved and also named for the USS Nashville. Nice WWI Naval Victory and New Hampshire State WWI Medal. Great named set. Good conduct ribbon has been replaced. Others show repair to original ribbons. $950
M-1209  Rare 2 part ribbon bar set. Navy cross and Croix de Guerre for a US Marine or Corpsman. $95
M-1206  WWI 1 bar Victory medal. $45
M-1203   1917 "Stand by the flag" celebration for recruiting. 455
M-1202   Post WWI Oklahoma National Guard medal. $55
M-1201  Scarce Indiana County Medal in original folder. $55
M-1199  Fresno County, California WWI medal. $65
M-1198  WWI Medal from the Citizens of the state of Oregon. $55
M-1195  Victory Medal fro a member of the Siberian Expeditionary Forces. $130
M-1192  Replacement occupation medal for WWI. $30
M-1185  Scarce Newport, Rhode Island town medal. $60
M-1179  Scarce 149TH Field Artillery, 42ND Division Medal. Very tough to find. $55$SOLD$
M-1176  WWI Distinguished Service Cross material from an unknown Medical Officer. Includes his ribbon bar, Croix de Guerre, Victory Medal, insignia from WWI and as an Officer in the "Old Guard". Interestingly he mounted a miniature on a full size ribbon/ broach. I wish we knew who he was. Possibly researchable . $375
M-1175  Very rare certificate for an American Officer who received the Military Cross from the British Government. $235
M-1174  WWI 1ST Division Medal. Scarce medal excellent condition. $160ON HOLD
M-1173  Very rare Distinguished Service Cross Grouping for the Regimental commander of the 361ST Infantry of the 91ST Division. His citation reads as follows.  
The group contains his original numbered Distinguished Service Cross (408) which checks out to him via Gliem's List. His numbered Mexican Border Medal, Victory Medal, Some Fraternal Medals from the Oder of the Serpent and some of his rank insignia. His Distinguished Service Cross Certificate has been professionally and archivaly framed as is his first commission which has been hand signed by President Teddy Roosevelt. Also present are several vellum presidentially signed commissioned including a second Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson!!. His non presidential commissions for all other ranks are present covering 2ND Lt through Colonel. His Model 1902 sword is in just average condition. There is  also a large selection of clippings, documents and souvenirs, not shown as well as a pair of his boots. $7495$SOLD$

M-1171  Rare 1920s Victory Medal Replacement Ribbon. $20 per foot. This is not the typically found 1940s ribbon this is the brighter 1920s ribbon. Impossible to find. $20/ft
M-1164   Veterans of Foreign Wars medal. CA. 1920. $35
M-1163  WWI Gold Star Mother Medal Pair for Mrs. Adelaide Fawcett, the mother of a 78TH Division Soldier in the 309TH Infantry who was killed in France. Includes her Gold Star Mothers Medal as well as her Gold Star Pilgrimage, US Lines Medal. Both numbered and in very good condition. There are 2 period newspaper articles of Gold Star Mothers Pilgrimages. Nice set. $395
M-1160   Scarce French made DSC Ribbon Bars (2), RWB Ribbons for State of Town Medals (2), a Croix de Guerre (1) and an early version ribbon for the Spanish American War (1).  Scarce set of bars $100
M-1159  Verdun Medal. Very good condition. $40
  M-1158  Very nice WWI 78TH Division Medal Grouping featuring Government named and numbered Purple Heart, Croix de Guerre, engraved town medal and engraved American Legion Medal, dog tags and collar discs. Nice set in excellent condition. $495
M-1154  101ST Engineers regimental medal for those serving overseas. Choice condition. $70
M-1152  Scarce 13TH Railway Engineers Medal. Very good condition, tough to find. $55
M-1148   Scarce version of the Verdun medal with bar. $125
M-1147  WWI New Hampshire Service Medal. Some wear to ribbon. $45
M-1138     Nice WW1- 20s Fouraguerre Cord. $75
M-1136 Very scarce medal given to members of the Odd Fellows Lodge for WWI Service. $45
M-1135  WWI Belgian large neck award. $45
M-1134  WWI Czech War Medal. $55
M-1131   WWI Fouraguerre cord.  Good condition overall. $90$SOLD$
  M-1129  Original silk ribbon for a WWI US Regimental Color. This for Champagne- Marne. Shows actual use and wear. $75
M-1128   WWI Officers ID Book and Rochester, NY City Medal. Dog tag belongs to the same Soldier when he was an enlisted man. $90
M-1126  Large grouping of Medals, Paperwork and Veterans Medals for a Rochester, NY Soldier in the 59TH Pioneer Infantry. Engraved Rochester Medal with Certificate, Discharge certificate, Veterans and VA Paperwork, lots of portrait photos and post cards. $190
M-1124  Small grouping for a member of the 502ND Engineers. Includes group photos, original discharge, paybook and envelope and boxed and named Rochester, NY medal. Nice condition. $80
M-1122  Nice engraved Wakefield, Massachusetts city medal. $50$SOLD$
M-1117  Nice 3 bar victory medal for the 37TH Division. Tough to find. $80
M-1115  New York WWI service Medal. $40
M-1110  WWI Verdun Medal in the original box. Good condition. $65
  M-1108   WWI Ohio Town Medal. $40
M-1099  WWI 2 Bar Victory Medal. 445
M-1095  WWI Red White and Blue Ribbon as used on City and Town Medals. $15 per 1' foot length.
    M-1094   Williams College Medal, given to all students and alumni who served in WWI. Engraved on the rim as proper, to the recipient. Tough medal to find. Designed by famous sculptor James Earl Fraser, designer of the Buffalo Nickel. 3 inches across. $235
  M-1087  WWI Connecticut State WWI Medal. $40
M-1080  Very nice 4TH Division Victory Medal with correct 4 bars. $80
  M-1071  WWI Fourrager as worn by members of the Marine Corps and select army units. $80
  M-1070  WWI US Marine Corps Medal Grouping. Includes a nice set of WWI US Marine Corps collar discs, single dog tag, WWI Victory and Good Conduct Medals. Medal is un-numbered and may be post 1925. $350
M-1066  WWI Fourrager cord. Very good condition. $80
M-1061   WWI French Medalle Militaire. $55
M-1048  WWI Southbridge, Massachusetts town medal. Scarce one. $70
M-1047  WWI Ipswich, Massachusetts town medal. Ribbon is frayed and broken. $45
M-1028  WWI Victory Medal with "France" bar. Very good condition overall. $35
M-1017   Mexican Border medal for Pennsylvania, serial numbered on the rim. Ribbon is frayed as shown. $35
M-1015   6TH Pennsylvania watch fob. $30
M-1008   WWI Victory Medal. $35
  M-1000    Scarce 55TH Coast Artillery Medal. Missing broach and ribbon, tough to find. $50
  M-999   Scarce 166TH Infantry, 42ND Division Medal. Very tough to find. $65
M-993   Boxed Pennsylvania WWI Service Medal with original box . $35
M-992  Boxed Pennsylvania WWI Service Medal with original box and sleeve. $40
M-980  Lowest numbered NY State WWI Medal that we have ever seen. $65
  M-978  WWI State Medal from Missouri. $40
  M-977  Medal from the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. $55
M-974  DAV, Disabled American Veterans Association Medal. Ribbon is frayed. $40
  M-970  WWI Medal for members of the Scottish Rite who served in WW1. Planchet only. $45
  M-969  WWI Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Drop Forgers, named on the top bar. $50
  M-967  Free and Accepted Masons WWI Service Medal. Planchet only. $40
  M-966  Brotherhood of Fireman and Engineman WWI Service Medal. $55
  M-938   Pennsylvania National Guard Town Medal and ribbon. $40
  M-916  WWI Oregon Service Medal. $40
  M-912  WWI Missouri Service Medal. Choice. $40
  M-882   Scarce WWI Medal for members of the Sons of Union Veterans. $55
  M-876  Scarce 27TH Division Medal. Missing broach and ribbon, tough to find. $50
  M-874    Scarce 80TH Division Medal. Missing broach and ribbon, tough to find. $50
  M-860   Scarce 27TH Engineers Medal. Missing broach and ribbon, tough to find. $50
M-857    Named WWI Rochester, NY City Medal. $35
  M-856   Named WWI Rochester, NY City Medal. $35
M-855  Very scarce Wound Certificate printed in France by the 305TH Infantry of the 77TH Division. Bears the name of the recipient with serial number, rank and Company L designation. $35
  M-833  French made ribbon bar. $25
M-777    WWI service Medal fro the City of  Rochester, NY. Nicely officially named on reverse. $50
  M-771   WWI 28TH Division medal. $25
  M-770  WWI New York State Medal, numbered on reverse. $35
  M-756  1930s-40s purple heart with olc, victory medal (stars removed) and occupation medal. $40
  M-753  WWI Medal Militaire. $50
M-747   WWI Victory Medal with France bar. Some splitting to ribbon, as shown. $35
  M-734  101ST Engineers regimental medal for those serving overseas. Choice condition. $80
  M-723  Set of WWI British Ribbon Bars with buttoneer, still on card. $40
  M-722  Late 1920s Ribbon Bars including 1916 Dominican Campaign Medal, Victory Medal with Campaign Star and Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medals. $40
M-634  WWI service Medal fro the City of  Rochester, NY. Nicely officially named on reverse. $50
M-633  WWI service Medal fro the City of  Rochester, NY. Nicely officially named on reverse. $50
M-618    WWI service Medal fro the City of  Rochester, NY. Nicely officially named on reverse. $55
M-617   WWI service Medal fro the City of  Rochester, NY. Nicely officially named on reverse. $55
M-612  WWI 28TH Division National Guard Medal. $30
  M-609  Patriotic watch fob. $20
  M-608  12TH Division Athletic Medal. $20
M-595  1870-71 Commemorative Medal. $30
  M-586    Middleboro Encampment watch fob. $25
  M-564   WWI Boy Scout Award for selling Liberty Bonds. $30
  M-561  12TH Division Athletic Medal. $30
  M-556  Belgian Croix de Guerre. Some fading. $30
  M-545  Cootie Club membership medal. $30
  M-543  88TH Division Association Medal. $40
  M-538  12TH Division Medal Engraved to recipient. $40
  M-534  WWI Service Medal from Missouri. $35
  M-531  Very nice numbered New York WWI Service Medal. $35
M-510  Very unusual cased medal French Medal . $50 ON HOLD
  M-439  WWI Belgian War Medal. $30
  M-403   WWI Allentown, PA World War One Service Medal, with Gold Star representing a next of kin presentation. Some fraying to ribbon.  $45
  M-398  WWI Austrian Valor Medal. $30
  M-326  American Legion Past Commanders Medal. $30
  M-288  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $20 per foot.
  M-269  Illinois Rifle Association, 1910 medal. $20
M-254  Original 1920s-30s Mexican Border Medal Ribbon, old stock. $20 for a 1 foot length.
M-253  Original 1920s-30s 1914 Mexican Campaign Medal Ribbon, old stock. $20 for a 1 foot length.
M-251  Original 1920s-30s Dominican Campaign (1916) Medal Ribbon, old stock. $20 for a 1 foot length.
M-250  Original 1930s Marine Expeditionary Medal Ribbon, old stock. $20 for a 1 foot length.
M-248   Original 1920s-30s Verdun Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
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