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 WWI Medals, Badges and Documents- All Countries
M-1679  Very nice 4 Bar Victory Medal with original box. $135$SOLD$
M-1678  Very nice 3 Bar Victory Medal with original box for 27TH and 30TH Division.  $125
M-1677  4 Bar, 91ST Division Victory Medal. Display label is not correct. $145
M-1676   5 Bar, 42ND or 26TH Division Victory Medal. Display label is not correct. $165
M-1675    5 Bar, 42ND or 26TH Division Victory Medal. Display label is not correct. $145
  M-1674  US Navy Victory Medal with "Patrol" clasp. Very nice overall. $110
M-1673   4 Bar, 91ST Division Victory Medal.  $135
M-1672     4 Bar, 42ND or 26TH Division Victory Medal for a Soldier who was not present for their time in a "Defensive Sector" $125$SOLD$
M-1671  Victory medal French made 1920s Navy "Transport" bar done in the Army style. $95
M-1670   2 bar Victory Medal. $60
M-1669  Navy Medal with "Destroyer" bar. $110
M-1668  3 bar Victory Medal. $70
M-1667  1 bar Victory Medal. $40
M-1666  3 bar Victory Medal. $75
M-1655  Rare WW1 "Armed Guard" Navy Victory medal with Fulford Mfg. Co. official service bar with its distinct reddish color. $120
M-1654  WW1 Victory Medal with rare "West Indies" bar. Bar appears to have been polished at one point. $110
  M-1648   WW1 Victory Medal with "England" bar. $85
M-1646  WW1 Victory Medal with Maltese cross device. These were for Marines serving overseas that did not rate a battle clasp. Wire has broken off the back and this device is glued on. Good filler piece. $65
M-1665  1 bar Victory Medal. $45
M-1664  WW1 Victory Medal with ribbon bar. $35
M-1663    Very nice WW1 Grouping for a Sailor who was from Patterson, NJ. His numbered Navy Mexican campaign medal is present as well as his WW1 town and state medals. Very good condition overall. $275
M-1661  Choice Croix de Guerre with 2 devices and ball suspension. $80
M-1660  Croix de Guerre with star. $40
M-1659  Fouraguerre cord. $40
M-1657   WWI Medal given to Soldiers from the City of Norfolk, VA. $50
  M-1656  Very scarce Knights of Columbus medal for men serving in WW1. Nicely engraved. $75
  M-1644  Set of 8 "Cootie" club badges. $70
M-1643   Rare Medal for the Permanent Blind Relief Fund, a fund to care for Soldiers blinded in combat. $75
M-1642  1916 dated set of medals from the Allied Bazaar, a fund raising event to raise money for allied Soldiers. $90
M-1640  WW1 Croix de Guerre. $60
M-1639  WW1 VFW Commanders medal. $35
  M-1638  WW1 Cootie Club medal. $30
M-1636   Verdun Certificate Approx 8 x 14. $70 
M-1635   AEF Death Document with Methuen Massachusetts City Medal for a Soldier who died Post Armistice. $125
  M-1634  Ship Building "War Service" badge. $55
  M-1633  Rare Silver Medal given to the builders of the "USS Tuckahoe". This award was given by the US Shipping Board for extraordinary service in launching the ship in 27 days and completing it in 37 days, from start to finish. $95
M-1616  7TH Artillery grouping including dog tag, collar and rank insignia and nicely named city medal. $165
  M-1589  WWI Medal given to Soldiers from the Foresters of America Fraternity . $40
M-1578  WW1 Belgian Commemorative Medal. $30
M-1569   New Jersey State WW1 Medal. Missing pin. $35
M-1560  WW1 Medalle Militaire. $55
M-1557  WW1 Medal for the Soldiers of Wesleyan University. $45
M-1546  WW1 28TH Division , WWI Medal from the PA National Guard. $35
M-1543 WW1 Croix de Guerre. Ribbon has been sewn to a ribbon bar. Originally had 2 additional palm devices. $40
M-1542   Scarce set of WW1 Ribbon bars. Ribbons include Victory Medal, Verdun Medal, St. Mihiel Medal, French Commemorative, Chateau Thierry Medal, Inter-Allied Victory Medal and VFW. $75
  M-1534    WWI Medal given to Soldiers who are members of the Knights of Pythias. $45
M-1445  Scarce Wide Navy Ribbon Bar for a  Soldier who served on the Mexican Border and then went to the  Navy during WW1. $50
M-1443   Boxed Pennsylvania WWI Service Medal with original box . $35
M-1442  WWI Red White and Blue Ribbon as used on City and Town Medals. $15 per 1' foot length.
M-1415    Rochester, NY city medal for "A. Jensen". $40
M-1397  National Guard Sharpshooter badge. $45
M-1376  American Legion 1920s bronze medal for Student Achievement. $45
M-1371  VFW Post Commanders Medal. $40
M-1327   WWI State medal for the Pennsylvania National Guard. $35
  M-288  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $20 per foot.
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