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 WWII Equipment
EE-5317  Fantastic WW2 Fighting Knife, carried by a member of the 71ST Division in the ETO. Also included is his Bronze Star for valor with 3 various styles of the citation document, which was awarded in the field. This massive knife was made by a friend and is inscribed with the owners an makers markings. Knife is about 13 inches overall with fantastic original scabbard. $625 $SOLD$
EE-5316  WW2 period camera. Nice condition. $80
EE-5315  WW2 Cigarettes with 1945 date. $35 per package.
EE-5314  WW2 Aviators glasses with original Air Corps leather case. $95
EE-5313  Interesting semi clear version of the angled flashlight. Possibly experimental. $80 $SOLD$
EE-5312  WW2 Early A-6, Sheepskin boots, made without bailout straps. These were used 1941-43. $275 ON HOLD
EE-5311  WW2 Mae West, as worn by Aircrew and Airborne, 1943 dated. Missing one metal post as shown. $150 ON HOLD
EE-5310  Very rare WW2 B-24 Bomber Control yoke and wheel. The wheels can be found, but to get it with the dash components is quite rare. $2195$SOLD$
EE-5309  Extremely rare and historic plate that was on 2 Star Admiral William Furlong's flagship at Pearl Harbor on December 7TH, 1941. The ship was hit and sunk. This china plate, along with his entire service, was at the bottom of Pearl Harbor until the ship was raised in 1942. Admiral Furlong was placed in charge of overall salvage operations at Pearl Harbor. He worked on this project until retiring in 1945. When his ship, the USS Ogala, was raised the surviving china was salvaged and retained by him. Don't miss it. $545$SOLD$

EE-5308  Fantastic WW2 Mess Kit with incredible diary inscription for a Soldier in the 71ST Fighter Squadron. Includes a couple of facsimile photos and an original flight log from time he spent working on a Private Pilots license in 1941. $295
EE-5307  WW2 Women's Double Buckle Boots. $250
EE-5306  WW2 Navy Wall Clock. Looks to have had water exposure, so I don't know the condition of the movement. Only about 7.5 inches across but weighs a ton!! $150
  EE-5305  Choice WW2 Pistol Belt. $50 $SOLD$
EE-5304  WW2 collapsible wash basin. $50
EE-5303  WW2 Red Cross Ditty bag. $40
EE-5302  WW2 Hands Free flash light. $60 $SOLD$
  EE-5301  WW2 Trouser belt. $35
EE-5300  Very nice Flight suit with Gunners wings. This was separated, by a collector, from an A-2 Jacket, some years ago. 8TH Air Force Gunner who became a POW. $250
EE-5299  WW2 US Navy Ensign Size 7, ships flag. Measures 5 ft x 9.6ft. Exc condition overall. Some spotting near fly edge as shown. $250
EE-5298  WW2 Marine Kabar with early stapled scabbard. $240$SOLD$
EE-5297  WWII Pick Mattock with WWI Carrier, as also used in WWII. Appears to be repainted. $50
EE-5296  Scarce WW2 Canteen carrier for flexible canteen. $90$SOLD$
EE-5295  Post WWII Air Force Cold weather boots with high  tops. $50
EE-5294   Fantastic top half of an 8TH Air Force B-17 which was shot down near Wiesbaden, Germany. The only B-17 shot down near this city was B-17F  42-29978 of the 534TH Bomb Squadron, called "Hell's Angel". It was on a mission to Schweinfurt when it crashed. Approx 25 pounds. $995  $SOLD$
  EE-5293  WW2 US Marine Corps camo shelter 1/2. Has an "L" shaped  tear, which will need to be repaired, but nice color, markings and contract label.. $255
EE-5292  WW2 Shoulder holster with Wartime repair. The lower snap was relocated about 1 inch from factory done. 1943 dated. $170
EE-5291  Mint- unissued US Marine Corps Gaiters. $60
EE-5290    Bomb sight tag from Norden bomb sights. $45
  EE-5288  Nice set of WW2 Marine Corps combat suspenders. $85
EE-5287  WW2 Pilots/ Navigators Flight computer. 1942 contract with leather case. $85
    EE-5286   WW2 WAAC Service Low Quarter Shoes. Almost unworn condition. BF Goodrich heel. No size given. About a Women's size 8. They appear to be private purchase due to the quick lace hooks $245
EE-5285  WWII M16 Binoculars with carry case. One loop on the case is torn as shown. Carry strap is a darker shade and is most likely from another set. $175
  EE-5284  Drinking Water purification kit carry can. Empty. $45
EE-5283  WW2 Aviators survival Vest. Choice. $125
EE-5282    Nice pairs of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Amber, opened but unused. $35 set.
EE-5280  WW2 US Army Binoculars from 1943 with original carry case. Shoulder strap is from a different set. $155
EE-5279  WWII Khaki Neckties. All are in good used condition with no moth holes or distracting stains. $20 each
EE-5278  Ammunition vest. Pockets on both sides for hauling mortar and rifle ammunition. Scarce! $85
EE-5276  Choice boxed AN-6530 goggles in the original box. Very nice. Tough to upgrade. $295
EE-5275  Fantastic US Marine Corps decorated cup. Battle honors and places listed including; Pearl Harbor, Wake, Oran, Algiers, Guam, Guadalcanal, New Caledonia and Tarawa. The bottom includes notes from service in China. $240
EE-5272  Post WW2 Large Format altimeter. $195
EE-5270  M1A1 Browning Model 1917 Water Cooled Machine Gun Water Can. $145  $SOLD$
EE-5268  WW2 Handkerchief. $20
EE-5267  WW2 Handkerchief. $20
EE-5266  Blade marked M-3 Trench knife in a Very nice M-6 scabbard.  Blade is well used, scabbard is very nice overall except for the small retention strap for handle which appears to be a period replacement. Really a great sheath. $850
EE-5264  1930s-40s, 26TH Division, 101ST Field Artillery presentation sword. Very nice condition overall. $210  $SOLD$
EE-5263  WW2 2 PC Marine Pack. Very good overall. $275
EE-5261  WW2 Medics bag with shoulder strap. $150
EE-5258  Ditty bag used by a Pilot from the 8TH Air Force. Shows some of his stopping points. $45
EE-5257  WW2 Sewing kit with thread, buttons and needles. $45
  EE-5255  WW2 Khaki ammo bandolier. No markings. 3 available. $50
EE-5254   WWII US Marine Corps Sea bag with UNIS markings. $85
EE-5250  Very scarce British WW2 Canteen and cover, dated 1944, British made. One of the nicest we have had. $155$SOLD$
EE-5249  Nice set of AN-6530 Pilots flight goggles with original box. $345
EE-5244  Scarce set of 2 sheets to show downed Aviators how to navigate with their wristwatch. Two sheets of instructions for the year 1943. $75
EE-5243  Choice pair of WW2 Double Buckle boots. These are choice showing almost no wear. $310
EE-5242  Nice pair of Navy binoculars with black rubber carry case. $245
EE-5241  WW2 Signal Corps Machete with Signal Corps designation and markings, "LC 14A". I have never seen one of these before. $225
EE-5240  WW2 US Marine Corps water bucket with UNIS stenciled markings identifying it as belonging to 4TH Marine Division HQ Service Troops. $230
EE-5239  1942 dated canteen cover with early flat top cap canteen. $160
EE-5235  WW2 Aluminum Soldiers  Soap Dish. $40
EE-5232  Scarce Jefferson Quartermaster  made Musette Bag. $175
EE-5231    Scarce British Made, US Contract Musette Bag. $235
EE-5229  Choice WW2 BC-611 , also called the "Handy Talkie" in excellent condition with original padded bag as used by Airborne and some vehicles. No way to test, but looks excellent. $795$SOLD$
  EE-5223  Very interesting Soldier decorated canteen cup with all the places this Soldier traveled. Centered on the rear top is Bataan. $180
EE-5221  WWII Waterproof Musette bag with strap. Scarce 1943 date. $130
EE-5315  WWII M 10 Tool Roll for the 50 Cal Machine Gun. These were made during WWII and re-inspected in the 1950s. $15 our choice.
EE-5314   WWII M 12 Tool Roll. Mint unissued condition. This tool roll was used with the Browning Automatic Rifle, Thompson MG and Browning 30 Cal. weapons. $15 our choice
EE-5212  WW2 KIA Effects Bags. These were filled out at the time of death and filled with the personal effects of the deceased. $40
EE-5211  WW2 Red Cross Thimbles. $20 each
EE-5204  WW2 Grenade. Training model. Stripped and repainted. INERT, OF Course. $95
EE-5201  WW2 GI Mess Kit. Choice condition with knife, spoon and fork. $40
EE-5199  Matched set of License Plates used at Camp Edwards during WW2. As a major training and staging area for the 26TH Division, the post also became a location of a German POW Camp for Soldiers from the Afrika Korps. $125
EE-5197  WWII Shoe Laces. $15 per pair. or 3 Pairs for $40
EE-5196  5 cell clip pouch for the Thompson Machine Gun. $70
EE-5194  WW2 Bayonet for the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle. Exc overall condition. $355
  EE-5189  WWII Helmet Cover with mosquito net, also sometimes referred to as a sniper veil.
EE-5188   WWII Bastogne, "Nuts!" brass plaque. Battle of the Bulge commemoration. $100
EE-5187  Ca. 1945 704TH Field Artillery Guidon with gold fringe. No label in the pole socket. Exc condition. $195
EE-5183  WW2 Women's low quarter boots. $195
EE-5182  Nice set of WW2 Navy Dog Tags. $65
EE-5180  Very nice set of large WWI Binos, 7 x 50 size. Excellent condition with original case. $210
EE-5178  WW2 Gasoline Stove in the original carry case. These were used for cooking as well as sterilizing surgical instruments. Choice condition. $180
  EE-5175  WW2 Sewing Kit. $40
EE-5173  Late War WW2 Shovel and Cover. $50
  EE-5168  WW2 Marine Corps Poncho with unit markings. $250
EE-5166  Marine Corps Depot marked canvas leggings. $45
EE-5158  WW2 Mark 8 Aviation Compass. Very good overall. $65
EE-5157  Korean War shelter half. $55
EE-5156   WW2 Sniper Rifle Scope Manual. $125ON HOLD
EE-5155  Post WW2 manual fro the Reising sub Machine Gun. $50
EE-5154  Wool 48 star flag. Exc condition overall. Approx 4 x 6. $85
EE-5150   WW2 Aviation, RCA "Ferry Beacon". $150
EE-5145  Early WW2 Pineapple in original Frag can. Very nice overall. $450
EE-5137  Mint unissued tan flight suit. Size 34 M. Great for a Ball Gunner or Taill Gunner display. $120
EE-5126  WW2 Personal item lot. Includes 2 packs of cigarettes, condom and match packs. $90$SOLD$
EE-5124  WW2 US Marine Corps poncho. Mint condition just a little stiff from age. $120
EE-5111  Nice pair of early thumb print US Marine Corps Dog tags. $235
EE-5106  1943 US Army Suspenders, exc condition. $75
EE-5085  WW2 Checkerboard with patriotic listings for companies who had received  the E for Excellence in production. Some water damage to one edge as shown. Great home front item!! $85
EE-5078  Choice WW2 US Women Marine Leggings. $65
EE-5077  Post WW2 US Marine Pocket knife. $45
EE-5076  WW2 Discharge folder. $30
EE-5075   WW2 Regulation Bugle. $60
EE-5072  WW2 Ski Goggles. $65
  EE-5071  WW2 Soap Dish. $40
  EE-5068  WW2 Navy Gunners Goggles. $60
  EE-5065  WW2 US Aircraft Altimeter. $75
EE-5062  WW2 Air Corps Headset. $75
  EE-5061   Very rare Johnson Rifle bayonet scabbard. Need to be cleaned up. Untouched showing actual use and wear. $375
  EE-5060  WW2 US Navy WAVE shoulder bag and strap. Shows some use and wear but overall very nice. $395
EE-5059  Private purchase goggles and carry case. $235
EE-5058  WW2 Air Corps style, shearling mittens. No labels. $80
EE-5055   WWII Folding Shovel. Dated 1944 . $60
EE-5054    WWII Folding Shovel. Dated 1945 . $60
EE-5050  Set of heavy fleece flight boots. Good condition overall. $185
EE-5048  WW2 Air Crew Headset. $85
EE-5046  1944 dated Musette Bag and strap. $120
  EE-5044  1ST Style WW2 Tanker Goggles. Very good condition overall. $275
EE-5040  WW2 Emergency Fishing Kit, Type 5. Even includes the original bait!! $135
EE-5035  8TH Air Force Flight Suit. A little paint swipe to the lower left pant cuff as shown. $250
EE-5027  WW2 "US Navy" recreation Baseball Glove. Very good condition overall. $165
EE-5023  Fantastic WW2 Camera and cae. Case appears to be rigger made from a Cavalry saddlebag flap. $95
EE-5018   WW2 Marine Corps Lower Packs. Our Choice $55
EE-5016  WW2 Women's Double Buckle Boots MINT condition. $265
EE-5015  Scarce 1940 rubberized Musette bag. $145
EE-5011  WWII US Marine Corps 2 piece pack. $130
EE-5010  WWII M-1 Garand Rifle Butt plates. $15 each.
  EE-5009  WWII Mounted canteen hanger. $55
EE-5005  Nice set of Korean War Marine Corps Dog Tags. Dated 1950. $75
EE-4996   Choice unissued Summer weight flight helmet. Brand new condition, never worn. $90
EE-4995   WWII Rubberized Cloth haversack. Good condition showing actual use and wear. Missing the 2 bottom rings and tabs. Appear to have been torn off. $90
EE-4994  WWII Pigeon vest style carrier as used by Airborne troops and others. $130
EE-4491  Christmas Gift, Pocket Diary from the Nationalist Chinese Government and members of the "War Area Service Corps", to members of the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps. $95
EE-4486   WW2 Flight Goggles carry case. $75
EE-4478    Motor Torpedo Boat (PT Boat) MTB Squadron 42, 12 inch decal produced during WW2. These were used on many trunks, suitcases, plaques and even interiors of the boats. Unused. The 3rd shot shows what the decal looks like after it is installed. I placed one on a suitcase which I used to store my PT Boat items. Came out pretty good. You will really need to take your time, but rare opportunity to have an unused decal. $135
EE-4477    Motor Torpedo Boat (PT Boat) MTB Squadron 4, 12 inch decal produced during WW2. These were used on many trunks, suitcases, plaques and even interiors of the boats. Unused. The 3rd shot shows what the decal looks like after it is installed. I placed one on a suitcase which I used to store my PT Boat items. Came out pretty good. You will really need to take your time, but rare opportunity to have an unused decal. $65
EE-4473  WW2 Jewish Prayer Book. $55
EE-4470   WW2 Brigadier Generals flag. Measures 3 x 5. $195
EE-4469    WW2 WAAC Service Low Quarter Shoes. Almost unworn condition.  $220
EE-4466   Scarce US Marine Corps  pouch and snap belt to attach T-7 Mines. Includes 1 mine bag. Choice condition. $120
EE-4465  WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack, early style. $95
EE-4464  WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack, early style. $95
EE-4462  British made US Canteen. $120
EE-4461    WW2 WAAC Service Low Quarter Shoes. Almost unworn condition.  $220
EE-4453  Very unusual WW2 steel toed Navy rubber boots. $70
EE-4452  WWII Microphone and Receiver Headgear Assembly. New old stock in the original box. $90
EE-4451  WWII US Marine Corps Depot made lower pack with 1942-43 dates. $95
EE-4447  Fantastic Navy Bank . Choice condition. $50
EE-4438  WW2 ,pre-Unit 3, US Marine Corps, Depot made Corpsman's bag. This is the earliest one I have seen and is only marked with "C-16". It has a longer shoulder strap and it was made that way. It is not modified. Very RARE!! $225
EE-4431  1945 crate for Demolition Blocks in Haversacks. Some paint on the top edges. Could be removed. Rare. $175
EE-4429  Choice 1942 dated suspenders. About MINT. $160
EE-4425  WWII wool commissioning pennant. Very nice condition. $195
EE-4419    Short WW2 Women's  gaiters. $35
EE-4413  WW2 Navy Wool Gloves. $45
EE-4410   Set of Wartime records frequently sent overseas for use with issue Military phonographs. $65
EE-4400   1941 dated shoulder strap. $40
EE-4399  1945 dated shoulder strap. $40
EE-4398  Rigger made shoulder strap. $55
EE-4394  1943 dated Canteen cover with bottle and cup. $60
EE-4388  1944 dated pick mattock carrier. $40
EE-4387  WWII Lineman's knife. $35
  EE-4384  WW2 Money belt. $35
EE-4381  1942 canteen. Exc shape with flat top bottle. $175
EE-4380  Private Purchase Officers Musette Bag. $135
EE-4374   I had a tough time finding good information on these. Very rare Type P-1 Heavy Flying Mask. These came out in December of 1944 and were made in very limited quantities. They were designed for gunners standing on open hatchways on B-24 and B-17 aircraft. Some scattered moth bites. Covers top of O2 mask. $195
EE-4365   WW2 Period pocket knife. $40
EE-4364   WW2 Period pocket knife. $40
EE-4362  WW2 Goggle Lens Case for spare and colored lenses. $35
EE-4361  WW2 Sewing kit. $40
  EE-4360Z   Model 43 Dust Goggles as issued to paratroopers and others. In original rubber bag of issue. $55
  EE-4360  Model 43 Dust Goggles as issued to paratroopers and others. In original rubber bag of issue. $55
EE-4359  WW2 Goggle Lens Case for spare and colored lenses. $35
EE-4353  Unissued MG Cradle Cover. Choice condition. $65
EE-4352 Unissued,  M-2 Tripod Cover for the 30 cal MG. $135
EE-4348  WW2 Women's silk stockings. $55
EE-4345  Post WW2 Leather gloves and liners. $40
EE-4342  American Red Cross Soldier sewing kit distribute to Soldiers. $40
EE-4332  SW-109 WW2 radio microphone. Excellent condition. $40
EE-4327  WW2 Canvas satchel with ability to be padlocked for transmitting orders and maps. Stenciled Communications Division. Approx 12 x 18 inches. $75
EE-4322  Classic Acme Thunderer Whistle as used by Aviators and others. $55
EE-4320  WW2 Boxed Money Belt. Common gift for WW2 Soldiers and Sailors. $40
EE-4314  RARE Air Corps Ear Plugs. $75
EE-4293  WW2 Canteen set with 1943 dated cover made by Jefferson Quartermaster Depot. $85
EE-4290  WW2 General Purpose Bag with original strap. $65
EE-4288   5 x 9 ft. WW2 48 star American flag. good condition overall., except from some light storage stains. May wash out.  $95
EE-4286  Scarce "British Made" strap for musette bag. $40
EE-4284  WW2 Headphones. Excellent condition with replaced cord. $125
EE-4282  WW2 Issue Boxer Shorts. Our choice $30 pr.
EE-4281  WW2 Sweatshirt. Very good condition. $60
EE-4274  Korean War, USMC Lower pack. $50
EE-4273  WW2 Sewing Kit. $40
EE-4259  WW2 Aid Bag, customized into a musette bag. $90
EE-4258  WW2 pocket watch style compass. $65
EE-4256   1942 dated Canteen with cover with flat top aluminum canteen. $130
  EE-4247  Very nice leather draw string back for a Women WAC to keep grooming items. Very nice. $80
EE-4240  1942 dated Haversack and strap. $125
EE-4232  WWII Carry case for the Thompson drum magazine. Very nice condition overall. RUSCO marked. Early style. $250
EE-4227  MINT Bazooka Round Bag. 1944 dated. $95
  EE-4224 WW2 MP Armband with snaps. Exc condition. $75
EE-4219  1943 dated US army Canteen and Cover. $110
EE-4217  1942 dated Pistol Belt Showing modest use. $55
  EE-4212  WW2 US Marine Corps Mine Carrier. One strap is shortened. $55
EE-4198  WW2-50s US Naval Officers Sword belt and hangers. $85
EE-4195  1945 dated Folding Shovel with 1943 dated cover. Appears to have been repainted by another country, maybe left over Lend Lease material. $75
EE-4193  WWII Radio Backpack, model BG-172. Some damage as shown. $60
EE-4190    WWII Wire Cutter Carriers. $40
EE-4186  Very nice 511TH Parachute Infantry, 11TH Airborne, B-3 Bag with painted insignia and motifs from its occupation of Japan in 1946. This one has damage as shown, still great artwork. $495
EE-4180  WWII Bazooka Rocket Bag. $70
EE-4175  WWII Thompson MG Clip Bag. Repair to male side of snap as shown. Rare bag. $110ON HOLD
EE-4174  WW2 Pistol Belt. $40
  EE-4170  Just Post WW2 Marine Corps Dog tags. $50
EE-4167   WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack. $60
  EE-4166  WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack. $60
EE-4164  WW@ US Army Musette Bag with painted camouflage. $175
  EE-4156  WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack. $60
  EE-4155  WW2 US Marine Corps lower pack. $60
EE-4118  WW2 Navigators plotter in original sleeve. $35
EE-4117  Mark 8 Navigators Computer with original instructions. $35
EE-4116  WW2 Navigators Board with Attached Mark 8 Computer. $65
EE-4093  WWII OD Neckties, British contract. 3 avail. $35 each
EE-4063   WWII canteens with wartime dates. $20 each
EE-4053   WWII  Soldiers pocket games. Approx 3 x 4 each. $35
EE-4044  Post WW2 US Marine Corps dog tags. $75
  EE-4043   WW2 Navy 1943  dated Dog Tags. $45
  EE-4042    Post WW2 US Marine Corps dog tags. $75
EE-4041  1944 dated US Suspenders. $65
EE-4038  Post Mortem Operating Case. No instruments. $55
EE-4023  Very interesting Sailor made macramé and blue wool gloves purportedly used by a Sailor on a Mine Layer.  $40
EE-4004  Two Sets of WW2 Goggles. Both in good condition overall. Missing the rubber padding which go between the frame and the face. $95
EE-3988  New old stock, lenses for the typical AN-6530 goggles. This set in green    $40
EE-3974  Set of WWII Dog Tags. $45
EE-3973  Set of 3 Navy Dog Tags to 3 different individuals. $50
  EE-3956   WW2 US dog tags. Very nice condition overall. $45
  EE-3953   WW2 US dog tags. Very nice condition overall. $45
  EE-3944     Early WW2 US Navy dog tags. Very nice condition overall. $65ON HOLD
EE-3932    WWII OD Wool Toque. $35
EE-3928   WWII Folding Shovel. Dated 1945 . $65
  EE-3901  Nice pair of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Amber, untouched. $35 set
EE-3863  British made, WW2 Bandage carrier and bandage, dated 1944. $40
EE-3860  WWII Phil Depot Marine Corps leggings. $45
EE-3852  WW2 M-1 Helmet net. $85
EE-3851  WWII Athletic shorts. Mint condition. $55
EE-3787   WWII Rubberized Jungle Food Storage Bag. Just big enough for a couple of K Rations to keep them dry during an invasion or in wet climates. Approx 10 inches in length. $40
EE-3786  WWII Rubberized Jungle Food Storage Bag. Just big enough for a couple of K Rations to keep them dry during an invasion or in wet climates. Approx 10 inches in length. $40
EE-3785  Marine Corps/ Navy canvas leggings. $40
EE-3782  Original, unused T Handle shovel handle. $45
EE-3681  WWII Wire Cutter Carrier. $30$SOLD$
EE-3677  WWII Tent Pegs. $10 Each
EE-3661  Set of WW2 shoulder pads for use with an 80MM Mortar. $45
EE-3647  Nice WWII Headset. Just lacks plug. Leather and rubber in good condition. $75
EE-3646  Nice WWII Headset. Leather  in good condition. $75
  EE-3642  WWII Marine Corps belt with attached snaps for multiple pouches. $75
EE-3628  WWII Spare Barrel Cover M-8 with leather end cap. For the Model 1919 30 cal MG. $45
EE-3488   WWII US Marine Corps Bandage carry pouch. 2 cell with large drain hole. $75
EE-3387  WWII Headset. Average condition. $45
EE-3386  Bandage carrier. $40
  EE-3383  2 Pocket Marine Corps bandage Carrier. $60
EE-3373  WWII Musette Bag with shoulder strap. 1942 dated. Shows heavy use and wear. $75
EE-3311  WWII  Soldiers Shaving Kit. $40
EE-3286  WWII "Pro" kit. $65
EE-3252  WWII Camouflaged 1st aid packet carrier. Camoflaged using vehicle paint. $100
EE-3246  WWII Lighter without darkened panel. $35
EE-3230  WWII Survival mirror. $35
EE-3226   WWII Chess and Checker set for Soldiers overseas. $40
EE-3215  WWII American Red Cross, sewing kit. $30
  EE-3214  WWII Cylindrical sewing kit. $30
EE-3210  Set of WWII BAR Auto Rifle parts. Includes wooden for end, loading tool and barrel collar which goes through the bi pod head. $150
EE-3201  WWII small gauze bandages from an original box.. $15 each
EE-3177  WWII US Navy cold weather soft helmet. $50
EE-3121  WWII Soldiers camo face paint. $30
EE-3104  WWII Headset with odd plug. $60
EE-3065  Navy cold weather face mask. $35
EE-2997  WWII USN Flashlight. $45
EE-2936  WWII Waterproof bag. $30
EE-2930  WWII 3 pocket Grenade bag. Excellent condition. $50
EE-2822  WWII Switchboard operators headset and mouthpiece set. Headset cord is dry and cracked. $55
  EE-2763    Nice pairs of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Clear, opened but unused. $35 ea.
EE-2756   WWII Radio Base Weatherproof Cover. $55
EE-2737  WWII Red cross distributed ditty bag for personal grooming items. $35
EE-2672   WWII Ration Books, tokens and tickets in original leather case. $55
EE-2579    WWII Red Cross Armband used on the home front. $55
EE-2506  WWII tag/envelopes which remain attached to the uniform of the wounded Soldier as they are evacuated and start treatment and move to hospital. $20 each
EE-2409  WWII Spare parts bag for machine guns. $30
EE-2277   Cover for some type of Medical Equipment. Approx 3 feet in length. $60
EE-2265  WWII Money Belt. $25
EE-2257  WWII USMC Swim Trousers with name and rank stenciled. $75
  EE-2239  WWII Guidon sleeve. $25
EE-2156  WWII ETO Combat Map used as this unit moved across France. $55
EE-2089  New Old Stock Spool of Engineer Corps piping for overseas caps. $40
  EE-2042   WWII issue socks. $20
  EE-2010   WWII Signal Mirror with original wrapper. $35
  EE-1942   WWII Soldier Writing Kit. $30
EE-1917  WWII Anti Gas Cape. $15
  EE-1875   WWII General Purchase strap. $30
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