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 WWII Equipment- Part 1
EE-2912  Excellent example of the rare early enamel cup. $225  $SOLD$
EE-2911    Excellent example of the rare early enamel cup. $195$SOLD$
EE-2910   Example of the early enamel canteen. $50
EE-2909  WWII US Marine Corps shoulder holster with USMC surcharge on the reverse. $195
EE-2908  Scarce WWII Bag for the "MAB", Para Marine radio. Tough to find. $250
EE-2907  Very nice matched pair of USMC, upper and lower packs. Choice condition. $195ON HOLD
EE-2906  WWII US Marine Corps Map Case with stenciled EGA on front and UNIS markings on reverse. $255ON HOLD
EE-2905  WWII USMC Canteen cover with porcelain bottle. $80
EE-2904   WWII USMC Canteen cover with porcelain bottle. $80
EE-2903   WWII US Marine Corps upper pack. Very nice condition. Well marked. $75
EE-2902  WWII Canteen with porcelain bottle and cup. Set shows actual use and wear. $200 $SOLD$
EE-2901  WWII Carbine bag, 1943 dated Very good condition overall. $195
EE-2900  WWII Navy Corpsman's shoulder bag. $195
EE-2899  WWII US Marine Corps Ammo Belt. Choice. $160
EE-2898  WWII US Marine Corps surcharged map case. $160
    EE-2897   M-3 Trench Knife in nice condition with M8 scabbard. Blade marked by " PAL". $280
EE-2896   M-3 Trench Knife in nice condition with M8 scabbard. Blade marked by " Case". $220
    EE-2894   M-3 Trench Knife in nice condition with M8 scabbard. Blade marked by "Imperial". $220
    EE-2893   M-3 Trench Knife in nice condition with M8 scabbard. Blade marked by "Utica". $220
    EE-2892   M-3 Trench Knife in nice condition with M8 scabbard. Guard marked by " Utica". $220
EE-2890  WWII period USMC Leggings. $30
    EE-2888    M-3 Trench Knife in excellent condition with M8 scabbard. Nicely blade marked by "Case" Very nice. $270
EE-2886  WWII A-9 Gloves. Excellent condition. $135
EE-2885  Large format WWII US Marine Corps Binoculars. Nice optics. $130
EE-2884   WWII Air Crew Flight Gloves. Excellent condition, just missing the labels. $110
EE-2877  Rare factory cut-away training version, Type 11 Gun Synchronizer. This one is mounted on stand and has crank applied to rotate the mechanism to showcase its function.  Includes original exploded diagram. These were used on the P-40 Warhawk $350
EE-2876    Rare factory cut-away training version, Type 11 Gun Synchronizer. It is used to demonstrate the moving parts of the device. Includes original exploded diagram.  These were used on the P-40 Warhawk.  $275
EE-2874  WWII US Navy Battery Powered Hand Lantern. Looks to have been repainted. $50
EE-2873  Survival Raft array which was affixed to the corner of  a life raft to appear on radar and facilitate rescue. $45
EE-2872   WWII US Army Signal Corps Message Books $20 each.
EE-2871  WWII C-1 Aviator's Survival Vest. This one shows quite a bit of use. Top button is missing and cloth is split, easy repair. $85
EE-2870      WWII Mk II US Grenade (INERT) in excellent condition. Color was green but was over painted black, in the period.. $195
EE-2869      WWII Mk II US Grenade (INERT) in excellent condition. Color was green but was over painted black, giving it a muddy color in the period.. $195
EE-2868      WWII Mk II US Grenade (INERT) in excellent condition. Fuse is a later Vietnam period replacement.. $180
  EE-2867  WWII Grenade body with fine threads, showing it was used as a cigarette lighter.$50
EE-2866  WWII Officer's Binoculars. $100ON HOLD
EE-2863  WWII General Purpose Goggles as used by Tank Crews, Airborne and others. $65
EE-2862  WWII General Purpose Ammo Bag. $60
EE-2861  WWII Wrist Compass. Crack to lens. $60
EE-2860  WWII Road Beacon. $80
EE-2857   WWII Mk II US Grenade (INERT) in excellent condition. Color was yellow but was over painted black, in the period.. $235
EE-2856    Very rare WWII placard which was originally affixed to one of 3800 trucks that were paid for through War Bond sales by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Approx. 4 x 6 inches, cash metal. $250
EE-2854   1940 dated Suspenders. Scarce early date. $60ON HOLD
EE-2853  WWII Musette Bag named to a Women with the State Department, most likely for an overseas visit with a political figure. May prove interesting to research. $110
EE-2852  Choice WWII Shoulder Holster. About mint. $170
EE-2851  WWII M-1 Carbine Bayonet. Excellent condition overall. $140
EE-2849  WWII Camilus 1944 dated Navy Knife. $50
EE-2848  1944 Kutmaster Navy Knife. $50
EE-2847    WWII British Aviators Leather Kit Bag as also used by Americans serving with the British in England. Choice condition.$155
EE-2845  Nice 1945 Canteen set. $65
EE-2844  WWII British Gauntlets as used by US Pilots. $130
EE-2843   Choice MINT Type A-11A Flight Trousers with suspenders. $110
EE-2841  WWII Issue Wrist Compass. Very nice condition. $90
EE-2840  Nice 1942 Shoulder Strap. Could be used with a Medics bag or other application. $35
EE-2837   WWII Officer's Map Case shoulder strap. $40
EE-2836   WWII Radio Bag with shoulder strap. Shows combat use with stains. $50
EE-2835   Choice unissued Summer weight flight helmet. Brand new condition, never worn. $90
EE-2834  WWII US Marine Corps Canteen with large drain hole. $80
EE-2827   Very nice WWII Khaki 10 Pocket Ammo Belt. $120
EE-2826   WWII Summer weight flight suit with the owners nickname, "Blackie" stenciled across the back. $120
EE-2823   Huge WWII Bowie Knife and sheath. This wonderfully crafted Bowie is 15 inches overall, with a great steel and aluminum sandwiched handle and massive blade. These were a favorite of Pacific Marines and were frequently made on ship. $235
EE-2822  WWII Switchboard operators headset and mouthpiece set. Headset cord is dry and cracked. $55
EE-2817   WWII V-44 Knife. Very nice condition overall. $360
EE-2815  Mountain Troops Mess Set. $45
EE-2814   WWI Binoculars with WWII Rock Island Arsenal Case. It was quite common to reissue WWI Equipment after upgrading the cases. Snap needs repair but all pieces are there. $85
EE-2813  WWII Machete and sheath. $85
    EE-2811   1943 dated bayonet and scabbard in excellent condition overall. $275
EE-2810   M-1 Bayonet and scabbard. Good condition overall. $130
EE-2809  WWII M-3 Trench Knife and scabbard. Shows actual use and wear. Guard marked. $220
EE-2806  WWII porcelain canteen. Average condition. Cap appears to be wrapped with electrical tape. $40
EE-2804   WWII Large personal grooming kit. Choice condition. $85
EE-2802   WWII Air Corps Survival Vest- Fishing Kit still sealed in the original box. $80
EE-2801  WWII Canteen extension strap. $40
EE-2800   WWII Officers map case and shoulder strap. $90
EE-2799   Super clean 1941 Army shelter half.  Choice. $85
EE-2798  WWII Machete and Sheath, early war with leather scabbard. Blade shows moderate pitting. $95
EE-2797  WWII Air Corps Radioman's Headset. $65
EE-2796  Scarce WWII Checker Board with Liberty Bond patriotic slogans. $40
EE-2795  Very scarce WWII Engineer/ Artillery device. $50
EE-2794  WWII British made Machete and Cover, both dated 1945. $60
EE-2787  WWII M-7 Grenade Launcher, maker marked KM. $95
  EE-2785  WWII 10TH Mountain Ice Creepers. $30 pr.
EE-2783   WWII Invasion Armband in CHOICE, MINT, unused condition. $195
EE-2781  Very scarce, "Lip Microphone with original directions and package. $50
EE-2780  WWII Private Purchase goggles and case. $60
EE-2778  Scarce "British Made" marked pack and mess kit carrier. You see lots of belts and pouches but seldom do you see Packs. $90
EE-2775  WWII Survival Vest "Gaff hook in sealed can. $30
EE-2774   WWII USMC Canteen and cover. Shows actual use and wear. $80
EE-2773  Large size Engineer Corps Compass. About 3.5 inches across. Split to case flap. $55
EE-2771   WWII US Navy Seabees 2 sided camo poncho with great stenciled name, rank insignia and the fighting bee. Soft and supple. Very nice. $215
    EE-2770  WWII US Marine Corps Canteen with 4TH Marine Division UNIS tactical unit stencil. $155
EE-2769  WWII US Army Medics Suspenders. Very good condition overall showing actual use and wear. These have become very tough to find. $240
EE-2768  WWII Wrist Compass as used by Airborne and other troops. $100
  EE-2766  Nice pair of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Amber, untouched. $40
  EE-2765    Nice pairs of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Amber, opened but unused. $40 ea.
  EE-2763    Nice pairs of New Old Stock AN-6530 goggle lenses in Clear, opened but unused. $35 ea.
EE-2761  WWII K Ration for Dinner. Outer box only. $85
EE-2760  Huge Theater made bowie knife with 12 inch blade with floral decor. $95
EE-2759   WWII Pilots Goggles with aluminum case. Choice condition. $245
EE-2758  WWII Mae West. Choice condition, late War undated. $155
EE-2756   WWII Radio Base Weatherproof Cover. $55
EE-2753  WWII Soldier or Marine made Fighting Knife fabricated from a cut down Japanese Bayonet. $145
EE-2752  Size 38 Flight Suit. Very nice condition overall. $120ON HOLD
EE-2751  Ammunition vest. Pockets on both sides for hauling mortar and rifle ammunition. Scarce! $85
EE-2749  WWII US Marine Corps Officers Binoculars. $155
EE-2748   WWII A-10 Flight Helmet, mint condition. $130
    EE-2747   WWII Flight Helmet, mint condition. $120
EE-2746    WWII 2ND Pattern, 1943 dated" knapsack. Very good condition. $60
EE-2745    1944 dated Boyt holster for the 45 Automatic. Just about mint unused. Just  alight stain toward the bottom. Virtually new. $140
EE-2743  WWII Grenade Carrier. $45
    EE-2742   Rare Model 1943 Unit Medical Equipment Pack and its mounting pack board. Introduced in 1943 they were used as  a substitute for Medical Chests at forward aid stations. $135
EE-2741  WWII Mae West showing use and multiple re-inspections through the Korean War. Shows use and wear. $95 ON HOLD
EE-2739  Scarce US Marine Corps Alert Phone. $90
EE-2737  WWII Red cross distributed ditty bag for personal grooming items. $35
EE-2736   WWII Chess and Checker set for Soldiers overseas. $40
EE-2733  Model 1936 Musette Bag/ knapsack with "USMC" on the interior flap. Interesting addition shows that it was carried by Naval personnel. It has an inked goat and states "Get em goat" and "Navy". Excellent condition. $95
EE-2732  WWII Headset. Choice condition. $55
EE-2729   WWII Waterproof Musette Bag and carry strap. 1943 dated bag and 1942 dated strap. $110


EE-2727  WWII Theater made holster brought back by a member of the "Air Apaches", 5TH Air Force. The maker is an Australian Maker from Eastern Australia. These were presented to Aviators in the Air Apaches by their unit commander. $295
EE-2726    WWII Excellence award for 1942-44 in the form of  a letter opener. Rare item. $80
  EE-2722   Very nice Summer weight flight helmet with communications gear. $175
EE-2719   WWII US Marine Corps, Corpmans' bolo, sheath and pistol belt. Nicely named on the front of sheath. Blade needs to be cleaned. Theater replaced grips. $100
EE-2714  Small size AWOL bag, possibly rigger made. Approx. 15 inches in length. $45
EE-2713  Interesting Rigger made Flight Bag. About 2/3 the size of a standard production bag. $80
EE-2710   WWII Canister of Foot Powder. $30
EE-2709  WWII Canister of Foot Powder. $30
EE-2708  WWII Pick Mattock with WWI Carrier, as also used in WWII. Appears to be repainted. $60
EE-2705   WWII canteens with wartime dates. $20 each
EE-2696  Metal  US Navy Flashlight. $40
EE-2694  WWII Survival Knife No. 18 with original sheath. $275
EE-2693   Very rare 3 Point "Ranger Knife". Identical to one shown in "Military Knives, a reference Book" page 125. This rare knife is HUGE with its original sheath with Soldiers ID inked and stenciled on the back side of sheath- tough to make out. Only one we have seen with a sheath! $825

EE-2678   WWII General Purpose Goggles with case. $65ON HOLD
EE-2673   Size 40 Garrison Belt. $45ON HOLD
EE-2672   WWII Ration Books, tokens and tickets in original leather case. $55
EE-2173  WWII Undated Marching Compasses. Our Choice $40 ea.
EE-2662   WWII Kabar US Marine Corps fighting knife and sheath. $140
EE-2660  WWII US Army Shelter Half. Average condition, with some depot repairs. $40
EE-2653  WWII Clip Pouch for the 45Automatic. $35
EE-2651  WWII General Purpose Goggles. $55
EE-2650  WWII Ammo Bandolier as carried by all Soldiers. $35
EE-2647  WWII US Marine Corps Canteen and Cover. Small hole to canteen. $80
EE-2646  WWII Women's Leggings. $30
EE-2635  WWII Bazooka Rocket Bag. $125
EE-2631  WWII choice Pistol Belt. $40
EE-2630  WWII Thompson MG Clip Bag. Repair to male side of snap as shown. Rare bag. $175
EE-2627   WWII Soldiers Tooth Powder. $25ON HOLD
EE-2626   WWII Shave Mirror with comb nail file. $35
EE-2625   Box of WWI Iodine swabs. Price is for one box, 1943 contract. $25 each
EE-2622  1942 dated pouch for the Thompson clips- 30 round. $70
    EE-2618    WWII Kabar US Marine Corps fighting knife and sheath. Lots of use and light pitting overall. $110
EE-2591    WWII US Marine Corps Officer's Model Haversack. $120
EE-2590   WWII US Marine Corps shoulder holster with US Marine Corps surcharge. Excellent condition. $175
EE-2585  Very interesting Sailor made macramé and blue wool gloves purportedly used by a Sailor on a Mine Layer.  $55
EE-2579    WWII Red Cross Armband used on the home front. $55
EE-2578   WWII Armband. French made, used by US Forces. $55
EE-2573  WWII Survival mirror. $35
EE-2568  WWII Canteen and cover. $60
EE-2564   WWII Nape Straps for the M-1 Helmet. MINT unused. Our choice. $15
EE-2554  WWII Wire Cutter case. $40
EE-2553  WWII Colonial folding Survival Knife. Chip to plastic handle. $80
EE-2551  WWII Medics Aid Bag with shoulder strap. A few tiny snags and pin holes. $85
  EE-2549  WWII Sewing Kit. $35
EE-2533  WWII US Jungle Pack OD Green. Excellent condition. $175
EE-2517  WWII US Marine Corps Anti Tank Mine belt for bags. $40
EE-2514  Scarce 1941 dated Pack  and meat can pouch. $55 ON HOLD
EE-2506  WWII tag/envelopes which remain attached to the uniform of the wounded Soldier as they are evacuated and start treatment and move to hospital. $20 each
EE-2504  WWII US Navy Foul weather Pullover top. These were used by Navy Personnel at D-Day as well as other landings. $85ON HOLD



EE-2501  WWII T Handle Shovel. $60
EE-2485  WWII Rifle Cleaning Kit. $40
EE-2479  WWII Mine Detector and Carry Case. Excellent condition overall. Just the main machine and case. $95
EE-2467   WWII Garrison Belt. $30
EE-2465  WWII Postcards ad Holder for Soldiers. $30
EE-2457  WWII Field Hood. $40
EE-2441   WWII US Navy Flashlight in original box. $30
EE-2433  WWII Jungle Pack missing a few straps. $50
EE-2422   WWII US Ordinance marked Air Pump. Rubber hose is dry and cracking at the bottom. $90
EE-2421  WWII Army Air Corps Aerial Bomb Safety pins and tags. These would be removed before arriving at the target to "arm" the bombs. $10 each, while they last.







EE-2416  WWII Stowage case for the O2 Mask. Zipper is great condition, smooth function. $65
EE-2413  Very unusual Air Gunners Body Armor, possibly rigger made. $265
EE-2409  WWII Spare parts bag for machine guns. $30
EE-2403   Scarce Binocular Signal Light in the original box for night time communication. $80
  EE-2395  WWII Practice grenade. $50
EE-2393    WWII Mail Home Record. The Pepsi Company set up recording booths where Soldiers could record a message for the folks at home. $40
  EE-2385     WWII Sewing Kit with contents. $30
EE-2369  WWII US Army Issue Tank Top. $35
EE-2365  WWII small gauze bandages from an original box. Set of (4) Bandages. $25
EE-2364   WWII  Soldiers pocket games. Approx 3 x 4 each. $35
EE-2363  Large Sized sewing/ mending kit with snap closure. $40
EE-2355   1943 dated Head Dressing. $20 each
EE-2354   32inch camo bandage package. $15 each
  EE-2352  Larger tubular Soldiers sewing kit. $25
EE-2350   1944 Invasion Belt of the type worn by beach assaulting Infantry. Very nice condition. $145  ON HOLD
EE-2349   "British Made" 45 clip pouch. $40$SOLD$
EE-2348  WWII USN Survival Whistle. $30
EE-2340  US Army Issue Socks. Note identical laundry stitches at top of each. When they were issued the US Army did not care if the shades were exact matches. $20
EE-2328  WWII Headset with odd plug. $60
EE-2321  WWII Sewing Kit. $25
EE-2320   WWII Sewing Kit. $25
    EE-2298  WWII Shoe Laces. $5 per pair. or 3 Pairs for $10
EE-2282  WWII Lineman's Repair kit with pliers and Camillus knife. Choice leather holder. $95
EE-2277   Cover for some type of Medical Equipment. Approx 3 feet in length. $60
  EE-2275  WWII German Camo Parachute material used by US Troops to make scarves. $60
EE-2265  WWII Money Belt. $25
EE-2257  WWII USMC Swim Trousers with name and rank stenciled. $75
  EE-2239  WWII Guidon sleeve. $25
EE-2201   Great POW made Korean War Cigarette Case, made from Pabst Beer Cans, with note from family. $90
  EE-2187  WWII Air Corps Flight Helmet headphones, frequently missing from leather and cloth helmets. $40$SOLD$
  EE-2165   WWII   US Navy Medical Department. Approx 20 inches in length. $55
  EE-2157   Dated issue map of France showing the invasion areas. These were provided to all Officers who were going into France in 1944.  $95ON HOLD
EE-2156  WWII ETO Combat Map used as this unit moved across France. $55
EE-2155   Secret Map showing traffic Movement in preparation for the invasion of Munich and other German cities. $75
EE-2154   WWII ETO Combat Map used as this unit moved across France. $55
EE-2153  WWII ETO Combat Map used as this unit moved across France. $55
EE-2138   WWII Radio Codes for various ETO Units. $35
EE-2137  Great map showing the path from Eastern France into Luxembourg with Officers notations. $70
  EE-2136   WWII Combat map with notations showing War Office marked and dated, 1943. $75
  EE-2134  WWII Personal Marking kit for Soldiers and Sailors. $40
EE-2124    Nice WWII US Army Issue Long johns. $20
EE-2090   New Old Stock Spool of Artillery Corps piping for overseas caps. $40
EE-2089  New Old Stock Spool of Engineer Corps piping for overseas caps. $40
EE-2077  WWII Radio Manual. $35   ON HOLD
    EE-2073  WWII Period boxed checkers. $15 each
  EE-2061    Small grooming kit with USMC Graffiti. $30 ON HOLD
  EE-2043  WWII Army Officers Spurs. $35
  EE-2042   WWII issue socks. $20
EE-2020   WWII Long Johns. $20
  EE-2019   WWII Wool heavy socks. $20
  EE-2010   WWII Signal Mirror with original wrapper. $35
  EE-2005  WWII Ear Muffs. $20
  EE-1997   WWII Money Belt. $15
EE-1996    WWII wool long john shirt. $35
EE-1976  1944 dated set of tent poles. Choice. $40
  EE-1961  WWII Plastic whistle. $35  ON HOLD
EE-1945  WWII Soldiers camo face paint. $30ON HOLD
  EE-1942   WWII Soldier Writing Kit. $30
  EE-1938  WWII Soap Bar   $15
EE-1936  WWII GEM shaving kit with original instructions and box of blades. $45
EE-1934  Selection of WWII Military Payment Certificates for Italy, France and Germany. $65
EE-1922  Set of (2) models of the WWII Message Booklets. $40
EE-1917  WWII Anti Gas Cape. $15
  EE-1913  WWII Air Corps extension cable for headset. $20
  EE-1910  WWII Headphone pads. $30
  EE-1875   WWII General Purchase strap. $40
EE-1857  WWII Hospital Shoes. $25
EE-1838   Issue WWII PT Shorts/ swim trunks. Excellent condition. $45
  EE-1833    WWII OD Tank top. $35
    EE-1812  WWII OD Ties. $15 each
  EE-1803  1943 US army Whistle. $35
  EE-1798  Dog Tag Chain in the original envelope. $25
  EE-1748  Boxed Rocket Launcher face shield, unused. $25
PP-329  o2 Mask instruction sheet. $20
  PP-328  Target practice tool. $25
  EE-1730  WWII Fuel Tablet can. $25
EE-1726    WWII undershoots, dated 1944. $25
EE-1700   WWII US Navy Life Belt. $45
  EE-1672  WWII sewing kit. $30ON HOLD
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