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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-865  Double Decal Police Helmet with full liner and strap. Overall excellent condition showing just minor signs of use. $1195
GG-864  German Municipal Police Bayonet with frog and knot. Well marked. Overall, excellent condition. $725$SOLD$
GG-863  Fantastic SS Buckle with belt. Estate purchased, about 30 years ago. $795
GG-862   Very nice NSKK Dagger, by "F. Dick", scabbard and hanger. The tab hold down slide on the hanger has popped its stitches. Minor fix with a couple of stitches. $895
GG-861   Nice SA Dagger with hanger and loop. Very nice condition overall. "E.P. and S" marked. Nice earlier dagger. $845
GG-860  Very nice SA Dagger. RZM marked blade. Overall very clean. Is is missing its suspension ring. $595
GG-859   Choice WWII Japanese Naval Officer's Dagger. Excellent condition overall. $795
GG-858     Choice WWII Japanese Naval Officer's Dagger. Excellent condition overall. $695
GG-857  Hitler Youth Dagger. Blade has quite a bit of scuffing. $275  $SOLD$
GG-856  WWII German Red Cross Hewer. Excellent condition overall. $695
GG-855  WWII German Infantry Officers Dagger with Hangers. No maker markings. Excellent overall. $595
  GG-854  WWII German Gravity Knife. Good functional condition. Maker is "SMF" Shows lots of use and wear. $395
GG-853   WWII single decal Luftwaffe helmet with full original liner and chinstrap. Untouched as found. Mail home inscription on interior of liner and customs stamp. Chinstrap is tied with twine on each end and was broken. Still a great untouched, uncleaned original helmet. Fantastic!! $775 $SOLD$
  GG-852  Choice WWII Japanese Helmet captured on Tinian and brought home by a member of the 67TH Seabees in 1944. Choice condition overall and named to the Japanese Soldier who wore it. $850ON HOLD

GG-851    Rare DLV Dagger from the 1930s, made by the firm of SMF. Proper "K" stamp on the end of cross guard. Overall handle and scabbard are excellent. Blade has some light pitting and scratching overall. $1295   $SOLD$
GG-850  WWII German Customs Dagger. Blade, handle and wrap are all excellent. Leather covering to scabbard has some scrapes and cuts. We have not touched it. Most dealers try to dye or color the leather. This is as found and can certainly be improved on. Rare Dagger!! $1595
GG-849  Choice!! WWII German Red Cross Officers Dagger. Choice condition overall. No maker mark as is usual. All fittings excellent. $1150
GG-848  Wonderful German Naval Officer's Dagger by E and F Horster with rigged clipper ship blade. About mint condition. $1195
GG-847  Scarce early Luftwaffe Officers 2ND style dagger made by Max Weyersberg, a rare maker for this dagger. Condition is choice!! $725
GG-846  WWII German Army Dagger. Good condition overall with knot. Blade has some stray marks. Hardware has darkened. Still a nice dagger. $475
GG-845  1ST Model Luftwaffe Dagger with chain. Blade is choice overall. Handle and leather are excellent. Silvered fittings show tarnishing. Very nice! $725
GG-844   WWII SA Dagger by "F. Dick". Choice condition overall, with hanger and belt loop. Anodized scabbard is excellent as is blade. District stamp to cross guard. $650 $SOLD$
GG-843   WWII German Officers Army dagger hangers. Very nice condition overall with some aging and tarnish. $155
GG-842 NSDAP Gorget is excellent condition. RZM marked. Very nice condition, just lacks the chain. $595
GG-841  K98 Bayonet. Matching numbers with frog. Blade excellent. Scabbard well used. $155ON HOLD
GG-840    WWII RAF Sergeant Pilots tunic with 1944 dated contract label. Dark blue beret as worn by some enlisted RAF members, dated 1944. Excellent condition overall. $ 295
GG-839  WWII RAF Tan Cotton blouse. Wings are pinned on. Good condition overall. RAF buttons. $175
GG-838  Very nice WWII Luftwaffe Pilots Flight Jacket with yellow piped shoulder boards, white backed bullion breast eagle and correct loops on the chest for flight badge. Zipper is damaged at the bottom which will allow the carrier to slide off the end as shown. Shows actual use and wear. Really a great Flight Jacket. $995 $SOLD$
GG-837  WWII Japanese Field Phone with handset and earphone. Best one we have seen. Usually these are beat! Original crank, adjustment bar and screwdriver. Phone is about mint. The leather case shows some use and wear. Just missing the buckle on shoulder strap, easily replaced. $445ON HOLD
GG-836   WWII German NSKK Dagger. Blade is in very nice condition. Handle has been lightly polished. Scabbard has some moisture damage to one side. RZM marked blade is Arthur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald . $360$SOLD$
    GG-835  WWII Japanese NCO Combat sword. This one was captured in the Pacific and shows heavy use and signs of combat. Good condition overall, this NCO has added a leather wrap near the throat. Serial numbers match. $695
GG-833  WWII Pre War Japanese Service Badge for Soldiers who's service time was up and had served with honor. This is the larger 2 inch version, nicely marked. $40
GG-832  Late WWII British RAF Flight Helmet. These were used by British and US Fliers. Great condition. $350 $SOLD$
GG-828   Rare WWII Gas Mask with provision for microphone to be inserted and used while gas mask is worn. $145
GG-827  Scarce WWII German Engineer Troops Demolitions Haversack. $100


GG-825  1941 dated WWII British Medics "Shell Dressings" bag with strap. Marked to the London Territorials. $125$SOLD$
GG-824  WWII Japanese Training  Bayonet and Scabbard . $95
GG-823  Italian M35 Italian Grenade/ Mortar round (INERT). this one has been stripped and refinished. $150
GG-820  Very nice SA Orts Level Tunic, Armband and Visor Cap. Very clean condition overall. Iron Cross 1ST Class and German Sports Badge. Tunic shows actual use and wear, but condition is very nice. An excellent example. $1750ON HOLD
GG-819  WWII Japanese Bayonet and scabbard. Good condition. $90
GG-818   Set of 4 WWII British First Aid Packets. $25
GG-817   Set of 4 WWII British First Aid Packets. $25
GG-812  WWII Japanese Naval Visor Cap. Excellent condition overall. $235
GG-811  WWII Japanese  D-2 (A),Tail Bomb Fuse with original storage tin. This type of bomb was actually designed to drop onto American B-29 Bombers from above. $465
GG-809  Scarce Japanese Pottery Land Mine. The 3 inch wing is just there for scale. $295
GG-808  Rare WWII Japanese Naval Musicians Music Case. $285$SOLD$
GG-805  WWII Japanese Navy Swim Cap. $80
GG-804  WWII Japanese Beer Bottle. $45
GG-801  WWII Japanese Naval Aviation insignia. Rare! $395
GG-800  WWII Japanese Mosquito Mittens . $75
GG-799  WWII Dictionary of Japanese/ English Sea Terms. $85
GG-798  WWII British Vickers Water Can, 1944 dated. $90 $SOLD$
GG-795   Pair of two M-31 German Ammo Pouches. Excellent condition overall. $90
GG-794  WWII Guidon for the 52ND Light Aid Detachment of the A.I.F. in WWII serving in Syria and the Middle East.  Approx 18 inches in length. Some moth bites. $100
    GG-790  Very scarce WWII Japanese Navy Navigation Instrument. Approx. 12 inches across. $195
  GG-786  WWII British bandage. $20
GG-781   Only one of these we have ever had. We have had 100 stitch belts but never 100 stitch vest!! Includes a shrine stamp and a coin sewn into the interior. Shows some sweat stains. Most likely much more comfortable than having a wide long b=cotton cummerbund. Shows actual use and wear. $395
GG-777  WWII Japanese Naval Officers Binoculars with painted Kanji. $275
GG-773  WWII Japanese Naval NCO Field Cap. Choice condition. $295
GG-770  WWII German Wound Badge. Very nice condition. $70
GG-764  WWII British Tropical Aviators Light Weight Boots, clearly marked. MINT CONDITION!! $230
GG-763  WWII German Field Phone. Missing hinge screws and part of the latch mechanism. $90$SOLD$
  GG-762  RAD Unit marked 1937 dated German Tornister. Nice label identifying the original owner and his unit. Pack has one break to rear strap which needs repair, missing one hook on bottom pack corner and one of the wide aluminum hooks. Other than that a nice item. $75
GG-761  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $85
GG-760   WWII Luftwaffe Buckle with leather tab. $75

GG-757  Nice captured Japanese personal flag. These were presented to Japanese soldiers before they shipped out. They were popular trophies of the Marines in the Pacific. Approx. 20 x 30. $245 
GG-751  Late War Japanese bayonet and scabbard. $125
GG-745  WWII Japanese Navy field cap. About perfect condition. $235
GG-744  WWII Japanese Navy field cap. About perfect condition. $235
GG-736   WWII Japanese Navy Summer Weight Flight Suit in choice condition. $595$SOLD$
GG-735  Scarce WWII Artillery Pack, meant to be worn with an A Frame. Choice condition. $130
GG-704    WWII Japanese Flag. Approx. 36 inches in length. $95
GG-699    Very scarce WWII German Goggles Case from "Junker".  $100
GG-684  Set of 5 German Tent pegs, assorted types and markings. $50
GG-683   1943 dated German Ammo Pouch. Choice condition except for 2 splits to tab ends at post. Almost un-noticeable. $70
GG-676  1937 dated Cuban Red Cross Armband. Very well marked. $95
GG-668  WWII British chemically treated gas hood. $80
GG-607     WWII German Magazine of German Military War Activities, very popular in the period. $30
GG-588   WWII German Soldiers Backpack map. $40
GG-577   WWII Private Purchase Japanese Officers Shorts. **$95
GG-545  1943 German WWII Food Sack with some small repairs. $60
GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45
GG-471  WWII British Goggles. Our choice $20 each








PP-333   Post WWII ID Card. $10
GG-444   WWII Air Raid Civilian Gas Mask and bag. $75
GG-443 (2) WWII Air Raid Manuals. $35
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