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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-2513 1936 dated double decal helmet in very nice original condition. When the helmet was field painted the  national colors were painted over, but the Army decal was masked off. Nice apple green interior. Interior aluminum liner ring shows sings of having cloth jammed around the circumference possibly a field made snow camo cover. Missing one pin, otherwise a nice helmet . $1295
GG-2512  Very nice German battle flag 40 x 65 inches. Nice displayable size. Exc condition. $595 ON HOLD
GG-2510  Incredible documented souvenir from MacArthur's return to the Philippines on October 20TH, 1944. This vehicle plaque collected by then Colonel George Andrew Rehm, West Point Class of 1920 and G-3 on MacArthur's Staff. He removed this from a Japanese jeep, like the one shown, from the beach on Leyte, where they came ashore. The Japanese jeep shown, sports an Army version of the radiator plaque. This was given to the previous owner by Rehm himself and was on exhibit in a private museum in Virginia, which has since closed. A VERY rare opportunity to own an artifact from one of the most famous events of the Pacific War. Approx. 8 x 10 inches.  $2295

GG-2509  WW2 German Medical Canteen. Break to front strap, missing about 3 inches, otherwise unissued. $150$SOLD$
  GG-2508  WW2 German Navy Leather foul weather leather suit, dated 1941. Shows actual use and wear as shown. These were used by Submarine crews and other Navy personnel. Usually when these show up they are just warehouse found surplus. This set was worn in combat. $550$SOLD$
GG-2507  WW2 Luftwaffe private purchase M-43 field cap. Very nice original condition. $525
G-2506  Very interesting Forestry Dagger. Lacks the drag and the brass has been polished. About 22 inches. $375  $SOLD$
G-2505  WW2 German Vehicle marker. These would be placed on trucks, tank and building to show air German air assets not to attack. $295$SOLD$
G-2504  WW2 German H. J. Golden Leaders Sports Badge. $650
G-2503  German SA Sports Badge for wounded Soldiers. $475
G-2502  Mint, boxed War Merit Cross. Really a wonderful example. $450$SOLD$
G-2501  Set of SA Elastolin Soldiers. $210
G-2500  German Panzer Breast Eagle. $100
G-2499  German Silver wire NSKK Sleeve Eagle with original label. $120$SOLD$
G-2498  German Army Breast Eagle. Removed from uniform. $50$SOLD$
G-2497  WW2 Luftwaffe belt buckle and tab. Dated 1937. $160$SOLD$
G-2496  INCOMPLETE set of German Playing Cards. Missing approx. 18 cards. $40
G-2495  Set of 8 German Rally Pins. $160
GG-2493  Fantastic WW2 Leather jerkin with WW2 British and American shoulder patches sewn to the interior. Great British combat flashes and tabs. Some interesting Netherlands insignia as well. $550
GG-2489   Choice WW2 Iron Cross 2ND Class. $190
GG-2488  WW2 Soviet Tank Corps Officer's gymnastorka. Exc. condition overall. $595$SOLD$
GG-2487  1950s Greek Pilots visor cap. $125 $SOLD$
    GG-2486  Numbers matching German WW2 Bayonet and scabbard. $375
GG-2485  WW2 Russian Side Cap. $195  $SOLD$
GG-2484   WW2 Russian Gymnastorka, excellent condition. $550
GG-2483  WW2 Russian Infantry NCOs tunic. Exc condition. $550
GG-2479  WW2 Mother's Cross. $115
GG-2478  WW2 HJ membership pin. RZM marked and numbered to manufacturer. $80
GG-2477  Novelty Iron Cross Necklace. Most likely dates to the 1950s-60s. Cross is about 1.5 inches. $75
  GG-2476  WW2 Military theme Saki cup. $35
  GG-2475   WW2 Military theme Saki cup. $35
  GG-2474   WW2 Military theme Saki cup. $35
  GG-2471  WW2 Japanese Civil Employee tag for Mitsubishi. $135
GG-2470   WW2 Russian visor cap. Standard badge. $250  $SOLD$
GG-2469  WW2 Russian Artillery Uniform. Very nice condition with original boards. $495ON HOLD
    GG-2468  Fantastic captured and souvenir painted Japanese helmet with gift inscription for someone back home. $595
GG-2465  WW2 German Army Dagger. Earlier Nickel fittings, choice condition. Not maker marked. $495$SOLD$
  GG-2462  WW2 German helmet. Was painted in white winter camo and then was over painted. The twine foliage holder shows shadowing that it has been on since the War. $575
GG-2461  Japanese helmet from a worker in the Mitsubishi Factory. $225
GG-2460  Japanese helmet with Kanji. $450
GG-2459  WW2 Japanese headband for the "Greater East Asia Co-Property Sphere", a pan-Asian union that the Empire of Japan tried to establish. Initially, it covered Japan (including annexed Korea), Manchukuo, and China, but as the Pacific War progressed, it also included territories in Southeast Asia. $325
GG-2456   M43 German Wool Enlisted Cavalry Breeches. Excellent condition overall. Hard to upgrade. $455
GG-2455  WW2 Panzer Badge. $325
    GG-2453  WW2 German LKpW101 Flight Helmet. Exc condition overall. $245
GG-2452  WW2 German Army Dagger. No maker marks, some slight cracks to handle. Bargain priced. $345
GG-2448   CHOICE WW2 Army buckle. $250
GG-2442  WW2 Japanese Revolver Holster, Type 26. These are tough to find. Internal loops have been removed from ammunition pouch, otherwise very nice. $375
GG-2438  1ST Style NSSK crash helmet badge, missing the prongs. $100
GG-2436  German Officers crusher style bevo cap badge. $195
GG-2435  WW2 German Army buckle with green finish. $125
  GG-2434  WW2 German Sports shirt patch. $125
GG-2431  WW@ German Dress Bayonet and scabbard. $95ON HOLD
GG-2422  The WW2 Finnish Commemorative Northern Cross. $275
GG-2421  German 1ST Class War Merit Cross. $185
    GG-2420  WW2 Chinese Army Officers Dagger. These were frequent gifts from Chinese Officers to American Officers serving in China. Very good condition overall with a "17" on the blade. $295
GG-2417  Rare German  A-Frame with small assault pack in place. These have become very tough to find. $875
GG-2416  Luftwaffe Transport or Glider Pilot Silver clasp. $445
GG-2415  WWII German Radioman/ Gunner Badge. Nicely maker marked. $625
GG-2414  Selection of WW2 German Navy Insignia and German Photo. $120
  GG-2413  Scarce Japanese Rifle Dust Cover. These are always missing. $145
GG-2412  WWII Japanese Gas Mask Bag. Choice condition. $175$SOLD$
GG-2406   WW2 German Luftschutz Gas Mask and Can. $195
  GG-2405    WW2 K98 bayonet with matching scabbard. VG condition overall, frog has tear to closure strap. . $275
GG-2400  Very scarce French Model 35A holster. $295
GG-2399  WW2 German SA buckle. $125ON HOLD
GG-2397  WW2 German Marksmans' Shooting lanyard. $150 $SOLD$
GG-2396  WW2 German Army Stretcher Bearer's armband. $150
GG-2394  German Armed Forces Worker Armband. $125
GG-2392  WW2 German map mounted on linen in sections so it can be repeatedly folded and unfolded without tearing. Luftwaffe. $175
    GG-2391  WW2 Japanese Flight Jacket. Cloth version, very nice condition overall. No lower waist belt, but these were frequently discarded by the Pilots themselves. $375
GG-2390  Wonderful battle damaged and painted Japanese trophy helmet with painted Japanese flag across the front of the helmet. $650
    GG-2385  WW2 Model 1940, German enlisted man's overcoat. Good condition overall, with scattered small moth bites. Not really very noticeable unless held up to a light. Great to build a mannequin display. $395
GG-2384  WW2 Japanese Helmet with full liner and partial chinstrap. Star has been painted black. $675
GG-2383  WW2 German Army Marksmanship lanyard. $165
GG-2382  Very nice WW2 German pack. Appears to be dated 1940. $195
GG-2376  WW2 German Army helmet with period black overpaint. German name scratched into the other side of the visor. Lacks liner and pins.  $450

" Quote from Germanhelmetvault.com    discussing black German army helmets-

"Whom were using the Heer black helmets is at this time still difficult to pinpoint but an exciting research project nonetheless. Could be also Flak as Heer Flak batteries also existed. Could they have been used by the Bahnschutz or otherwise railroad related , guards ? A third theory suggests the black helmets belong to Panzer units. A black overpainted gasmask cannister which links to a Panzer abteilung was posted on a topic about a Black M35 on the Wehrmacht awards forum. It could even be all or some of the above."
GG-2374  WW@ RCAF sweetheart wing. Very nice overall. $45
GG-2370  Scarce folding Italian bayonet. Missing 1 screw. $250
GG-2369  WW2 German Navy Cigarette Card album. $195$SOLD$
GG-2363  WWII Japanese Sextant. Very good condition overall. $185
GG-2357  Type 1, Japanese Aviation compass as used in multiple styles of aircraft. $455
GG-2354  Captured Japanese paper sign with US Field Censor markings. Approx 10 x 12 inches. $75
GG-2353    Captured Japanese paper sign. Approx 10 x 12 inches. $75
GG-2352    Captured Japanese paper sign  Approx 10 x 12 inches. $75
GG-2351    Captured Japanese paper sign with US Field Censor markings. Approx 10 x 12 inches. $75
GG-2350  WW2 German Army Sun Helmet. Very good overall, showing light use. Red wool lining is torn as shown. Will not effect displayability. $395
    GG-2349  WW2 German steel helmet. Choice condition, paint and liner. $775
    GG-2340  WW2 German Police Buckle. $150
  GG-2339  WW2 German HJ Buckle. $125
GG-2337  WW2 Police cap badge and mini pin. The pair. $75
GG-2332  WW2 Japanese Dispatch Case and strap. Very nice condition. $165
GG-2327  Cased Sudetenland Medal.   1 Oktober 1938 EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN FUHRER. Awarded to personnel who took part in the annexation of Czechoslovakia. Comes in its original box. $150ON HOLD


GG-2321  WW2 German Police Dress Bayonet, scabbard and frog. Exc condition and well marked. $895
GG-2320  Very unusual German podium, flag or hall banner. Very wide bullion with bullion tassels on lower edge. Measures 66 x 55 inches. Rare to find in bullion. $1095
  GG-2318   WW2 German Gas Mask and can. CHOICE condition, named with all straps. $350
GG-2303  WW2 German Police fur hat in choice condition, just lacks the cloth ties across the top. $495
    GG-2302  Scarce HJ Bugle. Some damage to the bell. This could be straightened if needed. $450
  GG-2284  WW2 German General Assault badge. Late War. $275
GG-2270  WW1 Officers belt, cross strap with belt loops. $150 $SOLD$
GG-2267    Angolia's watershed 3 volume set of books on Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army of the 3RD Reich. $135
GG-2266   Angolia's watershed 2 volume set of books on the Hitler Youth of the 3RD Reich. $165
GG-2265  Rare book on Allach porcelain by Michael Passmore. $75
GG-2263  Angolia's watershed book on Belt Buckles and Brocades of the 3RD Reich. $65
GG-2261 Angolia's watershed book on Military Awards of the 3RD Reich. $45
GG-2253   WW2 Japanese prayer for protection. carried by Soldiers, sometimes sewn into 1000 stitch belts. $40
GG-2252   WW2 Japanese military theme sake cup. $40
GG-2247  WW2 British Officers shirt made in Australia. There is a fade line where the tucked in part of the shirt was protected from the sun. Brisbane label. $50
GG-2242  Japanese Civil Helmet with liner. From a Japanese Naval Base. $125
  GG-2231  Great 3 x 5 foot German WW2 Battle Flag produced in Holland. Very nice condition overall.. $650
GG-2227  WW2 German Luftwaffe belt buckle. $175
  GG-2225  WW2 Japanese leather belt case. About 6 inches in length. $65
GG-2221  WWII Japanese enlisted mans Raincoat with hood. Exc condition overall. $165
GG-2220  WWII Japanese light weight tropical uniform jacket. Thinner than the typically seen ones. Painted wooden buttons. About a size 36.  $195
GG-2218  WWII decorated Japanese canteen. $145
GG-2206  WW2 Japanese Naval style, rising sun flag. Appears to be a silk blend of some kind.. Approx 23 x 34 inches. Shows some pulling as shown in the photos. Still a great flag in a great displayable size. $375ON HOLD
GG-2202  Nice WW2 Japanese photo of  color guard. Approx 4 x 5.5 inches. $50
  GG-2197  WW2 Silver Wound badge. Good condition overall. $125
  GG-2189  WW2 Japanese Army helmet. Missing star and one liner pin on the reverse, otherwise excellent. Star has been painted in red in the time period. $745
  GG-2188  WW2 Japanese enlisted mans shirt. Choice condition. $250
  GG-2184   Korean War, United Nations silk flag. Shows use and wear. Approx 18 x 28. $125
GG-2182  SS hat insignia in Bevo, mint condition. $450
GG-2172   WWII Japanese light weight tropical uniform jacket.  About a size 38.  $215
GG-2170  Post WWII RCAF Mess Dress tunic and trousers. Very nice condition. $115
GG-2168  WW2 Italian combat helmet with liner and chinstrap. One break to the strap. One reinforced vent hole grommet has popped off. Nice honest original. $295
GG-2167  WW2 Chinese Dagger with scabbard and hanger. $495
GG-2162  WW2 German Sports Badge $95
GG-2159  WW1 German Veterans Buckle. $145
GG-2155  WW2 Japanese Bayonet with rubberized scabbard. Very nice condition overall. $375
GG-2154  WW2 Japanese Army bread bag and strap. $155
GG-2153  WW2 Japanese canteen with kanji inscription. $165
GG-2151  WW2 Japanese Officers Canteen set. $150
GG-2146  WWII Japanese bathing cap. $80
GG-2145  WWII Japanese Mosquito Mittens . $65
    GG-2140  WW2 German LKpW101 Flight Helmet. Exc condition overall. $275
GG-2135  WWII Japanese Soldiers camouflage body net. Rare to find. $595
GG-2131  Huge WW2 Period -50s, Japanese Flag. Measures approx.  6 x 10 feet. $250
GG-2126  WW2 Japanese cotton trousers with flannel lining. Good overall. $150
GG-2125  WWII Leather jacket. Appears to be German, 1943 dated. Police usage? $395
GG-2124  WW2 Battery powered Clockwork Luftwaffe Kubelwagon. Rare 1930s German toy. Has both fender flags. Missing one spare tire, hood ornament and some damage to folding top. These are quite rare. $995
GG-2116  WW2 Period Hobnail Boots. Appear to be Polish made, possibly after the fall of the Country. $325
  GG-2115  WW2 German 25 Year Faithful Service Medal. $50
  GG-2109  WW2 HJ/ BDM sleeve patch. $50 $SOLD$
GG-2105  WW2 Japanese Naval Landing Force walking out uniform. Very nice. $695$SOLD$
GG-2104  WW2 German Officers Boots showing actual combat use and wear. $295
GG-2095  Model 35 Romanian Gas Mask and Can. Good condition overall. $95
GG-2069  Scarce WW2 Japanese blanket with original label. Numerous original field repairs. $150
GG-2042  WW2 Japanese canteen and harness. Named on strap. Top small cross strap is missing, otherwise choice. $150
GG-2039  WW2 Japanese personal grooming items including boxed razor, toothbrush, tooth powder and soap with soap dish. Great for your Japanese Soldiers display. $270
GG-2038  WW2 Japanese wooden presentation box with silk Japanese flag. 29 x 41 inches.  $220
  GG-2036  (6) Issues of the German WW2 Army Magazine - "Adler" $140
GG-2023  WW2 Japanese Bread Bag and strap. $130
GG-2021  Set of WW2 Field Gear. Includes pack, suspenders, waist belt, ammo pouches, canteen with cover and harness and canvas leggings. All in exc condition. $135
GG-2020  WW2 British wool battle trousers. $80
GG-1984  WW2 German large bandage is waterproof cover. $95
GG-1967  WWII Japanese Navy themed Saki Tray. Very nice. $100
  GG-1948  WW2 Japanese  Officers chop stamp. $40
GG-1947  WW2 Japanese Aviation Enlisted sleeve rating. $65
  GG-1944  3.5 x 4.5 photo of a Japanese Color Guard. $30
  GG-1935  Set of 2 German cloth rank insignia. $50
GG-1934  Set of 2 tinnies. $50
GG-1933  WW2 Japanese cotton trousers. Nice condition showing actual use and wear. $165
GG-1931  Pre WW2 German Flight Helmet. Good condition overall, needs to be cleaned up. $120
GG-1907    WWII British Flight Gloves. Air Ministry label in one of them. Stenciled name partially visible. $175
GG-1900  Japanese food tin, named to the US Soldier who captured it, "Hay". Navy issue. $100
GG-1894   WW2 Captured Japanese Frame with 1948 dated American discharge. $95
GG-1886  WW2 Japanese Bread Bag and strap. Shows nice actual use and wear. $165
GG-1859  WW2 Japanese Trousers with interesting Star label. $150
GG-1845  WW2 Japanese NLF canteen with leather strap. $250
GG-1843  WW2 Japanese Navy porcelain plate. $40
GG-1839  WW2 Japanese Field Cap. Very nice condition overall. $195
    GG-1837  WW2 Japanese Prayer Vest with shrine stamps. These were presented to Soldiers going overseas to be worn under their uniform for protection from injury. $495
  GG-1834  WW2 Japanese Armband- use unknown. $50
GG-1823  German 1ST Aid bandage carrier used to store spare lenses. Cracked as shown. $60
  GG-1804  WW2 German Wound badge. Very good condition. $90
  GG-1791  WW2 German Bayonet set. $150
GG-1772  Japanese Soldiers Handbook. $40
GG-1770 Japanese Soldiers Handbook. $40
  GG-1754  Late War Japanese cap of a painted cloth. Chinstrap has one break and needs to be glued. Missing front patch. $190
GG-1731  WWII German Reconnaissance Squadron Book. Binding is  a little rough. $50
GG-1730  Set of 3 matching Saki Cups. $70
GG-1729  WW2 Japanese small trunk. Approx 30 inches in length. $225
GG-1705  WWII German Luftwaffe Handbook. Good condition overall, showing actual use and wear. $90
GG-1690     Very low grade WW2 Japanese bone handled and sheathed blade. $200
GG-1663   WWII Japanese Saki Cup.  $35
GG-1656  WW2 Arbeitsbuch. $50
GG-1626  Matched pair of Artillery Officers shoulder straps. $65
GG-1625 Reichsbahn shoulder patch. $50
GG-1606    25 Year Faithful Service Cross. Very nice condition. $85
GG-1605  NSKOV Veterans cap badge. $65
GG-1604  WWII German Sun Helmet badge. $65
GG-1591  WW2 DRL German Sports Badge. Catch is missing. $50
GG-1578  WW2 Japanese army embroidered cloth. Approx  30 x 30 inches. $155
GG-1566  WWII  Japanese Occupation notes. $40
GG-1550  German Army pocket calendar. $75
GG-1549  Hitler Youth pocket calendar. $75
  GG-1544  WWII German Silver Wound Badge Well worn. $$150
GG-1477   WWII German Tinnie. $40
GG-1404  WWII British Wartime dated bandages as carried by Soldiers. $30 each, OUR CHOICE
GG-1393  WWII Silk handkerchief with Japanese kanji embroidery. Approx 18 x 18 inches. $45
GG-1370  Spare Japanese Radio Tubes in original boxes. $80
GG-1343   We think this is a Japanese Naval Whistle from the blossom which is the base of chain ring. $75
  GG-1212  WWII Political collar tab, 1930s. $50
  GG-1211  WWII German Infantry Officers collar litzen. $50
  GG-1198  WWII German Sports Eagle. $50
GG-1183  Late 1930s British Naval Uniform regulations, illustrated. $60
GG-1089  2 Issues of Die Woche magazine. $Good condition. $40
GG-1031  Interesting WWII Armband, supposedly from an American Run POW Camp for Japanese prisoners. $150
GG-964   WWII British Air Raid Protection Service recruiting poster. Needs some restoration, as shown. $95
GG-960   WWII German Aid Bag with paper label. One break to strap, otherwise very nice. $110
GG-786  WWII British bandage. $20
GG-668  WWII British chemically treated gas hood. $80
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