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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-1154  WWII Japanese NCO sword. Nice added leather grip added. Shows the scars of War with pitting and knicks. A great War trophy captured in the field! $725
GG-1153   Choice WWII Japanese Kanji Flag, very nicely inscribed.  Approx 20 x 30 inches. $265
    GG-1152   WWII Japanese Cotton Tunic. Choice condition. $195
GG-1151  Choice WWII Japanese Kanji Flag, very nicely inscribed. A choice specimen if you only need one. Approx 20 x 30 inches. $295
GG-1150  Very nice set of WWII Japanese cap and map case with sling which were captured together. $285 $SOLD$
  GG-1149  WWII Japanese captured flag with khanji inscriptions. There is also a series of American signatures from the Marines who captured it. $295
  GG-1148   WWII Japanese Dog Tag. $110
GG-1147  WWII Japanese canteen with sling. $120
GG-1146   WWII German Officers leather great coat. Officers shoulder boards are missing. Leather is a little dry, still a classic leather Officers coat. Seldom seen. $495
GG-1144  WWII Japanese Helmet with "Marianas Islands 1944" painted on the side. Lacks liner and strap as shown. $375
GG-1143  Great decorated Japanese meatball flag with inscription and map of Japan with major cities labeled in Japanese. Inscribed in broken English. "Japan landing memory, Tokyo Station, Yokohama Port" and across the bottom. "Japan landing via city map". Approx. 3 x 3.5 ft. $275
GG-1142  Japanese fatigue cap. Excellent condition. $175$SOLD$
GG-1141  WWII Japanese cup. $55$SOLD$
GG-1140  WWII Japanese Officers visor cap. Sweatband has come apart. His name is embroidered on the interior. Other than the sweatband the cap is very nice. $125
GG-1139  WWII Afrika Korps shovel with rare tan leather cover. $975
GG-1137  WWII German Airborne Gravity Knife. "Take Down variety". $625
GG-1136  Very nice Silver wound badge with original box. Box shows some wear. Silver badge is choice. $245
GG-1135  Nice set of WWII German Ammo Pouches and Army Belt and buckle. Well marked set. $235 ON HOLD
GG-1131  WWII Japanese canteen with sling. $120
GG-1129  WWII Japanese Helmet with liner and strap. Collectors will argue about this but many were brought home by Pacific veterans in black. The Japanese used night attacks extensively in their combat strategy. These helmets are believed to be camouflaged for night operations. $925
GG-1128  One of the rarest items of Japanese WWII cloth headgear is this Naval Mechanics hat, with fold down earflaps. They were equipped with provisions to attach a portable light, above the visor, which an example is listed below. Excellent condition with great label. $695
GG-1127    Very interesting Japanese Officer Trainee tunic with lots of ribbon bars from his time as an enlisted man. This tunic shows obvious blood stains. $495
GG-1126  WWII Japanese belt light and carry/ battery case. Choice condition. $185
GG-1125  Japanese Airborne static line hook for Japanese Airborne troops. $95
GG-1122  WWII Japanese waist belt. Very good condition. $95 $SOLD$
GG-1119   WWII German single decal Army helmet. Nice honest condition as found. Aluminum liner ring, pins and washers are all original and untouched. Decal shows a scrape. Overall good condition showing use and wear. $495 ON HOLD
GG-1118   Great WWII German Gas Mask and canister identified to a member of the German 130TH Infantry Regiment. Large name strip has name and unit. Canister also has name and unit. Choice condition overall. $275
GG-1115   WWII Japanese custom netting vest to hold foliage/ palm fronds for snipers or other Soldier.  Came with the below net canteen when estate found. There was also a Japanese helmet with the same netting which was sold years ago . VERY rare!! $450
GG-1113  WWII Japanese canteen with harness and rubber stopper with provenance. $175
GG-1112  WWII Japanese Officers Map Case with canvas shoulder strap. $140
GG-1111  WWII Japanese Officers belt. Good condition overall, showing use and wear. $125
GG-1110  WWII Luftwaffe issue mittens. $65
GG-1109  WWII Japanese Haversack. Aluminum belt support bracket tip has snapped off. $85
GG-1108  WWII Japanese backpack. $185
GG-1107  WWII Japanese shelter half/ ground cloth. $175 $SOLD$
GG-1104  Estate Fresh!! Iwo Jima Canteen and Japanese Camo Helmet with net!!  This just surfaced in the last few weeks. An amazing Japanese helmet with liner and strap with leaf colored overpaint/ camo. This was applied directly over the net!! It also was applied to the chinstraps and liner. Net has never been removed from the helmet although has some breaks at the edge as shown. A US Inspection stamp appears in the liner, authorizing it to be brought home tot he US. The canteen, brought home by the same Veteran and purchased at the same time shows  bullets strike and was labeled by him in the 1950s-60s. Canteen is named to the Soldier who carried it. One of the top Japanese helmets we have ever offered. Don't miss this one!!!!!! $2995$SOLD$
GG-1103  Fantastic WWII Japanese shrapnel or bullet struck flag with khanji and shine stamps and what appears to be a "Chant" going around the center. Approx. 25 x 25 inches. $395$SOLD$
GG-1098  Fantastic WWII Japanese Memorial helmet with painted inscriptions. Only one I have ever seen. Obviously a post War family creation. $295
GG-1096   Very rare WWII Japanese Naval Bayonet with rubber covered scabbard. Very rare model. $695
    GG-1093  Choice sight for the German 37 Flak Gun. Excellent condition, great optics. Was modified at the end of the locking device to be able to remove it faster. About a 8.5 out of 10. $295
  GG-1092    Choice sight for the German 37 Flak Gun. Excellent condition, great optics. Finish shows use and has turned to a plum color. About a 7.5 out of 10. $255
GG-1090  Japanese Naval, desk ornament flag of the Imperial Navy and a Japanese Admiral. Each flag is approx. 3 x 5 inches. $50
GG-1089  2 Issues of Die Woche magazine. $Good condition. $40
GG-1088   2 Issues of a Regional Luftwaffe Magazine. One good, one damaged. $40
GG-1086  Fantastic WWII NSKK Parade Flag with unit diamonds on both sides. One side has been decorated with the countries he traveled in. Approx 4 feet in length. Great size and condition. $1295
GG-1085   WWII Japanese Mosquito Net headdress. Soldiers initials embroidered. $90
GG-1083  Japanese NCO Sword Belt. $225
GG-1082  WWII German Veterans Visor Cap. Visor is coming loose on the ends. $225
GG-1073  WWII Japanese Navy themed Saki Tray. Very nice. $120
GG-1068  WWII Japanese bandage. $40
GG-1067  WWII Japanese toothbrush. $30
GG-1065   WWII German Luftschutz Helmet. Choice condition overall with full liner and chinstrap. Shows very little wear. These were purchased by the wearers and show some variation. This helmet was built with split liner pins which are a grayish blue and are not a perfect match. These are 100% original to this helmet. $275
GG-1064  WWII RCAF Flight Helmet and goggles. The goggles are early with large loops that go around the head phone compartment on each side of the helmet. $595
GG-1063  WWII Japanese Grenade. This is INERT and will be shipped taken apart. Nicely marked. $275
GG-1062  WWII German Officer shoulder Straps in black and silver. These were used by the SS and others. Not a perfect match, but close. $125
GG-1059   WWII German Infantry enlisted belt and buckle. Aluminum buckle, belt has some surface crazing. $160
GG-1058   WWII German Infantry enlisted belt and buckle. Cast aluminum buckle, unit marked belt. $245
GG-1057  WWII German Infantry enlisted belt and buckle. Steel buckle, maker marked belt. $180
GG-1056   Nice metal box, dated 1940 for 15 fuses for German mines. Nice labels. $75
  GG-1055  RAD Unit marked 1937 dated German Tornister. Nice label identifying the original owner and his unit. Pack has one break to rear strap which needs repair, missing one hook on bottom pack corner and one of the wide aluminum hooks. Other than that a nice item. $85
GG-1053  1944 dated Mountain Troops climbing axe. Very nice condition overall. $250
GG-1052  WWII Japanese Naval Officers Binoculars with painted Kanji. $225
GG-1050  WWII Hitler Youth buckle. $80
GG-1045  WWII German Army Administration Officers Visor Cap. Very nice overall, with just a couple of tiny pinholes. Really a nice untouched cap. $595
GG-1040  Model 1941 Pattern RAF Flight Gloves.  Small tear to palm. $195ON HOLD
GG-1037  WWII Private Purchase RAF Gloves. Good condition overall, showing actual use and wear. $100
GG-1036  Very nice WWII RCAF grouping with Irwin Flight Jacket, RAF Helmet and O2 Mask. A letter accompanies it from the Pilot stating that the copy photos show him wearing this actual jacket. It also gives his training and squadron history and states that he was shot down over France. $2695
GG-1035  Flight Log, medals and certificate for an RAF Sergeant Bombardier. Interesting flight log with stamps showing that he is missing, presumed dead. $595
GG-1031  Interesting WWII Armband, supposedly from an American Run POW Camp for Japanese prisoners. $150
GG-1023  WWII British Tropical Aviators Light Weight Boots, clearly marked. MINT CONDITION!! $195
GG-1020   WWII German Army Dagger Hangers. Very good condition after all. $165
GG-1012  Great Japanese mini flag pole and silk flag. The flag can be raised and lowered. The base is in the form of a Naval propeller. $125
GG-1009  Great captured and decorated Japanese helmet with all the places this Marine served including, Guadalcanal, Formosa, Leyte, Okinawa, Manila and Shanghai. Excellent trophy. $995
GG-1006    WWII Japanese ceramic ball. $75
GG-1005  WWII Japanese issue  "Bento Box". $55
GG-999  WWII Japanese ceramic ball. $75
GG-997  WWII Japanese Sailors mourning photo with added decorations. These were frequently displayed during funerals or memorial ceremonies. About 15 inches in length. $155
GG-996  WWII German Land Mine marker and flag. $40
  GG-995   WWII Japanese equipment box. Approx 16 inches in length. $120
GG-983  WWII Japanese powder bag. approx. 9 inches in length. $20
    GG-981  Scarce WWII Japanese Naval fatigue cap. Choice condition. Rare to find with this badge. $350
GG-976   WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-975 WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35 
GG-974  WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-970   WWII Japanese Army Mess Kit / Rice Cooker with internal tray. $110
GG-968  Small folding Japanese flag and staff. Staff is approx. 10 x 12. $65
GG-964   WWII British Air Raid Protection Service recruiting poster. Needs some restoration, as shown. $95
GG-961   WWII Battle Damaged Jap helmet. Small piece of strap remains. Struck by shrapnel or bullet, not sure on this one. Great battlefield pick up. $220
GG-960   WWII German Aid Bag with paper label. One break to strap, otherwise very nice. $110
GG-958    WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-957    WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-956  WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-955  WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-954  WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $35
GG-948    WWII Japanese Naval NCO Field Cap. Choice condition. Has the collar insignia of the Marine who captured it. Other size has an interesting Naval enamel pin.  Nice hat. $365
GG-945   Great Japanese garrison style flag with inscribed or presentation inscription as shown. Appears to show shrapnel/ bullet holes. $395
GG-943  WWII Japanese Type 14 Holster with Japanese markings on the interior. Very nice condition, untouched. $275
GG-940  Set of 3 assorted ammo pouches with various dates and makers. $110
GG-939  WWII Japanese flag with Kanji inscription. $110
GG-938  WWII German Intell Manual showing the various types of German Uniforms, Headgear, Equipment and Weapons used at the time. Very scarce. $95
GG-937   Boxed Recognition Guide for German Warships. Includes names and specifications. Scarce. Someone has added the Warships of Minor European Navies to the back. Tied in its original protective case. $75
GG-933  Fantastic WWII Japanese 1000 stitch belt worn around the waist to ward off injury. Looks like this one did not work as it bears the scars of a bullet hole and possibly a second strike on the edge. Great item. $235
GG-932   Very rare Leaflet designed to be dropped on Japanese Citizens with RARE Psychological Warfare Branch translation and information. $160
GG-931   Very rare Leaflet designed to be dropped on Japanese Citizens with RARE Psychological Warfare Branch translation and information. $160
GG-930   Very rare Leaflet designed to be dropped on Japanese Citizens with RARE Psychological Warfare Branch translation and information. $170
GG-926   WWII German Army Dagger Hangers. Very good condition overall but missing spring clips to retain the dagger. Very good for parts. $125
GG-924  WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $40
GG-922   WWII Japanese Army Saki cup. $40
GG-921   WWII cotton Japanese flag about 20 x 28 inches. $75
GG-920   WWII cotton Japanese flag about 20 x 28 inches. $75
GG-919  WWII Canadian Petrol Can with 1943 date. These were used for machine gun water cans as well as for petrol. $135
GG-918  WWII Canadian Oil Can as used for machine guns and vehicles. $95
    GG-911  WWII Japanese Sextant. Very good condition overall. $265
GG-909  WWII German Flare Gun. $265
  GG-908   K98 Bayonet. Very good condition overall. $120
GG-907  Rare WWII Japanese Army Issue Sickle. $495
GG-895  WWII Japanese bathing cap. $95
GG-886  WWII German Bayonet, scabbard and frog. Frog is damaged, non matching numbers. $120
GG-880  Japanese Naval Landing Forces cap. Very nice condition. Chinstrap was intentionally cut away. $225
GG-866  WWII decorated Japanese canteen. $175
  GG-852  Choice WWII Japanese Helmet captured on Tinian and brought home by a member of the 67TH Seabees in 1944. Choice condition overall and named to the Japanese Soldier who wore it. $850ON HOLD

GG-839  WWII RAF Tan Cotton blouse. Wings are pinned on. Good condition overall. RAF buttons. $175
GG-827  Scarce WWII German Engineer Troops Demolitions Haversack. $100


GG-824  WWII Japanese Training  Bayonet and Scabbard . $95
GG-823  Italian M35 Italian  round (INERT). this one has been stripped and refinished. $150
GG-819  WWII Japanese Bayonet and scabbard. Good condition. $90
GG-818   Set of 4 WWII British First Aid Packets. $25
GG-817   Set of 4 WWII British First Aid Packets. $25
GG-805  WWII Japanese Navy Swim Cap. $80
GG-804  WWII Japanese Beer Bottle. $45
GG-801  WWII Japanese Naval Aviation insignia. Rare! $395
GG-800  WWII Japanese Mosquito Mittens . $75
GG-799  WWII Dictionary of Japanese/ English Sea Terms. $85
GG-795   Pair of two M-31 German Ammo Pouches. Excellent condition overall. $90
GG-794  WWII Guidon for the 52ND Light Aid Detachment of the A.I.F. in WWII serving in Syria and the Middle East.  Approx 18 inches in length. Some moth bites. $100
    GG-790  Very scarce WWII Japanese Navy Navigation Instrument. Approx. 12 inches across. $195
  GG-786  WWII British bandage. $20
GG-761  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $85
GG-751  Late War Japanese bayonet and scabbard. $125
GG-745  WWII Japanese Navy field cap. About perfect condition. $235
GG-744  WWII Japanese Navy field cap. About perfect condition. $235
GG-735  Scarce WWII Artillery Pack, meant to be worn with an A Frame. Choice condition. $130
GG-704    WWII Japanese Flag. Approx. 36 inches in length. $95
GG-699    Very scarce WWII German Goggles Case from "Junker".  $100
GG-684  Set of 5 German Tent pegs, assorted types and markings. $50
GG-683   1943 dated German Ammo Pouch. Choice condition except for 2 splits to tab ends at post. Almost un-noticeable. $70
GG-676  1937 dated Cuban Red Cross Armband. Very well marked. $95
GG-668  WWII British chemically treated gas hood. $80
GG-607     WWII German Magazine of German Military War Activities, very popular in the period. $30
GG-588   WWII German Soldiers Backpack map. $40
GG-577   WWII Private Purchase Japanese Officers Shorts. **$95
GG-545  1943 German WWII Food Sack with some small repairs. $60
GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45
GG-471  WWII British Goggles. Our choice $20 each








PP-333   Post WWII ID Card. $10
GG-444   WWII Air Raid Civilian Gas Mask and bag. $75
GG-443 (2) WWII Air Raid Manuals. $35
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