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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-1565  Fantastic, untouched Japanese Army helmet with original liner, chinstrap and star. Extremely clean showing light actual field use. $925
GG-1564  WWII German Luftwaffe Field Cap. Shows lots of use and wear with some fading from outdoor wear. Salty cap, just the way you want to find them. $650ON HOLD
    GG-1563  WW2 Japanese Navy Sailors Jumper with necktie. Label on the reverse under the flap. Named to the Soldier who wore it. $295
GG-1562  WWII Japanese Mess Kit/ Rice Boiler. Includes insert. Choice condition overall. $200
GG-1561  WW2 Japanese canteen and harness. $125
GG-1560  Japanese food tin, named to the US Soldier who captured it, "Hay". Navy issue. $110
GG-1559  Japanese Comfort bag, used for shaving kits, sewing kits and other personal property. $60
GG-1558  Japanese Petty Officers cloth insignia with metal enamel mum. $60
  GG-1557  Japanese shoulder rank for "Leading Seaman". $45
GG-1556  Set of 2, Japanese wooden tags with translations. $115
GG-1555  WWII Japanese Sword which has been modified by a Sailor wh0 has placed a brass hand guard and rope wrapped the handle. Blade is well used and mottled. Still has the Japanese name tag from the Soldier who wanted it returned. $425
GG-1554  Fantastic WWII German Insignia and military equipment catalog for the Assman Company. Approx 8 x 10 inches, about 1 inch thick. $345  $SOLD$
GG-1553  Section of WW2 German Buzz Bomb. Approx 2 inches in length. Inscribed "Buzz Bomb 1944, Belgium." $40$SOLD$
GG-1552  WW2 German Army Handbook. Paperback. $80
GG-1551  Nice E-Boat shoulder insignia with small booklet on E Boats. $125
GG-1550  German Army pocket calendar. $75
GG-1549  Hitler Youth pocket calendar. $75
GG-1548  Very interesting Passport and Membership booklets to a Harvard Graduate who was Italian and a registered Facisist. Facist membership cards and memberships. Early passports. $250$SOLD$
GG-1546  Very nice Aluminum Luftwaffe Officers Dress buckle. $350
GG-1545  Luftwaffe Transport or Glider Pilot Silver clasp. $495
  GG-1544  WWII German Silver Wound Badge Well worn. $$150
GG-1543  2 War German Ribbon Bar. Exc condition overall. $95
GG-1541  Fantastic WW2 Field Made German Pack. This Rigger made pack shows lots of actual use and wear. Very nice. $395
GG-1540   Spectacular collection of WWII German Shoulder sleeve and collar insignia. Choice condition, 40 pieces overall. Instant collection. $495
GG-1539  WWII Japanese enlisted cotton tunic. $230
GG-1538  Cased WWII German Iron Cross 1ST Class. Excellent condition overall. $345$SOLD$
GG-1537   WWII Japanese Headband/ neck scarf. Hand sewn on each end. 6TH Infantry regimentally marked in one of the inscriptions. 35 x 13 inches. $210 $SOLD$
GG-1536  WWII Japanese Civil Defense helmet, choice condition. $155
GG-1534  WWII Japanese light weight tropical uniform jacket. Thinner than the typically seen ones. Painted wooden buttons. About a size 36.  $245
  GG-1528   WWII German Flak Spotter binoculars. These HUGE binoculars were usually tripod mounted and used to spot flak accuracy or artillery. Very nice condition, good optics. $995
GG-1525  25 Year Faithful Service Cross. Very nice condition. $90
GG-1520  German Army enlisted aluminum belt buckle. $125
GG-1519  WWII SA Belt Buckle.  with canted swastika. Very nice condition overall. $175
GG-1514    WWII British Flight Gloves. Air Ministry label in one of them. Stenciled name partially visible. $195
GG-1511   WWII German Army Dagger Hangers. Very good condition after all. $125
GG-1509   WWII German Army Dagger Hangers. Very good condition overall but missing spring clips to retain the dagger. Very good for parts. $75
GG-1495  WWII Japanese Field Telephone. Excellent condition overall. $225
GG-1486  WWII Krim Shield. Nice salty one removed from a uniform. $375
GG-1485  WWII Kuban Shield. Nice salty one removed from a uniform. $375
GG-1482  Very nice Japanese Naval Table Medal in original presentation box. $135
GG-1480  Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge. $395
GG-1477   WWII German Tinnie. $40
GG-1476  NSDAP Long Service Award. $75
    GG-1471  Post WWII RCAF Mess Dress tunic and trousers. Very nice condition. $135
GG-1462  Japanese Military motif Bakelite cigarette case with original Japanese cigarettes. $175
GG-1441  One of the rarest items of Japanese WWII cloth headgear is this Naval Mechanics hat, with fold down earflaps. They were equipped with provisions to attach a portable light, above the visor, which an example is listed below. Excellent condition with great label. $625
GG-1434  WWII German Eastern Front Medal. $65
GG-1429  Selection of 13 German WW2 Stickpins and souvenir flag pins. Some of the flags have broken pins. See photos. $150ON HOLD
GG-1427  WWII Japanese Officer wool trousers. A few scattered moth holes, but tough to find. $75
GG-1426  WWII Officers dispatch case as worn on belt. $65
GG-1425 Fantastic German  Camo Helmet shell. Lacks liner, band and pins, but has wonderful painted. Q52 marking, Size 62. $695
    GG-1418  WWII Japanese Sextant. Very good condition overall. $235
GG-1413  WWII  Hitler Youth Brown shirt, choice condition overall with the exception of one of the collar tabs which has moth holes as shown. This lot was purchased directly from the family who unfortunately would not provide the name. His Hitler Youth Knife, Belt Buckle and side cap are also present. Scarce set. $1750

GG-1404  WWII British Wartime dated bandages as carried by Soldiers. $30 each, OUR CHOICE
GG-1393  WWII Silk handkerchief with Japanese kanji embroidery. Approx 18 x 18 inches. $45
GG-1387  WWII Japanese "Last Ditch" bayonet and scabbard.. $235
GG-1370  Spare Japanese Radio Tubes in original boxes. $80
GG-1355  Set of 3 WWII Japanese POW made drawings. These were traded to a guard for extra food or cigarettes. Each drawing is approx. 12 x 16 inches. $150
GG-1343   We think this is a Japanese Naval Whistle from the blossom which is the base of chain ring. $75
GG-1036  WWII Leather jacket. Appears to be German, 1943 dated. Police usage? $595
GG-866  WWII decorated Japanese canteen. $145
  GG-1213  WWII German Officers bullion collar tab, dark green with yellow piping. $40
  GG-1212  WWII Political collar tab, 1930s. $50
  GG-1211  WWII German Infantry Officers collar litzen. $50
  GG-1198  WWII German Sports Eagle. $50
GG-1183  Late 1930s British Naval Uniform regulations, illustrated. $60
GG-1156  WWII 4 Gallon German water carrier with wooden handles. 1937 dated on the bottom. $120
GG-1143  Great decorated Japanese meatball flag with inscription and map of Japan with major cities labeled in Japanese. Inscribed in broken English. "Japan landing memory, Tokyo Station, Yokohama Port" and across the bottom. "Japan landing via city map". Approx. 3 x 3.5 ft. $275
GG-1139  WWII Afrika Korps shovel with rare tan leather cover. $975$SOLD$
GG-1136  Very nice Silver wound badge with original box. Box shows some wear. Silver badge is choice. $245$SOLD$
GG-1125  Japanese Airborne static line hook for Japanese Airborne troops. $95
GG-1110  WWII Luftwaffe issue mittens. $65
GG-1089  2 Issues of Die Woche magazine. $Good condition. $40
GG-1082  WWII German Veterans Visor Cap. Visor is coming loose on the ends. $225
GG-1073  WWII Japanese Navy themed Saki Tray. Very nice. $120
GG-1056   Nice metal box, dated 1940 for 15 fuses for German mines. Nice labels. $75
GG-1031  Interesting WWII Armband, supposedly from an American Run POW Camp for Japanese prisoners. $150
GG-983  WWII Japanese powder bag. approx. 9 inches in length. $20
GG-964   WWII British Air Raid Protection Service recruiting poster. Needs some restoration, as shown. $95
GG-960   WWII German Aid Bag with paper label. One break to strap, otherwise very nice. $110
GG-943  WWII Japanese Type 14 Holster with Japanese markings on the interior. Very nice condition, untouched. $275ON HOLD
GG-931   Very rare Leaflet designed to be dropped on Japanese Citizens with RARE Psychological Warfare Branch translation and information. $160
GG-919  WWII Canadian Petrol Can with 1943 date. These were used for machine gun water cans as well as for petrol. $135
GG-918  WWII Canadian Oil Can as used for machine guns and vehicles. $95
GG-895  WWII Japanese bathing cap. $95
GG-804  WWII Japanese Beer Bottle. $45
GG-800  WWII Japanese Mosquito Mittens . $75
GG-799  WWII Dictionary of Japanese/ English Sea Terms. $85
GG-795   Pair of two M-31 German Ammo Pouches. Excellent condition overall. $90
  GG-786  WWII British bandage. $20
GG-761  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $85
GG-735  Scarce WWII Artillery Pack, meant to be worn with an A Frame. Choice condition. $130
GG-684  Set of 5 German Tent pegs, assorted types and markings. $50
GG-683   1943 dated German Ammo Pouch. Choice condition except for 2 splits to tab ends at post. Almost un-noticeable. $70
GG-668  WWII British chemically treated gas hood. $80
GG-588   WWII German Soldiers Backpack map. $40
GG-577   WWII Private Purchase Japanese Officers Shorts. **$95
GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45
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