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 WWII Metal Insignia
  MMI-720   Electric Boat C. also known as ELCO, produced PT Boats in Bayonne, NJ. This is an employee badge from that facility. $285
MMI-719  Very nice Sterling Silver sweetheart bracelet with various branch of service charms. $30
MMI-718  Aviation Mechanics qualification badge on original card. $30
MMI-717   Scarce WWII US Army Air Corps Training Squadron, instructor badge. $30
  MMI-716   WW2 Tank Destroyer disc. $30ON HOLD
MMI-715  Great "V" for Victory, sweetheart pin. About 2 inches. $25
  MMI-714  Very interesting 1942 badge with US, British and French flags. $75 $SOLD$
MMI-713  WWII Aviation Radio Operator's badge. Pin is missing but inscribed with owners name and 14TH Photo Section. $45
MMI-712  Aviation Cadets Cap Badge. $40
MMI-711   Nice matched set of pre WW2 "droop wing" enlisted collar EGAs. $150
MMI-710   Very nice PT Boat badge. $125
MMI-706  WW2 Tank Destroyer enlisted collar badge. $40
MMI-705  Post 1945 Tank Destroyer collar badge. $25
MMI-703  Maker marked Sharpshooter badge. $40
MMI-701    Rare WW2 US Navy PT Boat Sailor's sterling wrist ID bracelet. He was in MTB Ron 16 in the Pacific. He was a Gunners Mate. Some basic research is provided. $145
MMI-700  Very interesting Fighter Pilot's grouping. Includes wings, Air Medal, some photos and family ration books as well as a rare squadron history. Some cover damage as shown. $195
MMI-699  Large size US Army Officers cap badge. $45
MMI-698  Kennedy 1960 PT Boat campaign pin. $50
  MMI-697  WW2 Pilots badge. $50
MMI-694  Nice set of WW2 Pilots wings. $55
  MMI-693  WW2 Air Corps Officers collar brass. Pairs will match from the front, but some may have slight differences on the back. All WW2. Sold per pair. $35 pr.
  MMI-692  WW2 enlisted Air Crew discs. Our choice. $20
MMI-688  WW2 pin back Pilots wing. Sterling. $65
MMI-687  WW2 pin back Pilots wing, by Meyer and Co.. Sterling. $75
  MMI-686  Post WW2 Senior Pilots wing, by Meyer and Co. . $40
MMI-685  3.5 inch Submarine badge. Most likely sweetheart jewelry. $45
MMI-683  WW2 CIB. $45
MMI-679   Rare. Civilian Pilot Training flight Instructor's cap badge. $140
  MMI-677  Set of 3 Circa 1945-1946 Tank Destroyer DIs. $60
MMI-666  Airborne Artillery enlisted collar disc. $40
MMI-665  Armored Infantry collar disc. $30
MMI-664  WW2 WAAC collar disc. $35
MMI-663  Unknown WW2 collar disc. $20
MMI-662  606TH Field Artillery collar disc. $30
MMI-660  Post WW2 domed Tanker collar disc. $15
MMI-659  104TH Infantry, 26TH Division collar disc, CA 1938. $20
  MMI-658   Set of 4, pre WW2 Regimentally numbered collar discs with state designations. $40
MMI-653    Nice Glider memorabilia including Sterling Glider Wings, Large unit photo, unit stationary. $240
  MMI-640  Lt Colonels clusters. $35
  MMI-639  Aviation Cadets Cap Badge. $40
  MMI-632  American Red Cross Nurse Badge. $40
  MMI-630    WW2 Officers Cap Badge. $30

Scarce cap badge for US. Army Corps of Engineers, Floating Plant & Dredging Fleet Personnel. $90

  MMI-626  Chief Petty Officer cap badge. $40
  MM-621  38TH MP Company DI. $40
  MMI-619  Matched set of 66TH Armored Regiment. $50
  MMI-611  Set of (2) different, Troop Carrier DIs. $55
  MMI-609  Set of (2) different, 4TH Composite Group DIs. $50
    MMI-607  WWII Air Depot DIs. $40
MMI-598  Late WW2-1950  Officers Cap badge and ribbon. $50
MMI-597   Lot of 7 misc DIs. Some maker marked. $60
MMI-580  WWII-Korean War Pilots grouping. He flew B-24s during WW2 and C-119 Flying Box Cars.
During the Korean War he served with the 314th and the 62nd squadrons of the 403rd Troop Carrier Wing. His primary duties were supplying the necessary equipment and troops drops during military war actions assisting the 187th Regimental combat unit.
 Includes his wings, ring, cap badge. There are commissions, ID cards, Paperwork etc. There is also a 1952 Diary. $195

  MMI-576  Scarce set of Australian made breast wings. Scarce. $125
MMI-574   War Time Save The Children fund. $60
  MMI-568  Airborne Troop Carrier DI. Maker marked. $35
    MMI-567  Womens Defensive Corps DI. $35
  MMI-566  Post WWII Air Force Officers Cap Badge. $35
  MMI-565  Set of 5 pins from the American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. $85
MMI-560  Naval Aviators Wings by H and H. $80
MMI-544  Remember Pearl Harbor pin. $40
MMI-529  Employee badge for "W.H. Duval & Co."I believe they were suppliers of sweaters and knit goods. $45
MMI-512. USO side cap badge. $50
MMI-511  Nice set of matched DIs for a member of Air Transport. $40
  MMI-494  WWII Aviation Mechanics qualification badge. $35
  MMI-484  WAC Officers insignia. $35
  MMI-482  "Remember Pearl Harbor" pin in metal. $45
  MMI-480  US Naval Officers visor cap badge. $55
  MMI-472  Sterling Air Crew Wings. $50
  MMI-437  WWII Drivers Qualification badge. $35
  MMI-436  WWII Drivers Qualification badge. $35
  MMI-316  WWII Army Officer's visor cap badge. $30
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