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 WWII Trench Art, Sweetheart Jewelry and Souvenirs
TA-305   WWII US Marines Voice Recording sent to his family from the service. Includes original shipping envelope. $40
TA-304   Pre WWII US Marine Officers watch fob. $40
TA-303   WWII period high quality US Marine Corps Letter Opener given as a gift to a retiring Marine Major General in 1943. High quality with etched blade. $155 $SOLD$
TA-301  Guadalcanal pennant. Approx. 18 inches. $40 
TA-300   WWII Trench Art Cigarette Box made from 75MM Shell ends and a Japanese Grenade fuse as a handle. $75

    TA-299   WWII Trench Art Cigarette Box made from Japanese 75MM Shell ends. Engraved Guadalcanal 1943 on the side. $75
TA-298   WWII 1ST Marine Division plaque with inscribed Veterans name at bottom. About 10 inches in length. High quality. $50

TA-293   6TH Marine Division Veterans License Plate Topper. $40ON HOLD
TA-292  WWII US Marine Corps License Plate "topper".  $65
TA-291  Nice WWII Women Marines named lighter. $75
TA-289   Very interesting hand made copper topped trinket box with USMC emblem and all their WWII Battle honors. $90 $SOLD$

TA-284  Great Trench Art Soldier's Pipe. Very good condition. $75 $SOLD$
TA-297  138TH Seabees Flag. $65
  TA-296  73RD Seabees flag. $45
TA-277   WWII Constabulary Cigarette Case with inscribed places. $65
  TA-272    Army pennant. Approx 14 inches. $35
  TA-271  Wool pennant for Camp Wheeler. Approx 24 inches. $35
TA-255 WWII US Army in Australia pennant. $40
  TA-216   Nice WWII Rayon, Son in Service Flag. Flag is approx 8 x 10.   $40  ON HOLD
TA-154  Nice silk embroidered winged CBI flag. $40
TA-129  WWII Trench art match safe. $20
TA-127  WWII Pacific match holders. Nicely engraved. $45 ON HOLD
TA-114a   Nice WWII Handkerchiefs with the original box, address  and stamps. $20
TA-113a US Navy photo frame. $20
TA-093b   309TH Field Artillery, 78TH Division Ashtray, made in Germany, 1945. $25
WWII Trench Art cup. $20 TA-1029a


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