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 WWII Trench Art, Sweetheart Jewelry and Souvenirs
TA-438  Fantastic 87TH Fighter Squadron, hand carved and painted wooden plaque, about 13 inches across. $155

TA-437  Fantastic WW2 Trench Art shell with copper and silver inlays featuring Egyptian motifs. The shell would have accommodated a 75MM shell. $225
TA-435  WWII Masonite painted 14TH Armored Division sign. Approx 20 inches in height. $155
TA-434  Silk Screened on felt, "Kilroy was Here" slogan. Approx 6 x 8 inches. $90
TA-431  WWII cotton dish towel showing the friendly relationship between the US and Mexico. $50
TA-427  WWII PT Boat Plaque. Approx 14 inches across. Mahogany. $250

TA-426  Douglas MacArthur Salt and Pepper Shakers. $45
TA-425  Rare Hausser Military Truck made in Germany just after WWII. Battery powered and in excellent condition. $335
TA-424  Very nice Gunners ID bracelet made from both the original bracelet and then the addition of a set of his Gunner's wings. $90$SOLD$
TA-423  Fantastic British made 8TH Air Force Pin. Approx 2 inches. $55
TA-422   Fantastic selection of larger/better WWII Sweetheart insignia. Some very tough to find. Approx $38 each. The collection. $875

TA-420  WWII Board Game, called Invasion from 1941. Missing the actual board. $50

TA-418   Set of 2 paper weights from the Navy shipyard at Hingham, MA. $75
TA-416  Industrial Style WWII bracelet with dog tag and shooting badge. $45
TA-415  (2) WW2 Italian made silk scarfs from a Soldier who was part of the 5TH Army. $80
TA-413  Fantastic Chinese Occupation embroidered silk banner from a member of the 96TH Sea Bees Battalion. Approx. 24 inches in length. $195
TA-412    Very interesting painted B-15 Flight Jacket back. The jacket must have been in terrible condition and so the painted back was removed from the jacket and framed. Nice artwork. The back has been taped with what appears to be packing tape! Too bad but still very cool. Home made frame has been discarded.  $230
TA-407  Very historic hatch from the SS Black Point, a transport ship sunk by German U-Boat "U-853" on May 5TH, the day before the German surrender, off the coast of New England. The order was given to all U Boat crews to cease operations on May 4TH. It is unknown if U-853 did not receive the order or simply  ignored it, but the U Boat sent 2 torpedoes into the side of the Black Point  sinking the ship and killing some of the crew. There was a Naval Task Force nearby that responded and after a protracted search and destroy mission, the sub was finally sunk. This hatch was purchased from the Diver who recovered it in the 1980s. It is heavy at 30 lbs, so keep that in mind for shipping. $395$SOLD$

TA-397  WWII Pacific Theater cigarette box made form 2 75MM shells and the handle is a dewatt Japanese Mortar Round. $95
  TA-396  Original 10 inch PT Boat decal. These were applied to the boats, as well as souvenir plaques, trunks, luggage and other PT items. This one cut from a larger panel. There is a crack as shown with some flaking at the area. $275
  TA-395  Very nice 18 inch framed CBI, bullion and silk pillow cover. Very nice condition overall. $75
TA-388  Fantastic original "Pilots Ready Room" sign for Marine Night Fighter squadron VMF(N)544. They never got into combat but were active stateside. Approx 14 inches in length. $255

TA-383  Son in service flag, for 2 sons., approx. 10 x 12 inches. $65
TA-382  Son in service flag, for 2 sons., approx. 8 x 10 inches. Good condition overall with some light staining. $50
TA-374   Nice US Marine Corps sweetheart pin, abalone shell. Missing catch. $25
TA-372   Nice US Marine Corps sweetheart pin, sterling. $35
TA-370  WWII boxed Marine Corps Son in Service pin. $30
TA-363  Korean War- late 50s sterling bracelet. $60
  TA-362  Korean War token for the 17TH Infantry, in the form of a Buffalo nickel. $35
TA-354  "Son in Service" felt flag. Approx 13 x 18. $ 55
TA-348  WWII Eagle Bombsight toy. It has a mirror inside so that when you look through the sight, it reflects the image up from the floor below. When you are over your target, you pull on the red dowels, which release the bombs. They have darts on the bottom and stick into the item they are dropped over. $125
  TA-343  WWII Camp Drum bracelet. $45
  TA-338  Aviation sweetheart pin. $30
TA-315  Son in Service pin for a Mother with 3 Sons in Service. $35
TA-314  WWII Trench Art Cigarette Lighter. $65
TA-337   Great 24TH Division souvenir scarf. $35
TA-336  Great 24TH Division souvenir handkerchief. $35
TA-335  Rare Trench Art ashtray from Guadalcanal, 1943, also engraved "Fighting 21". Fighting 21 is Naval Fighter Squadron, VF-21 $50

TA-322  Pacific theater silk streamer. These are attached to regimental colors and show battle honors. Good condition overall. Some storage wrinkling and minor stains. $20
TA-318  Pacific theater silk streamer. These are attached to regimental colors and show battle honors. Good condition overall. Some storage wrinkling and minor stains. $25


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