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 WWII Uniforms
UU-2391  Extremely RARE. AVG/ Flying Tigers tunic, named in the pocket and dated July 8TH, 1942. Tunic is in excellent condition and there is a photo of this Aviator wearing the actual jacket online. There is one original photo included, which shows him wearing a flight suit. This tunic was acquired from the Veteran in the late 70s or early 80s and has been in a collection in Virginia since then. First time ever on the market. $32,995.
Born in Providence, P. S.  Du  Pouy was one of the combat pilots serving as the Flying Tigers in China in the early days of World War II. A Central High School grad, he enrolled as an Aviation Cadet after graduating from Brown University in 1939. In May, 1941 he resigned his Army Air Corps commission to volunteer with General Claire Lee Chennault and the Chinese Air Force. He eventually moved to Kunming, China as vice-commander of the Hells Angels Squadron. He is officially credited with getting 3.5 aerial victories, although records show he probably had a additional ones that could not be independently confirmed. He was awarded the “Chinese Sixth Cloud Banner” after his encounter with a Jap Zero on Christmas day, 1941. Out of ammunition, he dove on the more maneuverable Zero and rammed the enemy plane’s left wing. In the process he lost the last four feet of his own right wing. He managed to nurse the plane back to base. This encounter is memorialized in a painting by Dan Zoernig named “One the Hard Way”. He also flew Madame Chiang Kai-shek around China while she acted as a keynote speaker throughout the country. After the AVG disbanded, he went to Republic Aviation on Long Island where he became Chief Test Pilot. He and one other AVG pilot did all of the testing on the P-47 Thunderbolt, directing some fixes which made the plane such an effective weapon. In 1946 he moved to Pratt & Whitney where he tested the experimental B-50 bomber. After the war, he went back to work as an engineer, ending his career with KG Engineering in Woonsocket. He died of cancer at the age of 77.
UU-2411  WW2 1ST Marine Division grouping. includes a fantastic customized jacket from service in China during 1945-46. Sterling ID bracelet. Nice set. $695$SOLD$
UU-2410  Post WW2 Women's CAP Auxillary tunic, skirt and Overcoat. $175
UU-2409  WW2 Women's Naval Officers Uniform, the WAVEs. $175ON HOLD
UU-2408  WW2 Women's Defense Corps Uniform and Cap. $225ON HOLD
UU-2407  WW2 Women Factory Workers Smock. $65ON HOLD
UU-2406  American Red Cross Womens uniform group, with tunic, skirt and cap. Very nice. $275ON HOLD
UU-2405  WW2 Military Police Field Jacket. Rear  is painted with Military Police and 1ST Army  insignia. $275
UU-2402  Massachusetts Civil Air Patrol Womens' tunic. $195
UU-2400     WW2 Officers  "Pink" shirt. $60
  UU-2399     WW2 Officers set of "Pink" trousers. $60
UU-2398   WW2 Officers set of "Pink" trousers. $60
UU-2397   Very rare identified Jump Jacket for a member of the 129TH Airborne Engineer, Battalion, 13TH Airborne and then later the 307TH Engineer Battalion, 82ND Airborne. Includes partial research. I am sure lots more can be done. $2395
UU-2395  Fantastic British Bush Jacket WITH matching trousers for an American Aviator. Direct embroidered winged prop and "US" insignias as well as theater made CBI and Air Force patches. Very clean larger size. $495$SOLD$
UU-2393   WWII Civil Employee Uniform as worn by factory representatives for vehicles, aircraft, armaments and others. $110
UU-2392  Interesting Officers Sun Helmet, Visor Cap, Musette Bag and tan tunic. $245
UU-2390  Very nice 13TH Airborne Jump Jacket. Very nice condition overall, just lacks its belt. $2350
UU-2389  WW2 10TH Mountain Division jacket, model 1942. Suspenders have been removed which is typical. Jacket is clean with original hood. Belt is not present but is just a typical cargo belt. On e3 inch tear as shown. $565
UU-2387  Very nice WW2 set for a member of the 66TH Division and then later, the 36TH Engineer Brigade. Fantastic theater made patch as well as a theater made DI. Very nice condition. Original calling card in the pocket. $345
UU-2382  WW2 Nurse Officers shirt. $110
UU-2378  WW2 Air Corps Officers tunic. $70
UU-2376  Scarce Naval Aviation Warrant Officer blouse. $90
UU-2375  1950s Ike Jacket for a member of the 474TH Infantry. $80
UU-2374  Late 40s transitional A-r Corps Ike. $75
UU-2373   WW1 American Volunteer uniform set, from a "Yank in the RAF", obtained directly from the family last year. Includes tunic with RCAF wings. Trousers are RAF marked. Sweater was added for display. Some basic research is included. $795
UU-2369  Very nice interpreter shirt with great embroidered on felt pocket patch. $150
UU-2367   Very nice 77TH Division Ike Jacket with sergeants stripes. $130
UU-2366   779TH Armored Ike Jacket. Name was recorded when purchased. 2 photos of the Veteran were found in the pocket. Rare patch!! $215






UU-2365  Very nice Ike Jacket with bullion 78TH Div SSI on one sleeve and a 1ST Division on the right. Zipper has been added. No name. $195
UU-2363  WW2 Western Pacific Theater 4 pocket tunic with scarce Engineer DUIs. $125
UU-2362  WW2 4 "Army Service Force, Pocket tunic with scarce, Service of Supply DUIs, $150
UU-2361   Nice occupation period Ike jacket with German made 1ST Division and 7TH Army SS. Great, "Seven Steps to Hell" lower tab. Great CIB in bevo as well. $150
UU-2359  Early 1950s 82ND Airborne shirt with very unusual medical collar brass. $150
UU-2358  Very unusual enlisted ETO Jacket, custom tailored in England. No British marks at all, no belt on the front.. It has 2 side button tension straps. The ETO jacket was a little long, and this one was cut down to be more like an Ike jacket with only 4 buttons on the front instead of 5. A couple of small moth nips. $220$SOLD$
UU-2357  Late 1940s A-16 shirt. "shirt-mens, coat style body". $125
UU-2355  Tank Destroyer 4 Pocket tunic, not named. $140
UU-2352  Very nice Berlin Command uniform with trousers. Very unusual bullion trimmed patch with rocker. $150
UU-2351  Wonderful Occupation period 5TH Division tunic, with bullion embroidered patch with tab. $250
UU-2350  Very nice 4 Pocket tunic with bullion CBI and 20TH AF patches. $155
UU-2348  WW2 Navy Gunners tunic, trousers and cap with wonderful hand embroidered AWOL cuffs. $120
UU-2342  Fantastic Naval Aerial Gunners Grouping. Includes his goatskin Flight Jacket with leather name strip, navy cloth flight helmet and AN6530 goggles. There are 3 jumpers including a badged blue wool jumper with Aviation 1ST class rate and Aerial Gunner patch. The rear of the left sleeve has some damage as shown. Some moth bites to the patch. The white jumper with the 3RD Class rate is his from the late 30s. There are 2 blue Navy hats, 1 with "Patrol Squadrons, USN" the other with "US Navy". There are also various hat tallies from Aircraft Carriers, white fatigue caps and even his named canteen and pistol belt. This set was obtained at a local sale in Ohio and an original listing of most of the items is present. VERY interesting. Needs to be researched.  $1295
UU-2339  Well used B-15 Flight Jacket. Worn through cuffs, fur worn on the edges. Body overall fairly clean. Needs help. $225
UU-2333 Nice set of WW2 Officers Trousers. $65
UU-2319  WW2 US Marine Corps fatigue shirt. Very nice. $235
UU- 2313  Very nice small grouping for a 34TH Division Captain. Includes his patched Field Jacket, M-1 Helmet with Lt. Bar and Officers Raincoat. $450
UU-2312  Very Scarce P42 Camouflage Marine Corps Fatigue Trousers. These show actual use and wear. Green side has a few paint spots, green and white. Tan side is very clean. Two small tears to leg as shown. Original trouser belt in matching worn condition. Very nice. $875
UU-2311  Very nice named 88TH Division Engineer. The collar disc is for Headquarters Company of the 88TH Division, Engineer Battalion. Named on the interior with last 4 digits of serial number. $375
UU- 2310  WW2 Marine Corps wool trousers. $50
UU-2302  Very nice Doeskin Officers Overcoat with period scarf. $85
UU-2301  Scarce WWII Naval Officers tunic in haze gray. This Officer evidently received 2 awards of the Silver Star. Jacket was made in Pensacola so possible flight personal. Not named. $175
UU-2300  Named 1ST Marine Division 4 pocket Wool Service Blouse. Very nice condition overall. $175
UU-2299  WW2 Women's Model 1943 Field Jacket. Choice condition overall, accept for two small square stains from leather backing, bleeding through the cotton duck.. $120
UU-2295  Set of 2 WW2-Korean War fatigue shirts. Good condition overall. $90
UU-2291   Well used and repaired P41 Marine Corps Trousers. $195
UU-2290  M43 Field Jacket. Good condition overall, showing actual use and wear. Faded large red "X" on reverse, purpose unknown. $60
UU-2288  43 Field Jacket with leather name strip. Unresearched. Good condition overall. $195
UU-2287   Named M41 Navy Field Jacket. Good condition overall. $125
UU-2286  North African Theater, Sargent's grouping. Includes Ike Jacket, shirt and trousers. $150
UU-2285  WW2 Service coat and trousers for a member of the 3RD service Command. $70
UU-2282  1ST Pattern US Marine Corps Trousers. Good condition overall. $265
UU-2272  Model 41 Field Jacket. Very good condition, showing actual use and wear. $295
UU-2261    Very nice B-14 enlisted Man's Flight Jacket with English made 8TH AAF SSI and Overseas stripes. Good condition overall. $295


UU-2260  WWII US Navy Submariners CPO Jacket and Trousers. Missing the buttons, but makes up fro it with a beautiful silver bullion Submariners badge. a very interesting set. $225
UU-2259  Model 1941 US Marine Corps fatigue jacket with stenciled name across the front. Well used in the field. Field applied inked rank. $225
UU-2258  WW2 US Army Fatigue shirt. Exc condition. $265
UU-2248  Tailored Ike Jacket with blue backed 8TH Air Force Combat Crew wings. Very nice condition.  $155
P-2241  Chocolate Officers shirt with "FR" flight wing. Not sure what "FR" is, but I believe it to be one of the Civilian Flight Schools pulled into service during WW2. $185
P-2236  WW2 Pick Trousers with belt. $65
UU-2225  WW2 "Jeep Coat" with cotton collar. Excellent condition overall. $335
UU-2217  WW2 WAAC wool shirt. Exc condition. $110
UU-2208  M-41 Navy Field Jacket. Very nice condition overall. $220
UU-2202  WW2 US Navy sweater, label is gone. $80
UU-2201   Very nice WW2 Wool shirt. $65
UU-2193  WW2 Women's HBT shirt and trousers. Jacket appears to be a size 38 chest. The trousers appear to be a Medium.. Both have plastic buttons. $350
UU-2192  WW2 Nurses Uniform. Includes Nurse Corps Tunic with skirt and pinkish tan Officers shirt. $395
UU-2182   Type E-1 Inner Flying Trousers. Some moth bites. $75
UU-2175  WW2 Wool enlisted shirt. $55
UU-2173  Post WW2 Field Trousers. Nice size. $45
UU-2158  WW2 Khaki Cotton, WAAC Skirt. Approx Size16. $80
UU-2145  Scarce Petty Officers Wartime Gray tunic and hat. Choice condition. $140
UU-2139    WW2 Women's Shirt. $70
UU-2134  WW2 Trench Coat with a Nurses Serial Number. About mint. $135
UU-2103   Mint, un issued WW2 Women's fatigue shirt with 13 star buttons. . $185
UU-2097  WW2 Women's Wool Trousers. Exc condition. $100
UU-2093  WW2 Women's Field Trousers for wear with the Field Jacket. Choice condition. $85
UU-2082   Model 41 Field Jacket is good condition overall. Wear to collar as shown. Some wear to cuffs, but very nice. Named to "Robert Riebow". I found an Aviation Cadet with that name, needs more research. About a size 48-50. $425
UU-2051  WWI Wool Trousers. $60
UU-2046   Very interesting WWII Aviation Mechanics shirt with customized patches. $80
UU-2019  Named WWII Navy Corpsman blouse with ribbon bar. Stenciled name on the interior. Small paint swipes on the front as shown. $175
UU-1999 Late ww2-1949 Aviation Chief Petty Officers Uniform set. $85
UU-1993   WWII Naval Officers Rain trench coat. $95
UU-1979  Nice named WW2 US Marine corps Women's tunic. Very good condition overall. She was from Norfolk, VA and enlisted in 1943 and served through the end of the War. $245
UU-1943  WWII Naval Field Jacket. USN stenciled on the chest. $225
UU-1939  WWII Hospital Corpsmans 3RD Class jumper. $80
UU-1937   WWII OD wool shirt with interesting Aviator embroidered Gunner's wing, outlined in yellow thread. $80
UU-1915  Extra Lightweight, US Marine and Navy summer flying suit. $95
UU-1894  WWII English Tailored Ike Jacket, made from a cut down 4 Pocket Service Tunic. British made Ribbon Bars. Nice condition except for some small holes to the cuff as shown and a few scattered pin holes. $215
UU-1872  Late WWII Women's fatigue trousers. Wreath buttons are silver in color. Button fly has been replaced with a zipper. $145
UU-1796   WWII Navy Chief Petty Officer's Uniform made in Sydney Australia. $145
UU-1761  Scarce, 1945, nylon, US Navy/ Marine Corps flight suit. Excellent condition. $195
UU-1729  WWII Air Cadets 4 pocket tunic with collar insignia. After training the circular cuff patch would be removed. $125
UU-1695  Women Officers overcoat with Nurses serial number on the interior. Civilian service patch on shoulder and greenish blue shoulder straps, possible Red Cross use. $150
UU-1235 WWII Para Marine Vest worn under the Jump Smock. $165


UU-1018   WWII Army Service Trousers. Good condition. $55
UU-738  Nice set of WWII Trousers with belt, measuring  30 X 33. Tiny repair to back cuff otherwise very nice. $45


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