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 WWII Uniforms
UU-1781  Fantastic Commanding Officer, 612TH Bombardment Squadron, 392ND Bomb Group, "Crusaders" flight jacket for an Officer who was a Flight leader as well as a C.O.. In addition to distinguished WWII Service, he was also decorated by the British Government for service during the Berlin Airlift and the original documents are included. Includes his visor cap. Rank insignia on shoulder straps has damage to one Majors cluster. Leather jacket overall is excellent. $1850ON HOLD
UU-1780  Fantastic 9TH Air Force Pilots uniform with visor cap. Includes original paperwork and photographs, his original Air Medal and cloth insignia. Includes individual mission list. Great set. $895ON HOLD
UU-1779  Very nice CBI Pilots Ike Jacket. Nice bullion patches. Sterling Pilots wings and nice ribbon bar set. $200ON HOLD
UU-1778   WWII Civil Air Patrol Pilots uniform with fantastic bullion wings and scarce winged boot cuff patch. $295ON HOLD
UU-1777  WWII CBI Grouping. Nice assortment of material including a large letter grouping, uniform, extra insignia and book from training. $195
UU-1776  Korean War Army Chaplains Grouping . Part of his obituary is shown below. $395ON HOLD

In 1950, when he entered the US Army Chaplain Corps, Father Cowhig was assistant pastor at Immaculate Conception Church in Revere and also served at St. Francis de Sales Church in Charlestown. During his 12 years in the military, he served Army personnel at Fort Bragg, N.C., and Fort Campbell, Ky., and in Korea, Germany, and Okinawa, mainly with the 82d Airborne Division.

While at Fort Bragg, Father Cowhig helped start a 600-member chapter of a Catholic church group, the St. Michael’s Society, which he referred to as “my boys.’’ He leaped off chairs at the base rectory in preparation for parachuting with his fellow paratroopers.

He parachuted from 1,250 feet during “Operation St. Michael’s,’’ while smoking a cigar, a tradition he upheld no matter where he served. Father Cowhig would conduct Mass in drop zones after jumps.


UU-1775  Scarce WWII Marine Corps Photographer Dress Blue tunic with shoulder cord, ribbon bars and qualification badge. $175
UU-1774   Very unusual  9TH Air Force, Ike jacket for 2ND Lt. It appears that he was an enlisted man with Aerial Gunner qualifications in both the US Army and Royal Air Force. He also shows a qualification as a Armorer. He must have been promoted out of necessity. Very interesting. Not named. $395  $SOLD$
UU-1773  Overseas made Majors tunic. Most likely missing its flight badge. Nice overseas made Ike with great bullion SSI. $275$SOLD$
UU-1772   Incredibly rare and sad group to Capt. Chester E Coggeshall,Jr. Chet flew for the 343rd FG 55th FS 8th AAF when strafing a Luftwaffe airfield in Salzburg Austria he was hit by ground fire shot down and murdered
on16th April 45 by the town's Burgermeister Augat Kobus. Chet was on his last mission of his second tour. Kobus was turned in and hanged a year later.This great group came out of the Cape area of Massachusetts where Coggeshall lived.The group consists of a great blue backed winged 4 pocket (graduation engraved wing),Brit made blue backed winged Ike jacket, shirt and two pairs of pinks, named O/S Cap, flying scarf, Engraved KIA Purple Heart, framed Western Union Telegram(Missing In Action),DFC, AM, several original and copy photos.burial flag with old company tag that must have been given to the family later, four letters sent to him returned, and a copy of the Military Court prosecution of Kobus. Very historic 8th AAF Fighter Pilot Group. Don't Miss It !!!!! $3195$SOLD$
UU-1771  WWII English made Red Lined 8TH Air Force Ike Jacket. There are some scattered moth bites, especially across the rear shoulders. $225
UU-1770  Scarce 9TH Air Force ETO Officers Jacket. Excellent condition with shoulder cord. $395$SOLD$
UU-1766  This came to us as part of a collection of Irvin Flight Jackets. When we researched this coat we were shocked to find it to be a 1970s British Replica. So this jacket is actually close to 50 years old. Anyway, it was already here so we are selling it as a wearable jacket. Bargain priced at $150. ON HOLD
UU-1764   Very nice A-2 Flight Jacket from a Staff Sgt. in the 345TH Bomb Squadron of the 98TH Bomb Group. It appears both front breast patches were removed by the Veteran at some time in the past and have been reattached recently. They are however the originals from the jacket. There is a new copy of a family photo showing him wearing this actual jacket with insignia, fantastically hand tinted. Very nice Italian made, tooled and painted patches. Really a great A-2. $2295  $SOLD$
UU-1761  Scarce, 1945, nylon, US Navy/ Marine Corps flight suit. Excellent condition. $195
UU-1760  WWII Nurses Trunk Grouping for a Women who spent 3 years in service in Australia. While there she became very ill and was hospitalized for an additional 2 years. Includes her uniform with cap, coat and skirt. Some most bites to cap and tunic as shown. There are multiple sets of shirts and skirts/ shorts which appear to be Australian made. Her medal group is present as well as quite  a bit of paperwork and original photographs. Personal items include an Australian made Ditty bag, named musette bag, boots, Australian made belt, testament, notebook and numerous items of insignia including a scarce "PT" caduceus for Physical Therapist. All contained in her original named trunk. Great time capsule. $895 $SOLD$

UU-751  Wonderful B-15 Flight Jacket in Choice Condition with visor cap. $495 $SOLD$
UU-1636  Very nice CBI Gunners Grouping. Includes badged out 4 pocket with matching badged out shirts, one tan cotton and 1 OD wool. Nice A-2 Flight Jacket with leather Blood Chit sewn across the back. You can see where the Squadron Patch, name strip and CBI patches have been removed. His WWII Flight Suit is present and shows signs of real use and wear. Tunic has first initial of last name and last 4 of service number. Nice solid grouping needing to be researched. $895
UU-1622  Exceptionally rare US Navy "USN 37J" Flight Jacket in calf skin. Very thin, soft leather. 1920s construction with original waist band and collar. Cuffs appear to be 1940s replacements. Aviators are seen wearing these during the 20s-30s in various patterns. Lacks the liner so it is tough to determine maker. Some damage as show, but a VERY rare jacket. $695
UU-1749   WWII A-2 Flight Jacket for a 6TH Air Force Fighter Squadron. Stitching has popped on one sleeve seam and may need to be repaired. Overall good condition. Scarce Fighter Squadron patch. Overall a good jacket but with condition needs. Bottom of the zipper is missing the starter tab. $995
UU-1748  Very nice 9TH Engineer Command tunic with great embroidered on felt SSI. Sterling silver wings are worn on the chest. We don't know what the history of the tunic is, but when it was pulled out of the woodwork, they were there. Nice high ranking set. $225
UU-1746  WWII Aviation Pilot Cadet tunic. $80
Happy 95th Vic! | Moose Peterson's Website
Bats Outta Hell! – International Historical Research Associates   UU-1739  Rare "Bats Outta Hell", 499TH Air Apaches Flight Jacket . 345TH Bomb Group. This famous B-25 group flew Bombers converted to Gunships who's noses were painted with bat faces and wings. The squadron insignia was painted across the reverse in a huge size. This Officer was  a Pilot and has its leather tag across the front. The jacket has some flaws. The zipper will work but has breaks. Shoulders have been both repaired and the jacket was re-dyed in the 1960s. Fantastic unit. The Air Apaches are my favorite pacific force. $1695

UU-1738  Very nice painted A-2 Flight Jacket. The 825TH Bomb Squadron of the 15TH Air Force. Great Italian made tooled squadron patch and 15TH AAF shoulder patches. Leather name strip across the front. Rear is painted with a map of the Mediterranean zone of operations with a small B-24 Liberator above. The jacket has quite a bit of wear on the reverse. This Aviator was a Pilot.  $1895
UU-1736   WWII Women Softball uniform from Camp Stoneman. Cut like a mans set but a tiny female waist. I think the shirts were unisex. Very interesting set. $225$SOLD$
UU-1735  Very interesting wool shirt. Interesting armored patch with "Trust", which usually appears above 88TH Division patches. $75
UU-1729  WWII Air Cadets 4 pocket tunic with collar insignia. After training the circular cuff patch would be removed. $125
UU-1728  Korean War Ike Jacket from "SCARWAF" a joint Army and Air Force Force. Wonderful bullion patch. $150
UU-1726  Model 1944 US Marine Corps fatigue jacket with PFC stripes. Named above the pocket. $175
UU-1722  WWII US Marine Corps Herringbone trousers. One field repair as shown. $195
UU-1720  WWII Navy Jumper and Trousers. Rank of Motorman and PT Boat shoulder patch. Very good condition overall. $145
UU-1714    9TH air Force 4 Pocket Officers tunic with Sterling Navigators wing, great bullion SSI. Lacks one US and one winged prop collar insignia. Named on the interior, also has initials on the interior. $200
UU-1712  Exceptionally RARE.. Australian made Ike/ Battle Jacket custom embroidered for a member of the 1ST Marine Division. Includes an Australian made bevo 1ST Marine Division Insignia with embroidered "Blooded" red background. The collar insignia is embroidered, which I have never seen before. Named on the interior. Don't miss it!! $795  $SOLD$
UU-1707  Very nice 71ST Division and 9TH Division Ike jacket with wonderful theater made SSI and Belgian shoulder cord.. Has not been researched. $135$SOLD$
UU-1704  Great WWII Ike from the Occupation of Germany in 1946. Great bullion patches. $225
UU-1703  Nice 29TH Division Ike Jacket, choice condition, original insignia. $150
UU-1701  Very rare 9TH Photo Reconnaissance Squadron, 10TH Air Force, Aerial Photographers grouping. Includes the 4 pocket tunic with first letter of last name and last 4 digits of the serial number. Bullion CBI shoulder patch, embroidered on felt photographers cuff patch. Flight jacket is a modified M41 Field Jacket with has been trimmed in leather in China or India. Phenomenal CBI made squadron patch. This unit served between 1942 and 1945. Shows actual use and field wear. Great identified portrait photo and set of dog tags. The additional photos are of this photographer are not present but can be found online at the squadrons website. There is also the a photo of his Piggy Back certificate in reference to the 2 seat versions of their P-38/ F-4 Lightning Observation aircraft. They also had a (3) B-25s and a BT-13A. Extremely rare set!!!  More information can be found at www.9th.photorecon.org

UU-1700  Exceptional CBI "Hump Pilot's" grouping. Includes a rare combat used flight suit with original cloth blood chit and leather name strip. Shows the oil and grease stains from so much time in the aircraft. Nice 4 pocket service blouse with bullion wings and shoulder patch. Ike jacket with bullion shoulder insignia. Apparently he had left the CBI on the left sleeve and had not switched it to the right sleeve when he returned to the US. Many years later, for  a reunion he placed the patches in the correct 1946 configuration. This one garment had been exposed to sun and shows the shadow. I would just switch the patches back to their wartime positions. There are multiple shirts with theater made insignia including one with bullion wings and one with cloth. There is an outrageously rare Bush Jacket cloth/ Ike Jacket with matching bush cloth trousers. His B-3 bag is present and named and his 4 pocket tan is also present. There is a load of paperwork photos and history from 1943-45. He saw service as a Ferry Pilot before becoming  a Hump Pilot in 1945. Loads of paper and photos as well as his cased Air Medal. This just came out of the family attic, 3 weeks ago and has never been in  a collection. $1195
UU-1695  Women Officers overcoat with Nurses serial number on the interior. Civilian service patch on shoulder and greenish blue shoulder straps, possible Red Cross use. $150
UU-1694  WWII wool enlisted mans shirt with scarce shoulder rocker for Personnel Distribution Command. Excellent condition overall. $70
UU-1691  WWII M-43 Field Jacket with rare American Red Cross rocker above 3RD army patch. Great original Civilian Service Jacket. $295
UU-1690  Very interesting WWII CBI Bush shirt with direct embroidered rank insignia and flight badge. The shoulder sleeve insignia are Indian made. The shirt comes with a testament presented to this Pilot, most likely from a sibling or child, by the hand writing. Very nice. $255
UU-1689  WWII US Navy Submariners CPO Jacket and Trousers. Missing the buttons, but makes up fro it with a beautiful silver bullion Submariners badge. a very interesting set. $225
UU-1684  Fantastic 15TH Air Force Grouping. Includes A-2 Flight Jacket in choice condition, fully badged out 4 pocket , shirt and trousers. All components in very good condition. In add Card usually associated with mission to Moscow discharge certificate and fantastic mission log with targets listed. Other items as well as shown. Very nice set. $1695
UU-1683  Historic grouping for a member of the "Liberaiders" , 461ST Bombardment Group.  A-2 Jacket in very good condition overall. Fantastic Squadron patch. The back is painted, but has been worn away and is illegible. Selection of letters. Loads of squadron research, recordings and interviews. Specific CDs for this particular Aviator. $1995
UU-1680  Very scarce Model 42 US Marine Corps trousers. One tiny hole to front thigh as shown. Otherwise choice!! $395
UU-1670  Scarce PT Boat Grouping for an enlisted man in Ron 15, which operated in the European Theater of Operations. Nice named set. 3 Jumpers, 2 with PT patches, trousers and wool pants. Scarce ETO set. with some basic research. $395
UU-1657  Wonderful Soldier Art Flight Jacket made from a fatigue shirt. Painted with the crest of the 4TH Fighter Interceptor Wing in Korea during 1952-3. Cut in the style of an Ike jacket. $395
UU-1654  Very interesting combat used and modified Field Jacket used as a Flight Jacket. Leather CBI shoulder patch. Shirt pocket sewn to the outside chest and wool collar added for warmth. Nicely named under the collar. "F.J. Hiele". Shows some soiling from actual use and wear. We have not tried to clean it. Typical cuff and pocket wear. $265
UU-1653  Great private purchase WWII 1ST Class Aviation enlisted jumper and trousers. Both have nice chain stitched name on both pieces. Great bullion patch with cross stitching. $110
UU-1638   WWII Mine Sweeper jumper, named on the interior. Very good condition overall. $90
UU-1618  Late War Marine Corps Amphibious Service Blouse with Australian made SSI. $75
UU-1615  WWII Flight Jacket made from a 41 Field Jacket. Leather name strip has been removed from the front, but still retains its blood chits on the interior. The jacket shows lots of use and wear. Zipper is not functional. $395
UU-1613  WWII 9TH Air Force Flight Surgeons uniform, named in tunic and trousers. Good condition overall. $295
UU-1611 Nice Officers 4TH Air Force Lt. Colonels Ike Jacket made from a 4 pocket jacket and modified by a Tailor. $75
UU-1603   15TH Air Force named Gunners tunic. $145 ON HOLD
UU-1597  WWII 10TH Mountain Division Officers tunic. Main patch is embroidered on felt. Un-named. $120
UU-1595   Clean WWII Naval aviators tunic and trousers. Very nice condition overall. Unresearched. $195
UU-1592  WWII WAVEs Tunic with collar insignia, Yeoman's rate and Discharge patch. Just lacks the front buttons. $135
UU-1578   WWII 10TH Mountain Troops Anorak, 2 sided. OD on 1 side and 1 white side. Very good condition overall showing actual use and wear. $225
UU-1571   Nice 15TH Air force 4 Pocket Aviators Uniform. Unfortunately not IDed. $175
UU-1565  Tailored Ike Jacket with blue backed 8TH Air Force Combat Crew wings. Very nice condition.  $185
UU-1562  Rare Australian made Amphibious Engineers battle jacket. Nice condition. custom interior pocket made from an Army sock. $195
UU-1529   VERY RARE Field Camouflaged cold weather overcoat. Reversible for snow camo on one side and green on the other. Red vehicle paint has been sprayed on. Some of these saw service in the Battle of the Bulge. This was just found in a flea market in Ohio. Choice condition overall with just light use. Don't miss this one.!!! $435
UU-1501   Nice 2ND Cavalry Officer's Uniform with named Model 1902 sword.  Nice research project. $350$SOLD$
UU-1487    Light weight General Officers Ike Jacket for a career Officer. His career is well documented online.  https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/107163/lieutenant-general-paul-s-emrick/    Some mothing as shown. $250
UU-1476   WWII Ploesti, Operation Tidal Wave Group. This group was from a Veteran from Connecticut and turned up about 10 years ago. I believe these items were peeled off from the main grouping to create a second group as the photocopies show. Nice 4 Pocket khaki uniform. The wing and ribbon bar has been added. The B-4 bag is named in several places. His Air Service overseas cap is from his time in training before he was commissioned. Rare opportunity to get a small group from a Pilot who flew the most daring Bombing Raid of WWII. $995 

UU-1473   WWII Civil Employee Uniform as worn by factory representatives for vehicles, aircraft, armaments and others. $120
UU-1470    Very interesting painted B-15 Flight Jacket back. The jacket must have been in terrible condition and so the painted back was removed from the jacket and framed. Nice artwork. $345
UU-1465  Nice WWII Armored enlisted sets with Bevo armored patches on both the tunic and shirt. Nice set of trousers. $175
UU-1458   WWII US Navy Deck Jacket. Good condition overall with the exception of the one stained sleeve as shown. Zipper is functional although bottom zipper tooth is a little loose. Will fit a size 38-40 approx. $395
UU-1443  Clean Air Force wool shirt. Good condition. $45
  UU-1442  Army Fatigue shirt. named on the interior. a couple of paint spots. $50
  UU-1434    WWII Marine Corps shirt. $40
UU-1353  WWII blue backed Gunner's tunic with pinback wings. Good condition overall. $135
UU-1338    WWII OD Wool Trousers with 1941 Cotton belt. Not perfect, but a nice set. $55
UU-1303    Khaki shirt with English made Airborne Troop Carrier SSI, rank and overseas stripes. Nice overall, except for brown toning across shoulders. $95
UU-1279   WWII OD wool shirt with interesting Aviator embroidered Gunner's wing, outlined in yellow thread. $100
UU-1267   779TH Armored Ike Jacket. Name was recorded when purchased. 2 photos of the Veteran were found in the pocket. Rare patch!! $295






UU-1241  WWII English Tailored Ike Jacket, made from a cut down 4 Pocket Service Tunic. British made Ribbon Bars. Nice condition except for some small holes to the cuff as shown and a few scattered pin holes. $225
UU-1240    Very nice B-14 enlisted Man's Flight Jacket with English made 8TH AAF SSI and Overseas stripes. Good condition overall. $325


UU-1235 WWII Para Marine Vest worn under the Jump Smock. $165


UU-1225   Great 9TH Air Force Ike Jacket with very high quality bullion patches. $195
UU- 1191   Very rare WWII USMC female fatigue jacket. These are quite scarce. Missing 2 of the factory plastic buttons. $195






UU-1136  Womens'  WAC M43 Field Jacket with 7TH Army Shoulder Sleeve insignia. Good condition overall, just lacks label. $90
UU-1132  Great Staff Sgt wool enlisted shirt with embroidered on felt 8TH and 9TH Air Force patches. Excellent condition. $95
UU-1122   Great Gunners Ike Jacket for Sergeant who served in the 8TH and 9TH Air Forces. Mix of English and US Insignia. Just needs a nice set of Wings. $240
UU-1111  Clean 9TH Division Ike Jacket with shoulder cord. Named. $110
UU-1018   WWII Army Service Trousers. Good condition. $55
UU-992   Great set of WWII enlisted trousers with 1946 date. Good size with belt. $35
UU-841 WWII Cold weather wool lined trousers. Show actual use and washing. $50
UU-738  Nice set of WWII Trousers with belt, measuring  30 X 33. Tiny repair to back cuff otherwise very nice. $45


  UU- 685a   Super clean issue OD Wool trousers. Size approx. 30 X 33. $50








UU-595a  Type E-1 High Altitude Trousers in a HUGE!! Size 46!! Choice. $95




  UU- 507  Officers chocolate Trousers. 28 inch waist. $50
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