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 WWII Uniforms
UU-2199  Very rare ,A-2 Flight Jacket with full liner and and label. Shows extensive wear. Sports a Wartime sewn 101ST Airborne breast patch. Collar is very worn and frayed and there are a couple of other tears. There are loads of photos of Airborne troops with A-2s. I wish this one was named!!  $695 $SOLD$
UU-2198  Very nice B-15 Flight Jacket showing light to moderate overall use. Very nice jacket overall with just some wear to the cuffs. $450
UU-2197    Very nice 8TH Air Force Women's overseas made Ike Jacket with wool liner for field trousers, sometimes worn as trousers. A few scattered repairs. Very small size as shown. $345
UU-2196  Fantastic A-2, 446TH Bomb Group, 8TH Air Force Flight Jacket. Exc condition overall. Just some slight damage to the wool knits, the largest area on the front edge near the zipper. Fantastic English made squadron patch. $1250
UU-2195  Very nice 22ND Bomb Group, 33RD Bomb Squadron, Model 41 Field Jacket used as a Flight Jacket. Jacket is well used and back has some fading. 31 Mission Bombs and the Viking Group insignia inked in Red and Black on the reverse. The Squadron patch featuring a Dragon is hand painted on a dense cotton fabric showing moderate use. The second patch, a group patch was a later addition, possibly cut from his flight bag after return home. The canvas seems consistent with a B-4 Flight Bag. Zipper has some damage to the bottom, otherwise functional. $1795

UU-2193  WW2 Women's HBT shirt and trousers. Jacket appears to be a size 38 chest. The trousers appear to be a Medium.. Both have plastic buttons. $350
UU-2192  WW2 Nurses Uniform. Includes Nurse Corps Tunic with skirt and pinkish tan Officers shirt. $395
UU-2190   WW2 Officers Cotton khaki shirt. $50
UU-2189  Very clean Officers khaki wool shirt. $55
UU-2188  WW2 Women's tan shirt. $75
UU-2184  WW2 Navy Grouping for a Sailor Involved with IBM Machines. Scarce. $135
UU-2182   Type E-1 Inner Flying Trousers. Some moth bites. $75
UU-2179  WW2 Enlisted Wool shirt. Officers rank and MP insignia. $50
UU-2178  Choice 10TH Armored enlisted shirt. $50
UU-2177  WW2 "Pink" Officers shirt. $50
UU-2175  WW2 Wool enlisted shirt. $55
UU-2174  WW2 Marine Corps Corporals shirt. $45
UU-2173  Post WW2 Field Trousers. Nice size. $45
UU-2172  Historic 8TH Air Force Pilots grouping with fantastic letter written to the original purchaser describing his service in his own words. Includes fully badged 4 pocket Officers tunic with Sterling wings and British made ribbon bars. Loads of paperwork includes his flight records, orders, training and travel paperwork. He completed 30 missions but he kept the "Lucky Bastard" certificate, providing a copy. I am sure some research would turn up some better photos of this aircraft. Will make one hell of a display! $895$SOLD$

UU-2171  Fantastic CBI Bomber Gunners Uniform and Flight Jacket Set. Amazing A-2 Jacket. with leather CBI patch and leather 14TH Air Force shoulder patch. 375TH Bomb Squadron patch on the front with painted skull and crossbones above. Tunic was CBI and 14TH Air Force bullion patches, similar badged shirt is also present. His full serial number is present and it appears his last name begins with "C". Serial number is 368-64-664. Fantastic condition. Needs additional research. $3995
UU-2170  Very rare Womens WW2 Civil Air Patrol Uniform and Flight Jacket Grouping. Includes MINT B-15A Flight Jacket with CAP tunic, skirts and cap. Also tie, Air Service belt and unit photo!  Very rare set. $750$SOLD$
UU-2169  WW2 Officers aviation shirt. $65$SOLD$
UU-2168  WW2 Issue shirt. Very nice. $65
UU-2167A  WW2 Issue Trousers. $60
UU-2167  Khaki Cotton trousers. These have been tailored to 38 x 26. $40
UU-2166  Khaki Cotton trousers. These have been tailored to 35 x 26. $40
UU-2165   Khaki Cotton trousers. These have been tailored to 35 x 25. $40
UU-2162  Fantastic CBI Theater grouping for Corporal William Von Zintl. Includes, 4 pocket badged tunic with Air Crew Wing, trousers. Shirt with great In Country hand embroidered wing. Visor cap is also present with a fantastic inscribed belt with his name and nickname, "Babu Bearer". Fantastic complete set in excellent condition. $335  $SOLD$
UU-2161  WW2 Air Corps tunic with "Pink" trousers and Air Corps belt. $180
UU-2160  WW2 Air Corps Officers shirt with Sterling shirt wing. $80
UU-2158  WW2 Khaki Cotton, WAAC Skirt. Approx Size16. $80
UU-2156  WW2 Women's 41 Field Jacket. Excellent condition overall. 38 inch chest which is probably a Women's Size 12 or 13?  $325
UU-2155  WW2 29TH Division fatigue shirt with 13 star buttons. Nice condition overall. $295$SOLD$
UU-2153  WW2 Frog skin Camo suit. These were worn in the Pacific until they realized they were just too hot to wear. Missing the suspenders. One L shaped repair. A couple of tiny holes. $440$SOLD$
UU-2147  101ST Airborne Ike Jacket with 1ST initial of the last name plus 4 digits. Just post WW2. $245
UU-2145  Scarce Petty Officers Wartime Gray tunic and hat. Choice condition. $140
UU-2144  WW2 M-43 Field Jacket in excellent condition, named to an Army Major. $220
UU-2143  WW2 Wool Doeskin Officers Overcoat. Size 38 Long. $95
UU-2142  WW2 Women's Field Jacket Liner, frequently worn by itself. Mint unissued, Size 14. $75ON HOLD
UU-2139    WW2 Women's Shirt. $70
UU-2134  WW2 Trench Coat with a Nurses Serial Number. About mint. $135
UU-2126    WW2 Nurses khaki shirt. $75
UU-2117  WW2 Women's Shirt. $70
UU-2103   Mint, un issued WW2 Women's fatigue shirt with 13 star buttons. . $185
UU-2102  WWII 1ST Pattern, Mackinaw, "Jeep Coat" in almost unworn condition. About mint a size 38-40. Really a clean jacket. $275
UU-2097  WW2 Women's Wool Trousers. Exc condition. $100
UU-2093  WW2 Women's Field Trousers for wear with the Field Jacket. Choice condition. $85
UU-2092  Exceptionally RARE!! AVG Flying Tigers Pilots Blouse. Nicely named to Clarendon, Texas resident, PJ Greene and dated 1940. The Tailor is Frank Bros. of San Antonio, TX. Excellent condition overall. The Chinese Wing is a collector copy and is NOT original. It has just been added for display.
              After completing his flight training in San Antonio at Randolph Field, he became a flight instructor their. He joined the AVG with RT Smith and served with him in the 3RD Squadron, "Hells Angels" and was in combat in December 1941. He had 2 aerial victories and was shot down once in China. After the AVG was disbanded he returned to the Army and became Squadron Commander of the 97TH Fighter Squadron in Italy. 
              These jackets were the ones worn over to China. The last photo shows his buddy "RT" Smith and Chuck Older receiving decorations in China in early 1942 and you can see that they are wearing their service blouses. Extremely RARE opportunity to own the uniform of a real Flying Tiger. $3995

UU-2090  WW2 WAAC Tunic and Skirt. Very nice condition overall. $270
UU-2088  WW2 Marine Corps Vandergrift Ike style Jacket. Named to two different Marines. $80
UU-2084  Very nice Women's WW2 WAAC or Army Nurse corps Overcoat. Appears to be named to 2 different women. $150
UU-2082   Model 41 Field Jacket is good condition overall. Wear to collar as shown. Some wear to cuffs, but very nice. Named to "Robert Riebow". I found an Aviation Cadet with that name, needs more research. About a size 48-50. $425
UU-2078  WW2 Women's Model 1943 Field Jacket. Choice condition overall, accept for two small square stains from leather backing, bleeding through the cotton duck.. $150
UU-2075  WW2 Summer Flight Suit. Very nice condition. $150ON HOLD
UU-2072  Fantastic Model 41 Field Jacket. Excellent condition overall. Fantastic SIZE 50!! Don't miss this one. $495
UU-2069  WW2 Naval Aviator tunic. Nicely identified on the interior. Some quick research shows he entered service in 1943, completed flight training in 1944. Not sure where he was stationed. Needs some additional research. $225
UU-2068  WW2 US Airborne Jump Jacket. Good salty condition. Looks like this Soldier just came out of he bush after fighting for 60 days. Various field repairs. It appears the main zipper was replaced. The knife zippers are original. Jacket has the stamp of the 1ST initial of the last name and the last 4 digits of the serial number. Lacks waist belt. $1495  $SOLD$
UU-2065  WW2 Navy Sheepskin Flight Jacket. USN stencil under the collar is present but very light. Label is missing as shown. Good overall. $250
UU-2062  4TH Marine Division Officer 41 Field Jacket. Good condition overall. Lacks zipper carrier and break to track as shown. Obviously not seen when buttoned up. Some Marine Forest Green paint on cuffs. Shows lots of actual use and wear. Absolutely 100% untouched. Most likely worn on Iwo Jima!!  $675$SOLD$

UU-2056  Named 1ST Marine Division 4 pocket Wool Service Blouse. Very nice condition overall. $235
UU-2055  WWII Flight Suit. Green wool, good condition. $150
UU-2052   WWII Civil Employee Uniform as worn by factory representatives for vehicles, aircraft, armaments and others. $120
UU-2051  WWI Wool Trousers. $60
UU-2048  Very nice named 88TH Division Engineer. The collar disc is for Headquarters Company of the 88TH Division, Engineer Battalion. Named on the interior with last 4 digits of serial number. $395
UU-2046   Very interesting WWII Aviation Mechanics shirt with customized patches. $80
UU-2042  42ND Division Ike Jacket with paper tag, dog tags and old collectors file cards. In addition to the 42ND Division he also served with the 5TH Infantry Regiment in the occupation of Austria. $250
UU-2040  Very Scarce P42 Camouflage Marine Corps Fatigue Trousers. These show actual use and wear. Green side has a few paint spots, green and white. Tan side is very clean. Two small tears to leg as shown. Original trouser belt in matching worn condition. Very nice. $895
UU-2035  Very nice Ike Jacket with bullion 78TH Div SSI on one sleeve and a 1ST Division on the right. Zipper has been added. No name. $220
UU-2030   WWII Ploesti, Operation Tidal Wave Group. This group was from a Veteran from Connecticut and turned up about 10 years ago. I believe these items were peeled off from the main grouping to create a second group as the photocopies show. Nice 4 Pocket khaki uniform. The wing and ribbon bar has been added. The B-4 bag is named in several places. His Air Service overseas cap is from his time in training before he was commissioned. Rare opportunity to get a small group from a Pilot who flew the most daring Bombing Raid of WWII. $895 

UU-2019  Named WWII Navy Corpsman blouse with ribbon bar. Stenciled name on the interior. Small paint swipes on the front as shown. $175
UU-2015  Exceptionally RARE, Japanese War Crimes Tribunal AND Nuremburg German War Crimes Trials. This Officer was from Baltimore and was assigned to be on the Defense Team for General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the so called, "Tiger of Malaya" during some of WW2's first high visibility War Crimes. Yamashita obviously was found guilty, and hung. Film footage of the trial and the hanging are available online. He was then sent to Berlin to participate in the German war Crimes Trials. As they only wear khakis during WW2 in Japan, he had to have uniforms made in Berlin, Germany when he arrived. He was also involved with the management of the Military Government in Berlin in 1947. Only JAG Officers group I have ever seen for a Lawyer involved with the punishment of War Criminals. Berlin made 4 pocket tunic with amazing direct embroidered bullion US and JAG insignia. Berlin made trousers.  $925

UU-2008  Unusual, very large pants, made from Marine Corps camo. Wearer must have been over 6 feet in height. $235
UU-2001  Amazing Chinese blue wool embroidered tour jacket with blue silk lining. Fantastic dragons on both chest pockets and a larger one on the reverse. Choice condition overall. $295
UU-1999 Late ww2-1949 Aviation Chief Petty Officers Uniform set. $85
UU-1997  Tank Destroyer Offer Uniform. Identified with all three initials and last 4 of serial number so it should be researchable. $210
UU-1993   WWII Naval Officers Rain trench coat. $95
UU-1979  Nice named WW2 US Marine corps Women's tunic. Very good condition overall. She was from Norfolk, VA and enlisted in 1943 and served through the end of the War. $245
UU-1978  Very nice theater altered Ike Jacket. Nice overall. $195
UU-1971  Korean War US Marine Corps, Corpsman's fatigue shirt. Nicely named. Good condition overall. $165
UU-1968    Very nice WW2 Flight Suit. One tiny "L" shaped tear, about 1 inch in length. Suit shows actual use and wear, but is very clean overall. $150
UU-1964   WWII 10TH Mountain Troops Anorak, 2 sided. OD on 1 side and 1 white side. Very good condition overall showing actual use and wear. $185
UU-1961  Scarce WWII Naval Officers tunic in haze gray. This Officer evidently received 2 awards of the Silver Star. Jacket was made in Pensacola so possible flight personal. Not named. $220
UU-1951   779TH Armored Ike Jacket. Name was recorded when purchased. 2 photos of the Veteran were found in the pocket. Rare patch!! $245






UU-1947  Very interesting combat used and modified Field Jacket used as a Flight Jacket. Leather CBI shoulder patch. Shirt pocket sewn to the outside chest and wool collar added for warmth. Nicely named under the collar. "F.J. Hiele". Shows some soiling from actual use and wear. We have not tried to clean it. Typical cuff and pocket wear. $235
UU-1946  Exceptionally rare US Navy "USN 37J" Flight Jacket in calf skin. Very thin, soft leather. 1920s construction with original waist band and collar. Cuffs appear to be 1940s replacements. Aviators are seen wearing these during the 20s-30s in various patterns. Lacks the liner so it is tough to determine maker. Some damage as show, but a VERY rare jacket. $495
UU-1943  WWII Naval Field Jacket. USN stenciled on the chest. $225
UU-1939  WWII Hospital Corpsmans 3RD Class jumper. $80
UU-1937   WWII OD wool shirt with interesting Aviator embroidered Gunner's wing, outlined in yellow thread. $80
UU-1916  Scarce L1-A post WWII blue wool flight suit. Tough to find. $135
UU-1915  Extra Lightweight, US Marine and Navy summer flying suit. $95
UU-1894  WWII English Tailored Ike Jacket, made from a cut down 4 Pocket Service Tunic. British made Ribbon Bars. Nice condition except for some small holes to the cuff as shown and a few scattered pin holes. $215
UU-1872  Late WWII Women's fatigue trousers. Wreath buttons are silver in color. Button fly has been replaced with a zipper. $145
UU-1854  Pair of Navy Jumpers for a 1ST Class Petty Officer detailed to Submarines. Unfortunately the blouses are not named. Nice Sub cruise badge. $250
UU-1841  Model 1941 US Marine Corps fatigue jacket with stenciled name across the front. Well used in the field. Field applied inked rank. $225
UU-1796   WWII Navy Chief Petty Officer's Uniform made in Sydney Australia. $145
UU-1789  WWII American Red Cross Womens Tunic. Good condition overall. $225ON HOLD
UU-1761  Scarce, 1945, nylon, US Navy/ Marine Corps flight suit. Excellent condition. $195
UU-1748  Very nice 9TH Engineer Command tunic with great embroidered on felt SSI. Sterling silver wings are worn on the chest. We don't know what the history of the tunic is, but when it was pulled out of the woodwork, they were there. Nice high ranking set. $225
UU-1729  WWII Air Cadets 4 pocket tunic with collar insignia. After training the circular cuff patch would be removed. $125
UU-1695  Women Officers overcoat with Nurses serial number on the interior. Civilian service patch on shoulder and greenish blue shoulder straps, possible Red Cross use. $150
UU-1689  WWII US Navy Submariners CPO Jacket and Trousers. Missing the buttons, but makes up fro it with a beautiful silver bullion Submariners badge. a very interesting set. $225
UU-1638   WWII Mine Sweeper jumper, named on the interior. Very good condition overall. $90
UU-1592  WWII WAVEs Tunic with collar insignia, Yeoman's rate and Discharge patch. Just lacks the front buttons. $135
UU-1565  Tailored Ike Jacket with blue backed 8TH Air Force Combat Crew wings. Very nice condition.  $185
UU-1487    Light weight General Officers Ike Jacket for a career Officer. His career is well documented online.  https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/107163/lieutenant-general-paul-s-emrick/    Some mothing as shown. $250
  UU-1434    WWII Marine Corps shirt. $40
UU-1240    Very nice B-14 enlisted Man's Flight Jacket with English made 8TH AAF SSI and Overseas stripes. Good condition overall. $325


UU-1235 WWII Para Marine Vest worn under the Jump Smock. $165


UU- 1191   Very rare WWII USMC female fatigue jacket. These are quite scarce. Missing 2 of the factory plastic buttons. $195






UU-1018   WWII Army Service Trousers. Good condition. $55
UU-992   Great set of WWII enlisted trousers with 1946 date. Good size with belt. $35
UU-738  Nice set of WWII Trousers with belt, measuring  30 X 33. Tiny repair to back cuff otherwise very nice. $45


  UU- 685a   Super clean issue OD Wool trousers. Size approx. 30 X 33. $50 $SOLD$








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