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 WWII Uniforms
UU-1590  Great WWII Ike from the Occupation of Germany in 1946. Great bullion patches. $265
UU-1589  WWII P-42 US Marine Corps Trousers. $185ON HOLD
UU-1588  Fantastic WWII Gunners Ike for an Airman who served in the 8TH and 9TH Air Forces. Great blue backed bullion Air Gunners wing. $395

UU-1587    EXTREMLY RARE 82nd Airborne/ former 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion officer Ike Jacket  This is a very rare find, as it surfaced from the woodwork, nothing added or removed.  This 82nd Airborne Division Captain had prior service with the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion.  The wearers right shoulder has the ULTRA_RARE theater made 551st PIB bullion patch, denoting prior service in the unit.  The wearer’s left and ‘current unit’ shoulder patch is a gorgeous theater made 82nd AB Division bullion patch.  The 551st PIB was disbanded towards the end of the war and many of its cadre were re-assigned to the 82nd AB Division.  The Ike jacket also has a beautiful theater made bullion parachute wings, pin-back sterling marked CIB, overseas bars (appear theater made), and brass.  The Ike jacket is missing it’s ribbon, one Captains bar, and one crossed Infantry rifles collar insignia.  The missing insignia were most likely removed to be placed in a shadow box / display, and have gone missing to time.  This surfaced “as is” many years ago out of an estate-sale.  Unfortunately, at the time of the garments acquisition, no effort was made to record the name or inquire about anything additional that might have belonged to the veteran, as was many time the case in the past.  The uniform has the name of the first wearer inside the sleeve. The garment had been turned in and drawn from stores by this Officer. A very rare opportunity, do not miss it! $4895 ON HOLD


UU-1586  WWII US Marine Corps Women's tunic, skirt and cap. Just lacks the front buttons.  $235$SOLD$
    UU-1585  Choice WWII US Marine P42 Fatigue Jacket. $175  ON HOLD
UU-1584  WWII US Marine P42 Fatigue Jacket. $135
UU-1583   Choice WWII US Marine P42 Fatigue Jacket. $145$SOLD$
UU-1582    Fantastic WWII, 787TH Bomb Squadron, 468TH Bomb Group, 8TH Air Force, Radio Operator /Gunner B-24 Crewman's trunk grouping. Includes named tunic and trousers, 2 shirts, visor cap, notebook with mission list, personal items, sun glasses, flight bag in case, caps and a great personal account by the upper turret gunner telling the story of this aviators B-24, "Earthquake Magoon and Daisy Mae". Really a fantastic set all contained in his named footlocker. $950ON HOLD
UU-1581   Fantastic 96TH Fighter Squadron, 82ND Fighter Group, Pilots A-2 Jacket with great history. 4 victories and a great combat history. Jacket is in very nice condition overall with original zipper, liner and knits. Some damage to waist band and cuffs as shown. Great patch. Rare to find a jacket with such great combat history!!  $2495$SOLD$
UU-1580  Private purchase A-2 Flight Jacket with fantastic painted Airborne jump wings across the back. Zipper does not work. Too bad the condition is so rough. Tears to the shoulders and below the collar. $495
UU-1578   WWII 10TH Mountain Troops Anorak, 2 sided. OD on 1 side and 1 white side. Very good condition overall showing actual use and wear. $225
UU-1577   Fantastic Late War Combat Cargo Grouping. Fantastic A-2 Flight Jacket with multi piece leather squadron patch and leather embossed name strip. Also includes his B-15 Flight Jacket with leather name strip. Fantastic private purchase CBI patched boots, 2 Aviators brief cases, loaded with paperwork. About 70% is post War. But wartime paperwork includes squadron assignment and flight log sheets. A couple of nice badged out shirts and a white aviators scarf with dragon round out this set. $3295$SOLD$
UU-1576   Fantastic 8TH Air Force Grouping with wonderful painted A-2 Flight Jacket. Expertly painted B-17 with name in script across the shoulders. mission bombs below. Also included is his Ike Jacket and 4 Pocket. These have been stripped, but the pin on insignia has been put on for photo purposes. These include his blue backed combat crew wings and caterpillar club pin. Jacket was worn by 2 others before this Gunner received it. One badged shirt is present with trousers. Some great crew shots and a nice photo album loaded with photos. Great signed "Short Snorter", escape compass, bail out maps packet with maps. "Lucky Bastard" Certificate, Caterpillar Club Letter, Modern. There are a couple of 452ND Bomb Group Histories from the 1970s-80s. This includes a story of this Gunner and his crew. Original paperwork, dog tags, wings and much, much more!!! 2 Photo albums document life in England and missions. Scrapbook has newspaper clippings about his crew and other local people. There are also some individual sheets describing missions including the one they were shot down. The only real flaw is the paint on the front of the A-2. It appears the front of the jacket had a girlfriends name or some other inscription which was removed by the Veteran, most likely with gasoline of thinner. He then used some type of brown paint to re-color the small area on the front of the jacket.. I don't think it came out as he had wished, which most likely accounts for the excellent condition on the rear, as he most likely did not wear it too much. Really one of the nicest large groupings that also had a deluxe A-2 that we have offered. $5895
UU-1575 P-51 Mustang Fighter Pilots 359TH Fighter Group, 370TH Fighter Squadron, 8TH AAF grouping. This Pilot received confirmation for 2 aerial victories. Includes named A-2 Flight Jacket and named 4 Pocket Officers tunic. Includes original photos, mission maps, Air Medal and more. Very nice condition overall. Some research provided for this Co - Pilot and his missions. Great set!! $1495  $SOLD$
UU-1574   95TH Bomb Group, 334TH Bomb SquadronA-2 Flight Jacket  with 2 photos with Veterans 1980s unit history. There is also a photo of the Veteran as an elderly gentleman with a friend in front of a B-17. $650  $SOLD$
UU-1573  British made red Lined Ike Jacket for a 5.5 Victory Ace. Excellent condition overall with some research provided. $595SOLD$
UU-1572   101ST Airborne set of tunic and cap. Unfortunately there is no ID on either. Just a nice original 101ST display set. $395
UU-1571   Nice 15TH Air force 4 Pocket Aviators Uniform. Unfortunately not IDed. $175
UU-1570  Fantastic painted B-15 Jacket obtained directly from the Widow of the Pilot by a noted Flight Jacket collector. The jacket is in choice, almost mint condition. The painted patches and rear painting show almost no wear. Evidently the jacket was not worn after this Veteran returned and it is preserved in almost new condition. Once in a lifetime for a B-15 like this. Usually they are quite worn. $4995$SOLD$
UU-1569  Fantastic WWII Yank in the RCAF. Includes 1942 dated RCAF Pilots tunic, trousers, visor cap, overseas cap. The other tunic is his US Air Force Captain's Uniform. Includes tunic, trousers and 2 visor caps. Most components are named. Very nice condition overall.  Named to "W.G.Fowler". I owned this quite a few years ago and we did locate the Pilot. I don't remember much about what we found, but it was nothing exceptional, just one mention. The RCAF men are not as easy to research as the ones that entered the RAF. Great set, worth researching. $1495
UU-1568   B-26 Marauder, 9TH Air Force, Pilots Grouping. Includes his named A-2 Flight Jacket. Very nice condition, but zipper does not work as it is missing the carrier. Original paperwork, medals, insignia, patches, dog tags, ribbon bars, British made rank bars, and photo of the Veteran in uniform as an old man. Two overseas caps. $895$SOLD$
UU-1567  Fantastic CBI Flight Jacket with great leather, AF, CBI and Squadron patches. $1295
UU-1566  Well used A-2 Flight Jacket. This shows lots of actual use and wear. Tagged size 42. Some tears to lining, some holes to wool knits. $425$SOLD$
UU-1565  Tailored Ike Jacket with blue backed 8TH Air Force Combat Crew wings. Very nice condition.  $185
UU-1564   Super Rare!! 14TH Air Force 4 pocket with unbelievable tiger patch, bullion and thread on velvet. Named on the interior. $395ON HOLD
UU-1563  Wonderful CPO Submariner's tan jacket. Great embroidered dolphins. $175$SOLD$
UU-1562  Rare Australian made Amphibious Engineers battle jacket. Nice condition. custom interior pocket made from an Army sock. $195
UU-1561  A-2 Flight Jacket. This one shows loads of use and wear. Interestingly it is inscribed to THREE different aviators!! Should be a great research project. Cuffs and waistband are 1950s replacements. $395
UU-1558  WWII Tan Petty Officer Tunic with Submariners badge on the cuff. $195$SOLD$
UU-1557  Post WWII US Navy G-1 Flight Jacket. $225
UU-1556  WWII Camo "Frog Suit" Some wear to cuffs on bottom, otherwise excellent. $295
UU-1555    WWII US army Ski Troops Parka. Very nice condition overall. $155
UU-1554  WWII US Army Ski Troops Pants .  Choice condition. $295
UU-1553  Size 38 A-2 Flight Jacket with great color jacket and red wool knits. Functional zipper. Lacks tag. $595
UU-1550  P-44 US Marine Corps fatigue top in excellent condition. $225
UU-1547  WWII English made Ike Jacket with great bullion 8TH AAF patch, English made Gaunt wings and Gaunt "US" collar insignia. Great tunic.  $395$SOLD$

This is a fantastic untouched grouping formerly belonging to an American who had volunteered in the RCAF prior to the United States entering the war and later transferred to the USAAF where he flew P-47 Thunderbolts for the famous 56th Fighter Group, aka: “Zemke’s Wolfpack” , named after their legendary commander Col. Hub Zemke.  Dual air force groups are extremely rare and this group is exceptionally rare in that it contains, along with the USAAF blouse, and Ike Jacket, his RCAF blouse with the USA volunteer insignia.  To find an untouched ‘Commonwealth Volunteer’ named blouse to an American is rare, let alone, one with all original wartime applied insignia.  This blouse is a gorgeous specimen displaying Warrant Officer 2nd Class sleeve crowns (inside the sleeves one can observe the remnants of Flight Sergeant’s chevrons before he was promoted), RCAF pilot’s wings, and the very rare USA volunteer eagle chevrons on both shoulders.  Original USA insignia is scarce, worn attributed specimens almost never surface.  The tunic is well marked inside to include his serial number, which can be referenced in the original paperwork included with the grouping.   The grouping further contains his untouched AAF officers blouse  with RCAF pilots wings over the wearer’s right pocket, sterling pin-back AAF pilots wings over the wearer’s left pocket, English made 8th AAF sleeve insignia, F/O ranks, DUC, and collar brass.  His Ike Jacket is similarly badged with ribbon bars. The tunic contains Edward’s laundry number (first initial and last 4 digits of his ASN) stamped into the lining, as well as his full name inked into the lining (a bit faded with time).  The group further contains original paperwork, to include Edward’s RCAF flight log book, USAAF Discharge document, Western Union telegrams,  letters, etc. This grouping was split up many years ago and when we offered this for sale last year, the Ike jacket seen here with unit history were reunited with the RCAF and 4 Pocket after many years.  $2395 

  56th Fighter Group material is very rare, and there is a wonderful website dedicated to the 56th FG  which includes history, squadron rosters, many photos, etc.  Edward Poulos can be located in the 63rd Squadron roster/photo page:  http://www.56thfightergroup.co.uk/63pilots/kuhn-wisniewski/index.html    After the war, Edward practiced law, became a judge, and entered local politics in Long Island, NY.  By preliminary research conducted he was very well known in the Long Island, NY area and was much revered.    To start please reference the following newspaper articles from the late 60’s and early 70”:  http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn94057939/1968-10-24/ed-1/seq-12.pdf  and http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn94057939/2009-05-22/ed-1/seq-9.pdf


UU-1542   Extremely RARE! 474TH Anti Aircraft Battalion Uniform. This unit was classified as self propelled and consisted of half tracks with quad 50 machine guns. They landed on Normandy on June 6TH, with the 4TH Division, and provided air defense against German fighter aircraft attacking the beach head. They served with distinction throughout France and Germany. The DIs are cast metal German made DIs and hand painted. The shoulder patch is also German made. Unfortunately the patch was removed from the uniform and placed in a frame for a display. You can see the shadow of wear the patch once was. It is currently pinned on and could be re-attached. The trousers are also present. The first initial of the last name with last 4 digits of the serial number is inscribed in the Ike jacket. Very RARE set. $1195
UU-1539  CBI Bush Jacket. Very good condition overall. Just lacks the belt. $100
UU-1538   Very nice 602ND Bombardment Squadron A-2 Flight Jacket and Uniform set. The front of this jacket features a set of painted Pilot wings with a central skull, his nickname, "Ziggy" and a fantastic Disney Studios 602ND Bomb Squadron patch with the character, "Goofy" in Irish garb. Jacket is a large size in good condition overall. Zipper is broken and missing the carrier. Unfortunately the artwork was removed from the back. The name of the aircraft is  "Miazziz Dragon" pronounced, "My ass is dragging" and has been removed. Still legible, just barely is "So Long, Asshole". Sometimes the artwork or aircraft names were just too objectionable for the folks back home. The Pilot inscribed the interior with his name as well as the names of the crew and their positions on the aircraft. There is a visor cap and headset. These were most likely added to the display.  Very nice Ike jacket , some small damage to the shoulder patch, otherwise very nice. the 4 pocket jacket has a fantastic 8TH AF bullion SSI. The coat itself has some scattered moth bites. $2995 $SOLD$
UU-1535  Very rare 9TH Photo Reconnaissance Squadron, 10TH Air Force, Aerial Photographers grouping. Includes the 4 pocket tunic with first letter of last name and last 4 digits of the serial number. Bullion CBI shoulder patch, embroidered on felt photographers cuff patch. Flight jacket is a modified M41 Field Jacket with has been trimmed in leather in China or India. Phenomenal CBI made squadron patch. This unit served between 1942 and 1945. Shows actual use and field wear. Great identified portrait photo and set of dog tags. The additional photos are of this photographer are not present but can be found online at the squadrons website. There is also the a photo of his Piggy Back certificate in reference to the 2 seat versions of their P-38/ F-4 Lightning Observation aircraft. They also had a (3) B-25s and a BT-13A. Extremely rare set!!!  More information can be found at www.9th.photorecon.org

UU-1534  WWII 8TH Air Force Officers tunic. Very nice condition. $185
UU-1530    Very nice 8TH Air Force Navigators set for a member of the 571ST Bomb Squadron, 390TH Bomb Group.. Named Ike Jacket and semi soft crusher. Some basic online research has been done and missions and crew shot are shown. He is the shorter man standing in the back row. English made ribbon bar, high quality Navigators wing. English made patch. Great set. $395$SOLD$
UU-1529   VERY RARE Field Camouflaged cold weather overcoat. Reversible for snow camo on one side and green on the other. Red vehicle paint has been sprayed on. Some of these saw service in the Battle of the Bulge. This was just found in a flea market in Ohio. Choice condition overall with just light use. Don't miss this one.!!! $435
UU-1527   Scarce WWII Ike Jacket for a Staff Sgt in the 69TH and then the 78TH Division. Wonderful bullion CIB. Leadership stripes etc.. $250
  UU-1526   Scarce B-14 Flight Jacket identified to "Christian P. Holmstrup" who became an Officer in 1943. Needs additional research. Must be a very early jacket as it has never had a neck label. $165
UU-1523  P-44 Camo US Marine Corps Fatigue shirt. Good condition overall, showing actual use and wear. $395
UU-1499  A-2, 8TH Air Force,  Flight Jacket from a Lieutenant on the "Flak Haven". This Officer flew 32 Combat missions over France and Germany. Name strip is unfortunately missing. Very nice overall. Replaced cuffs and waistband. $2095
UU-1498  Fantastic CBI, "Hump Pilot" A-2 Flight Jacket. Great AF and CBI multi piece leather shoulder patches, painted on leather ATC Squadron patch, with 11 stenciled camels representing "Hump" missions. Lining was some wear. Cuffs and waistband have been replaced. About a size 44. $1850 
UU-1518  P44 US Marine Corps Camo Fatigue Trousers in almost mint condition. Tough to find, this clean. $595
UU-1516  Nice 29TH Division Ike Jacket, choice condition, original insignia. $170
Image result for "457th bomb group" patch
UU-1515   Very interesting WWII Pilots A-2 Flight Jacket with research. Jacket has undergone some restoration. It had a badly damaged liner, which has been replaced with a new one. The named part was removed and stitched inside. The 749TH Bomb squadron patch and name plate were also replaced. The well worn 457TH Bomb Group patch on the wearer's right, is original to the jacket. I have included a photo of an unworn patch so that the design can be shown. This patch is shown for reference and is not included. There are some great reproduced color photos of his crew and their aircraft including a shot of him wearing this very jacket. Some research completed including mission reports. Restored but very nice!! $995
UU-1512    8TH Air Force ike Jacket. Good condition overall. $75
UU-1508  Rare 9TH Air Force Flying 8 Balls "Air Traffic Controller's Ike Jacket/ British Battle Jacket. Corporals rank, with VERY rare squadron patch applied to the back of the jacket. Really a great custom jacket, made for going out on the town. $695
UU-1506   WWII named 1ST Cavalry Division Captain's uniform. Nice condition overall. A few scattered moth nips. $100
UU-1501   Nice 2ND Cavalry Officer's Uniform with named Model 1902 sword.  Nice research project. $350
UU-1487    Light weight General Officers Ike Jacket for a career Officer. His career is well documented online.  https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/107163/lieutenant-general-paul-s-emrick/    Some mothing as shown. $250
UU-1478  WWII Painted Navy Sheepskin Flight Jacket with white outline image of Vargas Girl. Jacket is in excellent condition overall, but zipper is rusted and cannot be zipped up. Sheepskin has no blowouts or tears. $795
UU-1476   WWII Ploesti, Operation Tidal Wave Group. This group was from a Veteran from Connecticut and turned up about 10 years ago. I believe these items were peeled off from the main grouping to create a second group as the photocopies show. Nice 4 Pocket khaki uniform. The wing and ribbon bar has been added. The B-4 bag is named in several places. His Air Service overseas cap is from his time in training before he was commissioned. Rare opportunity to get a small group from a Pilot who flew the most daring Bombing Raid of WWII. $545 

UU-1474   Set of Officer's uniforms which belonged to an Infantry Officer in the 353RD Infantry of the 83RD Division. After combat service with the 89TH Division he transferred  to SHAEF, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. Nice named set with extra insignia and 3 hats. Letter from the collector outlining its origin. Hat is a very large size but lacks chinstrap and side buttons.$395
UU-1473   WWII Civil Employee Uniform as worn by factory representatives for vehicles, aircraft, armaments and others. $120
UU-1470    Very interesting painted B-15 Flight Jacket back. The jacket must have been in terrible condition and so the painted back was removed from the jacket and framed. Nice artwork. $345
UU-1465  Nice WWII Armored enlisted sets with Bevo armored patches on both the tunic and shirt. Nice set of trousers. $175
UU-1461  Fantastic theater made leather Flight Jacket made in China or India. Each shoulder has a multi piece leather patch. One side has the CBI patch the other Air Corps. Lined with black shearling. Missing some buttons from the front otherwise very nice. Great look incorporating the design of an A-2 with the lower wrap belt of an Ike Jacket!!  $670
UU-1458   WWII US Navy Deck Jacket. Good condition overall with the exception of the one stained sleeve as shown. Zipper is functional although bottom zipper tooth is a little loose. Will fit a size 38-40 approx. $395
UU-1313  WWII P-41 US Marine Corps 1ST Pattern Trousers. Choice condition, showing just light use. $750$SOLD$
UU-1454  WWII 8TH Air Force B-14 Enlisted Mans Flight Jacket. Good condition overall with some very tiny pinholes on the body, mostly back left shoulder. These are tough to find. $235
UU-1451  Fantastic "Air Apaches" Gunners Grouping. Includes a phenomenal painted B-4 Flight Bag with the squadron insignia of the 500th Bomb Squadron, 345TH Bomb Group. Nice 4 Pocket tunic, nicely named, shirts, raincoat, Air Medal, extra insignia and leather name strips and internet research. Fantastic B-25 Gunship unit!! $895
UU-1445  Nice Amphibious Engineers tunic and shirt with dual patching and invasion arrowhead on ETO medal. Very good condition overall, just un-named. Great for a Normandy invasion display.  $275
UU-1443  Clean Air Force wool shirt. Good condition. $45
  UU-1442  Army Fatigue shirt. named on the interior. a couple of paint spots. $50
UU-1438  Nice 5TH Air Force 4 Pocket uniform. Just needs a set of Air crew wings. $80  ON HOLD
UU-1435  WWII Marine Corps shirt. $60
  UU-1434    WWII Marine Corps shirt. $40
UU-1425    9TH air Force 4 Pocket Officers tunic with Sterling Navigators wing, great bullion SSI. Lacks one US and one winged prop collar insignia. Named on the interior, also has initials on the interior. $225
UU-1422  Fantastic 9TH Air Force P-47 Fighter Pilots trunk grouping for a 2 kill Aviator. Nice English made Ike Jacket with wings, ribbons and 9TH AF patch. Some nice original paperwork, certificates etc. Crusher cap, multiple shirts, trousers and Medals. There is also an invasion armband and bail  out items all contained in his original named footlocker. His squadron mate, who became an Ace, wrote about his experiences which include multiple mentions of this Aviator and his brother who also served in the same squadron. There is a large grouping of this Pilots reunion items and badges. Very nice set. Rare opportunity to get a trunk grouping from a Pilot with multiple aerial victories. $1995$SOLD$
UU-1401  Exceptional CBI "Hump Pilot's" grouping. Includes a rare combat used flight suit with original cloth blood chit and leather name strip. Shows the oil and grease stains from so much time in the aircraft. Nice 4 pocket service blouse with bullion wings and shoulder patch. Ike jacket with bullion shoulder insignia. Apparently he had left the CBI on the left sleeve and had not switched it to the right sleeve when he returned to the US. Many years later, for  a reunion he placed the patches in the correct 1946 configuration. This one garment had been exposed to sun and shows the shadow. I would just switch the patches back to their wartime positions. There are multiple shirts with theater made insignia including one with bullion wings and one with cloth. There is an outrageously rare Bush Jacket cloth/ Ike Jacket with matching bush cloth trousers. His B-3 bag is present and named and his 4 pocket tan is also present. There is a load of paperwork photos and history from 1943-45. He saw service as a Ferry Pilot before becoming  a Hump Pilot in 1945. Loads of paper and photos as well as his cased Air Medal. This just came out of the family attic, 3 weeks ago and has never been in  a collection. $1525
UU-1366  Great 18TH Infantry, 1ST Division uniform with great bullion embroidered DIs, theater made SSI and Fourrager cord. $265
UU-1353  WWII blue backed Gunner's tunic with pinback wings. Good condition overall. $135
UU-1345   WWII 4 Pocket 8TH Air Force Officers Service Jacket. Nice set of ribbon bars, clutch back wing and English made 8TH AF patch. $210
UU-1343    Extremely rare 3RD Pattern, Decontamination, Jacket. This rare jacket was used by Naval Beach Battalions and Others at Normandy. It has been impregnated with anti Gas Chemical. This style of jacket was shown in Issue 236 of Militaria Magazine. $325
UU-1338    WWII OD Wool Trousers with 1941 Cotton belt. Not perfect, but a nice set. $55
UU-1321  Very nice CBI Gunners Grouping. Includes badged out 4 pocket with matching badged out shirts, one tan cotton and 1 OD wool. Nice A-2 Flight Jacket with leather Blood Chit sewn across the back. You can see where the Squadron Patch, name strip and CBI patches have been removed. His WWII Flight Suit is present and shows signs of real use and wear. Tunic has first initial of last name and last 4 of service number. There is a second blood chit still sewn to the remains of the liner from another flight jacket which is no longer present. Nice solid grouping needing to be researched. $1195
UU-1318   WWII B-15 Flight Jacket. Shows a fair amount of use and wear. Good working zipper. Cuffs could use some repair, otherwise solid jacket. $235
UU-1311   Large US Navy enlisted Suitcase group for an Aviation Metal smith/ mechanic. The case itself is ship made out of aircraft aluminum and is well made with aircraft Plexiglas handle. Wonderful construction. Includes 2 jumpers, scarf, Navy cap, white fatigue cap, Pea Coat, Dog Tags, ID badge, another handmade box filled with his ship board crafts, pennants from places visited etc.. a nice set. $255
UU-1303    Khaki shirt with English made Airborne Troop Carrier SSI, rank and overseas stripes. Nice overall, except for brown toning across shoulders. $95
UU-1297    B-14 Flight Jacket for an enlisted Gunner. Choice condition overall. $355
UU-1286  Nice 7TH Armored Officers 4 Pocket Service Blouse. No name, but nice uniform. $165
UU-1279   WWII OD wool shirt with interesting Aviator embroidered Gunner's wing, outlined in yellow thread. $100
  UU-1277  Air Force Sergeant's tunic with bullion blue backed wings. $155
UU-1276  Nice 10TH Air Force Air Air Crew badged uniform jacket with pin back sterling wing and shirt with matching SSI. . $175
UU-1267   779TH Armored Ike Jacket. Name was recorded when purchased. 2 photos of the Veteran were found in the pocket. Rare patch!! $295






UU-1241  WWII English Tailored Ike Jacket, made from a cut down 4 Pocket Service Tunic. British made Ribbon Bars. Nice condition except for some small holes to the cuff as shown and a few scattered pin holes. $225
UU-1240    Very nice B-14 enlisted Man's Flight Jacket with English made 8TH AAF SSI and Overseas stripes. Good condition overall. $325


UU-1235 WWII Para Marine Vest worn under the Jump Smock. $165


UU-1228    Set of WWII Navy Corpsman's Blouses, on eService Dress and one Undress. The undress has a few moth bites and tracks, the Service dress is in great shape. $90


UU-1225   Great 9TH Air Force Ike Jacket with very high quality bullion patches. $195
UU-1192    Very nice Model 1941 Field Jacket with USN stencil. These are quite scarce. Great for a D-Day Naval Beach Battalion display. $195


UU- 1191   Very rare WWII USMC female fatigue jacket. These are quite scarce. Missing 2 of the factory plastic buttons. $195






UU-1177  Very nice 9TH Engineer Command tunic with great embroidered on felt SSI. Sterling silver wings are worn on the chest. We don't know what the history of the tunic is, but when it was pulled out of the woodwork, they were there. Nice high ranking set. $225
UU-1136  Womens'  WAC M43 Field Jacket with 7TH Army Shoulder Sleeve insignia. Good condition overall, just lacks label. $90
UU-1132  Great Staff Sgt wool enlisted shirt with embroidered on felt 8TH and 9TH Air Force patches. Excellent condition. $95
UU-1123  Great private purchase WWII 1ST Class Aviation enlisted jumper and trousers. Both have nice chain stitched name on both pieces. Great bullion patch with cross stitching. $110
UU-1122   Great Gunners Ike Jacket for Sergeant who served in the 8TH and 9TH Air Forces. Mix of English and US Insignia. Just needs a nice set of Wings. $240
UU-1111  Clean 9TH Division Ike Jacket with shoulder cord. Named. $110
UU-1047    Very nice WWII enlisted wool trousers, size 34 x 35. $65
UU-1018   WWII Army Service Trousers. Good condition. $55
UU-992   Great set of WWII enlisted trousers with 1946 date. Good size with belt. $35
UU-841 WWII Cold weather wool lined trousers. Show actual use and washing. $50
UU-738  Nice set of WWII Trousers with belt, measuring  30 X 33. Tiny repair to back cuff otherwise very nice. $45


  UU- 685a   Super clean issue OD Wool trousers. Size approx. 30 X 33. $50








UU-595a  Type E-1 High Altitude Trousers in a HUGE!! Size 46!! Choice. $95




  UU- 507  Officers chocolate Trousers. 28 inch waist. $50
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