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 Vietnam Equipment
VE-1197  Vietnam era Claymore Mine Training set. Exc. condition overall. $245
  VE-1196  Vertical web pistol belt. $40
VE-1195  Set of Vietnam Ammo Pouches. $50
VE-1194  Set of Vietnam Ammo Pouches. $50
VE-1193  Vietnam Era Navigators Flight Computer. $45
VE-1192  Set of Vietnam Helicopter pilots ear plugs. $35
VE-1191  1967 dated Radio hand piece. $35ON HOLD
VE-1190  Set of 2 vinyl Survival kit bags. $40
  VE-1189  Chu Hoi, leaflets in the form of waterproof bags for M-16 clips. The full clip would be stored in the bag and when used torn open and thrown on the ground. $8 EA.
VE-1188   Vietnam Mechanical pencils, government marked, 1960s issue. $20 each, or 2 for $30
VE-1187  Vietnam Demolition bag. $55
VE-1186   Exceptionally Rare Seal Team 1960s regulator made for the Navy by "US Divers". The components are stamped with the Trident marking signifying non-magnetic. This is important when using underwater explosives or demolitions. $575
VE-1185  Navy Swim Vest. Missing the lower thin nylon belt. Easy to replace. $75
VE-1184  Vietnam Seabee Duffle Bag. Exc condition overall. $75
VE-1180  Vietnam period Navy Dog Tags. $40
VE-1176  Vietnam period OD T-Shirt. $35
VE-1174  Plastic holder for pack if cigarettes and 1 pack of matches. Designed to keep cigarettes dry and un-crushed. $25
VE-1171  Vietnam period Navy Dog Tags. $35
VE-1170  Vietnam Helicopter helmet ear plugs and carrier. Scarce. $25
VE-1167  1966 bottle of issue insert repellent. $25
VE-1165 1970 bottle of issue insert repellent. $25
VE-1163   US Army Suspenders. Per pair $20
VE-1162  Mint unissued USMC 1968 dated suspenders. $30 per set
VE-1160  Vietnam rig to Carry the Butt Pack without a pack assembly. $20
VE-1159  Nice set of US Marine Corps Clip Pouches. $65
VE-1158  1969 Light Weight Nylon shovel cover. $40
VE-1157  Very rare, Chief of Staff of the Army, vehicle flags. 26 inches in length. General George Decker became Chief of Staff of the Army in October of 1960 and held that position until September 1962. He was advising President Kennedy during the East German Border closure and the construction of the Berlin Wall and increasing the size and scope of US Special Warfare (US Special Forces). Flag was made in August of 1961, right in the middle of his tenure. The central device is finely hand painted on both sides. The red field has quite a bit of mothing, and will need conservation, but a very historic flag. $295

VE-1155  Very nice 5TH Air Force cigarette case from the 1960s. $45
VE-1154  Cigarette case from the 67TH TAC Recon Wing. The "Honcho Club". $45
VE-1150  Nylon guidon for the 368TH Engineers, Company D. $75
VE-1148  Korean War Marine Corps lower pack. The same design as the WW2 packs. $50
VE-1147  US Marine Corps Handy Talkie. Missing the data plate. Appears to have been repainted. $95
VE-1138   1961 Dated early Vietnam War Survival Pack, pad for Parachute. This would include various survival items and rations. $50
VE-1135  Interesting Vietnam Range finder. $55
VU-1132   Vietnam Sleeping shirt as popular with special Forces and units operating in the Highlands. $65
VE-1130 US Marine Corps clip pouches for the M14 Rifle. Our Choice. $25 each
VE-1125  Vietnam Grenade Carrier. $40
  VE-1124   Mortar carrier's shoulder pads, to support the metal barrel. $50
VE-1123  Vietnam period shoulder bag for machine gun clips, also called a "General Purpose Bag". $55
VE-1119  Vietnam period Charlestown Navy Yard employee badge. $65
VE-1114  Early Vietnam OD helmet cover. Mint condition. $60
VE-1103  Vietnam period flashlight. $40
VE-1102  Vietnam compass. $55
VE-1098  Vietnam Raincoats. 3 available in original bags. $40 each
VE-1086  Vietnam Era 515TH Military Police Regt flag. $75
VE-1079   Vietnam flashlight. Excellent condition. $35
VE-1074  Vietnam M-1 Carbine clip pouch. $35
VE-1070 Vietnam War period Aviation Survival Flare pen, kept in the survival vests. $55
VE-1064  Vietnam War B-3A Flight Gloves. Frequently used by Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aviators and Gunners. $75
VE-1054  Vietnam War commissioning pennant. $50
VE-1049  Set of Navy rubber overalls, as worn by small craft operators in the Mekong Delta as well as the blue water navy. $45
VE-1028  1960s Sage Green helmet bag. Excellent condition. $40
VE-1018  Anti Exposure Suit. $35
  VE-1016  Late Vietnam War Exposure blanket. $30
VE-760   Vietnam water bladder/canteen- 5 Quart. $40
VE-741  Vietnam Artillery Fuse Setting Tool and case. $80
VE-995  Vietnam Aviation head set. $55
  VE-974  Scarce 1964 dated 5 quart canteen/ flotation bag. $30
VE-902   Nice set of well used Vietnam period combat boots. Great look. $90
VE-877  Vietnam period camo garment bag in cotton. $45
VE-873  Vietnam mosquito head net. $25
VE-864  Vietnam period headphones. $25
VE-843  1966 shovel cover. $20
VE-804  Vietnam period Transportation Flag, mint unissued in original bag. $45
VE-720   1969 2 quart canteen. MINT condition. $60
VE-689     Vietnam War Period Carry Strap for numerous bags. $20
  VE-685 Vietnam Compass/ accessory pouches. Our choice $15.
VE-674   Vietnam Anti Gas Ointment. $20
VE-665   Vietnam  Boxed lock and keys. $40
  VE-555    1973 dated US Army bandolier. $20
  VE-401  Survival Kit Soap. $15
  VE-281   Vietnam period Foot Powder. $15
  VE-264  Dye Package for downed Aviators. $30
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