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 Vietnam Equipment
  VE-1020   Vietnam combat radio. PRC 77, backpack radio. Good condition overall. Label is worn down. We have no idea if it works. $225
VE-1019  Choice large size Vietnam War Body Armor. $95$SOLD$
VE-1018  Anti Exposure Suit. $35
VE-1017    Vietnam War - Survival Vest item. Rescue beacon. $30
  VE-1016  Late Vietnam War Exposure blanket. $30
  VE-1015  1969 dated Survival Kit antiseptic solution. $30
  VE-1014  Vietnam Water Purification tablets. $20
  VE-1013   Late Vietnam War Survival Kit insect repellent. $30
  VE-1012  Late Vietnam War Survival Kit insect repellent. $30
  VE-1011  Extremely RARE Jungle Penetrator for Helicopter rescues in deep jungle. This would be used to drop through canopy, opened and then used to lift downed airmen up. 1971 dated. Only the second one we have ever seen. $475 $SOLD$
VE-1010   12 x 24 inch painted steel "Mines Danger" sign. $65
VE-1005    Vietnam War - Survival Vest item.  Signal marker. $35
VE-1004    Vietnam War - Survival Vest item. Rescue beacon. $35
VE-1001    Vietnam War - Survival Vest item. Sun burn crème. $20
VE-999   Vietnam War - Survival Vest item. Match safe.  $15
  VE-765   Vietnam Claymore Training Aid. Made like the real one but completely INERT, made for demonstration purposes only. Excellent condition except for  a split in the direction sheet. $235 ON HOLD
  VE-764   Post Vietnam Demolition Bag with clips and connectors for wiring and EMPTY container for caps. Everything in the kit is INERT!$65ON HOLD
VE-763   Scarce Vietnam LRRP Ration from the late 1960s. $60ON HOLD
VE-762   Scarce Vietnam LRRP Ration from the late 1960s. $60
VE-761   US Army Suspenders. Per pair $20
VE-760   Vietnam water bladder/canteen- 5 Quart. $40
VE-759   Early Vietnam War used B-5 Mae West Aviators Life Vest. Excellent Condition. $65
VE-741  Vietnam Artillery Fuse Setting Tool and case. $80
VE-997  Vietnam Sun Glasses. Good condition overall, just lacks the ear pads. $85
VE-996  Vietnam period binocular case. Exc. condition with strap. $50  ON HOLD
VE-995  Vietnam Aviation head set. $55
VE-994    Vietnam convalescent coat, summer weight as issued to wounded soldiers in recovery. $75
VE-993  Claymore Mine Bag with torn label. $35
VE-992  Choice 1967 Leather Combat Boots as favored By Helicopter Crews. Choice size 10. $85
VE-991   Rare nylon carry bag for  the Catholic Chaplains Communion Set. Bag only, excellent condition. $125
VE-988  1974 dated shovel and nylon shovel cover. Lightweight version as used by Special Forces. $70


VE-987  Vietnam Aviators Survival Kit. Part II of  a 2 part set. Condition good, but taped edge failing. $55
VE-986   Vietnam Carbine Pouch. $20
VE-985  Vietnam Carbine Pouch. $20
VE-983  RT-285 Survival Radio with original battery pack as carried in the survival vest. $125
VE-981   1950s Mae West. Very good condition overall. $65
VE-980   Rare Vietnam Operational Combat Map Showing positions and troop directions for an operation near the Laotian Border and the DMZ. This map was actually carried into the field by an officer during this op.  RARE!! $175  ON HOLD
VE-979  1970 Contract date M69 Flak Jacket with Natick Labs booklet to be filled in for testing purposes. $145
VE-977  Mint unissued USMC 1968 dated suspenders. $35 per set
  VE-976 Vietnam M-79 Bandoliers, early style- 2 available. $35 each
  VE-974  Scarce 1964 dated 5 quart canteen/ flotation bag. $30
VE-973  Late 1960s Flight Helmet with dual visors. Liner and communications intact. These were favored by Navy helicopter and fixed wing pilots. $275
VE-972     Vietnam era dog tags and chain. $50
VE-970  Vietnam era dog tags and chain. $50
VE-969   Vietnam issue angle flashlight. $35
 VE-967  Mint un-issued 1968 dated Vietnam Jungle Boots, size 12, un-issued with instruction booklet. $100
VE-966   Vietnam period pack board shelves as used by the USMC overseas. $25 each







VE-964  1962 dated Rigger Modified Holster with Nylon Web Straps. Lower snap is disconnected.  $65
VU-963   Vietnam Sleeping shirt as popular with special Forces and units operating in the Highlands. $65


VE-960   1967 dated Air Mattress. These are not only used for sleeping but to float equipment through streams and swamps. $45
VE-959   1961 Dated early Vietnam War Survival Pack, pad for Parachute. This would include various survival items and rations. $55
VE-958    Vietnam Medics Kit, marked on the exterior. Loaded with early 70s period items. $210
VE-957  1966 dated Jungle Boots, Size 9. Excellent condition. $125
VE-956  1967 dated black leather combat boots as favored by helicopter crews. Well worn. $75
VE-955   Vietnam Issue C-Rat Spoons. Great for helmet displays. $10
VE-952   1970 dated Vietnam Body Armor Vest. Excellent condition showing just modest use. One stain to reverse as shown. $135
VE-947  Scarce pouch for 30 caliber clips. $30
VE-946  Vietnam Boxer shorts in original package. $35
VE-938    US Marine Corps folding knife with "U.S.Marine Corps" on the handle. Average condition, as shown. $40ON HOLD
VE-936  US Marine Corps folding knife with "U.S.Marine Corps" on the handle. Average condition, as shown. $40
VE-934  US Marine Corps Ammo Pouches. $55pr.
VE-924  Vietnam body armor, named on front showing some mild use and wear. $100
VE-922  Late Vietnam Pistol belt in nylon, 1974 date. $35
https://cdn.theatlantic.com/assets/media/img/photo/2015/03/the-vietnam-war-part-i-early-years/v40_AP670414064/main_900.jpg?1427910503 VE-916   Vietnam War, US Marine Corps Flame Thrower Cover. We just discovered a small group of these and will offer them at a lower than normal price. Limited Time. $25 each. or 2 for $40
VE-913   Vietnam Helmet Receiver. This unit has been rebuilt at some time in the 70s. These are very scarce to find in good condition. $120ON HOLD
VE-912  Vietnam Jungle Boots. Well used and worn. $70


VE-909   Vietnam Period LAW Rock Launcher. These were a one time use weapon, and were discarded after firing. Good condition overall. Post War dated but otherwise indistinguishable from the late 60s-early 70s ones. $295ON HOLD
VE-904  Vietnam Headset, still sealed in its original box. $50
VE-902   Nice set of well used Vietnam period combat boots. Great look. $90
VE-899  Vietnam period Red Cross flag, approx 20 x 30 inches. $45
VE-898  Advisor period helmet color in OD green. $55
    VE-887   Aviators O2 Mask for Parts. Missing Some items. $25
VE-883  Vietnam Chap Stick as included in Vietnam Survival and First Aid Kits. $20
VE-877  Vietnam period camo garment bag in cotton. $45
VE-873  Vietnam mosquito head net. $25
VE-866  1970 dated Poncho Liner in choice condition. $55 ON HOLD
VE-864  Vietnam period headphones. $25
VE-855  Vietnam Survival Whistle. $30
VE-853   Early War vertical ribbed pistol belt. $35
VE-852  Early War vertical ribbed pistol belt. $35
VE-844  Vietnam Fighter Pilot junction for oxygen lines. $25 each
VE-843  1966 shovel cover. $20
VE-836   Early War Horizontal weave pistol belt, mint. $40ON HOLD
VE-825  Vietnam Camo Face Paint. $25
VE-818  Vietnam issue boxer shorts with "Kill" written on the back of them. $20
VE-817   WWII Tan Issue Shirt still sealed in the original bag. $35
VE-804  Vietnam period Transportation Flag, mint unissued in original bag. $45
VE-796  M-79 Grenade Launcher Stock. New in the original bag. 1973 contract. $55
VE-792  Vietnam Jungle Boots. Exc Condition, size 10. Early 1967 dated set.  $75ON HOLD
  VE-768  Vietnam wartime dated "Butt Packs" $40 each 
VE-763  Vietnam rig to Carry the Butt Pack without a pack assembly. $25
VE-762  Nice set of US Marine Corps Clip Pouches. $80
VE-755  Vietnam Aviation headset and cord with switch. $65
VE-749   Manual made to go with th eF-84 Jet. $20
VE-724  Vietnam M-79 Grenade Bandolier. $30
VE-720   1969 2 quart canteen. MINT condition. $60
VE-717   Very scarce manufacturers delivery bag for the M-16 Rifle dated 1966, with paper desiccant paper to absorb moisture. $20
VE-716    1967 dated Survival Kit water bottles as used in the Tropical Helicopter Survival Kits carried on board all Hueys in Vietnam. $10 per can or 3 for $25. These cans are full. We can punch a hole in the bottom and drain them if you wish.
VE-699   Dated Vietnam War Canteen and Cover. Excellent condition. $35
VE-697   Transitional Vietnam War Canteen and Cover. Cover is canvas trimmed in Nylon. $45
  VE-691   Vietnam Mae West Dye Marker. $20
VE-689     Vietnam War Period Carry Strap for numerous bags. $20
VE-687  1969 Light Weight Nylon shovel cover. $45
  VE-685 Vietnam Compass/ accessory pouches. Our choice $15.
VE-674   Vietnam Anti Gas Ointment. $20
VE-665   Vietnam  Boxed lock and keys. $40
VE-650    Vietnam Sailors Life Preserver, dated 1963 with belt harness and carry case. $35
  VE-624   1970 dated mosquito bar (barrier) for use with a cot or hammock. Tough to find. $50
VE-622   Vietnam Government text with diagrams for all US Navy ships under 100 feet in length. $45




  VE-616   Peanut Butter from C-Ration. $7







  VE-615  B-1A Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10






  VE-614  B-3/B-3A Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10







  VE-613   B-2 Unit from a Vietnam C-Ration. $10






  VE-612   Pound Cake!! Soldiers in Vietnam would fight over these. Best item on the whole menu. $10 our choice.






VE-585  Vietnam bipod and accessory bag with bipod, cleaning rod and empty bore cleaner bottle. Very clean. $45  ON HOLD
  VE-555    1973 dated US Army bandolier. $20
VE-543  Vietnam Pilots Navigation tools and calculator. $30
VE-537  Interesting Vietnam Range finder. $65
VE-450  Early 1960s carbine pouch. Scarce. $25
  VE-401  Survival Kit Soap. $15
  VE-395 Survival Kit Water Carrier. $20
  VE-394  Survival Kit bag. $15
VE-318  1968 dated map of Southeast Asia published by National Geographic. $35
VE-284    Vietnam period tape. $15
  VE-281   Vietnam period Foot Powder. $15
  VE-264  Dye Package for downed Aviators. $30
VE-258  Single USMC Carbine Clip Pouch. $35
VE-150  Early Vietnam Carbine clip pouch. $15 each
VE-229a  1970 dated plastic bags for the M-16 clip pouch. These kept the clips dry in a wet tropical environment. When ready to use it is torn away and thrown on the ground and acts as a "Chu Hoi" leaflet trying to get VC and NVA to surrender. $5 each
  VE-208b   M-17 Gas Mask Bags. $20 each 
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