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 Vietnam Equipment
VE-1284  1967 "Jet Pilot" survival knife as carried by Aviators in all branches. Knife and scabbard both dated 1967. $120
VE-1283  1969 dated US army wristwatch. Great appearance. Not in running condition. $55 $SOLD$
VE-1282  Vietnam War, "Boonie Buffs", well used, showing lots of actual field wear. $115
VE-1281  Navy Swim Vest. Missing the lower thin nylon belt. Easy to replace. $60
VE-1279     Very rare River Patrol Forces plastic covered patrol map with south Vietnamese bases  shown. It was used by a member of River Division 511. The personal data has been electronically removed for privacy. Measures 42 x 42 inches. $275
VE-1278   1965 dated map for the area just south of Saigon. $55
VE-1273   1967 Playboy desk calendar. Common souvenir in Vietnam. $75
VE- 1269  Undated ERDL helmet cover. $40
VE- 1267   Vietnam War, 1970 dated, Shotgun ammunition pouch. $175
VE-1266  Western Bowie Knife. Exc condition except for a few popped stitches at the throat of the scabbard. This is the Type 6 made between 1968 and 1973. $175
VE-1265  US M-7 Bayonet and scabbard. appears unused. $75
VE-1264  Exceptionally Rare Seal Team 1960s regulator made for the Navy by "US Divers". The components are stamped with the Trident marking signifying non-magnetic. This is important when using underwater explosives or demolitions. $375
VE-1259  Thai Flag made to fly at US Posts in Thailand. Approx 3 x 4.5. $75
VE-1258  M-7 Bayonet/ Trench Knife. Lacks scabbard, otherwise choice. $50
VE-1256  Fantastic English made stiletto is a custom South Vietnamese made sheath. Very nice. 11 inches long overall. $345
VE-1248  Scarce Vietnam War- 1966 dated mess kit with utensils. $40
VE-1246  Vietnam etched Zenith Lighter with typical motifs. $65ON HOLD
VE-1243  1960s Sage Green helmet bag. Excellent condition. $40
VE-1238  Travel and Elevation mechanism for the M-2 or M-22 Tripod for 30 Cal MG. $95
VE-1234  Vietnam nylon garment bag with leather flight jacket name plate. $55
  VE-1233   Vietnam Surgical Soap. Price is per bar. $15
  VE-1232  Vietnam footlocker padlock. $30
VE-1228   US Navy Chief Master At Arms badge from a Sailor stationed on the USS Independence. $90
VE-1227  Very nice 5TH Air Force cigarette case from the 1960s. $45
VE-1226  Cigarette case from the 67TH TAC Recon Wing. The "Honcho Club". $45
VE-1225   Vietnam  Boxed lock and keys. $40
  VE-1224 Vietnam Compass/ accessory pouches. Our choice $15.
  VE-1223   Great camo cravat, most likely made in Vietnam. $70
VE-1221  Interesting Vietnam Range finder. $35
VE-1220 US Marine Corps clip pouches for the M14 Rifle. Our Choice. $20 each
VU-1216   Vietnam Sleeping shirt as popular with special Forces and units operating in the Highlands. $55
VE-1207  Vietnam War commissioning pennant. $45
VE-1206  Dye Package for downed Aviators. $30
VE-1204  Vietnam War B-3A Flight Gloves. Frequently used by Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aviators and Gunners. $55
VE-1195  Set of Vietnam Ammo Pouches. $50
VE-1194  Set of Vietnam Ammo Pouches. $50
VE-1190  Set of 2 vinyl Survival kit bags. $40
  VE-1189  Chu Hoi, leaflets in the form of waterproof bags for M-16 clips. The full clip would be stored in the bag and when used torn open and thrown on the ground. $8 EA.
VE-1184  Vietnam Seabee Duffle Bag. Exc condition overall. $75
VE-1163   US Army Suspenders. Per pair $20
VE-1162  Mint unissued USMC 1968 dated suspenders. $30 per set
VE-1160  Vietnam rig to Carry the Butt Pack without a pack assembly. $20
VE-1159  Nice set of US Marine Corps Clip Pouches. $65
VE-1158  1969 Light Weight Nylon shovel cover. $40
VE-1148  Korean War Marine Corps lower pack. The same design as the WW2 packs. $50
VE-1138   1961 Dated early Vietnam War Survival Pack, pad for Parachute. This would include various survival items and rations. $50
VE-1125  Vietnam Grenade Carrier. $40
  VE-1124   Mortar carrier's shoulder pads, to support the metal barrel. $50
VE-1123  Vietnam period shoulder bag for machine gun clips, also called a "General Purpose Bag". $55
VE-1119  Vietnam period Charlestown Navy Yard employee badge. $65
VE-1114  Early Vietnam OD helmet cover. Mint condition. $60
VE-1098  Vietnam Raincoats. 3 available in original bags. $40 each
VE-1049  Set of Navy rubber overalls, as worn by small craft operators in the Mekong Delta as well as the blue water navy. $45
VE-1018  Anti Exposure Suit. $35
  VE-1016  Late Vietnam War Exposure blanket. $30
VE-760   Vietnam water bladder/canteen- 5 Quart. $40
VE-741  Vietnam Artillery Fuse Setting Tool and case. $80
VE-995  Vietnam Aviation head set. $55
  VE-974  Scarce 1964 dated 5 quart canteen/ flotation bag. $30
VE-877  Vietnam period camo garment bag in cotton. $45
VE-864  Vietnam period headphones. $25
VE-843  1966 shovel cover. $20
VE-804  Vietnam period Transportation Flag, mint unissued in original bag. $45
VE-689     Vietnam War Period Carry Strap for numerous bags. $20
VE-674   Vietnam Anti Gas Ointment. $20
  VE-555    1973 dated US Army bandolier. $20
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