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 WWI United States Headgear
H-2212    RARE American Field Service Drivers cap with Red Cross badge on the front. French made with Paris made American Ambulance buttons on the front. $395 ON HOLD
H-2211  WW1 Tank Corps overseas cap. $150
H-2210  WW1 Overseas cap. $55
H-2209  WW1 Nurse's head scarf. $60
H-2208 Rare identified Norton Harjes Volunteer Ambulance  Drivers helmet, identified to a member of S.S.U. 24. $1595  ON HOLD
H-2207    VERY RARE, 1916 Drivers cap. Very nice condition overall. This distinctive style was only worn between 1915-1916, but due to the style of badge we can pinpoint this one to 1916. A fw moth nips. Almost impossible to find. $1595  $SOLD$
H-2206    Scarce American Field Service Drivers cap for a member of S.S.U. #1. Nice condition overall. $250
H-2203  WW1 Nurses wide brim, black hat as worn by Nurses, Red Cross Women War Workers, Hello Girls, Women of YMCA and YWCA etc.. $595
H-2202  WW1 US Marine Corps Helmet with punched hole. British made Brodie. Lack badge, but no doubt about this one being the real deal. $425
H-2200   Fantastic 119TH Field Artillery wool overseas cap, French made. Very nice. $125
H-2199  Amazing 102ND Trench Mortar Battery, 27TH Division, overseas cap with embroidered number. $150
H-2198  WW1 Nurses wide brim, black hat as worn by Nurses, Red Cross Women War Workers, Hello Girls, Women of YMCA and YWCA etc.. $525
H-2197    WW1 US Marine Corps Visor Cap. Very nice condition overall. This light color was prevalent during 1917-18. $495
H-2196  WW1 US helmet. Shows combat use and wear. French chalk soil still trapped in the sawdust finish. $155ON HOLD
H-2195  WW1 Nurse's Coif. $60
H-2192  Super clean 77TH Division helmet. Bright and clean with full liner and chinstrap. You can see the Soldier was going to paint the insignia on the other side and changed his mind. $295 $SOLD$
H-2191  WW1 101ST Engineer helmet of the 26TH Division. Full liner and strap. $245
H-2190  Amazing 7TH Division map helmet showing England, France and Western Europe. $575
H-2188  One of the nicest 3RD Division Camos I have seen. It appears the Veteran at one point used it as a lamp shade and removed the chinstrap rings and shellacked the interior to make it more reflective. Really a masterpiece of folk art color usage and design. $795
       I had a good question from a customer about the design of this 3RD Division patch, which was clearly done by someone who thought the design was just a series of stripes, not a specific arrangement of stripes, and the fact that one of the battle honors was mis-spelled.
                As collectors we like everything to fit into a very neat and tidy package, but it just doesn't always happen that way. Most of these trophy or diary helmets were painted between 1919 and 1925. The average Doughboy did not always have great art skills, so frequently another Doughboy would be tasked with painting when overseas, as a favor or maybe for a pack of cigarettes. When home, another family member or friend could be tasked in the same way. Miss-spellings are not uncommon because of literacy levels and if painted by someone who was not the Doughboy himself there can be other errors, including wrong design or patch color combinations. Look at the above design. Would you have the ability to execute something like that with a paintbrush?
                The current iteration of this helmet shows that a loose or crooked rim was not going to give a good look so it was removed, before painting. The helmet was then set up as a wall trophy or a lamp shade, the later which I believe was its last use. It then was shellacked which was common in the day. If someone went to all this trouble they sure would not mess up the 3RD Division patch and a simple spelling, would they?. Doughboys also did this kind of things with German helmets and some French helmets. They frequently use colors never seen on these helmets. Some of these helmets get passed off as original German camos. These trophy helmets were painted to commemorate service and were hung on the wall or a lamp significantly more often then they were worn.
                All this being said. There is no substitute for handling an object, looking at the paint under magnification, learning what paint does as it ages, looking for micro scratches with high powered magnification and learning the difference between manufactured wear and REAL wear. Also when viewing photos, know that they may not accurately reflect the actual color and they may seem brighter or darker than actual, because of use of various tones of artificial light. I hope this was helpful to some people. If so let me know and I may do some addition "posts".

    H-2187  It has been a few years since I have had one of these. North Russian Expeditionary Force Helmets are extremely rare and seldom seen. Lacks liner and strap. $925
H-2184    US Marine Corps, 1917 dated, rubber foul weather cap. $250
H-2183  WW1 American Chaplain's black piped overseas cap. $160
H-2181  WW1 Officers visor cap. Really a great specimen. $245
    H-2180   Fantastic 79TH Division Camo helmet. Lacks chinstrap, liner is loose. $425
H-2177  WW1 Camouflage helmet with full liner. Lacks chinstrap. $275
H-2175   Named 40TH Division helmet with liner and broken chin strap. Phil Garn was in the 145TH Field Artillery.  $295
H-2174  Nice 30TH Division painted helmet with full liner and chinstrap. $210 $SOLD$
H-2170  Unusual 1ST Division helmet. Interesting design. One break to chinstrap. $215
H-2169  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $45
H-2168   Choice side cap with unit designation for the 378TH. $60
H-2166  WW1 Cavalry overseas cap. $60
H-2165   Have not been able to ID this one but I have seen women Ambulance Drivers wearing similar berets. This one also has the WW1 Inter Allied Victory Medal ribbon sewn to the front of it. $375
H-2163  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $40
H-2162  WW1 Chemical Corps overseas cap. $140
H-2161  35TH Division Camo with battle and city inscriptions including, "Verdun", "Toul", Cologne" and "Brest". Lacks liner and strap. $245
H-2159     WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$50
H-2158    WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2157     WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap  .$65
H-2156     WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2155     WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2152   Officers medical overseas cap. $55
H-2151   WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2149   WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2144  WW1 wool enlisted overseas cap.$45
H-2133  Very nice WW1 wool overseas cap. $45
H-2132  Very nice WW1 wool overseas cap. $45
H-2131Very nice private purchase campaign hat from a 5TH Avenue distributor. $125
H-2130  WW1 1ST Division helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Exc overall. $395
H-2127  WW1 British Brodie helmet with liner and chin strap. Just lacks the wool pad otherwise very nice. $185
H-2120   Nice WW1 Overseas cap with disc. $40
H-2119  WW1 US enlisted overseas cap. Good condition overall. $40
H-2117  AMAZING Camouflage helmet with camo pattern being made up of all animals. Interlocking birds, pigs, cows, a horse, goats, sheep, dogs, snakes and a rabbit. I have only heard a a couple of these over the years. This one lacks liner and strap. VERY unusual and rare. $475
H-2116  Scarce WW1 7TH Division folk art decorated camo helmet with stars and stripes shield. Complete chinstrap, just lacks liner. Easily replaced if you wish. $275
H-2113  82ND Division Camo helmet, named to the Veteran across the front. Nice colors. Lacks liner and strap. $450ON HOLD
H-2109  Captured Mexican Border sombrero. Very nice condition overall. $395
  H-2107  Fantastic US helmet struck by a German shrapnel ball. These shrapnel balls would explode overhead and project lead round balls at very high velocity. The impact cracked the helmet and popped the rivet at the top, so the liner is now loose. Really a rare find. Doughboys rarely brought home US battle damaged helmets as they were much more interested in German and French battle damaged helmets. $295ON HOLD
H-2106   WW1 77TH Division decorated helmet, formed into a trench art lamp shade. $175
H-2105  30TH Division helmet. Nice condition overall. Scarce. $295
H-2103  Very nice US Officers Visor cap. Excellent condition with just a little spotting to the top of the crown. $245
H-2097    WW1 Overseas cap. Very nice. $45
H-2095    WW1 Overseas cap. Very nice. $40
H-2082  French made wool US overseas cap. $60
H-2081   French made wool US overseas cap. $60
H-2067  Interesting stateside made overseas cap. $40
H-2066   WW1 Cold Weather cap. Shows lots of use and wear. $75
H-2062  British made overseas cap. $55
H-2058  WW1 Overseas cap. $50ON HOLD
H-2053   Set of (2), his and hers Polish American Veterans caps. $60
H-2052   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $35








H-2051  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $70
H-2050  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $70
H-2001  WW1 Engineers overseas cap. $55
    H-1987  US Navy enlisted cap with US Navy tally. $75
H-1983  WW1 private purchase Overseas cap with USQMC disc. $50
H-1978   WW1 Recruiting and Armored, Red/ White and Blue campaign hat cord. $45
H-1928  WWI enlisted mans overseas cap. Very nice. $40
H-1907  WW1 British contract US overseas cap. $50
H-1892   WWI US Navy cap with named tally, "USS Quinnebaug, some moth bites as shown. $60
H-1797  WWI Red White and Blue campaign hat cord. Some fraying to acorns. $45
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
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