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 WWI United States Headgear
H-1788  Interesting 1ST Division Camo helmet with Dog Tag. Lacks liner and chin strap. $350$SOLD$
    H-1787  Fantastic Bucking Bronco camo helmet of the 148TH Field Artillery of the 66TH field Artillery Brigade. Excellent condition overall. $375ON HOLD
H-1786  Choice British Brodie helmet with full liner and chin strap. Very clean overall. $190
H-1785  77TH Division helmet with liner, lacking lower chinstrap. Still nice helmet from a famous Division. $190$SOLD$
H-1784  WWI British made overseas cap in Blue!! Not dyed blue, but mae in blue. I am thinking it could be a Women Telephone Operator, Dietary Aid, Stenographer etc.. $195
H-1783  Choice WWI US Marine Corp Rain Cap. Well marked and very pliable. $195
H-1782   Advanced Sector Service of Supply/ 2ND Corps painted helmet. Excellent condition overall. $155$SOLD$
H-1781  WWI US Helmet with full liner. Lower half of chin strap has a 1920s-30s period repair. $120
H-1780  US Helmet with full liner and chin strap. Some loss to wool pad, otherwise very nice. $130
H-1779  WWI Navy Flat Cap and Photo Lot from a member of the USS Quinnebaug, a Navy Mine Planter, part of the Northern Barrage Mine Force. Includes a great cap and set of photographs of the ship and it's Sailors. Some little white flecks and spots, could be cleaned up. 2 tiny holes as shown. $175
    H-1778  Scarce Hard Shell Flight Helmet with neck cape. Shows the aviator had at least one crash, as shown by the crack to the front, right above the eye. Possibly French origin. $495
H-1777  WWI Leather US Issue Flight Helmet. Very good condition overall. Inscribed to a driver in the 88TH Aero Squadron  who also served in the 6TH Division. $195
  H-1776   Exceptionally rare WWI American Ambulance Field Service Drivers helmet. Excellent condition with OD overpaint, huge size with hat badge attached to the front. Only the second one like this I have seen. Threaded post on reverse of badge is partially stripped, so badge will not tighten fully. $1450
H-1775  Choice WWI US Navy Officers visor cap. $295$SOLD$
H-1774  Scarce 101ST Engineers helmet for the 26TH Division. British brodie with full liner and chin strap. $235
H-1773  Rare flight helmet with fantastic painted Air Service Cockades, US, Italian and British. It is also inscribed to the owner a Flight Sgt. and dated 1917. Missing one ear flap. $595
H-1772  WWI 30TH Division Helmet. Very good condition overall. Break to chin strap, but should not be seen as it is under the liner. $200
H-1770  WW1 5TH Division helmet. Exc condition overall. Full liner and chin strap. $225
H-1769  WWI US Army Helmet. Good condition overall. chinstrap has a break under the liner near the rivet. $125
H-1768  WWI 80TH Division painted helmet. Very nice condition overall. The Veteran shellacked the helmet to preserve it. Just purchased from the family estate in the last couple of months. His Gas mask and mess kit are listed in the equipment section. Vintage shoe lace repair to the chinstrap. This is often seen on British made helmets. $235$SOLD$
H-1767    Interesting WWI Camo helmet with spread winged eagle, Union shield and French and British flags. Missing about half of the chinstrap. Liner is present. Great helmet. $435
H-1766  Choice, MINT, WWI Officers visor cap. About an 8 out of 10. Just a small bit of visor edge abrasion. $215
H-1765  Fantastic named 77TH Division painted ritish Brodie helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Includes insignia which must have been stripped from his uniforms including (2) 77TH Division patches and 2 captured German shoulder boards. $445$SOLD$

H-1764  Interesting 1ST Army Motor Transport Corps decorated helmet with a variety of insignia related or part of his service. $395
H-1762  84TH Division Camo Helmet with full liner and broken chin strap. Nice color. Disc design has some discoloration  and wear, otherwise very nice. $395
H-1761     Large size WWI US Marine Corps visor cap. A few tiny nips and some tracking on the cap crown, other than that a very nice cap. $350
H-1760  WWI Camo helmet. Good condition overall, Liner and chinstrap complete. $235$SOLD$
H-1756  Unidentified WWI painted helmet with initials "G.F.C.". Lacks lower chinstrap, otherwise very nice. $165$SOLD$
H-1754  Unknown Helmet. Insignia is red, white and blue with a 6 pointed star for a center. Could be Aviation related. We just don't know. Lacks liner and chinstrap. Good research project. $155



H-1751   Large size WWI US Marine Corps visor cap. A few tiny nips and the sweatband is lacking, other than that a very nice cap. $375
H-1749   WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1748  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1747  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1746  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1745  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1744  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1743  WWI US helmet with full liner and chin strap. Shows some actual use and wear and not in perfect condition, but still a solid helmet. $150
H-1738  Very nice WWI Private Purchase Artillery Campaign hat. Clean overall. $125
H-1736  Painted helmet for the 27TH Division. Nice Brodie helmet. Lacks liner and strap. $125
H-1735  Painted helmet for the 28TH Division. Has liner but only a partial chinstrap. $135
H-1730   WW1 Artillery campaign hat. Very nice condition overall. $100
H-1727  WWI Women's full size Red Cross Coif with long veil. Original letters thanking here for supplying medical supplies for US Navy ships. Excellent condition. $195
H-1724  WWI Chaplain's private purchase Campaign hat with black cord. Excellent condition overall. $175
H-1722   WWI Infantry Campaign hat with blue cord. Very nice overall. $160ON HOLD
H-1717   WWI US Naval enlisted cap for the USS New York. Good condition overall, except for  a couple of small holes. $95
H-1716    Scarce WWI Navy hat for a Sailor on the "USS Calhoun". Original tailor label.  A few tiny moth bites. $95
H-1709   WWI Campaign hat with purple hat cord for transportation corps. Very good condition overall. One break to leather chinstrap. $120
H-1708  WWI painted helmet with American eagle across the front with "AEF" below. On the top, barely visible, is "Fourth Balloon". Rare Balloon Corps helmet. $395
H-1707  Unknown maker Hard Shell flight helmet with wool liner. Missing chin straps. Makers marks are obliterated. $425
H-1701  WWI Officers Visor cap. Choice condition overall. $245  $SOLD$
H-1698  WWI US Helmet. Full liner and chinstrap. $225
H-1693   WWI helmet that was rejected and condemned by the US Government. When the Army took delivery of helmets, they would test the metal from each batch. If the helmets failed the test, the whole lot was condemned. The helmets would have a circular amount of metal punched out and then a red stripe was painted across the front of the helmet, so the helmet company could not try to sell them back to the Government in another batch.. $175

H-1679  Scarce rimless Brodie helmet. Liner is a little rough, good chin strap. $245
H-1674  Rare Officers Model 1912 White Dress Visor cap. Lacks insignia and chinstrap. Sweatband has been re-sewn. Rare hat! $195
H-1672  78TH Division helmet. Good condition overall with full liner and strap. $220$SOLD$
H-1671  WWI Camo helmet. Good condition overall, chinstrap is complete, but liner is detached. $195
H-1663  Fantastic WWI Folk Art Helmet with Pennsylvania Dutch style stars. Very well done. Lacks liner and strap. $375
H-1647   WWI Naval Cadet hat band and tag. Scarce. $100
H-1646  Very nice folk art Soldier decorated helmet showcasing country scene with manor house, windmill with haystack in front, gate and more. Very nice. $295
H-1645  Very nice zig zag camo helmet, lacks liner and strap. $235
H-1643   Set of his and hers Polish American Veterans caps. $80
H-1642   Choice WWI US Navy Officers visor cap. sweatband resewn. $335 $SOLD$
  H-1638  WWI Lutheran Chaplains visor cap. Could also have been worn by a Lutheran Hut worker. $375
H-1637m  WWI Artillery Enlisted cap. $40
H-1623  Choice WWI helmet. Appears to have never been issued. $195ON HOLD
H-1536  WWI Artillery campaign hat. $110
H-1620  WWI Enlisted O/S Cap. French made. $45ON HOLD
H-1617  WWI enlisted Visor cap. Very good condition overall. $160$SOLD$
H-1616  WWI 7TH Division helmet. Good condition overall. Lacks liner and strap. $130
H-1586  Odd unidentified helmet in blue and yellow. I suspect it is 6TH Cavalry, Troop C, circa 1920, but don't know. Missing liner. $110







H-1571   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $40








H-1493   WWI US Navy cap with named tally, "USS Quinnebaug, some moth bites as shown. $70
H-1474  Nice identified French made overseas cap, inscribed to a member of the 74TH CAC. $110$SOLD$
    H-1470  US Navy enlisted cap with US Navy tally. $95
H-1398  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $90
H-1393  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $80
H-1382  WWI Signal Corps overseas cap. Choice condition. $55ON HOLD
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1370  WWI US Navy USS Missouri Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $65
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
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