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 WWI United States Headgear
H-1458   Very nice WWI Camo Helmet. Full liner and strap. $195  ON HOLD
H-1457  Scarce Women's Salvation Army Cap. Early style. $95
H-1456  WWI Nurses Coif, headdress. $55
H-1455  WWI Nurses Coif, headdress, with extended veil. $75
H-1454  Choice 37TH Engineers helmet with full liner and strap. $195
H-1453   WWI 3RD Division Folk Art decorated Doughboy helmet. The flags of the Allies are shown in pinwheel fashion. the United States, Japan, England, Italy, Cuba, France etc.. Full liner and chin strap. Some surface wear as shown. $495
    H-1452  WWI Overseas cap with USMC device. $195
H-1451   WWI Overseas Cap with Marine Device and "7" device. $195
H-1449   WWI French made overseas cap with EGA device. Great condition overall. $195
H-1448  Very rare WWI Signal Corps Radio unit painted helmet. Has loose liner, lacks chinstrap. The diamond shape within the "A" is in the diamond shape of the radio antenna used in the field. $195
H-1446  WWI Helmet for the 101ST Engineer Battalion of the 26TH Division, AEF. No liner or strap. $100
H-1445   WWI Purple Piped Transportation Officer's overseas cap. $155
H-1444  Very rare WWI American Field Service driver's cap for an unidentified driver in SSU #1., the most famous of the ambulance sections. Badge is sewn down which was commonly done for comfort. These rarely come up for sale and even less so with unit affiliation. $1595  $SOLD$
    H-1442  Nice identified WWI combat helmet with name written right down the outside in plain view to avoid getting it confused with the helmets of other soldiers. $135$SOLD$
H-1440  WWI Blue Marine Corps Visor cap. solid condition with some tiny moth bites along the side. Sweatband have been replaced. $395
H-1439  WWI Air Service Officers Overseas cap with green/black piping. A couple of tiny moth bites as shown. French made. These have become quite tough to find. $325
H-1438   WWI 91ST Division helmet with Wilmer eye shield set up. Three holes on each side with original rings still in place. $190
H-1435   WWI 6TH Division Shell. Odd paint on crown. $50
H-1434  WWI helmet for a member of the 102ND Infantry of the 26TH Division. Strap has one break otherwise very nice. $120
  H-1430   WWI British made Brodie Helmet with full liner and chin strap. The leather chinstrap is present by very dry and brittle and cracked through. still a great earlier Brodie as issued to many American units in France during 1917. $110
H-1429  Rare WWI British made US Officer's Visor Cap. Mint condition. $295
H-1427  WWI US Naval Aviation enlisted man's cap. Excellent condition. $350
H-1426   WWI 77TH Division Camouflage Helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Very unusual pattern. $275
H-1422  Nice 5TH Division Camo Helmet. Interesting dark colors with bright read diamond. $425ON HOLD
  H-1413    Rare WWI US Naval Aviation Cadet's Visor cap. Some mothing as shown. Will need to be re-shaped. $245
H-1410  WWI Salvation Army overseas cap with cloth insignia on the front. Excellent condition. $220
H-1409  Rare Camo helmet for a member of the 137TH Infantry of the 35TH Division. Full liner and strap. $375
H-1402   Private purchase enlisted Forest Green Visor cap. A couple of tiny moth nips as shown. Officers quality gabardine. Would be a good stand in for an Officers visor cap, $545 
H-1400  WWI Enlisted Mans Overseas cap with "US" disc. $35









H-1398  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $90
H-1396   WWI French made overseas cap with great 31ST Division SSI on the side. One small tear to the top, easily fixed. $70


H-1395   89TH Division Helmet with holes drilled for Wilmer Eye Shield. Repainted for Welcome Home Parade. $190
    H-1394   WWI Enlisted Garrison Cap with choice visor and chinstrap. This one has an ROTC badge, could easily be changed out with an EM badge. $150
H-1393  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $80
H-1391  1ST Division Helmet with full liner and chin strap. Wool crown pad has been mothed as shown, otherwise very nice. $210ON HOLD
H-1387  WWI Overseas cap with US disc. A couple of moth bites but otherwise nice. $30
H-1385  Wonderful set of a member of the 112TH Infantry, 28TH Division camo helmet with liner and strap. This Soldier was a professional painter  and his helmet shows it. Gas mask is also decorated with great cartoon of this Sgt. seeing a shell flying over his head. Great portrait photo and original discharge certificate. $795
H-1382  WWI Signal Corps overseas cap. Choice condition. $55ON HOLD
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1370  WWI US Navy USS Missouri Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $65
H-1368   WWI Helmet with the insignia of the 104TH Infantry of the 26TH Division. Has complete chin strap, lacks liner. Someone had over painted the insignia in the 20s and a collector removed the over paint. Priced accordingly. $100


H-1365  WWI "US Naval Training Station" hat Good condition overall. $75
H-1364  Scarce helmet from a member of the 110TH Engineers of the 35TH Division. Good condition overall, British made Brodie just missing lower section of chinstrap. $145
H-1362  WWI Navy Flat Cap and Photo Lot from a member of the USS Quinnebaug, a Navy Mine Planter, part of the Northern Barrage Mine Force. Includes a great cap and set of photographs of the ship and it's Sailors. Some little white flecks and spots, could be cleaned up. 2 tiny holes as shown. $225
H-1361   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $40








H-1357   Very rare 129TH Machine Gun Battalion of the 35TH Division painted helmet. Lacks the liner and chinstrap. $110
H-1355  WWI US helmet with full liner and broken chin strap. $110
H-1353  WWI wool overseas cap. British contract. $45
H-1347  WWI Adrian Helmet used by an American Volunteer named "S. Eddy" This large size Adrian Helmet appears to have been worn by an American, in the US Army Ambulance Service in France.. As can be seen a non standard badge was worn and the shell was punched to accommodate it. Full liner, missing most of the chinstrap. $295
H-1345   WWI Campaign Hat with WWI USMC Campaign hat device. This is not an issue USMC item but most likely privately purchased. Device has been on it for a LONG time. $255
H-1344  WWI US Helmet with chinstrap. Liner has fallen out. $80
H-1341  Scarce WWI Hotchkiss Machine Gunners British Brodie Helmet with crossed Hotchkiss guns cross the front.  $195
H-1340   Amazing 12TH Field Artillery, 2ND Division Folk Art helmet! Really one of the most interesting helmets that we have ever come across. 12TH FA, 1ST Battalion insignia across the front and again on the top but much larger. $1250
H-1336  Choice WWI US Officer's Visor cap. Exterior almost mint. Tiny chip to edge of visor, interior shows a little use. $245
H-1330  French made Forest Green Tailor made US Marine Corps Overseas cap. Excellent condition. $175
H-1326   WWI British contract overseas cap. One moth bite as shown. $40
H-1319    Very clean WWI Blue enlisted Marine Corps Bell Brown Visor Hat. $475
H-1315   Rare WWI US Daisy Mae Fatigue Cap in choice condition. Has been marked "USMC" on the underside of the brim. This is not an official USMC inspection stamp and was done by the wearer. A rare cap to find. This one is almost unworn. $295
H-1300  WWI enlisted Overseas cap. $40
H-1298   WWI US Naval enlisted cap for the USS New York. Good condition overall, except for  a couple of small holes. $140
H-1293  Very nice WWI Enlisted Garrison Cap. Choice condition overall. $155
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
H-1279  WWI US Navy enlisted Sailor's cap with dog tag. Named. $95
  H-1274  WWI Medical Corps Maroon/white hat cord. $30
  H-1273  Black/Green Aviation campaign hat cord. Green has some fading. $40
  H-1270  WWI Chaplains campaign hat cord. $80
H-1254  WWI Enlisted visor cap. Sweatband a little loose. $135
H-1242  Odd unidentified helmet in blue and yellow. I suspect it is 6TH Cavalry, Troop C, circa 1920, but don't know. Missing liner. $130







H-1238 WW1 Garrison cap with wreath and cannons, $140
H-1226   Very rare WWI 42ND Division Camo with double rainbows. 42ND Division units did not usually paint their helmets, and are especially tough to find in camo. Lacks liner and strap. $285


H-1220  WWI Officers Visor cap. About a 8 out of 10. $220
H-1183  Unknown Helmet. Insignia is red, white and blue with a 6 pointed star for a center. Could be Aviation related. We just don't know. Lacks liner and chinstrap. Good research project. $175



H-1168  Very interesting Chemical Warfare Service Blue and gold bullion piped Captains overseas cap. The blue has faded out and the bullion has tarnished, but Chemical Warfare is the only color combination possible. VERY RARE!! Good condition overall. $195

H-1157  Very nice WWI Overseas cap made under British contract. $45


H-1105    North Sea Mine Force Veterans cap with Mine Force pin and patch. $45
H-1060  Scarce purple piped Motor Transport Officers cap. $155
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
H-1006  WWI British made US Overseas cap. $35
H-935  WWI Overseas cap, named on the interior. $35







H-931  British made WWI enlisted overseas cap. $40
H-857  WWI Overseas cap with false button front. $45









H-834   WWI US Overseas cap. Good condition overall. $35







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