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 WWI United States Headgear
    H-2089   Rare 101ST Machine Gun Battalion, 26TH Division  painted helmet with full liner and chin strap. British Brodie helmet. This helmet has painted Diamonds on both front and back. What is fascinating about this helmet and one like it is the fact that these were among the first painted helmets worn in combat. This unit painted their helmets in June of 1918, long before the American units were authorized insignia. Don't miss it. $475 $SOLD$
H-2088  WW1 US Marine Corps Campaign hat with rolled brim. a few tiny moth bites otherwise very nice. $575ON HOLD
    H-2087  Rare French made YMCA Mans Overseas cap with bullion insignia. Extra cap badge is enamel and French made and is scarce by itself. $245
H-2086  Very nice 4TH Division diary camo helmet with various battle honors as well as a 3RD Army insignia. $495  $SOLD$
H-2083  103RD Infantry, 26TH Division regimentally painted helmet. The 26TH Division had a unique design for each Regiment or Battalion. This is a White Pine Tree on a white diamond. $225
H-2082  French made wool US overseas cap. $60
H-2081   French made wool US overseas cap. $60
H-2080  WW1 US Overseas cap. Very good condition. $45
H-2078  WW1 Doughboy helmet with full liner and chinstrap. $170
H-2076    WW1 Wool overseas cap with Machine Gun Battalion disc. $50
H-2075  Mexican Border period,  Model 1911 Officers campaign hat with its mixed gray color. Original hat cord and chinstrap. Some surface moth nips as shown. $175
H-2073  82ND Division Camo helmet with wonderful Folk Art helmet, 307TH Engineers insignia on rear. Great American eagle and shield motif on one side. The other side has odd personalized with a goose and a water bird of some soft. Full liner and strap. $995
H-2070  WW1 US Navy , enlisted flat hat. Good condition overall. $85
H-2068  Very nice WW1 Overseas cap with numbered collar disc for the 117TH Field Artillery, 32ND Division. $65
H-2067  Interesting stateside made overseas cap. $40
H-2066   WW1 Cold Weather cap. Shows lots of use and wear. $75
H-2062  British made overseas cap. $55
H-2058  WW1 Overseas cap. $50ON HOLD
H-2056  WW1 Campaign Hat. Good condition overall. Chinstrap has been removed as many Soldiers did. $125
H-2054  VERY Rare tan cotton US Marine Corps Officers visor cap. Side buttons and chinstrap are later style replacements. Badge is also incorrect. Cap has some soiling as shown, sweatband leather is weak and fragile with numerous tears an separations. $445
H-2053   Set of (2), his and hers Polish American Veterans caps. $60
H-2052   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $35








H-2051  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $70
H-2050  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $70
H-2049  WWI Lutheran Chaplains visor cap. Could also have been worn by a Lutheran Hut worker. $275
H-2048  Very nice US Officers Visor cap. Excellent condition with just a little spotting to the top of the crown. $275
H-2047   Have not been able to ID this one but I have seen women Ambulance Drivers wearing similar berets. This one also has the WW1 Inter Allied Victory Medal ribbon sewn to the front of it. $495
H-2046  Scarce WW1 7TH Division folk art decorated camo helmet with stars and stripes shield. Complete chinstrap, just lacks liner. Easily replaced if you wish. $345
H-2042  Rare "rimless" Brodie helmet, with 5TH Division painted insignia and painted ID on the interior. Liner is loose and chinstrap is lacking. $235
H-2034  AMAZING Camouflage helmet with camo pattern being made up of all animals. Interlocking birds, pigs, cows, a horse, goats, sheep, dogs, snakes and a rabbit. I have only heard a a couple of these over the years. This one lacks liner and strap. VERY unusual and rare. $795
H-2027  HUGE WW1 overseas cap. Enormous size 7 7/8!!  $90
H-2015  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $40
H-2014  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $40
H-2011   WW1 Nurses Head Dress, called a Coif. Very good condition. $45
H-2010  WW1 Nurses Head Dress, called a Coif. Very good condition. $45
H-2006  WW1 Chemical Corps overseas cap. $140
H-2005  WW1 Cavalry overseas cap. $80
H-2001  WW1 Engineers overseas cap. $55
H-2000  WW1 Coast Artillery Officers overseas cap. $95
    H-1987  US Navy enlisted cap with US Navy tally. $75
H-1983  WW1 private purchase Overseas cap with USQMC disc. $50
H-1978   WW1 Recruiting and Armored, Red/ White and Blue campaign hat cord. $45
H-1975  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $45
H-1963   Choice side cap with unit designation for the 378TH. $60
H-1948   Large size WWI US Marine Corps visor cap. A few tiny nips and the sweatband is lacking, other than that a very nice cap. $285
H-1928  WWI enlisted mans overseas cap. Very nice. $40
H-1927  Fantastic WWI Folk Art Helmet with Pennsylvania Dutch style stars. Very well done. Lacks liner and strap. $275
H-1912  WW1 US enlisted overseas cap. Good condition overall. $45
H-1908  WW1 French made, high crown enlisted overseas cap. $55
H-1907  WW1 British contract US overseas cap. $50
H-1892   WWI US Navy cap with named tally, "USS Quinnebaug, some moth bites as shown. $60
H-1846  Unusual wool overseas cap with leather sweatband in the front of the cap. $45
H-1819   Nice WW1 Overseas cap with disc. $40
H-1797  WWI Red White and Blue campaign hat cord. Some fraying to acorns. $45
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
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