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 WWI United States Headgear
H-1943  Rare American /Over painted French helmet as worn by the Drivers of the American Field Service and African American Soldiers fighting with the French units including th e369TH, 370TH and 371ST Infantry regiments. Unfortunately not named. $295 $SOLD$
H-1942   WW1 US Helmet. Very nice condition overall. $140
H-1941  Very nice French made American overseas cap. $45
H-1940  Amazing shrapnel struck 77TH Division. When doughboys had near misses and brushes with death. If an item of their equipment was struck with shrapnel. They would treasure the item and keep it as a good luck charm. This 77TH Division Doughboy had his helmet struck with a shrapnel splinter and continued to wear it for the duration and ultimately painting it for the Welcome Home parade. A fantastic rarity!! I really wish this was named!! $595ON HOLD

H-1938  Scarce WW1 7TH Division folk art decorated camo helmet with stars and stripes shield. Complete chinstrap, just lacks liner. Easily replaced if you wish. $395
H-1937   WW1 Cold Weather cap. Shows lots of use and wear. $75
H-1935  WW1 Naval Aviators Green gabardine visor cap. This color of cap was reserved for Naval Aviation Officers. These are very tough to find. $595 ON HOLD
H-1934  WW1 Artillery Officer Overseas cap, French made. $120
H-1933  WW1 US Experimental Helmet No. 5. These rare American made helmets were field tested but never put into full production as it was determined that they looked to similar to German Helmets. This one lacks its liner, chinstrap and liner supports. It also has been completely repainted.  In original condition they sell for about $2400. This one priced much more affordably at $650
H-1929  WWI wool enlisted mans visor cap with US disc. $50
H-1928  WWI enlisted mans overseas cap. Very nice. $40
H-1927  Fantastic WWI Folk Art Helmet with Pennsylvania Dutch style stars. Very well done. Lacks liner and strap. $275
H-1926  Fantastic WW1 Engineer Camo Helmet with full liner. One break to strap. $395$SOLD$
H-1920  French made enlisted man's overseas cap. Very nice condition. $55
H-1916  Fantastic multi Divisional painted helmet. Front insignia with overseas stripes is from the 4TH Division, which would have been the wearer's unit. Really a great helmet. Full liner, chinstrap has one break. $450
H-1912  WW1 US enlisted overseas cap. Good condition overall. $45
H-1908  WW1 French made, high crown enlisted overseas cap. $55
H-1907  WW1 British contract US overseas cap. $50
H-1905  Scarce British made US Army Officers cap with quilted liner. A few tiny scattered moth nips, otherwise very nice. Tough to find. $350
H-1899  WWI Black/ Green piped Air Service Officers overseas cap. French made. 2 tiny tears on the left side as shown. $350
H-1898  WWI Lutheran Chaplains visor cap. Could also have been worn by a Lutheran Hut worker. $335
H-1898  Mexican Border period, Rhode Island state Staff Officers visor cap with bullion state seal insignia. $250
H-1895  Choice WWI Officers visor cap. Exc condition except for a slight visor abrasion to edge as shown. $235
H-1893   Large size WWI US Marine Corps visor cap. A few tiny nips and the sweatband is lacking, other than that a very nice cap. $295
H-1892   WWI US Navy cap with named tally, "USS Quinnebaug, some moth bites as shown. $60
H-1891  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $70
H-1890  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $70
H-1880  Very nice WWI Private Purchase Artillery Campaign hat. Clean overall. $120
H-1872  WW1 painted helmet for a member of the 104TH Infantry regiment of the 26TH Division. Has complete chinstrap, lacks liner. $175
    H-1862  US Navy enlisted cap with US Navy tally. $85
H-1852    Scarce WWI Navy hat for a Sailor on the "USS Calhoun". Original tailor label.  A few tiny moth bites. $85
H-1850  WWI painted helmet with American eagle across the front with "AEF" below. On the top, barely visible, is "Fourth Balloon". Rare Balloon Corps helmet. $295
H-1849  Unknown Helmet. Insignia is red, white and blue with a 6 pointed star for a center. Could be Aviation related. We just don't know. Lacks liner and chinstrap. Good research project. $155



H-1846  Unusual wool overseas cap with leather sweatband in the front of the cap. $45
H-1841  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $40
H-1840  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $40
H-1830  WWI wool, enlisted overseas cap with hat device. $45
H-1825  Enlisted overseas cap with MTC device. $55
H-1821  77TH Division Veterans hat for reunions. $55
H-1819   Nice WW1 Overseas cap with disc. $40
H-1813  WW1 US Navy , enlisted flat hat. Good condition overall. $95
H-1807  Unknown maker Hard Shell flight helmet with wool liner. Missing chin straps. Makers marks are obliterated. $395
H-1797  WWI Red White and Blue campaign hat cord. Some fraying to acorns. $45
  H-1776   Exceptionally rare WWI American Ambulance Field Service Drivers helmet. Excellent condition with OD overpaint, huge size with hat badge attached to the front. Only the second one like this I have seen. Threaded post on reverse of badge is partially stripped, so badge will not tighten fully. $1450
H-1745  WWI US helmet. Very good condition overall, just lacks part of lower chinstrap. $95
H-1643   Set of his and hers Polish American Veterans caps. $80
H-1571   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $40








H-1382  WWI Signal Corps overseas cap. Choice condition. $55
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
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