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 WWI United States Headgear
H-1588   Very nice example of the 103RD Field Artillery Helmet. Unlike most units, the 103RD Field Artillery chose a complicated design that was just too hard to paint. Their solution was to get there insignia printed on heavy paper and on the voyage home the men shellacked the designs on the front of their helmets in time for the welcome home parade. $225
H-1587  WWI Helmet for the 12TH Field Artillery, 2ND Battalion helmet. Lacks liner and chinstrap. $230
H-1586  Odd unidentified helmet in blue and yellow. I suspect it is 6TH Cavalry, Troop C, circa 1920, but don't know. Missing liner. $110







H-1585   WWI US Naval Officers Visor cap with white cover. Hat is very nice overall. Cover has a slight yellow tinge. Covers are tough to find and is included. $275 ON HOLD
H-1584  WWI 7TH Division painted helmet. This one is very dark from storage and needs to be cleaned. $100
H-1583  Unknown maker Hard Shell flight helmet with wool liner. Missing chin straps. Makers marks are obliterated. $495
H-1582  Rare WWI British made US Officer's Visor Cap. Mint condition. $265
H-1581  Choice 37TH Engineers helmet with full liner and strap. $175
H-1580  Rare flight helmet with fantastic painted Air Service Cockades, US, Italian and British. It is also inscribed to the owner a Flight Sgt. and dated 1917. Missing one ear flap. $795
H-1578  WWI 28TH Division painted helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Choice condition from the famous, "Bucket of Blood" Division. $255
H-1576  Very nice WW1 Engineer Camo Helmet with liner and strap. One break to strap as shown. $275  $SOLD$
H-1573  Very rare American Ambulance Field Service drivers cap. Named on the interior to William Chauncey Harrington who was the Sous Chef of Section 4 and was a Driver between 1916-1917. $1595
H-1572   Very rare 129TH Machine Gun Battalion of the 35TH Division painted helmet. Lacks the liner and chinstrap. $110  ON HOLD
H-1571   Very nice 35TH Division Veterans Overseas cap. $40








H-1570  WWI French made overseas cap with great 31ST Division SSI on the side. One small tear to the top, easily fixed. $70


  H-1569    Rare WWI US Naval Aviation Cadet's Visor cap. Some mothing as shown. Will need to be re-shaped. $245
H-1568   WWI US Naval enlisted cap for the USS New York. Good condition overall, except for  a couple of small holes. $120
H-1567  WWI US Naval Aviation enlisted man's cap. Excellent condition. $250
H-1566   WWI French made overseas cap with EGA device. Great condition overall. $195
H-1565  WWI British Brodie helmet as issued to the early American Divisions in France. Chinstrap is a little week (due to an inferior tanning process). Liner is about mint. $235
H-1562  WWI 5TH Marine Regiment, 2ND Division, US Marine Corps, Headquarters Company. Liner and strap. $1125
H-1559  29TH Division painted helmet. Liner is intact, strap is partially missing and will need repair. $195  $SOLD$
H-1556  WWI 30TH Division Helmet. Very good condition overall. Break to chin strap, but should not be seen as it is under the liner. $225
H-1554   Very nicely named 77TH Division helmet with full liner and chin strap. $235 $SOLD$
H-1553  Unknown Helmet. Insignia is red, white and blue with a 6 pointed star for a center. Could be Aviation related. We just don't know. Lacks liner and chinstrap. Good research project. $155



H-1551  Scarce helmet from a member of the 110TH Engineers of the 35TH Division. Good condition overall, British made Brodie just missing lower section of chinstrap. $125
H-1550  WWI Navy Flat Cap and Photo Lot from a member of the USS Quinnebaug, a Navy Mine Planter, part of the Northern Barrage Mine Force. Includes a great cap and set of photographs of the ship and it's Sailors. Some little white flecks and spots, could be cleaned up. 2 tiny holes as shown. $175
H-1548  Model 1912 Officers Visor Cap. Well used condition. Some mothing and edge chipping to the visor edge. $95
H-1541   WWI Officers Campaign Hat. Excellent condition overall. $155
H-1537  101ST Engineers with full liner and strap. $225
H-1536  WWI Artillery campaign hat. $125
H-1533  WWI Cavalry campaign hat. Lacks chin strap, otherwise very nice. $125
H-1532   WWI 91ST Division helmet with Wilmer eye shield set up. Three holes on each side with original rings still in place. $190
H-1531   77TH Division Helmet shell. Good condition overall. $120
H-1530   WWI British contract overseas cap. One moth bite as shown. $40
H-1527  Very scarce WWI US Navy Chief Petty Officers visor cap with correct badge. 1 inch of the edge of the visor has popped stitches. The sweatband is loose on one side. Very tough to find. $275
H-1526  Scarce WWI Hotchkiss Machine Gunners British Brodie Helmet with crossed Hotchkiss guns cross the front.  $155
H-1525  WWI Salvation Army overseas cap with cloth insignia on the front. Excellent condition. $210
H-152  WWI painted helmet with American eagle across the front with "AEF" below. On the top, barely visible, is "Fourth Balloon". Rare Balloon Corps helmet. $450
    H-1517  Scarce Hard Shell Flight Helmet with neck cape. Shows the aviator had at least one crash, as shown by the crack to the front, right above the eye. Possibly French origin. $795
H-1513  WWI 77TH Division Helmet with full liner and strap. The British Brodies were made in such a way that the rim edge was only held by a small spot weld. The rim could easily come off and frequently became loose and pulled off. $195  ON HOLD
H-1510  Enlisted Naval cap with a ribbon from the USS Kansas. Named on the interior. $120
H-1505  Nice WWI YMCA overseas cap. $125
H-1504  WWI US enlisted overseas cap. $40
H-1498 Very scarce helmet from the 101ST Ammunition Train of the 26TH Division. No liner and strap. $145 ON HOLD
H-1497    Very nice WWI British contract made US Overseas cap. Dated 1918. $50
H-1496  Scarce 21ST Railway Engineers Helmet. Full liner and strap. $235
H-1493   WWI US Navy cap with named tally, "USS Quinnebaug, some moth bites as shown. $70
H-1490    Scarce WWI Navy hat for a Sailor on the "USS Calhoun". Original tailor label.  A few tiny moth bites. $110
H-1483  Great enlisted cap for the USS New York. Excellent condition. $130
H-1474  Nice identified French made overseas cap, inscribed to a member of the 74TH CAC. $110ON HOLD
H-1471   Very nice 88TH Division British made overseas cap with numbered collar brass. $60
    H-1470  US Navy enlisted cap with US Navy tally. $95
H-1464  WWI Adrian Helmet used by an American Volunteer named "S. Eddy" This large size Adrian Helmet was worn by an American, in the US Army Ambulance Service in France.. As can be seen a non standard badge was worn and the shell was punched to accommodate it. Possibly a US Officers Cap Badge?  Full liner, missing most of the chinstrap. $285
H-1462  WWI British made US Overseas cap. $35
H-1460  Scarce purple piped Motor Transport Officers cap. $125
  H-1430   WWI British made Brodie Helmet with full liner and chin strap. The leather chinstrap is present by very dry and brittle and cracked through. still a great earlier Brodie as issued to many American units in France during 1917. $110
H-1422  Nice 5TH Division Camo Helmet. Interesting dark colors with bright read diamond. $425ON HOLD
H-1398  Nice WWI US Navy enlisted flat cap. Clean. $90
H-1393  WWI  US Navy Flat Hat with name on the interior. $80
H-1391  1ST Division Helmet with full liner and chin strap. Wool crown pad has been mothed as shown, otherwise very nice. $210ON HOLD
H-1382  WWI Signal Corps overseas cap. Choice condition. $55ON HOLD
H-1373   WWI US Navy USS Albatross Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $45
H-1370  WWI US Navy USS Missouri Hat Tally. Good condition. May not be full length. $65
H-1355  WWI US helmet with full liner and broken chin strap. $110
H-1344  WWI US Helmet with chinstrap. Liner has fallen out. $80
H-1280  WWI Period Cap for the "Ancient and Honorable Artillery". $35
  H-1274  WWI Medical Corps Maroon/white hat cord. $30
  H-1273  Black/Green Aviation campaign hat cord. Green has some fading. $40
  H-1270  WWI Chaplains campaign hat cord. $80
H-1157  Very nice WWI Overseas cap made under British contract. $45


H-1105    North Sea Mine Force Veterans cap with Mine Force pin and patch. $45
H-1057   WWI Rubberized Canvas Officers overseas cap. Evidence of rank and branch of service insignia. Stamped size on the interior. Very scarce. $85
H-857  WWI Overseas cap with false button front. $45









H-834   WWI US Overseas cap. Good condition overall. $35







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