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VH-611  1968 Special Forces Green Beret with 5TH Group Flash, held in place by a Special Forces Crest. Excellent condition. The beret was the property of Sgt Major J. A. Mancuso who was a Veteran of WWII and Vietnam. He was in A camp, A-244. Unfortunately it is not named. $235  $SOLD$
VH-610  Vietnam period Navy and Marine Corps 5 pointed fatigue cap. $55
VH-609  Vietnam period helmet with cover. Shell has been repainted, a perfect for having a cover over, $125
VH-608   Vietnam Officers dress White cap in the original box. $65  $SOLD$
VH-606  Scarce Vietnamese black beret as worn by PBR Forces and Mobile Riverine Forces. Good condition overall. $140
VH-603  ERDL Boonie Hat. $45
VH-601  Castro Style 60s fatigue cap. $55
VH-600  Marine Corps Fatigue cap. $35
VH-595  Very clean 1962 contract helicopter helmet. Very nice overall. $275
VH-594   Cobra Gunship Pilots helmet. Nice original helmet. Visor cover screws are loose, eye shade knob is missing. Rear paint depict a Cobra Gunship emerging from a distance at speed. First painted helo helmet we have had ina  while. 1962 dated helmet, used during Vietnam. $495
VH-593  Vietnamese Cowboy hat. Excellent condition. $65
VH-592  Odd ERDL Camo Ball Style Cap. Water repellant top. $50
  VH-588  Pre Vietnam early 1960s Captains cover. $50
VH-587  Rare US Navy Heavy Weather Rain Hat, 1963 contract. $70
VH-586  Choice and scarce Japanese made Air Force Colonels Dress visor cap with extra cover. Super deluxe bullion eagle and lighting bolt. Almost unworn in its original box!! This is the finest hat of its type we have offered. $165$SOLD$
VH-591   Vietnamese made fatigue cap with South Vietnamese  Lieutenant rank. Great hat! $90
VH-449  Great field cap with insignia of the 30TH Engineer Brigade (Airborne). $60
VH-592  Very scarce Vietnam made bush hat, cut down by tailor to a short brimmed boonie. $135
VH-588    Nice Vietnamese Camo Bush Hat. $40
VH-586  Small size Cowboy hat with hand made "Thailand" scroll. $55
VH-581  Amazing Vietnam Short Brimmed Tiger Stripe Boonie hat, with Marine Corps Helicopter Unit patch on the top. There is a second patch with "Aub Grace" on it which may actually be the name of the original owner. $395
VH-580  Vietnamese made Majors ball cap with embroidered name. Excellent condition. $80
VH-573  Vietnam used Majors squadron ball cap. $145
VH-563  Vietnam Marine Corps cover. Good condition overall. $50
VH-562  Vietnam Air Force Bush hat. $40
VH-554  Vietnam period USMC Colonels side cap. $25ON HOLD
VH-548   Nice Vietnam Boonie hat with "In Country" made rank insignia. Great condition. $75
VH-545  Vietnam period Naval Officers cap. $90
VH-544  Vietnam ERDL Cowboy hat. $55
VH-533  ERDL Vietnamese made cowboy with In Country made badge. $135
VH-532  Nice cowboy hat with unit ID on the front. $130
VH-527  Very nice Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with beer can, pull tab ribbon, popular at the time. $125
VH-525   Camo Cowboy hat. Thailand scrolls. Camo is actually painted into the hat by hand. $75
VH-524   Vietnam Cowboy hat with Navy rank insignia. $95
VH-520   Great Sailor decorated fatigue hat from a visit to Havana Cuba in 1958. $175
VH-504   Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-499  Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing. $65
VH-490  Great French Indo China-Vietnam period Cowboy hat. Nice French label. needs to be re-blocked to reshape. $75
VH-487   Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing of a grenade on the crown. $95
VH-477   Vietnam Blue Fatigue Cap. One snag to rear as shown otherwise mint.. $45
  VH-453    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-445   PX procured fatigue cap with metal rank insignia. 6 vent hole top. $40
VH-433   In Country Bush Hat, possibly French Indochina. $50
  VH-411   1960s US Marine Corps Officers khaki visor cap. $45
VH-410    1960s US Marine Corps Officers Dress visor cap. $45
VH-401   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $100
VH-383   Private Purchase fatigue cap. $30
VH-354   Vietnam Cowboy hat, Vietnamese made. Good condition overall with some staining from hard use. $55
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