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VH-629  Early Vietnam Helicopter Helmet with banana microphone. $235
VH-628  Vietnam helmet shell. Good condition. $55
  VH-627  Vietnam period cool weather cap with fold down flap. $40
VH-626   Vietnam white cap. $45
VH-625    Vietnam Helmet with camo cover and liner. Good condition overall. $140
  VH-621    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-620   PX procured fatigue cap with metal rank insignia. 6 vent hole top. $40
VH-615   Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing of a grenade on the crown. $95
VH-614   Great Sailor decorated fatigue hat from a visit to Havana Cuba in 1958. $95
VH-613   Nice Vietnam Boonie hat with "In Country" made rank insignia. Great condition. $75
VH-607   Great Vietnamese made ball cap with Airborne qualification insignia. $70
VH-606    Fantastic Pre Vietnam Japanese made embroidered ball cap. "Army Rams" on the front and "Fire Ball" and "Woody" embroidered on the reverse. Visor has internal damage to its stiffener and is missing a chunk. $75
VH-604  Nice cowboy hat with unit ID on the front. $95
VH-603  Very scarce Vietnam made bush hat, cut down by tailor to a short brimmed boonie. $110
VH-600  Very nice Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with beer can, pull tab ribbon, popular at the time. $100
VH-597   Vietnam Cowboy hat with Navy rank insignia. $110
VH-600  Marine Corps Fatigue cap. $35
VH-593  Vietnamese Cowboy hat. Excellent condition. $65
VH-592  Odd ERDL Camo Ball Style Cap. Water repellant top. $50
VH-586  Small size Cowboy hat with hand made "Thailand" scroll. $55
VH-580  Vietnamese made Majors ball cap with embroidered name. Excellent condition. $80
VH-563  Vietnam Marine Corps cover. Good condition overall. $50
VH-562  Vietnam Air Force Bush hat. $40
VH-554  Vietnam period USMC Colonels side cap. $25ON HOLD
VH-545  Vietnam period Naval Officers cap. $90
VH-504   Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-499  Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing. $65
VH-477   Vietnam Blue Fatigue Cap. One snag to rear as shown otherwise mint.. $45
VH-401   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $100
VH-383   Private Purchase fatigue cap. $30
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