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VH-592  Very scarce Vietnam made bush hat, cut down by tailor to a short brimmed boonie. $165
VH-591   Vietnamese made fatigue cap with South Vietnamese  Lieutenant rank. Great hat! $110
VH-590   Vietnamese made fatigue cap with Staff Sergeant insignia on front. $50
VH-589    RARE 77TH Aerial Rocket Artillery Boonie hat, with Pilots rate on the front. This unit flew Cobras and Hueys armed with rockets. $325$SOLD$
VH-588    Nice Vietnamese Camo Bush Hat. $40
  VH-587   Japanese made Navy ball cap with squadron, name and assignments embroidered into it. $60$SOLD$
VH-586  Small size Cowboy hat with hand made "Thailand" scroll. $55
VH-585   Vietnam/ Navy Flight Helmet. Very good condition. $195
VH-584  US Navy Double Visor Helmet. Excellent condition overall. $195
VH-582  Super clean 1960s APH-6/A Flight Helmet. Very good condition overall. $220
VH-581  Amazing Vietnam Short Brimmed Tiger Stripe Boonie hat, with Marine Corps Helicopter Unit patch on the top. There is a second patch with "Aub Grace" on it which may actually be the name of the original owner. $395
VH-580  Vietnamese made Majors ball cap with embroidered name. Excellent condition. $80
VH-578  Vietnam Airborne Helmet. No liner. Good condition overall. $125
VH-574   Vietnam Black Beret with Naval Advisory Forces flash with enlisted "crow" for CPO. This was given as a gift to a fellow Sailor in 1968. We purchased it from him. $295$SOLD$
VH-573  Vietnam used Majors squadron ball cap. $145
VH-563  Vietnam Marine Corps cover. Good condition overall. $50
VH-562  Vietnam Air Force Bush hat. $40
VH-554  Vietnam period USMC Colonels side cap. $25ON HOLD
VH-548   Nice Vietnam Boonie hat with "In Country" made rank insignia. Great condition. $75
VH-545  Vietnam period Naval Officers cap. $90
VH-544  Vietnam ERDL Cowboy hat. $55
VH-533  ERDL Vietnamese made cowboy with In Country made badge. $135
VH-532  Nice cowboy hat with unit ID on the front. $130
VH-529  Vietnamese made green beret with "Vietnam" tab and sand cast South Vietnamese Jump Wing. $225
VH-527  Very nice Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with beer can, pull tab ribbon, popular at the time. $125
VH-525   Camo Cowboy hat. Thailand scrolls. Camo is actually painted into the hat by hand. $75
VH-524   Vietnam Cowboy hat with Navy rank insignia. $95
VH-520   Great Sailor decorated fatigue hat from a visit to Havana Cuba in 1958. $175
VH-518   Vietnam Junk Force beret. Excellent condition. About unworn. $250  $SOLD$
VH-507  Vietnam War Bush Hat with "Thailand" tab. $65
VH-504   Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-499  Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing. $65
VH-492  Very unusual Ranger Advisor Cowboy hat with Thai Ranger badge on front. Extremely high quality, possibly Officers grade. $145





VH-490  Great French Indo China-Vietnam period Cowboy hat. Nice French label. needs to be re-blocked to reshape. $75
VH-487   Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing of a grenade on the crown. $95
    VH-486  Fantastic Vietnam painted 1968 M-1 Helmet and Liner. Really a great 60s style font in white across the front with "Short!". Great Soldier Art Helmet. Lacks chinstrap. $210ON HOLD
VH-477   Vietnam Blue Fatigue Cap. One snag to rear as shown otherwise mint.. $45
  VH-453    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-449  Great field cap with insignia of the 30TH Engineer Brigade (Airborne). $80
VH-445   PX procured fatigue cap with metal rank insignia. 6 vent hole top. $40
VH-439  Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-433   In Country Bush Hat, possibly French Indochina. $50
VH-428  Vietnamese Cowboy hat. Excellent condition. $75
VH-416  Odd ERDL Camo Ball Style Cap. Water repellant top. $60
  VH-411   1960s US Marine Corps Officers khaki visor cap. $45
VH-410    1960s US Marine Corps Officers Dress visor cap. $45
VH-401   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $100
VH-383   Private Purchase fatigue cap. $30
VH-354   Vietnam Cowboy hat, Vietnamese made. Good condition overall with some staining from hard use. $55
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