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VH-667  VERY rare American GI helmet with a bullet strike to the wearers left side. It appears to be a souvenir from a near death experience, and it would not have been a fatal wound. The Soldier then wrote, "TET" on the interior, indicating the Tet Offensive, which most likely refers to the original Tet Offensive of January of 1968. Amazing helmet, and the only one I have seen like it. $495ON HOLD

VH-666   Advisor to the South Vietnamese Rangers, beret with "Death Before Dishonor" flash. Choice condition. $275
VH-663  Huge!! Size 59 Brown Water Navy, black beret. Shows that it once had a flash. Very rare to find in such a large size. $235
VH-660   Vietnam Era Helmet with cover. 1973 contract date. $125ON HOLD
      VH-658  Rare Naval Aviators "In Country" made cap with direct embroidered Lt. Colonel and Aviators wings. Great hat! $225
VH-654   Vietnam Helmet with liner and cover. $150
VH-652  1970s Green Beret and photos of the JFK Special Warfare Soldier who wore it. Liner has been removed as was popularly done. $140
VH-643    Fantastic Pre Vietnam Japanese made embroidered ball cap. "Army Rams" on the front and "Fire Ball" and "Woody" embroidered on the reverse. Visor has internal damage to its stiffener and is missing a chunk. $55
VH-637  Great camo boonie hat. SF patch is sewn to the cap. The Ranger qualification badge is pinned through and the pins are bent to the sides. $235
VH-633   Vietnam Blue Fatigue Cap. One snag to rear as shown otherwise mint.. $40
VH-632  Field cap as issued to all enlisted men. This one is dated 1972. $35
  VH-627  Vietnam period cool weather cap with fold down flap. $40
VH-626   Vietnam white cap. $45
  VH-621    Vietnamese made Bush hat excellent condition. $45
VH-620   PX procured fatigue cap with metal rank insignia. 6 vent hole top. $40
VH-615   Great Vietnamese made Cowboy hat with graffiti drawing of a grenade on the crown. $95
VH-614   Great Sailor decorated fatigue hat from a visit to Havana Cuba in 1958. $95
VH-600  Marine Corps Fatigue cap. $35
VH-593  Vietnamese Cowboy hat. Excellent condition. $65
VH-592  Odd ERDL Camo Ball Style Cap. Water repellant top. $50
VH-563  Vietnam Marine Corps cover. Good condition overall. $50
VH-545  Vietnam period Naval Officers cap. $90
VH-504   Vietnam Bush Hat. Excellent condition overall. $75
VH-401   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $100
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