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 WWI Other Countries
OC-2312  Choice WW1 British Brodie Helmet. $255
OC-2311  WW1 British Gas Mask Bag. Good used condition overall, showing actual use and wear. $155
OC-2310  WW1 Ammo Pouches, waist belt and suspenders. $995
OC-2309  WW1 British Wire Cutters and carry case. $175
OC-2308  WW1 British Mess Tin with canvas carry case. Case has been depot repaired. Cover is very tough to find. $225
OC-2307  WW1 British Entrenching tool with original canvas carry case, bayonet frog with helve handle dated 1915 and what appears to be a homemade handle holder made from original straps. $625

OC-2306  WW1 British large pack with separate cross straps. $125
OC-2305  1919 dated British canteen and harness. Choice condition. $165
OC-2304  WW1 British bayonet frog. $60
OC-2303  WW1 British small pack. $85
OC-2302  WW1 Reproduction helve handle holder. This is a newly made item. $30
OC-2301  Rare Colt 45 holster for the 45 Automatic contract for the Canadian Government. 5000 were delivered. These were the first Colts that saw service in WW1. $595
OC-2300  Scarce WW1 British Gas Mask bag with US Mask. Bag is very clean. $295
OC-2299   Scarce WWI Officers swivel  style Map Case. A little on the dry side and a little stiff. These are very tough to find. Even has the original shoulder strap. Stitching has popped in areas on map viewing shield. $230
OC-2298  WWI British/ Canadian Issue Socks. $95
  OC-2297   WW1 French medical helmet badge. $90
OC-2296 Very scarce British Brodie helmet with the battle formation sign of the British 286TH Field Artillery Brigade. Liner is week and wool pad has deteriorated, chinstrap is week with cracks. $375
OC-2295  Rare Royal Canadian Regiment helmet with gray finish. Lacks liner and strap. Great stenciled insignia on the front. The grey finish is classic for WW1 Canadian combat used helmet. $225
OC-2294  WW1 Officers helmet from the 5TH Canadian Division. Helmet has been finished in black, possibly for parade use. Lacks liner and strap. $225
OC-2293  WW1 Lewis Gun Ammo Magazine. Good condition overall. $195
OC-2292  WW1 Canadian Mounted Rifle Canteen. Well marked. $155
OC-2291  WWI British Truncheon. $135
OC-2290  WWI Officers Boots. $150
OC-2289  WWI British Flight Helmet with fur lining. The leather helmet has suffered from some deterioration from poor leather tanning techniques. Still will display very well from the front as most damage is toward the rear. $220
OC-2288  WWI French Trench periscope in its original canvas carry case. Approx. 29 inches in length. $245
OC-2287   WWI British made haversack, stenciled to the Sgt who carried it. $110
OC-2284  Extremely rare WWI British Ammunition carriers vest as used on the Western Front. A soldier would load artillery rounds into pockets on the legs and use the hand supports to help carry the load.  $695
OC-2283   Extremely RARE 98LB Flour Bag sent by the Canadian people to the people of England, "Motherland". The food shortages cropped up almost immediately at the end of 1914-15. Probably one of just a handful in existence. $345
OC-2282   Very nice WWI Canadian Sewing Kit. $60
OC-2281  Scarce Canadian made Sam Brown Belt. Well marked, very nice condition. $140
OC-2280  WWI British Haversack and sling. 1916 dated. Very nice overall. $125
OC-2278   WWI Highland Kilt Cover. This is the late War apron style that does not wrap around. Shows lots of use. One tie missing. $125
OC-2277   Fantastic British Officers Private Purchase mess kit. This set was made in England and retailed in France. High quality cutlery, aluminum cup and leatherette carry case. Some small amount of wear to the bottom as shown with some missing material. Really a great item for a British, American or French Officers Display. $195

OC-2276  Very scarce WWI British Officers private purchase canteen with sling. Wool cover shows some repair and shrinkage. Leather strap is worn and brittle. $155
OC-2275    WW1 British Container for storing a Campaign or Cavalry hat. Lined with wool felt it was held closed with a leather strap, now missing. $225
OC-2273   WW1 British Officers private purchase canteen/ mess kit. The mess kit slides in a groove to the rear of the canteen and is held in place by a lobe attached to the base of the stopper. Well marked. Upper shoulder strap is from another British canteen or map case. $175
OC-2272  1914 dated dark blue tunic with French depot and issue markings. Outfitted with faded red numeral ones on the collar, Foreign Legion buttons and shoulder paddles. Cuff patches are also faded out. Some insignia may be added. $355
OC-2271  WW1 French French Soldiers Cup. Usually tied to the canteen. $40
OC-2270  Very rare 1916 French poster to let Soldiers know the difference between French, Belgian, English and German Aircraft to avoid shooting down the wrong aircraft. Approx 20 x 30 inches. VERY RARE to find an original!!! $750
OC-2269  Great battle used WWI British bugle, nicely marked and dated. $230
OC-2267   WWI Italian Canteen with strap. These are tough to find. Missing stopper and solder has split between the upper ring and vertical bar, easy fix. $110
OC-2265  Rare British Trench Periscope. These are very tough to find. Approx 27 inches in length. These were all over American, Canadian and British Sectors and few survive as they are made from thin wood. This one has a hole added, so that it can be hung on a nail. $495
OC-2263  WW1 British Brodie Helmet. Very nice condition overall. Wool pad is gone. $Nice sand finish. $195
OC-2261  Very scarce WW1 British/ Canadian  private purchase shirt. Very good condition overall. A few small repairs. Small brown discolored area on lower right side, as shown.  $375
OC-2259  WWI French M-2 Gas Mask Bag. $240
OC-2256  WWI Canadian snake buckle and belt. Excellent condition. $130
OC-2253  Late WW1 to 1920s Glengarry. Some scattered moth bites. $150
OC-2252  Large format British Officers named "Housewife", sewing kit. Approx 5 inches in length. $65
  OC-2249  WW1 British Officers pistol ammo pouch. $65
OC-2248  WW1 British enlisted mans waist belt. $125
OC-2247  WW1 Canadian Canteen with leather harness. Straps are nicely marked. $85
 OC-2246  Rare Regimental Postcard for the 12TH Canadian Overseas Battalion. $35
 OC-2245  Rare Regimental Postcard for the 13TH Canadian Overseas Battalion. $35
 OC-2244  Rare Regimental Postcard for the 134TH Canadian Overseas Battalion. $35
 OC-2243  Rare Regimental Postcard for the 39TH Reserve Battalion. $25
OC-2242  WW1 British Officers holster. $145
OC-2239  WW1 Australian Canteen, harness and cover. Nicely marked and dated. $195ON HOLD
OC-2237  WW1 British web waist belt. Excellent condition. $95
OC-2236  WW1 NCOs Webley holster. Exc condition. $120
OC-2234  WW1 British Small Pack. $75
OC-2233  WW1 British Large Pack. Shows lots of use and wear. $75
OC-2232  1918 dated British Small Pack. Very nice condition overall. $80
OC-2228  WW1 British Officers Binoculars. Private purchase as used by some US Officers. $85
OC-2226  WW1 French Pilots badge as worn by French Aviators as well as American Aviators serving with French Units with the Lafayette Flying corps as well as the US Air Service. $695 
OC-2225   WW1 French Observers badge as worn by French Aviators as well as American Aviators serving with French Units with the Lafayette Flying corps as well as the US Air Service. $450
OC-2222  Very nice  British Army dated and marked binocular case with American made binoculars. Before we entered the War, America exported loads of optics to the allies to offset the lack of German optics due to the War. $190
OC-2221  1920s Highland Kilt. Although it is not a WW1 production kilt it is very close to that sharing the same leather buckle arrangement. It is marked to the Canadian Scottish Regiment. Some scattered moth bites, but a great alternative to a $600-700 documented ww1 version. $225
OC-2220  Very nice British Officers silver plated Whiskey Flask with name and date on both sides. Approx 6 inches in length. $125
OC-2218  Very nice British Army comfort kit bag as provided to British and Canadian Soldiers. $60
OC-2217  WW1 Kilt Cover. This is the late War style that only covers the front. $150
OC-2216  Canadian P-16 Waist belt, stamped to the 172ND Overseas Battalion. They arrived in England in October 1916, but did not serve as a unit as they were used as replacements. $180
OC-2215  British WW1 Non Commissioned Officers Holster. $80
OC-2212  Very rare AEF produced poster to educate Doughboys to understand the French Army rank system. RARE. $250

OC-2209  Scarce WW1 Canadian Highlander hose top. These were worn by multiple Canadian Highland units including the MacLean Kilties of America. Only a single! not a pair. $55
OC-2207   Rare M-2 Gas Mask bag with shoulder strap. Some field repairs, as shown. These are almost impossible to find. $355
OC-2200  Ca 1914 Madder Red NCO Trousers. Exc condition overall. $265
  OC-2198  WWI French Bread Bag. $135
OC-2196  WW1 Canadian Leather snake belt and buckle. Exc condition. $130
    OC-2195  Rare WW1 Oliver Pattern Pack, manufactured in 1915 in the United States for the Canadian Army. Damage to small leather back strap tab otherwise excellent overall. $245$SOLD$
OC-2189   WWI Canadian Canteen Harness for bottle and cloth/leather shoulder strap. $75
OC-2185  WWI pillow cover for a member of the 53RD Canadian Artillery Battery. $85
OC-2184  WWI French Squad Pan. $175
OC-2183  WWI British Officers Whistle. $100
    OC-2181  1914 dated "Water Tank Spares" supply box with 1917 over stamp. Remember. When tanks were first coming out they were only mentioned in code of Water tanks. Front straps appear to be replacements. $65
OC-2175  Unit history for the Royal Fusiliers in WWI. Some damage to the spine as shown. $75
OC-2171  Late WWI French Kepi. $195
OC-2169  Set of two British City Peace Medals. One from Birmingham and the other from Bournemouth. $60 pr.
OC-2167   WWI British Cover for apron. I believe it may be St. Johns. $95
OC-2166  WWI Canadian Soldiers duffle. $75
OC-2162 WWI cloth package wrapper used to send candy to a member of the RAF in France. Great Officers accessory. Modern box inserted to give shape. $120
OC-2159  Rare British Officers Message Book used as a notebook by an American Doctor with the BEF.  photo is a copy. $100
OC-2157  1917 dated British folding wire cutters. $95
OC-2155   WWI Austrian Bayonet. $135
OC-2154  Unknown WWI British side bag. Broad arrow marked, possibly Machine Gunners Spare Parts bag. $110
OC-2153  WWI British entrenching tool head. These are getting tough to find. $145
OC-2151  WW1 Canadian small pocket diary. $100ON HOLD
OC-2141   Set of 3 awards of the Croix de Guerre for a French Soldier in the 2ND Brigade, Chasseurs and then the 230TH Infantry Regiment. Includes the medal and 3 certificates. The certificate on the left has a typed citation which is almost impossible to read. The typewriter strikes are still visible, but the ink is gone. $225
OC-2135  WWI British Hold all. The marks are mostly obliterated. $90
OC-2134  Very scarce WWI Mills Officers Map Case with pebbled buttons for the Canadian market during WWI. Only one I have seen. $175
OC-2123  WWI French M-2 Gas Mask Bag. Very nice condition. $325
  OC-2122  WWI British Officers map case with snap hook to hang it from the Sam Brown Belt. $235
OC-2120  WWI Leather Waist belt. French or English made. These belts are typically worn by American Volunteers in Foreign Service especially Ambulance Drivers in the American Field Service or Norton Harjes Service. $125
  OC-2106  WWI French Lebel Bayonet. Very nice condition. $140
  OC-2097  Selection of 12 French commemorative pins. Nice set. $195
  OC-2096    Very nice WW1 British Officers Bedroll with great painted name and designation for the 29TH Middlesex Regiment. The riveted leather loops are coming loose. $125
OC-2095  Rare Victorian, British Army Regulations. Well worn with some loose pages. Appears to be missing interior title page. Still very scarce. $40
OC-2093   Rare WWI Canadian 1915 Overcoat. Shoulder straps have been removed and cuffs may have been modified. Has the tabs under pocket flaps to keep from sagging. War department stamped, plain buttons. Rare coat. $375
OC-2090  WWI fund raising book with front pages with poems stories and art. The bulk of the book is blank and intended for Soldiers to use to record a diary or art to help kill the boredom of trench warfare. $45
OC-2089  Rare battle history of the 52ND Lowland Division during WWI. Rare book, tough to find. Good condition overall with wear and ex libris markings. $100
OC-2088  WWI British Whistle with regimental buttons applied to the sides. $65
OC-2080  Fantastic WWI French Trench Lighter. $70
OC-2079  WWI British, Princess Mary Christmas tin as provided to troops in the field during Christmas of 1914. You got either cigarettes or chocolate. $95
OC-2078  2 small framed photos of the same Soldier. He was a Highlander in WW1 and later became a Canadian Mounty. Larger frame is 3 x 5 inches. $60
OC-2076  WWI British brass bugle. This is a smaller version than the normally seen size. It is about 80% the size of the ones I have seen. It may be private purchase. $120
OC-2075  Nicely marked bag inscribed to a member of the 2ND Canadian Division. Dated 1918. Choice condition. $80
OC-2070  Rare Anti Tuberculosis poster. States, "To spit on the ground endangers the life of others" Approx 8 x 14.  Dated 1916. $100
OC-2069  Fancy , "Somewhere in France" pennant. Approx. 16 inches. $150
OC-2068    WWI British Patriotic Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall, featuring vignettes of the military leaders. $65
OC-2066  WWI Folding British Wire Cutters with rope lanyard. $150ON HOLD
OC-2065    WWI British flag Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $60
OC-2064   WWI British Map Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $55
OC-2059   WWI British Ammunition bandolier with 1918 date. Has other re-inspection dates as well, but a WW1 product. $85
OC-2057  WWI British Ammunition bandolier with 1918 date. Has other re-inspection dates as well, but a WW1 product. $85
OC-2048  WWI French Waist belt. A little dry and one small mouse chew as can bee seen in the second photo, between the loops on the belt. $70
OC-2047  WWI Princess Mary Tin as given to British Soldiers on the Western Front in December of 1914. $100
OC-2045  WWI Webley Holster, nicely marked and dated. $185
OC-2041  Very rare photo for the 236TH Overseas Battalion, also known as the MacLean Kilties of America, a unit consisting of approximately 85% American.  $245

OC-2027  WWI British/ Canadian Runners Armband. These were worn so the Soldier could pass between the front and rear areas without being stopped. $135
OC-2011  Large French Poster. Some edge chipping along the left margin. Approx 30 x 40 inches. $235
OC-2010  Model 1914 British/ Canadian belt with snake buckle. $135
OC-2008  Very rare WWI bicycle rates, one in yellow and one in red. $55
OC-2007    Rare WWI Chasseur collar rates, one in yellow and one in red. $40
OC-1914  WWI Porcelin vase showing a Canadian War Memorial in Quebec, Canada. $45
OC-1911    WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1898  Post WW1-20s French Medical Armband. $50
OC-1862  CA.1914 photo of 2 French Soldiers Off to War. $30
OC-1861  WWI Czech Legion photo. $40
OC-1860  WWI French Tanker photo. $45
OC-1834    77TH Overseas Battalion Unit Photo. Overall frame size is about 13 x 18. **  $110
OC-1788  WWI Canadian Pay Book. $40
OC-1779  WWI Period British side knife. $60
OC-1749  Set of WWI Royal Army Medical Corps Dog Tags. $65
OC-1573   French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
OC-1572  French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
OC-1502  WWI British Fork. $20
OC-1465    Vickers MG muzzle break with thick steel cone shape. These were used in WWI and WWII. $40
OC-1429   WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1405  WWI dated Ammo Bandolier. Repacked for WWII with later dates as well. $60
OC-1359   Post- WWI British water bottle. $40
OC-1351  WWI Red Cross Ditty Bag. One small hole to side. $35
OC-1272   WWI Canadian cloth and leather shoulder strap to be used with leather harness Canadian canteens. $45
OC-1270  WWI British leather Officer's leggings. $40
OC-1241  Set of 2 WWI British/ Canadian Stable Belts. Were souvenir belts with buttons and insignia, long since removed. $40
      OC-1226   WWI British/ Canadian Cavalry/ Artillery Spurs with black leather trim. $65
OC-1187  WWI British issue fork with serial number. **$30
OC-1184   WWI Wool armband for those men who have signed up for service but are not in uniform. $90
  OC-1179   WWI Brown Leather Officers Leggings. $35
OC-1026  WWI French Grease can/ cleaning kit canister. $40
OC-920  WWI British Waist Belt. this is not the typical wide belt, but a narrower more comfortable belt, which is seldom seen. Tough shape but rare. $50
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