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 WWI Other Countries
OC-2001    WW1 Canadian 7 Button tunic. Ottawa makers stamp with 1918 date. Choice condition. "Canada" shoulder titles and Canadian general service collar brass. $695
OC-2000 WWI cloth package wrapper used to send candy to a member of the RAF in France. Great Officers accessory. Modern box inserted to give shape. $140
OC-1999  WWI French Trench periscope in its original canvas carry case. Approx. 29 inches in length. $275
OC-1998  Choice WWI Belgian helmet with full liner. Lacking only the chinstrap. $395
OC-1997   WWI French Drum sling. One break to the leather, easily repaired. $145
OC-1996  Very scarce WWI Mills Officers Map Case with pebbled buttons for the Canadian market during WWI. Only one I have seen. $195
OC-1995  Scarce early French Infantry tunic. These are the tunics worn at the outbreak of War in 1914. This one is missing some buttons and has  a few seams that have opened up. Clearly dated from 1898, this tunic was most likely used in the War as everything was pressed into service in 1914 that was serviceable. $295$SOLD$
OC-1994  WWI British Brodie Helmet. Good condition showing actual use and wear. There is a pencil inscription for the American serviceman who wore it. Tough to read the complete inscription. $225
OC-1993  Phenomenal triple painted British helmet. Red Square on the right side. winged foot in the front and a yellow Maltese cross (59TH Division??) painted on the left side. Full liner, just lacks lower stripe. Needs some additional research. Very rare to find with more than 1 formation sign. $595

OC-1992   Very scarce WWI Canadian 7 button service blouse. Appears to have been worn by 2 men. The serial number of one is present and the name of the second is inscribed. One small moth hole below lowest button and some stitched repairs. These are much harder to get than the typical 5 button coat. The stripes are different shades as is typical fro wartime produced items. $675$SOLD$
OC-1991    Scarce WW1 print depicting a French Soldier with a captured German Regimental flag. Approx.  18 inches in height. $125ON HOLD
OC-1990  Rare Canadian Mills Holster Identified to Lt. J C Snelgrove  of the 75TH Overseas Battalion, CEF. I found evidence that he was wounded in action. $425
OC-1989   WW1 French Helmet with full liner. Named on the underside of the visor. $140 $SOLD$
OC-1988  Rare WWI British gas Rattle with ink inscription listing the zone and sector it was supposed to be left at. $195
OC-1987  1918 Webley holster with custom modification. $90$SOLD$
OC-1986   WWI British Brodie Helmet with full liner and strap. $225   
OC-1985  1918 dated British Artillery Officers tunic with impressive assortment of decorations including the Distinguished Service Order and cluster added to Victory medal ribbon for "mention in dispatches". Some basic research has been done. I am sure a lot more can be found out. $595ON HOLD
    OC-1984  WWI Horizon Blue French Quartermaster Officers Tunic and Polo Style Kepi. Good condition overall with the tunic having some scattered repairs. $595
OC-1983  WWI French Commemorative Bronze Table medal. $50
OC-1982   WWI French Commemorative Bronze Table medal. Aviation themed. $75ON HOLD
OC-1981   WWI French Commemorative Bronze Table medal. Tank themed. $75
OC-1980  WWI French Commemorative Bronze Table medal. 1914 Battle of the Marne themed. $75$SOLD$
OC-1977  Spectacular WWI Canadian pennant for a member of the 34TH Overseas Battalion, 3RD Canadian Contingent. Has a place for the Soldiers photograph. $225
    OC-1975  Medium sized "S.R.D." Rum Jug. Approx. 15 inches in height.  Western Front Battlefield find. Typical surface crack as shown. Maker marked. $155
 OC-1974  Circa 1925 French air Service visor cap. I had an identical one worn by an American Pilot who flew for France during the Riff War with Morocco in 1925. Very rare. $395
OC-1973   Scarce WWI Officers swivel  style Map Case. A little on the dry side and a little stiff. These are very tough to find. Even has the original shoulder strap. Stitching has popped in areas on map viewing shield. $230
OC-1972   Scarce WW1 Canadian Artilleryman's tunic. War department marked. Small traces of paper from the original label, 2ND Canadian Division shoulder flashes, 3 overseas stripes, lanyard and service stripe. A few scattered moth bites but overall very good. $1150
OC-1971   Rare WWI Canadian 1915 Overcoat. Shoulder straps have been removed and cuffs may have been modified. Has the tabs under pocket flaps to keep from sagging. War department stamped, plain buttons. Rare coat. $395
  OC-1970   WWI Desk Blotter made by a wounded and disabled French Soldier. Very nicely done. $175
OC-1969  AMAZING, Huge oil on canvas of an Officer in the French 96TH Infantry. This painting was produced after his death. He is wearing his Croix de Guerre and Legion of Honor. His name was Lt. Marie Albert Edouard Rogatien De Bruc De Liverniere and he was killed in action on July 4TH, 1915. The painting depicts his standing in a sandbagged trench with his map and binoculars. The kepi rests on the fire step. There are rifle ports visible as well as a long handled shovel. Painting measures 57 x41 inches. Painting is signed and dated 1916. As the painting is almost 5 feet in height, shipping could be very costly, depending on where you live. The absolute best subject and identified. The artwork is superb in every way. $3995 ON HOLD
OC-1967  1917 dated British folding wire cutters. $95
OC-1966  WWI British entrenching tool head. These are getting tough to find. $175
    OC-1965 Very nice set of WWI British Naval Officers shoulder boards. $150
OC-1962     WWI British/ Canadian small box respirator face mask, hose and  filter canister. Mask is very dry. $145
OC-1957  Very scarce British Brodie helmet with the battle formation sign of the British 286TH Field Artillery Brigade. Liner is week and wool pad has deteriorated, chinstrap is week with cracks. $495
    OC-1952  Private purchase Canadian cap. Chinstrap is incorrect. Reasonably priced. $165
OC-1950  Trench Art Shell for the Sussex Yeomanry. $150
OC-1949  WWI British/ Canadian 2 Handed Wire Cutters. Excellent. $175
OC-1948  Great battle used WWI British bugle, nicely marked and dated. $235
OC-1947   WWI British/ Canadian Gas Mask Bag. Choice condition. $250
OC-1946  WWI French M-2 Gas Mask Bag. $250
OC-1942   WWI Period Bagpipes with nickel silver mounts with artificial ivory ferrules. I believe this is a set made by Henderson. I bought these for a Pipers Display I was putting together last year. Chanter is marked "R.G. Hardie and is a 1950s replacement. It is cracked as shown and needs to be glued or replaced with a period one. Chanters are interchangeable and are frequently made by companies other than the one that made the pipes. Two lower pipes have repaired cracks, one glued, one taped, common of pipes of this age. Bag and cover are also later period.  $695

OC-1941  Non Regulation, private purchase, aluminum French Air Crew Wing, for Gunners, Airship crews and photographers. This wing would date from 1917 and 1927. Really a great badge. $395
OC-1939  WWI French section of Aviation fabric removed from a larger aircraft, most likely a 2 Seater. It is unknown if this is a partial serial number or two digit, but definately French and definatley WWI. Nice size at 13.5 x 12.5 inches. $975
OC-1938  Late WWI French Kepi. $225
OC-1937    Extremely RARE, 40 pound,  WWI Flour Sack sent to Belgium to feed the starving citizens of the occupied areas. The Germans were confiscating food and the Belgian already were importing 75% of their food prior to WWI. The Germans would not let the refugees go into Germany, nor would they let them pass through the front lines into France. Herbert Hoover negotiated with the British , French and Germans to allow this humanitarian aid. Outrageously rare item of early Canadian/ US aid. Between 1914 and 1919, the CRB operated entirely with voluntary efforts and was able to feed 11,000,000 Belgians by raising the necessary money, obtaining voluntary contributions of food, shipping the food past the German submarine blockades and army occupied areas, and controlling the food distribution in Belgium. The CRB shipped 697,116,000 pounds of flour to Belgium and evidence indicates that sugar and grains were also sent. The flour was packaged in cotton flour sacks by American mills. The movement of these bags throughout Belgium was carefully controlled by the CRB since cotton was in great demand for the manufacture of German ammunition and also because the CRB feared that the flour sacks would be taken out of Belgium, refilled with inferior flour, and resold as relief flour. As a result, the empty flour sacks were carefully accounted for and distributed to professional schools, sewing workrooms, convents, and individual artists. Separate from the trade schools of Belgium, the professional schools specialized in training girls to sew, embroider, and make lace, and the sewing workrooms were large centers established in the major Belgian cities during the war to provide work for the thousands of unemployed. Girls and women made famous Belgian lace, embroidered textiles and repaired and remade clothing in these workrooms. The flour sacks were used by these various Belgian groups to make new clothing, accessories, pillows, bags, and other functional items. Surviving examples are extremely rare that have not been modified or embroidered. $395

  OC-1936  WWI French Squad Pan. $225
OC-1935  WWI British/ Canadian Runners Armband. These were worn so the Soldier could pass between the front and rear areas without being stopped. $155
OC-1934  WWI British Officers Whistle. $120
OC-1933  WWI British Whistle with regimental buttons applied to the sides. $65
OC-1932  Collection of WWI French Souvenir battle pins. Set of 12. $255  
OC-1931    WWI British Patriotic Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall, featuring vignettes of the military leaders. $65
OC-1930  WWI British Officers dated Webley holster. $165
OC-1929   WWI French Aviator, wearing the Pre 1916 sleeve worn aviation rating. $90
OC-1926  WWI Canadian Soldiers duffle. $85
OC-1925   Rare WWI British Gas Alarm rattle. Good condition overall. I have an  identical one in my collection from stenciled and decorated to a 27TH Division MG Unit. You can view that one on our Facebook page.  $165
OC-1924    Scarce WWI British 08 Narrow style equipment waist belt. $85
OC-1923   Rare M-2 Gas Mask bag with shoulder strap. Some field repairs, as shown. These are almost impossible to find. $355
OC-1921  Very nice WWI Russian Mess Kit. Usually only found in excavated condition or missing th e cover, this one is excellent and well marked. $225
OC-1919  Nicely marked bag inscribed to a member of the 2ND Canadian Division. Dated 1918. Choice condition. $95
OC-1918   Amazing WWI French bugle which was evidently struck by a small piece of shrapnel or a bullet which went through one side and out the other. It was then repaired by the French Army with 4 custom soldered brass patches, 2 inside and 2 outside. A modern inscription states that it was brought home by a US Officer in France. A fantastic find!! $595
OC-1917  Very rare crate for WWI Artillery Shell Fuses made in the US fro the Russian Army in 1916-17. Choice condition. Extremely RARE!! $295
OC-1916  Fancy , "Somewhere in France" pennant. Approx. 16 inches. $150
OC-1914  WWI Porcelin vase showing a Canadian War Memorial in Quebec, Canada. $45
OC-1912  WWI French Adrian helmet badge for Medical troops. $45
OC-1911    WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1909  British WWI Trench Lantern. One missing glass pane, one cracked, otherwise choice. A little over 12 inches in height. 1916 dated. Great for your dugout display. $395
OC-1908  1915 British recruiting poster. Choice condition, mounted on linen. $275
OC-1907    Scarce French Adrian helmet plate for the Chasseurs. $90
OC-1905  WWI Hospital convalescent uniform with broad arrow stamp.   $100
OC-1903  WWI British/ Canadian Issue Socks. $95
OC-1902  Rare British Officers Message Book used as a notebook by an American Doctor with the BEF.  photo is a copy. $100
OC-1901  Scarce WWI French Pocket Watch Holder in the form of a French canteen with chain and cup for watch fob. Inside is a 365 page calendar so the user would tear off a page each day. Excellent condition. $90
OC-1898  Post WW1-20s French Medical Armband. $50
  OC-1892  Interesting 1918, WWI British Army Signals bridge board for communications. Rare. $175
OC-1891  Rare Anti Tuberculosis poster. States, "To spit on the ground endangers the life of others" Approx 8 x 14.  Dated 1916. $100
OC-1882   WWI Highland Kilt Cover. This is the late War apron style that does not wrap around. Shows lots of use. One tie missing. $110
OC-1879  Very scarce WWI British Trench Periscope. Approx. 28 inches in length. Nicely inscribed. $395
OC-1875   WWI Canadian Canteen with excellent wool cover and sling. $155
OC-1873  WWI Webley Holster, nicely marked and dated. $195
OC-1872  Nice 2 Gallon SRD Rum Jar. Chip to the neck, otherwise very nice. $175
OC-1862  CA.1914 photo of 2 French Soldiers Off to War. $30
OC-1861  WWI Czech Legion photo. $40
OC-1860  WWI French Tanker photo. $45
OC-1857   Very nice WWI French Engineer Officers tunic and madder red trousers. Good condition overall with just  couple of tiny nips. $550
OC-1851  Very scarce WWI British Officers private purchase canteen with sling. Wool cover shows some repair and shrinkage. Leather strap is worn and brittle. $165
OC-1839   WWI British Brodie Helmet in choice condition with stapled chinstrap rings. US Contract liner. $225


OC-1834    77TH Overseas Battalion Unit Photo. Overall frame size is about 13 x 18. **  $110
OC-1832  WWI pillow cover for a member of the 53RD Canadian Artillery Battery. $70
OC-1825  1914 dated dark blue tunic with French depot and issue markings. Outfitted with faded red numeral ones on the collar, Foreign Legion buttons and shoulder paddles. Cuff patches are also faded out. Some insignia may be added. $395
OC-1816  WWI British Trench Shovel. Found in France it shows actual use and wear and looks to be a battlefield pick up. Handle top appears to be from a second British Army shovel. $150

OC-1795  WWI British Officers sword harness to hang from the Sam Brown belt. $65
OC-1788  WWI Canadian Pay Book. $40
OC-1783  Interesting Canadian Armband. Appears to be a Scout armband with specialty insignia. $190
OC-1782   WWI British SMLE Rifle Oiler. $30
OC-1779  WWI Period British side knife. $60
OC-1778  British 18 pounder shell decorated for the Royal Welsh Fusiliers with battle honors. $120
OC-1776  Rare battle history of the 52ND Lowland Division during WWI. Rare book, tough to find. Good condition overall with wear and ex libris markings. $100
OC-1775  Rare Victorian, British Army Regulations. Well worn with some loose pages. Appears to be missing interior title page. Still very scarce. $50
OC-1770  WWI fund raising book with front pages with poems stories and art. The bulk of the book is blank and intended for Soldiers to use to record a diary or art to help kill the boredom of trench warfare. $45
    OC-1769  1914 dated "Water Tank Spares" supply box with 1917 over stamp. Front straps appear to be replacements. $70
OC-1767  WWI British brass bugle. This is a smaller version than the normally seen size. It is about 80% the size of the ones I have seen. It may be private purchase. $150
OC-1756  WWI French Berthier Bayonet. $125
OC-1755  Souvenir candy dish. 1914-1915. $45
OC-1752  WWI British Model 08 Ammo Pouch. These are very tough to find on the loose. Shows extensive use and wear/ fraying. $275
OC-1749  Set of WWI Royal Army Medical Corps Dog Tags. $65
OC-1739    WWI British flag Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $55
OC-1737   WWI British Map Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $50
OC-1736  WWI British Hold all. The marks are mostly obliterated. $90
OC-1734  Old tobacco box with 20 WWI period British coins. $50 ON HOLD
  OC-1730  WWI Gas Attack, Trench rattle. $120
OC-1725    Canadian WWI Kit / Duffle Bag. approx. 24 inches in height. 1916 dated with "C" broad arrow marked. Serial numbered with research on the individual, an overseas replacement from the 188TH Overseas Battalion. $90
OC-1723  WWI Princess Mary Tin as given to British Soldiers on the Western Front in December of 1914. $115
OC-1701   WWI British made haversack, stenciled to the Sgt who carried it. $100
OC-1657  Very rare WWI bicycle rates, one in yellow and one in red. $60
OC-1656    Rare WWI Chasseur collar rates, one in yellow and one in red. $40
OC-1618   Very nice WWI Canadian Sewing Kit. $65
OC-1610  WWI Canadian snake buckle and belt. Excellent condition. $110
OC-1584  MINT WWI Compass case and strap with owners initials and marked to the Dorset Regiment. Should be able to ID. $95
OC-1573   French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
OC-1572  French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
OC-1530  Unit history for the Royal Fusiliers in WWI. Some damage to the spine as shown. $95
OC-1519  Unknown WWI British side bag. Broad arrow marked, possibly Machine Gunners Spare Parts bag. $120
OC-1502  WWI British Fork. $20
OC-1500   Scarce British combat map showing the Mons/ Cambrai and Arras regions of France. $45
OC-1469  Extremely rare WWI British Ammunition carriers vest as used on the Western Front. A soldier would load artillery rounds into pockets on the legs and use the hand supports to help carry the load.  $1395
OC-1465    Vickers MG muzzle break with thick steel cone shape. These were used in WWI and WWII. $40
OC-1464   WWI British or Canadian waist belt, holes in reverse, will display well from front. $55







OC-1457  WWI Russian trench shovel with 1915 date. $150
OC-1454   WWI Austrian Bayonet. $145
OC-1437  WWI Private Purchase Flashlight. $55
OC-1429   WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1405  WWI dated Ammo Bandolier. Repacked for WWII with later dates as well. $60
OC-1395   Winchester Repeating Rifle Bayonet from the WW1 canceled contract. Quite scarce. $225
OC-1359   Post- WWI British water bottle. $40
OC-1351  WWI Red Cross Ditty Bag. One small hole to side. $35
OC-1272   WWI Canadian cloth and leather shoulder strap to be used with leather harness Canadian canteens. $45
OC-1270  WWI British leather Officer's leggings. $40
OC-1241  Set of 2 WWI British/ Canadian Stable Belts. Were souvenir belts with buttons and insignia, long since removed. $40
      OC-1230  Model 1918 Waist belt. Much narrower than the earlier wide versions. $80
      OC-1226   WWI British/ Canadian Cavalry/ Artillery Spurs with black leather trim. $65
OC-1187  WWI British issue fork with serial number. **$30
OC-1184   WWI Wool armband for those men who have signed up for service but are not in uniform. $90
  OC-1179   WWI Brown Leather Officers Leggings. $35
OC-1125  Scarce British/ Canadian pocket compass.  **$85
OC-1046  WWI British Large Pack, inscribed to the Soldier who used it. $80
OC-1026  WWI French Grease can/ cleaning kit canister. $40
OC-920  WWI British Waist Belt. this is not the typical wide belt, but a narrower more comfortable belt, which is seldom seen. Tough shape but rare. $50
OC-854  WWI French Map Case. Lacks shoulder strap, small size. One snap broken. $40
OC-746   WWI Canadian Canteen Harness for bottle and cloth/leather shoulder strap. $75
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