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 WWI Other Countries
OC-1774  Late War British enlisted man's tunic with classic 5 button front and stand and fall collar. This late War version is a little odd, but I have had dated tunics with the same configuration, which is a single dart collar on one side and a double dart collar on the other. It has the wartime WD marking with the number above and the letter below. Named as shown. I am sure this is 1918 production. Paper label is completely gone. Collar has been pierced for multiple badges. $750
OC-1773  Rare WWI Artillery fuse cover and plug for shell. Possibly for a British 18 Pounder. These disposable fuse covers are quite rare. $165
OC-1772  Very nice 1917 dated British Gas Mask bag. Nice condition overall. $75
OC-1771  Very nice Trench Art Fighting Knife. 4 Sided blade with trench made wooden handle. $95
OC-1770  WWI fund raising book with front pages with poems stories and art. The bulk of the book is blank and intended for Soldiers to use to record a diary or art to help kill the boredom of trench warfare. $45
    OC-1769  1914 dated "Water Tank Spares" supply box with 1917 over stamp. Front straps appear to be replacements. $70
OC-1768  Nice set of WWI Wire Cutters. $85
OC-1767  WWI British brass bugle. This is a smaller version than the normally seen size. It is about 80% the size of the ones I have seen. It may be private purchase. $150
OC-1766  1918 Webley holster with custom modification. $100
OC-1765  WWI British Officers private purchase haversack. $100
OC-1764   Nice set of WWI British Web Gear. Includes a choice set of Right and Left hand ammo pouches, waist belt and suspenders, all marked and dated. WWI bayonet, scabbard and frog. The rare E-Tool carrier is present, the E- Tool itself has no visible date. The E-Tool handle bears WWI and WWII markings. Water bottle harness is nicely marked, canteen bottle appears to be recovered. The small helve handle tool holder is a modern replacement as they are incredibly rare. $1095  $SOLD$
OC-1763  Extremely RARE WWI French Rifle Grenade Cup Launcher carry case. These leather cases are quite rare compared to the later cotton ones. $295 $SOLD$
OC-1762  Choice WWI British Helmet. Full liner and strap. $235
OC-1759  WW1 period Ammo Box for the 303 Enfield with trapezoidal sliding cover. Was repacked and labeled in 1941 with smoke flares. These are very tough to find. Could not find any date stamps. $325
OC-1758  Very nice WWI oil painting of a British, Tommy in full marching order. Approx. 16 inches in height. $495
OC-1757  Circa 1925 French air Service visor cap. I had an identical one worn by an American Pilot who flew for France during the Riff War with Morocco in 1925. Very rare. $495
OC-1756  WWI French Berthier Bayonet. $125
OC-1755  Souvenir candy dish. 1914-1915. $45
OC-1754  WWI French Mess Kit. $70
OC-1753  WWI British/ Canadian Runners Armband. These were worn so the Soldier could pass between the front and rear areas without being stopped. $165
OC-1752  WWI British Model 08 Ammo Pouch. These are very tough to find on the loose. Shows extensive use and wear/ fraying. $275
OC-1751  WWI Trench Art Pipe Stand for 5 pipes for a member of the HMS Saphos. About 10 inches in length. $145
OC-1750  Set of 08 British Web Shoulder straps. $100
OC-1749  Set of WWI Royal Army Medical Corps Dog Tags. $65
OC-1748  WWI Canadian Diary. Entries covering training, sailing for England, more training and finally arriving in France  He gets busy in the closing weeks of the War and does not do much writing. Nice example of a Canadian Soldiers Diary. $115
    OC-1745  WWI French Artillery kepi. Excellent condition. Scarce larger size. About a 7 3/8. $365
OC-1742   1917 dated Webley Holster in excellent condition. $145 $SOLD$
  OC-1740  Fantastic WWI British handkerchief with the lyrics of " Its a long way to Tipperary" the most popular Soldiers song of the period. $75 ON HOLD
OC-1739    WWI British flag Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $55
OC-1738    WWI British Patriotic Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall, featuring vignettes of the military leaders. $65ON HOLD
OC-1737   WWI British Map Handkerchief from the 1915-17 period. Excellent condition overall. $50
OC-1736  WWI British Hold all. The marks are mostly obliterated. $90
OC-1734  Old tobacco box with 20 WWI period British coins. $50 ON HOLD
OC-1732  WWI pillow cover for a member of the 53RD Canadian Artillery Battery. $90
OC-1731  WWI British Officers dated Webley holster. $165
  OC-1730  WWI Gas Attack, Trench rattle. $120
OC-1727  WWI British 08 small pack. $60
WWI cloth package wrapper used to send candy to a member of the RAF in France. Great Officers accessory. $225
OC-1725    Canadian WWI Kit / Duffle Bag. approx. 24 inches in height. 1916 dated with "C" broad arrow marked. Serial numbered with research on the individual, an overseas replacement from the 188TH Overseas Battalion. $90
OC-1724   WWI British Small Pack in cotton, designed for use with the P-14 leather gear. 1916 dated. Good condition overall. $95
OC-1723  WWI Princess Mary Tin as given to British Soldiers on the Western Front in December of 1914. $115
OC-1720   Interesting presentation engraved WWI Shave Kit to a Corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps. $80
  OC-1717  WWI French Mess Kit. $80
OC-1716  WWI British/ Canadian 2 Handed Wire Cutters. Excellent. $175
OC-1715  Ultra rare detachable periscope for the French Lebel Trench Rifle/ Periscope. Excellent condition overall with crack to one mirror. $295
    OC-1714   Very rare WWI Japanese Generals cap, shoulder boards and shoulder cord. These were purchased from the family in California in the 1970s. He was actually sent to a Japanese Internment camp during WWII. Good condition overall. Some tearing to sweatband. Edge of visor loose on one end. $850
OC-1712  WWI, 1915 dated haversack and sling. This is also known as the British small pack. $150
OC-1709  Nicely marked bag inscribed to a member of the 2ND Canadian Division. Dated 1918. Choice condition. $125
OC-1706   WWI British Brodie Helmet with full liner and strap. $235   ON HOLD
OC-1704   WWI British Brodie Helmet with full  liner and chinstrap. Just lacks the wool crown pad. $265
OC-1701   WWI British made haversack, stenciled to the Sgt who carried it. $100
OC-1699   Rare WWI Canadian 1915 Overcoat. Shoulder straps have been removed and cuffs may have been modified. Some have rolled cuffs and some appear to have been made without rolled cuffs. Has the tabs under pocket flaps to keep from sagging. War department stamped, plain buttons. Rare coat. $375
OC-1698  Scarce French Army Trench Periscope with original storage case. Very nice condition overall. Measures 29.5 inches in length. Optics are a bit mottled. Case is fragile and has some splits. $295
OC-1697  Very rare 1915 British poster shouting the rallying cry, "Remember Scarborough", On Dec 16, 1914 German Navy attacked Scarborough and several other English coastal towns, 592 casualties and 137 deaths resulted from the bombardment. I could not find another example. Linen mounted in the period.  $265
OC-1694  Rare M-2 Gas Mask Can with Horizon Blue Cover. These were designed  to muffle the sound of metal can and eliminate reflections from it. This one has some mothing and damage as shown, but very rare. $195
OC-1692  WWI British/ Canadian Issue Socks. $115
OC-1689  Nice pair of 1903 Clip Pouches with suspender loops. $80
OC-1687  WWI British Canteen Set with leather harness and marked "RA" for a Royal Artillery unit. $135
OC-1686    Scarce WWI British 08 Narrow style equipment waist belt. $95
OC-1685   Rare M-2 Gas Mask bag with shoulder strap. Some field repairs, as shown. These are almost impossible to find. $425
OC-1684   1918 dated WWI British Haversack with original strap. Tough to find. $95
OC-1672   WWI Highland Kilt Cover. This is the late War apron style that does not wrap around. Shows lots of use. One tie missing. $100
OC-1671    WWI Highland Kilt Cover. This is the late War apron style that does not wrap around. Shows lots of use. $120
OC-1666  Very nice Denim WWI Trench Cap. Good condition overall with original side buttons and chinstrap. Issue marks are also gone. Custom sweatband. Shows evidence of 2 different badges. $425
OC-1665  Set of 2 Bruce Bairnsfather publications "fragments from France issues 3 and 5. 3 has loose covers. Otherwise just typical wear. $45
OC-1663  Scarce WWI French Pocket Watch Holder in the form of a French canteen with chain and cup for watch fob. Inside is a 365 page calendar so the user would tear off a page each day. Excellent condition. $100
OC-1659  Rare WWI British gas Rattle with ink inscription listing the zone and sector it was supposed to be left at. $210
OC-1658   WWI French military themed rolling papers and match box. $40
OC-1657  Very rare WWI bicycle rates, one in yellow and one in red. $60
OC-1656    Rare WWI Chasseur collar rates, one in yellow and one in red. $40
OC-1654  WWI British Sporran with post WWI British Lowland Division badge. Very good condition overall. $235 
OC-1647   1918 dated WWI British Officers Marching Compass. $80
OC-1624   WWI Canadian Diary/ Photo/ ID Grouping for  a member of the 13TH Mounted Rifles and later the 8TH Overseas Battalion. Includes 2 portrait photos of the soldier as well as one in his hospital suit. Diary discusses overseas activity until his wounding on April 28TH, 1917 at Arleax. He laid on the battlefield exposed for 29 hours until he was finally picked up and brought to an aid station. After going through recovery and treatment for a year was returned to Canada and mustered out with a partially paralyzed left leg.. $450
OC-1623  Rare Rimless Brodie British Helmet in choice condition. Full liner and strap. Excellent paint and appearance. The person who brought it home etched "OHIO" across the back. Other than this it really is the best rimless Brodie we have seen in a couple of years. $475
OC-1618   Very nice WWI Canadian Sewing Kit. $65
OC-1614   French made Trench Periscope with folding handle and carry case. This scope shows a shrapnel strike and solder repair work above. Shoulder strap for scope and case still present and in excellent condition. Very interesting. $425
OC-1610  WWI Canadian snake buckle and belt. Excellent condition. $110
OC-1607  Extremely rare WWI French Red Cross shoulder insignia in bullion and thread embroidery on horizon blue wool. $145
OC-1606    Extremely RARE!! 1915 early Gas Mask (Compress). Really not much more than padded gauze with added chemical. These offered little protection and were usually discarded. A rare survivor complete with his rubber gas goggles, his medal trio, shoulder insignia, photos, shoulder titles and research. It folds so small he could store it in his pocket in a large match box!! Unbelievable relic from the firsts months of gas warfare. Fresh from an older collection. Last photo is not included, but is just shown to illustrate usage. $895
OC-1603  Very scarce WWI British Trench Periscope. Approx. 28 inches in length. Nicely inscribed. $450
  OC-1602  Interesting 1918, WWI British Army Signals bridge board for communications. Rare. $195
OC-1600  Fantastic Pro Allied Patriotic Banner. with "Its a long way to tipperary" and other great motifs. $195
OC-1599   Very nice WWI French Engineer Officers tunic and madder red trousers. Good condition overall with just  couple of tiny nips. $610
    OC-1597  Medium sized "S.R.D." Rum Jug. Approx. 15 inches in height.  Western Front Battlefield find. Typical crack as shown. Maker marked. $155
OC-1596 Smaller size of the famous "S.R.D." rum jugs. Approx. 12 inches in height. This is the size that everyone looks for. Western Front Battlefield find. Typical crack as shown. Maker marked. $185
OC-1594  WWI Belgian clothing beater. $50
OC-1589  Rare Anti Tuberculosis poster. States, "To spit on the ground endangers the life of others" Approx 8 x 14.  Dated 1916. $125
OC-1587  WWI Webley Holster, nicely marked and dated. $220
OC-1585  WWI British Mess Kit. $90
OC-1584  MINT WWI Compass case and strap with owners initials and marked to the Dorset Regiment. Should be able to ID. $95
  OC-1582  WWI British Officers Map Case, nicely named. Attaches to Sam Brown Belt or trench Coat belt. Contains partial Montfacon map. Rare. $225
OC-1573   French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
OC-1572  French combat Map. Positions would be marked on these showing daily activities. $75
  OC-1568  WWI Belgian Steel Button Cleaner. $30 ea.
OC-1567  WWI Belgian Brass Button Cleaner. $35 ea.
OC-1563    Rare WWI British Gas Alarm rattle. Good condition overall. I have an  identical one in my collection from stenciled and decorated to a 27TH Division MG Unit. You can view that one on our Facebook page.  $175
OC-1560  WWI British New Testament with dated cover. $40
OC-1558    WWI Record Book  for Balloon Observers and artillery Spotters to record activity. $40

OC-1555   French manual for Officers during wartime. $40
OC-1554  Officers manual or military laws and regulations. $40
OC-1553   French manual on the duties of Officers and Soldiers. $40
OC-1550  WWI French Horizon Blue wool cylindrical sleeve, possibly for small cook stove. Regimental stamp. $50
OC-1546   WWI British/ Canadian Machine Gunner's Cape, worn over the tunic. Choice condition overall. This was designed to be a pad to keep the machine gun and tripod from injuring the carrier. $350
OC-1545  WWI Canadian Soldiers duffle. $90
OC-1541  Interesting Canadian Armband. Appears to be a Scout armband with specialty insignia. $190
OC-1539  Very nice WWI British Pioneer Say with carry case. Parts dated 1915 and 1916. $175
OC-1538   Single Ammo Pouch-1916 dated. $45
OC-1537  Australian made single ammo pouch, 1916 dated. $45
OC-1531  Unit History of the Welsh Division, BEF. $80
OC-1530  Unit history for the Royal Fusiliers in WWI. Some damage to the spine as shown. $95
OC-1519  Unknown WWI British side bag. Broad arrow marked, possibly Machine Gunners Spare Parts bag. $120
OC-1507  Very rare WWI Royal Fusiliers, Sportsman's Battalion Recruiting Poster. Mounted on linen in the period. Extraordinary WWI British Recruiting Poster. 20" x 30".  The Sportsmen Battalion was a battalion comprised of men who had made their name in football, cricket, boxing, etc., an extension of the so-called "Pals" battalions. Some folds and edge chipping as shown. Was tacked up at one time. $495
OC-1502  WWI British Fork. $20
OC-1500   Scarce British combat map showing the Mons/ Cambrai and Arras regions of France. $45
OC-1498  Large WWI French cotton bandage. Approx. 11 inches in length. $55
OC-1485   Scarce named British WWI Officer's private purchase canteen. Shows actual combat use and wear. $75
OC-1482  WWI British Brodie Helmet with liner and strap. Wool pad is gone otherwise very nice. $165ON HOLD
OC-1477     WWI French Trench Knife fashioned from a Lebel Bayonet. $110
OC-1475   WWI Canadian Canteen with excellent wool cover and sling. $155
OC-1469  Extremely rare WWI British Ammunition carriers vest as used on the Western Front. A soldier would load artillery rounds into pockets on the legs and use the hand supports to help carry the load.  $1395
OC-1465    Vickers MG muzzle break with thick steel cone shape. These were used in WWI and WWII. $40
OC-1464   WWI British or Canadian waist belt, holes in reverse, will display well from front. $55







OC-1457  WWI Russian trench shovel with 1915 date. $150
OC-1454   WWI Austrian Bayonet. $145
OC-1445  WWI German Trench Shovel. Appears to be a battlefield pick up. Pitted overall as shown. $65
OC-1437  WWI Private Purchase Flashlight. $55
OC-1434  WWI Red Cross Armband. $65
OC-1429   WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1428    WWI Oilcloth wallet for  a member of the Middlesex Hussars. Unused condition. $35
OC-1414  Rare British Officers Message Book used as a notebook by an American Doctor with the BEF.  photo is a copy. $120
OC-1412   Extremely RARE 1916 tag for Deceased Soldiers personal effects. $75
OC-1405  WWI dated Ammo Bandolier. Repacked for WWII with later dates as well. $60
OC-1403   French Trench Boots in a HUGE size. The pattern of boots remained unchanged until the 1960s when the pattern changed. This set is dated 1964 and in mint unworn condition. Would be great for a mannequin display. $195
OC-1396   WWI Italian Bayonet. $95
OC-1395   Winchester Repeating Rifle Bayonet from the WW1 canceled contract. Quite scarce. $225
OC-1384  Set of (2) 5.25 x 3.5 inch photos of French WWI Medics. $35
OC-1383   Set of (2) 5.25 x 3.5 inch photos of French WWI Medics. $35
OC-1382   Set of (2) 5.25 x 3.5 inch photos of French WWI Medics. $35
OC-1380    French Medic with bicycle. $45
OC-1370   WWI British Brodie Helmet in choice condition with stapled chinstrap rings. US Contract liner. $225


OC-1359   Post- WWI British water bottle. $40
  OC-1356  1903 dated British Bayonet. $70
OC-1351  WWI Red Cross Ditty Bag. One small hole to side. $35
OC-1323   WWI Officers battle map for the Western Front in the Belgian sector where the British did their heaviest fighting. $55
  OC-1313   WWI British "Rifles" green and black shoulder cord/lanyard. $40
OC-1292  WWI British SBR Gas Mask repair kit/ record card. These are usually missing from WWI British/ Canadian Gas Masks. $35
OC-1272   WWI Canadian cloth and leather shoulder strap to be used with leather harness Canadian canteens. $45
OC-1270  WWI British leather Officer's leggings. $40
OC-1241  Set of 2 WWI British/ Canadian Stable Belts. Were souvenir belts with buttons and insignia, long since removed. $40
      OC-1230  Model 1918 Waist belt. Much narrower than the earlier wide versions. $80
      OC-1226   WWI British/ Canadian Cavalry/ Artillery Spurs with black leather trim. $65
OC-1187  WWI British issue fork with serial number. **$30
OC-1186  WWI Hospital convalescent uniform with broad arrow stamp. **  $120
  OC-1185  WWI British Red Cross ditty style bag. $40
OC-1184   WWI Wool armband for those men who have signed up for service but are not in uniform. $90
OC-1182  WWI British SMLE Rifle Oiler. $30
OC-1181  WWI British SMLE Rifle Oiler. $30
OC-1180   WWI British SMLE Rifle Oiler. $30
  OC-1179   WWI Brown Leather Officers Leggings. $35
OC-1172  Very nice WWI British/ Canadian Brodie Helmet with full liner and strap. Shrapnel ball strikes on top of helmet from being worn under fire!! $295ON HOLD
OC-1125  Scarce British/ Canadian pocket compass.  **$85
OC-1112   WWI British Ditty Bag. $45
OC-1100  Set of 8 WWI Russian buttons. $60
OC-1074  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Austrians ready for a fight. $35
OC-1073   3.5 x 5.25 inch photos of Greek Brothers. It appear they were in America prior to the War. $40
OC-1072  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Greek Officer. $40
OC-1071  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian Sailor. $30
OC-1070  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russians wearing the Cross of St. George. $30
OC-1069  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian. $25
OC-1068  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian. $25
OC-1067  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of Russian Cavalryman with sword. $30
OC-1065  Very nice 18 x 24 inch poster commemorating the French Victory in WWI. Famous artist showing a stream of French Soldiers from earlier periods going through l'arc de triumph. Some corner tears as shown. $125 
OC-1046  WWI British Large Pack, inscribed to the Soldier who used it. $80
OC-1027   WWI Adrian Helmet with blue wool liner ring and leather tongue liner. Appears unissued. Rare to find. $80 ON HOLD
OC-1026  WWI French Grease can/ cleaning kit canister. $40
OC-987  1920-30s British Officers Dress Visor Cap. $75
OC-975  WWI Collection of 43 Officer's cuff pips. Some sets. $245
  OC-973   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
  OC-972   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
OC-971   3.5 x 5.25 Russian photo. $30
OC-946  WWI British, Canadian Sleeve Rate. $35
OC-943 Very rare Spanish Dress Cap for the Port and Harbor Authority. $195





OC-936  Durham Light Infantry British Victory Medal. $30
OC-920  WWI British Waist Belt. this is not the typical wide belt, but a narrower more comfortable belt, which is seldom seen. Tough shape but rare. $50
OC-917  WWI British Service and Overseas Stripe set. $35
OC-854  WWI French Map Case. Lacks shoulder strap, small size. One snap broken. $40
OC-821    77TH Overseas Battalion Unit Photo. Overall frame size is about 13 x 18. **  $155
OC-746   WWI Canadian Canteen Harness for bottle and cloth/leather shoulder strap. $75
OC-735   WWII Horizon Blue enlisted mans overseas cap. $65ON HOLD



OC-530   Set of 3, 1917 dated,  issues of the French magazine, "The Aviation War". Shows planes, squadron locations, interviews with pilots etc. People were fascinated by Airplanes in WWI and Air Combat was new and exciting to them. These are very tough to find. Set of 3- $40
OC-527    Set of 3, 1917 dated,  issues of the French magazine, "The Aviation War". Shows planes, squadron locations, interviews with pilots etc. People were fascinated by Airplanes in WWI and Air Combat was new and exciting to them. These are very tough to find. Set of 3- $40
OC-333   Very unusual French mourning veil and cloth basket for flowers or petals. De-accessioned form a museum who had some French civilian items as part of their 1920s War display. $85
OC-303  WWI French Military Almanac $30






OC-302  1916 French army History. $35







OC-222  Nice 3 part photo set of British leaders, "Men of the Hour" Approx. 8 X 13. $30






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