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Vietnam Medals
VI-296   Vietnam Navy cross. Very nice condition. $90 $SOLD$
VI-295  Very nice 1ST Division Medal Grouping with certificates. Medals are all privately engraved with certificates for the Purple Heart, Air Medal and Commendation Medal. His other medals and insignia are also present.  $495  $SOLD$
VI-294  Purple Heart grouping for an Artillery Officer in A Battery, 3RD Battalion, 82ND Artillery of the 196TH Light Infantry Brigade. $245$SOLD$
VI-292  Vietnam Purple Heart certificate for an Army Specialist who was wounded in Vietnam in 1967. $90
VI-291  Document grouping for a Sergeant in the 198TH Infantry Brigade who was killed when his helicopter was shot down in May of 1968. Includes telegrams, documents and various related items. Interesting KIA set. $195 $SOLD$
VI-290  Fantastic 101ST Airborne, Bronze Star, Purple Heart paper and document grouping for an Army Officer who rescued wounded comrades under fire. Includes the medal certificates, photos, letters, insignia and more. Great set. $350$SOLD$
  VI-289  Interesting 25TH Division citation in a great Divisional citation folder for an army Specialist. $95
VI-288  Vietnamese Naval Distinguished Service medal. $145
VI-287  Historic 5TH Artillery, 1ST Division ,Vietnam KIA Purple Heart grouping. Includes Government engraved Purple Heart, Vietnamese Military Merit Medal and National Defense medal. There is a letter and family photo from the family of this Soldier that are unrelated. Some research is present. $425$SOLD$
VI-267  Vietnam period Senior Chief Petty Officers medal grouping. This was obtained from the veteran. His name appears on a key chain disc. $165
V-196  Army Commendation Medal, cased. $35
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