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 Vietnam Uniforms
VU-972   Set of 2 shirts and one set of poplin trousers for a Soldier who fought in Vietnam with the 25TH Division. His shirts have very nice "US Army and CIBs' One also has an In Country name strip. These shirts were modified when he returned and the shoulder patches were removed. One was placed on the opposite sleeve, the other appears to have a school, SSI. A few small holes to lower right leg as shown. $175

    VU-971 1967 dated Poplin Jungle Jacket. Very nice condition. $80
VU-970   Interesting identified grouping for a Soldier who served in the 173RD Airborne and 101ST Airborne in Vietnam for several tours. I was able to buy some of the grouping. What you get is the 2 shirts and trousers. The photos are copies that i was able to make from the originals. He entered service in May of 1965 and was discharged in May of 1968.  $275
VU-969  Late 1970s, Marine Corps Squadron, HMH-362, Grouping for an enlisted man. Includes his G-1 Flight jacket with scarce squadron patch, fatigue shirt, flight suit, deck helmet and vest with squadron insignia on reverse as well as a squadron T-Shirt. One of his cruise books is present as well as his graduation book from Paris Island. Nice Post Vietnam grouping. $595$SOLD$

VU-968  Exceptionally Rare Jungle Jacket formerly the property of  American Combat Artist. Pierre Mion. Pierre was a well-known illustrator and artist.  He studied with Eliot OíHara and Norman Rockwell. He started his career as an illustrator at Creative Arts Studio in Washington, D.C. where he became director. In his freelance career he produced illustrations for National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Look, Life, IBM, Bantam Books, National Park Service, U.S. Treasury, NASA and many other publications and institutions. In 1966, Pierre collaborated with Norman Rockwell on a number of space paintings. For the following twelve years they worked together on various other projects including Pierre ghosting a painting for Mr. Rockwell and directly contributing on several others.

A US Marine Corps veteran, Mr. Mion worked with the Marines on combat and story illustrations during the Vietnam conflict for National Geographic. He was a member of the Apollo 16 recovery team aboard the U.S.S. Ticonderoga and covered several rocket launches at Cape Kennedy. He began his fine art career in 1967 where he specialized in western landscapes, farm scenes, street scenes, water and seashore scenes as well as people and animals. For a more in-depth view of Mr. Mionís career and accomplishments, please visit his website at pierremion.com.

Combat Illustrators material from Vietnam is extremely rare, don't miss it. $475

VU-966  Vietnam Tiger Stripe Fatigue Trousers. US Small size. Good for a combat display. Well used, missing multiple buttons. $185.
VU-966  Vietnam Tiger Stripe Fatigue Trousers. cuffs are frayed and boot worn. One leg appears to have had a frayed area trimmed away. Good for a combat display. Well used, missing multiple buttons. $140
VU-965  Rare Japanese made Advisor camo pants. The "Foot" pattern is size extra large and in unissued condition. Rare to find. $250
VU-963  Very nice Air Force Pilots uniform set, acquired directly from the Veteran. Includes 1970 Jungle Boots, OG-107 shirt with In Country made insignia as well as a flight jacket name plate and a travel order, listing his assignment as Task Force Alpha. $220
VU-962  Japanese made Camo shirt. This style has the "Foot print" in the pattern and was one of the types worn in Vietnam by Advisors. $225
VU-958   Vietnam War field trousers. $50
VU-956  1967 dated Captain's Nurses shirt. Exc condition. $275
VU-950  Japanese made Camo shirt, "PAC Man" pattern. This style was one of the types worn in Vietnam by Advisors. $295
VU-939  Vietnam lightweight poplin US Navy shirt. Exc condition. $90ON HOLD
VU-938   Vietnam cotton cotton trousers, production of 1965-66. Great size 40 x 33. Nice condition. $80
VU-937  Vietnam Air Force shirt with miniature medals. $95
VU-936  Interesting Poplin Jungle Jacket with truncated sleeves. the interesting aspect to this garment is the wearer had all 4 pockets sewn shut. I assume it was to make it easier to keep the shirt looking sharp. $75
VU-935   1969 dated Poplin jungle trousers. Excellent condition. $80
VU-930  Early rip stop Jungle Jacket with large style labels. Most likely 1968. $65
VU-929  Vietnam Advisors private purchase camo shirt. Commercially made in the US. Some holes. $125


VU-926   US Soldiers set of Black PJ Bottoms. These show almost no wear and are in an American size. Some GIs wore these when around the hooch and others wore them in combat to blend in more with the locals especially SOG and SEALs. Exc condition. $95
VU-922  1968 dated Flight Suit with In country Tapes, wings and rank insignia. $110
VU-868  Vietnam period "Cadet Nurse". Small stain on front. $65
VU-855    1968 dated Rip stop Trouser, Size Regular Small. Excellent condition. $80
  VU-828  Very nice 1968 dated Rip Stop poplin Trousers. Choice condition. $120
VU-686   Interesting oddball camo trousers. Either Japanese or Vietnamese made. $230
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