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 Vietnam Uniforms
VU-1017  Vietnam period Navy G-1 Flight Jacket . Good condition overall, showing modest use and wear. $275  $SOLD$
VU-1016   PX jacket with direct embroidered name and rank. $95
VU-1015  1968 ERDL Jungle Jacket. Exc. condition. $90
VU-1014   1968 dated Poplin Jungle Jacket. $75
VU-1013  One of the most historic Vietnam Groupings that we have ever offered. This grouping consists of Uniforms, Medals, Insignia from this Medical Officer's own history, as Divisional Surgeon for the 9TH Division in the Mekong Delta, including one of the Aid Station Flags.

 The amazing part of the grouping is the rare and historic contents of a captured Viet Cong bunker Hospital. Included is a CHICOM Surgical Instrument Kit, the sterilization pot and Vietnamese made boiler, a large box of pills in bottles, glass vials and powders, syringes, stethoscopes, scalpels, forceps, rubber lines for transfusions, bottle for intravenous fluids, Nurses black pajama top, medics bag, surgical cap and surgical face mask. There is also a cache of Viet Cong hand written medical texts, notes, diagrams and treatment plans..There are black windbreaker style trousers and a very rare Viet Cong propaganda sign made from part of a C-Ration box. An unbelievable archive worthy of the best Vietnam War Museum or collection. Once in a lifetime opportunity. $5995  ON HOLD

VU-1012  Very nice set of 1964 dated Jungle Jacket and Trousers. Exposed button sets have become very difficult to find. this set shows some actual use and wear, but no abuse. Best of all it has never had insignia removed from it leaving ghost impressions. Trousers show more wear as usual. Great for a field display. Good size. $495
      VU-1011  Late War Light Weight Tiger stripe shirt, Size US Medium. Very nice condition overall. $395
VU-995  45TH Division short sleeved shirt with cloth DIs. $65
VU-994  Scarce 1974 SERE School patch on original shirt. $75
VU-966  Vietnam Tiger Stripe Fatigue Trousers. cuffs are frayed and boot worn. One leg appears to have had a frayed area trimmed away. Good for a combat display. Well used, missing multiple buttons. $140ON HOLD
  VU-992   Set of 2 "Corps of Engineers" shirts. $80
VU-990    Scarce N-2B Air Crew Jacket. Excellent condition. Made by WISCONSIN Mfg. Co. Jacket is a Issued 1961 USAF "AIR CREW N-2B" with a split zip Wool/Fur attached Hood and a Zip/Snap/Button front and Solid construction. Measurements are - Pit to Pit - 24" / Sleeve "Neck to Cuff" - 30" (Mens Medium) and a Very Solid Jacket. $235
VU-989  Dominican Republic Civil War shirt. 1965-1966. Scarce. $150
VU-973  Very nice Air Force Pilots uniform set, acquired directly from the Veteran. Includes 1970 Jungle Boots, OG-107 shirt with In Country made insignia as well as a flight jacket name plate and a travel order, listing his assignment as Task Force Alpha. $195
VU-972   Set of 2 shirts and one set of poplin trousers for a Soldier who fought in Vietnam with the 25TH Division. His shirts have very nice "US Army and CIBs' One also has an In Country name strip. These shirts were modified when he returned and the shoulder patches were removed. One was placed on the opposite sleeve, the other appears to have a school, SSI. A few small holes to lower right leg as shown. $175

VU-965  Rare Japanese made Advisor camo pants. The "Foot" pattern is size extra large and in unissued condition. Rare to find. $250
VU-962  Japanese made Camo shirt. This style has the "Foot print" in the pattern and was one of the types worn in Vietnam by Advisors. $225
VU-958   Vietnam War field trousers. $50
VU-950  Japanese made Camo shirt, "PAC Man" pattern. This style was one of the types worn in Vietnam by Advisors. $295
VU-938   Vietnam cotton cotton trousers, production of 1965-66. Great size 40 x 33. Nice condition. $80
VU-937  Vietnam Air Force shirt with miniature medals. $95
VU-936  Interesting Poplin Jungle Jacket with truncated sleeves. the interesting aspect to this garment is the wearer had all 4 pockets sewn shut. I assume it was to make it easier to keep the shirt looking sharp. $75
VU-930  Early rip stop Jungle Jacket with large style labels. Most likely 1968. $65
VU-855    1968 dated Rip stop Trouser, Size Regular Small. Excellent condition. $80
VU-686   Interesting oddball camo trousers. Either Japanese or Vietnamese made. $230
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