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 Vietnam Uniforms
VU-892  Very interesting custom made Jungle Jacket with pocket patch. Name strip has been removed. There is a very faded inked name, barely visible. It appears to have been worn by an American Marine Advisor to the Philippine Marines. The insignia is a fouled anchor with shield with a flower superimposed . $245
VU-904      Post WWII Navy Deck Jacket. Choice Condition, Rare Size XXL!! Was used by a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard. $210  $SOLD$
VU-903  1969 dated Vietnam ERDL Jungle Jacket. $65
VU-902   Vietnam, 2 Tour, Helicopter crewman in the 1ST Aviation Brigade. $90
VU-901  Short Sleeved Air Force shirt. Pen stain as shown. Have not tried to remove it. $40
VU-900  Scarce 1970 dated Air Force Shirt with name strip in English and Thai. $120$SOLD$
VU-899  RARE, Direct embroidered 2ND Pattern Jungle Jacket for a Colonel. The shoulder sleeve insignia, name and "US Army" are directly embroidered into the shirt itself. $225$SOLD$
VU-898  Vietnam Poplin  Jungle Shirt in choice condition. $100$SOLD$
VU-900  Large collection of material from Air Force Pilot, William Clark who flew 100 combat missions over North Vietnam and 10 missions over Laos. all in the RF-4C Phantom II Fighter. Group includes a rare custom ordered and named Randall Fighting knife, which he credits in his book with saving his life in Vietnam. Included is his badged Flight Jacket and 2 badged flight suits with Phantom patches. One of his original Jungle shirts is present as are some of his small equipment and check list items.  There are also 2 Full Dress tunics with trousers. An amazing grouping from a Vietnam Fighter Pilot. The Randall knife is amazing!  $2695  $SOLD$

VU-899    Private purchase "duck Hunter" camouflage 2 piece set as worn by early Advisors and some Special Forces. Choice condition. $255
VU-898  Very nice Air Force Pilots uniform set, acquired directly from the Veteran. Includes 1970 Jungle Boots, OG-107 shirt with In Country made insignia as well as a flight jacket name plate and a travel order, listing his assignment as Task Force Alpha. $325
VU-895  Vietnam period Army Chaplains fatigue jacket. Excellent condition. Chaplains material is always tough to find. $100
VU-891  1960s US Marine Corps Shooting Jacket. Nicely stenciled to the 4TH Marine Recon Battalion. $155
VU-889    Vietnam Brown Water Navy Shirt with In Country made tapes. $100
VU-888   Nice Jungle Jacket with "In Country" made rank, US Army and name tapes. Never before on the market!!   $100
VU-887   Fantastic, 1974 dated and wonderfully embroidered with a red eagle. About a size 38. Very nice condition. $235
VU-886   Vietnam convalescent jacket, slash pockets. Nice lightweight cotton sleeveless jacket.. $75
VU-882  Rare Japanese made Advisor camo pants. The "Foot" pattern is size extra large and in unissued condition. Rare to find. $350
VU-877  Choice 1968 dated Jungle Jacket, larger size. $100
VU-874  Vietnam Brown Water Navy shirt with "In Country" made Petty Officer collar insignia and "In Country" made "US Navy" tape. just lacks a name strip. Great to set up a PBR Sailors display. $155
VU-870  Scarce Navy lightweight OD shirt. $65
VU-869   1969 dated Poplin jungle trousers. Excellent condition. $80
VU-868  Vietnam period "Cadet Nurse". Small stain on front. $65
VU-861  Nice 4TH Division Jungle Jacket. All insignia original to the jacket. $195
VU-859  MACV Lt Colonels OG-107 shirt. $130
VU-858  Interesting Joint Security Area OG-107. .$140
VU-857  Scarce 107TH Cavalry fatigue shirt. 1970s. $75
VU-855    1968 dated Rip stop Trouser, Size Regular Small. Excellent condition. $80
VU-854  Vietnam vintage 4 Star, Air Force General's theater made Korean, blue flight jacket. Some research provided. $465
    VU-847  Air Force Women's double breasted service blouse from the late 70s. Only used for a couple of years. Two later items of Air Force Women's headgear. $125
VU-846   Vietnam period, enlisted shirt, for a member of the 49TH Fighter Interceptor Squadron. F-106 darts. $100
VU-844  Rare Flight Suit for a Pilot of the 24 Hour Strategic Air Command HQ Aircraft. these aircraft were kept aloft 24 hours a day in case of attack and would be able to control our nuclear stockpile from the air. $175
VU-837  Vietnam OG-107 fatigue shirt. Nicely badged. $95
VU-831   Vietnam shirt for US Army Vietnam. Very good condition. $80
  VU-828  Very nice 1968 dated Rip Stop poplin Trousers. Choice condition. $120
VU-827   Very nice 1967 dated Rip Poplin Trousers. Choice condition. $140
VU-826  Rare Tech Rep, Air Force shirt. Westinghouse. $120
VU-825  Nice Air Force Jungle Jacket. $90
VU-824    Nice Air Force Jungle Jacket. $90
VU-818  Fantastic Captains party suit with rare, "In Country" made, "John Wayne" Certified shoulder patch. $295
VU-814  Great Air Force Flight Suit with Lt bars. Clean overall. $90
VU-799  Interesting camo party vest for a American Naval advisor to the ROK Marines. Most likely from the late 70s. $195
VU-789    Private purchase Officers shirt with direct embroidered insignia, PX produced trousers and 1 issue shirt badged to the same Officer. Alfredson was an African American Officer in the 101ST Airborne. $100




VU-781  Interesting Poplin Jungle Jacket with truncated sleeves. the interesting aspect to this garment is the wearer had all 4 pockets sewn shut. I assume it was to make it easier to keep the shirt looking sharp. $100
VU-772  Choice 1ST Logistics Jungle Jacket. Excellent condition. $110
VU-770  Small size Thailand tour jacket. Torn area to liner, otherwise nice overall.  About a size 34. $90
VU-769   Vietnam poplin Jungle jacket. Most likely 1966 production. $120
VU-739  Rare B-15 D Nylon Flight Jacket. Excellent condition overall. $445$SOLD$
VU-719  Very nice Beo Gam camo shirt, so called "Foot Pattern", 2 upper pockets. Very nice overall, except for some white marks as shown. $210
VU-711    Nice set of rip stop Jungle Trousers with direct embroidered name above rear pocket. This was very typical fro Brown Water Navy and Marines. $60
VU-710  Vietnam Advisors private purchase camo shirt. Commercially made in the US. Some holes. $95






VU-686   Interesting oddball camo trousers. Either Japanese or Vietnamese made. $230
VU-680  South Vietnamese Rangers Trousers in very good condition. Average size. $185
VU-662  Early rip stop Jungle Jacket with large style labels. Most likely 1968. $65
VU-737   US Soldiers set of Black PJ Bottoms. These show almost no wear and are in an American size. Some GIs wore these when around the hooch and others wore them in combat to blend in more with the locals especially SOG and SEALs. Exc condition. $125
VU-728  3RD Pattern Poplin Jungle Jacket. 2 small knicks to front edge as shown, otherwise excellent. $75
VU-716  Scarce set of Poplin, Large Long size trousers. One small "L" shaped tear as shown. Impossible to find in this size. $80
VU-694  Vietnam truncated short sleeved shirt with In Country made insignia. $110
VU-689  1968 dated Flight Suit with In country Tapes, wings and rank insignia. $110
VU-646  Vietnam Nomex Flight Trousers. $55


VU-616     1968 Rip Stop Jungle Shirt in excellent condition. $40
VU-581  Poplin Jungle Trousers, excellent condition. Never before on the market!!  $100
VU-483  1968 dated Jungle Jacket. Blue ink stain as shown. $40


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