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 WWI Souvenirs and Trench Art
T-1093  Chalkware statue of General Pershing. Approx 13 inches in height. $285
T-1092  Fantastic action print, "Yanks Cleaning Up" by Fred C. Yohn. Frame measures 22 x 17 inches overall. Hand signed by the artist. $250
T-1091  Fabulous 75MM trench art shell, with dancing women around the top and a great eagle and shield on the front. $275
T-1090  Famous, "Spirit of the American Doughboy" statue. These 12 inch statues were sold to finance the purchase of full sized statues for town squares. Very good condition. When found they are usually broken. This one just lacks the bayonet. $295  $SOLD$
T-1088   Rare WW1 Board Game- "Kop the Kaiser". No box or instructions. Only one I have seen. $150
T-1087  WW1 German belt used to collect souvenir buttons upon. Commonly referred to as a "Hate belt", one is just as likely to find allied insignia as German. $325
T-1086  Heavy bronze bookends with Machine Gun Crew depicted. $165
T-1085  Scarce carved "Argonne" frame. Approx 5 x 8 inches. $95
T-1082  Set of 4 WW1 Toy Soldiers including pigeon handler, dog handler, radioman and signalman. $80
T-1081    Rare WW1 "Our Heros" Welcome Home banner. Approx 2.5 x 5 feet. $295
  T-1080.  Nice set of 75MM shells, one inscribed "Old Roman Road, 1917" and the other "Pier Boir Sacre, 1917". Nice set. $195
T-1079  Very nice WW1 Trench Art pillow sham with fantastic embroidered flags. It celebrates the wide variety of countries that made up the population of the United States at the time. $125
T-1078   WWI 75MM Tobacco Humidor with cover decorated with German button. $75
T-1076  Rare silk screened armband for a member of the 102ND Field Artillery of the 26TH Division. $110
T-1137   Very nice pillow sham for a member of the 12TH Observation Squadron. Very nice except for small hole to reverse. Won't be seen when displayed. $175  
T-1136  Fantastic presentation lighter. Nicely Jeweler engraved, topped with a button. $110
TA-1130   Trench Art German Waist belt with 20 collar discs. $160
TA-1129   Somber 15 x 18 oil painting showing a military cemetery with a line of wooden crosses. Signed and dated 1918. One small hole. A grim reminder of the true cost of War. $195
T-1128  2 x 3 foot Son in Service Flag. Good condition overall. $95
T-1127   Set of WWI-20s US Navy Trench Art bookends. One stippled "USS Pennsylvania" and the other "Guantanamo bay". Approx.  8 inches in height. $70
T-1126   Set of 7 lantern slides with WW1 subjects. $50
T-1120  Large size pillow sham for the 51ST Coast Artillery. This unit served as a field artillery unit in France. $65
T-1108   Amazing 1ST Division Silk and embroidered banner. Blue silk field is approx. 50 x 65 inches. The first division emblem is tightly embroidered and double sided. This flag was carried as it has a pole sleeve and leather tabs for attaching.  An old ugly tape repair will require some attention. We have not tried to remove the tape, so as not to cause more damage. Much of the edge fringe has deteriorated. Needs to be framed. Will be the centerpiece of a 1ST Division display. $375
T-1100  7 Piece set of WW1 Service pins. $55
T-1099  26TH Division Welcome Home Pin. $25
T-1098  Fantastic WWI letter opener made with a section of shrapnel. About 9 inches in length. $125
T-1087  Large WWI embroidered on felt with enlisted aviators insignia. $65
  T-1077    10 x 12 WWI Son in Service banner. $55
T-1068  Trench lighter made for US Soldiers with American Eagle and Shield. Lacks striker. $50
T-1059  Selection of WWI fundraising participation hangers to show that a donation was made. Included are 2 rare Irish Relief tags. 10 tags in the envelope that they have been stored in for 100 years. $80
T-1012  Wonderful high quality Jeweler engraved match safe. $40
  T-952 WWI copper driving band from a 75 or 77 mm shell. Possibly worn as a bracelet. Definitely from a fired shell. $50
T-951   Interesting Trench Warfare pillow case. Quite a few splits but great motifs. $45
T-939  WWI enlisted belt with collar discs and French button. $55
T-938    WWI Trench art Belt with collar discs around. Includes 10 collar discs including Infantry, Artillery, Signals,  and USNA. $90
T-920  Great Son in Service pennant from Camp Hancock. $50
T-914   WWI Cast Iron Patriotic Frame. Has been rusted and repainted. Rear leg has been shortened. $40
T-907  Scarce WWI trench art lighter with great motifs. Missing striker. These are interchangeable with other lighters. $55
T-839  Scarce 1915 Trench Art Lighter, for a member of the 21ST Chasseurs. No striker or wick. $50
T-829  WWI-20s Coast Artillery copper tray. About 5 inches across. $35
T-745   Very nice 80TH Division Regimental felt and silkscreen banner. Approx 18-20 inches in length. $55
T-682   WWI "Cambrai" match safe. $45
T-342b   Small goblet made from a 37MM shell. $40
T-336a   WWI Matchbox holder, commercially made. $20
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