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 WWI Souvenirs and Trench Art
T-991  Very rare 351ST Field Artillery, 92ND Division pennant. This unit was a "Colored" regiment made up of African American Artillerymen and Officers. Extremely rare. Approx. 31 inches. $295  $SOLD$
T-990  Scarce 105TH Field Artillery pennant. Very nice condition overall.  Approx. 24 inches.  $65$SOLD$
T-989  Scarce Mexican Border Service pennant for the 6TH Field Artillery. Great graphics with cap device. Some small damage to the tip, as shown.  Approx. 31 inches. $75$SOLD$

T-988  Large size pillow sham for the 51ST Coast Artillery. This unit served as a field artillery unit in France. $75
T-987  Rare Trench Art shell for the 213TH Pursuit Squadron. 75 MM shell, full size. 3 small holes drilled in each side for bullet handles which have been removed long ago. $250
T-986  Collection of eight 26TH Division Welcome Home Buttons. $140
T-984    WWI 38TH Infantry, "Rock of the Marne", 3RD Division Pillow Shaw. Excellent condition and the Machine gun Company to boot!! $110
T-983  Rare WWI Aviation Section, Signal Corps pillow sham. $125
T-982  Very scarce frame for the image of a fallen soldier. Approx. 6.5 inches across, excellent condition. $95
    T-981  Great WWI Tank model of a British Heavy Tank. Inscribed on both sides and mounted on a wood base. Base measures 6.5 inches in length. $90ONHOLD
T-979  Rare painted 75MM decorated shell from a member of the 32ND Division. Features full painted inscription of name, unit and battle honors, painted 32ND Division insignia and more. Very nice. $250
T-978    Scarce 1920s "Military Order of the Cootie" uniform vest and sash. Very unusual to find such an early set. The MOC was to the American Legion, what the Shriners are to the Masons. A group within the main group.  $180
T-976   Phenomenal WWI Balloon School presentation sign, painted on actual Balloon Fabric!! Presented to Lt. Colonel Leonard Mygaitt in 1918. Balloon corps material is quite rare, but this is something quite exceptional. Measures 24 x 24 inches. $2995
T-975 Exceptionally rare squadron insignia, cut from the side of a Salmson 2 aircraft of the US 12Th aero Squadron. Measures 37 x 26 inches. Paint is overall in excellent condition as is the fabric which can sometimes be quite brittle. Interestingly this insignia was not quite yet finished when this aircraft was damaged, necessitating the removal of this area prior to the black center body area being added. Should make an interesting research project. Red sun measures approx. 23 inches across. $2795$SOLD$
  T-976   WWI Framed presentation inscribed cloth bandage mailed back from France to the Pasadena, California, Red Cross Chapter that sent a huge quantity of bandages to France. The original letter back is present as well as his writing kit with stationary. $225
T-972  Interesting Eddie Rickenbacker related pin worn by members of the Ingalls Iron Works in the 1920s-30s. $60
    T-969  Scarce Earthenware vessel designed to hold sacred earth from the battlefield of Verdun. The design is that of the French national markers showing the Southern boundary of the Western front. 5.25 inches in height. $130  $SOLD$
T-968  WWI Royal Flying Corps Clock made from section of propeller with mounted RFC badge. 9 x 12 inches.  $350
T-967  Large size WWI "Son in Service" flag. Approx. 18 x 28. $80
Image result for l32 zeppelin Wreckage of Zeppelin L32, Essex, 1916
Zeppelin L32 was shot down by Frederick Sowrey, RFC, aged 23, on Sept 23RD, 1916, and crashed near Snails Farm, South Green, Great Burstead, Near Billericay. Its target was London, but because of an anti-aircraft barrage, it dropped its bombs near Purfleet. It began to make its was back to Germany when it was intercepted by Sowrey who was on routine night patrol. The airship was picked out in the night sky by searchlights and Sowrey launched his attack. Firing three drums of incendiary ammunition into the body of the airship, she caught alight and plummeted to the ground at sometime after 1 a.m. All 22 of the crew were killed.  One witness described how in the night sky he saw a pink glare which turned to coppery red, then a ball of flame emerged which changed its shape to a perpendicular cylindrical mass of flame.  A few days later the crew were buried at Great Burstead Churchyard. The bodies were later transferred to a church in Staffordshire.  By 3 o'clock that night, not only had the local people rushed to see the wreckage, but cars full of Londoners started to arrive to view the wreckage of twisted and broken aluminum struts. Access to the area was limited by a narrow country lane and by 8 o'clock it was reported that the lane was blocked with "motor cars, motor-cycles, bicycles, traps, tradesmen's carts, and pedestrians, all jammed together".  Souvenir hunting was prevented by a cordon of soldiers armed with fixed bayonets, and police, but this did not deter the souvenir hunters who scoured nearby potato and mangold fields looking for debris. Even lemonade sellers set up their stalls in an attempt to profit on the spectacle.
OC-1619     Very rare set of 6 napkin rings made from aluminum tubing from the crashed wreck of L32 after a bombing raid on September 23RD, 1916. The tubing was cut, polished and jeweler engraved with "Zeppelin" "L32" and "1916". Very rare set. $275ON HOLD
T-964   Nice framed Sunday supplement showcasing survivors of the "Lost Battalion". $80
T-962  Nice collection of 4 Welcome Home buttons including a great pin Welcoming Fighting Father Duffy. $130
T-956    Great Battlefield Pick Up belt with captured and souvenired buttons. Noted on back when given to a relative. $155
T-955    WWI German made Tobacco Humidor decorated to a member of Evacuation Hospital 27. Lacks lid. $90
T-954  Rare Trench Art shell from the Battle of Loos with a great British Ambulance and other trucks. $225
T-953  Matched pair of 77MM Shells inscribed with the shoulder patch worn by the Cheshire Regiment, 40TH Division. The 40TH Division rooster with diamond is on both, but is light from polishing. Still a rare set of shells. $165.
  T-952 WWI copper driving band from a 75 or 77 mm shell. Possibly worn as a bracelet. Definitely from a fired shell. $50
T-951   Interesting Trench Warfare pillow case. Quite a few splits but great motifs. $45
T-948   WWI Trench Art Letter Opener with "Bordeaux" engraved on front. $30
T-942  Wonderful 35TH Division trench art lighter. Approx. 3 inches in height. $165
  T-941  World's largest Trench Lighter!! This giant table lighter is approx. 6 inches in height x 3.5 inches wide!! Presentation plaque on the front, made by a Private in the 37TH Engineers and given to his Lt. Complex construction. Lighters like these were also used in tobacco stores and bars. Once lit they would remain burning during open hours for the convenience of smokers. $295$SOLD$
T-939  WWI enlisted belt with collar discs and French button. $55
T-938    WWI Trench art Belt with collar discs around. Includes 10 collar discs including Infantry, Artillery, Signals,  and USNA. $90
T-936  Large WWI embroidered on felt with enlisted aviators insignia. $70
T-933  Very RARE and boldly designed with "Belleau Wood" in large letters across the front. We sold a mate to this one, not too long ago. The best Belleau Wood Shells we have seen. You can read this one from 8 feet away! $425
T-931   WWI French Ink Stand made from the fuse of an Artillery shell on a brass base supported by rifle ammo. Hinge is broken for cover. $115
T-929  WWI Desk Plaque. About 10 inches across. Lower coins dated 1914 and 1918. $60
T-928   WWI Cambrai Letter opener. $40
T-927  WWI Trench Art pencil holder. $25$SOLD$
T-926  WWI Chateau Thierry copper tray with enamel, commemorating the Americans. $60
T-925   26TH Division Welcome Home pin with bell. Unusual. $40
T-924   37MM Shell mounted on wood desk disc. $50
    T-923  Very nice 28TH Division. Welcome Home banner. Approx. 4 ft by 4 ft. $195
T-922   WWI Air Service Officers Frame with Officers cap badge and early Officers Signal Corps device with crossed signal flags and winged globe superimposed. Very unusual. Would look great with a Pilots photo. $145
T-920  Great Son in Service pennant from Camp Hancock. $50
  T-917  Fantastic WWI carved Trench Art pipe from a member of the USS DeKalb, a US Army Troop Transport. Comes in its original case. $125
T-916   Nice 1917 dated Son in Service window banner. Approx. 9 x12 inches. $45 
T-915    Fantastic WWI Oil Painting for a 79TH Division Officer who was killed in the closing days of WWI. Measures 29 x 34 inches. Great painting by a listed artist. A circa 1919 newspaper article shows the painting and were it was to hang. Would look great over your fireplace. $1295
T-914   WWI Cast Iron Patriotic Frame. Has been rusted and repainted. Rear leg has been shortened. $40
T-911  WWI Period Souvenir box with Army eagle across the front. $35
T-910  Fantastic 26TH Division Pillow Sham with elaborate embroidery. Choice condition. $115
T-909   WWI Occupied Germany Tobacco Humidor for a member of the 148TH Artillery Regiment with presentation lid and regimental battles listed in one pane. The other panes include the 3RD army insignia, the Artillery Brigade Helmet insignia and the regimental number above a field gun. Lids are usually missing. $275
T-907  Scarce WWI trench art lighter with great motifs. Missing striker. These are interchangeable with other lighters. $55
T-906   Nice 1917 dated Son in Service window banner. Approx. 9 x12 inches. $45 
T-898  WWI Verdun Letter opener. $35
T-894   Amazing decorated German waist belt decorated by a member of the 2ND Division with the various battles he was in and the occupied towns in Germany where he was based. Very rare!! $175  
T-865  Nice little Canadian Maple Leaf picture frame. We have 2 available. Approx. 4 inches tall. $45
T-855  Very interesting vase made form a British 13 Pounder. $60
T-842   WWI 26TH Division Welcome Home Button. $30
T-841    WWI Trench Art match safe with German buckle center. $40
T-839  Scarce 1915 Trench Art Lighter, for a member of the 21ST Chasseurs. No striker or wick. $50
T-834   Decorated 37MM Shell with "Verdun". $40  ON HOLD
T-829  WWI-20s Coast Artillery copper tray. About 5 inches across. $35
T-824   WWI Verdun ashtray with stamped motto. Approx. 3 inches across. $35
T-818  Nice coin decorated match safe. Engraved on one side. $35
  T-782   WWI Trench Art Match Box Holder. $30
T-775   Very interesting hand made US Signal flags. Approx 10 inches in length. $40$SOLD$
T-776   Siberian Ex Forces Trench Art placard from a desk set. Base is missing. $85
T-757  WWI Pencil with decoration with Log Cabin for the 314TH. $30
T-745   Very nice 80TH Division Regimental felt and silkscreen banner. Approx 18-20 inches in length. $55 ON HOLD
  T-727       78TH Division Welcome Home Button. $20
T-715    Nice little Canadian Maple Leaf picture frame. We have 2 available. Approx 4 inches tall. $45 each
T-712   Great German 77MM Shell with Jeweler engraved "Soissons Battlefield" "!914-1918". Great shell. $120
T-706   26TH Division watch fob with new watch fob strap. $30
T-692  WWI Trench Art Letter Opener. $25
  T-687  WWI Trench Art napkin ring. $20
T-682   WWI "Cambrai" match safe. $45
  T-669    Son in Service pin, with heart shape  Approx  .5"  $25
  T-662  WWI US Marine Corps Sons in Service pin. Aprox. .75"  $45
  T-660  Very nice crossed flag, Son in Service pin. Aprox.1" $45
T-658    WWI Trench Art Letter Opener, engraved. "Brest". $35
T-656   WWI Trench Art Letter Opener, engraved. "Verdun". $35$SOLD$
T-653     WWI Trench Art Letter Opener, engraved. "Guerre 1914-15-16". $35
T-630  Great WWI Soldier bring back fireplace bellows with inscription. Bellows are non functional as the flaps have disintegrated. $45
T-620   Scarce WWI Belgian parade flag. Approx16x24 on original pole. $50
T-619   Scarce WWI French parade flag. Approx14x21 on original pole. $50
  T-605   WWI Trench Art Match Box Safe with a German Belt Buckle center piece. $35
  T-604   WWI Trench Art Match Box Safe with a German Belt Buckle center piece. $35
  T-601  WWI Trench Art change tray with a German Belt Buckle center piece. $35
T-598  WWI Trench Art Match Box Safe with a German Belt Buckle center piece. $35
T-577  WWI Trench Art Letter Opener with British Buttons. $40
  T-495  Wonderful high quality Jeweler engraved match safe. $40
T-493  37 MM Shell cut down and shaped into a match stick holder, decorated with "Verdun" and "11-11-11" for the 11TH Hour of the 11TH Day of the 11TH Month of 1918. $40
  T-484  Butterfly Jeweler engraved $45
T-474   WWI 75MM Tobacco Humidor with cover decorated with German button. $75
  T-366b   28TH Division association pin. $30
T-347b   Great 37MM Shell fired on the Germans by members of the 104TH Infantry 26TH Division, "Yankee Division" and monogrammed "YD" on the reverse. Great item. $85
T-342b   Small goblet made from a 37MM shell. $40
T-336a   WWI Matchbox holder, commercially made. $20
  T-326b   WWI Chateau Thierry napkin ring. $20
  T-315     WWI French made Trench Lighter shaped as a WWI Artillery round. $45
  T-310  Trench Art engraved bullet. $25
T-306     WWI trench Lighter, French made, nice condition. $40
T-304   Nice Trench art Lighter shaped like an Artillery Projectile. $45
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