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 WWI Imperial Germany and Austria
    G-2493  WW1 German enlisted man's feld mutze. Very nice untouched condition. $495
G-2492  WW1 German Gas Mask and can. Very nice overall with spare lenses. $575
G-2491  WW1 German Sawback Bayonet and scabbard. Very nice overall. $435
  G-2490  WW1 German Ammo can for the Maxim 08 and Maxim 08-15, dated 1915. $345ON HOLD
G-2489  WW1 German "Hate Belt". These were really more souvenir belt as they are often found with Allied Insignia as well. Good condition overall. $145

G-2488  WW1 German match safe with Iron Cross motif. $55
G-2487  WW1 Shrapnel dagger/ letter opener. $145
  G-2486   Great WW1 Sawback bayonet with 1916 dated Frog. $495  $SOLD$
  G-2485  Prussian WWI belt buckle. Shows lots of use and wear. $60
G-2484  WWI German Trouser belt. Nicely customized. $75
G-2483  WW1 German Body armor breast plate. Camouflage is a typical Doughboy color palate. The Doughboys were fascinated with German camouflage and after the armistice camouflaged their own helmets as well as various souvenirs brought home. A real show stopper $1595
G-2482  Rare Model 1918 German Helmet. Liner and roller buckle chinstrap appear to be 1920s replacements. Great spot pattern non regulation pattern. Helmet overall excellent. $850
G-2481  WW1 German Helmet shell. Nice original finish. $295$SOLD$
G-2479   German Feldgrau NCO visor cap. Fair condition overall, with some repairs as shown. $450

G-2478  WW1 German camouflage helmet with liner. Nice tortoise shell pattern. White leather liner. $1395
G-2477  WW1 Austrian Trench Knife. Shows lots of use, sharpening and wear. $235
    G-2476 WWI German Corduroy canteen cover, bottle and leather strap. 2 damaged straps. $85
G-2475    Extremely RARE, WW1 German Field Phone with gray metal carry case. Leather straps have some damage to the ends as shown. $575
G-2474   Very nice WW1 German Feld Mutze. Good condition overall, missing cockades. Liner was removed  so it would not be so hot to wear. $375
G-2473  WW1 German Pickelhaube, inscribed to the Prussian 46TH Regiment. Very nice overall, just needs a chinstrap and cockades. $495$SOLD$
G-2472  Collection of WW1 German Soldiers Letters and Covers. Over 25 letters for the same German Soldier. $135
G-2467  WW1 German Flare Gun. Depot marked. Good condition overall. $395

G-2465   Rare German Partial Medical kit. This metal container is packed with bandages of various types. I believe it would have been carried in a shoulder bag. $325
G-2463  WW1 German fork/ spoon combination. $80
G-2461  WW1 German canteen. Exc condition. $150ON HOLD
G-2458  WW1 German Gas Mask with filter. Exc condition overall. $375
G-2457   WW1 Quillback bayonet and scabbard. Very nice condition overall. $260
  G-2456  Very nice Bavarian Pickelhaube, dated 1917. Plate is a factory replacement. $570
    G-2455  WW1 Prussian Pickelhaube in good overall condition. New replacement chinstrap and cockades. $510
G-2453  Scarce Model 1915 German NCO Dagger Bayonet with scabbard. Good condition overall. $250
G-2450  Choice set of Model 08 German Field Glasses and case. $250
  G-2446  Set of (3) WW1 German Dog Tags of various types, battlefield pick ups. $100
G-2445    Captured German Private Purchase Haversack. One front buckle missing otherwise excellent. $85
G-2444  Very nice WWI German Bugle. Shows lots of use and wear. $275

  G-2441  Section of WW1 German ammo belt formed into a trouser belt. Very popular with doughboys in the occupation. $175
  G-2440  Shoulder strap from a 153RD Infantry German tunic. $85
  G-2433  Very interesting 1914 dated German drinking cup with original exhibit tag,. $110
G-2424  WW1 German Ersatz Bayonet and scabbard. Unknown variety. $195

G-2422   Rare captured German Walking stick. Carved with "Argonnen 1914-18" by the German who originally owned it. It was then captured by an American Soldier in the Argonne Forest fight. The American carved  "Captured Sept. 30" and also Crossed rifles or cannons with "304" and "B". Amazing captured piece. $275  $SOLD$
G-2419   WW1 German gas mask can. $225
G-2416  WW1 German ring. Part of the Gold for Iron fund raising. Civilians would donate their gold and would be given various jewelry items of steel or iron in exchange. The patriotic jewelery was worn to show ones patriotism. $120
G-2414  Durkopp Werke A.G were well established makers of sewing machines, Bicycles, cars & lorries before WWI. The Company’s distinctive trademark includes the Company name & large ‘D’ enclosing a factory. They were producing bayonets in 1916 & 1917 some of which are dated & others as with our example are without date. Durkopp also finished blank blades for other companies but this is made by Durkopp as it is without any other company name. $175
  G-2413  WW1 German Buckle with keeper. $60
G-2408  Super RARE!! WW1 German Artillery plotting set contained in original painted burlap carry case. Both tools are embossed zinc for the Model 1916 German Field Gun. The carry case measures 18 x 10 inches, so these tools are large. This explains their super low survival rate. $425

G-2407  German canteen captured in the closing days of WW1. Dated November 9TH, 1918. $245
G-2403 Model 1916 German Camo helmet with original liner. Non regulation pattern, exc condition overall. Chin Strap is a newer made replacement. $1250 $SOLD$
  G-2402  WW1 German Wound Badge in gold. The Verwundetenabzeichen, in gold, was awarded for five or more wounds received, complete loss of sight or hearing, severe disfigurement or brain damage suffered in the line of duty. $155
G-2396  WW1 EMPTY Box which originally contained explosive material. $195
G-2389  WW1 German Artillery fuse mounted as a paperweight , with aluminum plaque, showing its presentation in 1942, by the Soldier who brought it back. $ $120
G-2381  WW1 Battle Damaged German Belt Buckle. $175
G-2380  WW1 German Flashlight. $95ON HOLD
  G-2344  Prussian belt buckle. $55
 G-2338  WWI German Soldiers Leave Bag. Depot markings are almost gone but still there. Very rare!! $90
    G-2337   WW1 German Officers field glasses by Carl Zeiss with original case. $210
  G-2327  WW1 Prussian enlisted belt and buckle. Belt is well worn. $165ON HOLD
  G-2325   WW1 Bavarian enlisted belt and buckle. $235
G-2316  WW1 German Artillery Shell casing, 77MM.$70
  G-2276  Set of (3) WW1 German Dog Tags of various types, battlefield pick ups. $130
  G-2275 Set of (3) WW1 German Dog Tags of various types, battlefield pick ups. $130
  G-2273  Set of (3) WW1 German Dog Tags of various types, battlefield pick ups. $130
G-2247  WW1 German Shovel Cover. $80
P-2233  WW1 German Officers folding fork and spoon. Great Officers item. $95
G-2205  WWI German Soldiers Medal with original certificate. $145
G-2188  WWI German Soldiers Card Game. $80
  G-2177   WWI German Shoulder Strap for a member of the 243TH Infantry Regiment. $80
  G-2171  A 1914 Schwarzburg Rudolstadt Sonderhausen War Merit Medal - In silvered bronze, very nice overall. $75
G-2156   Set of 7 WWI German captured Combat Maps for some major combat areas. Each map is approx. 14 x 19 inches. $85
G-2135  1916 German Battle Map showing territory around Lille, France. $90
  G-2102  Overcoat strap, Dark Blue with cornflower blue trim. $55

G-1963  Rare WWI German intelligence bulletin on new Tank Obstructions. 9 x 12 inches. $40
G-1907  Relic Guard du Corps eagles crown. Found in a doughboy lot. Missing the cross on top and deformed. These are impossible to find loose. If you want to put an original on your helmet this may be your only shot. $100
G-1889  WWI Porcelain Stick Grenade donuts as frequently missing from stick grenades. $15 each
G-1855   Very scarce pouch for the Telegraphers headset. $70
G-1645  Pair of 3.5 x 5.25 inch German Medics. $40
G-1644  Pair of 3.5 x 5.25 inch Austrian Medics. $40
G-1642     Rare WWI German Ambulance photo showing wire blocking bar to prevent decapitation from downed communication wire or barbed wire strung by saboteurs. $75

  G-1641   WWI German Medic in full marching gear. $50
G-1640  Rare shot of WWI German Medic with bicycle and Red Cross Dog. $80
G-1639  WWI German Medics serving in Russia. $50
  G-1638  WWI German Medic. $40
  G-1637  WWI German Medic. $40
  G-1635   WWI German Medics photo. $40
G-1634   WWI German Medics in trench complex. $35
  G-1633   WWI German Medics photo. $30
G-1471   Nice WWI German Soldiers' portrait. 3.5 x 5.25. $25
G-1424  Great matted shot of WWI German Doctor with WWI German Nurse. Photo without matt is about 4 x 6. $55
G-1413  WWI German Signal Operator. $30
G-1402   WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a German Flamethrower use.  $35
G-1395   WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a German Pioneers ready for battle.  $35
G-1387  WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a German Signal Troops.  $35
  G-1368   WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a German Musician $35
  G-1367  WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a German POW $35
  G-1358  WWI  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a  German Musician  $35
  G-1356   WWI  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a  German Medic  $35
  G-1353    WWI  3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a  German Hussar  $35
G-1350   3.5 x 5.25   WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a  German Butcher Unit $35
  G-1349    3.5 x 5.25   WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a  German Telephone/ Telegraph unit  $35
  G-1315     WWI German 3.5 x 5.25 inch photo of a Bugler. $35
  G-1292   Very rare WWI Unit History for a German Grenadier Guard Unit. Paperback, approx. 200 pages, published in 1922. $125
  G-885  WWI German Tent Pole Carry case. $60$SOLD$
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