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WWI Equipment
E-0001  Back in Stock!! We have acquired a small box of 1990s reprints of a 1921 Mills Equipment Catalog showing the various items being offered through Military Outfitters and Suppliers during WWI. $5 each WITH OTHER PURCHASE.
E-4437  Rare Model 1904 US Marching Shoes. These are Private purchase for Officers and are in choice condition. These were used up through the beginning of WW1. $595
  E-4436 WW1 9 Pocket ammo belt with 45 clip pouch. Exc condition. $175
E-4435  WW1 US army canteen, cup and cover with 1918 date. $175
E-4434  WW1 Eagle snap pistol belt. These are quite scarce. Shows just mild use and wear. $175 ON HOLD
E-4433  WW1 Individual Dressing Packet., CHOICE!! $95
E-4432  WW1 Driver's or Motor Cycle Drivers gloves. $175
E-4431  WW1 wallet. $45
E-4430  Very nice WW1 Officers private purchase haversack. $175
E-4429  Scarce Abercrombie and Fitch Officers map case named to a member of the 27TH Division. $225
E-4428  WW1 French Offensive Grenade, (INERT OF COURSE). These were heavily used by US Forces. $395
E-4427  WWI US Kitchen boiler. $110
    E-4426  Model 1918 enlisted man Garrison belt with clip pouches. $195
E-4425  Scarce Model 1916 Bacon Can with contractor markings. $45
E-4424   Scarce Model 1916 Bacon Can with contractor markings. $45
E-4423  Looking for an interesting project? This WW1, Machine Gun Ammunition cart, is such an item. The 1ST photo and last 2 photos, show what it would look like once restored. This is not what you are buying!! This project  is in pieces and is mostly complete. Some of the wood frame parts will need to be replaced. The wood is very simple squared beams and can be fabricated by anyone who knows how to use a table saw and a drill. The hardware can be stripped off of the broken components. One wheel is intact, the other consists of just the hubs and steel rim. The wooden spokes would have to be replaced. The folding handle which is shown in the 9TH photo will need to be replicated. a new made wooden handle will be provided but the metal part will need to be fabricated. Bargain priced. $995.

  E-4422  WW1 9 Pocket Eagle snap, Ammunition belt. $175
E-4421  WW1 10 Pocket Ammunition belt. $175
    E-4420  WW1 10 Pocket Ammunition belt. $135$SOLD$
  E-4419  WW1 US Army suspenders. $175$SOLD$
E-4418  Rare WW1 Surgical Kit, with amputation saw, amputation blades, forceps, scissors and more. $475$SOLD$
E-4417  WW1 Leather Jerkin. Good condition overall. $195
    E-4416   Set of unissued WW1 US Army cutlery. Some rust stains as shown from poor storage, should clean up. $40
    E-4415    Set of unissued WW1 US Army cutlery. Some rust stains as shown from poor storage, should clean up. $40
E-4414   WW1 US Condiment can for sugar, coffee, salt and pepper. $50
    E-4413  WW1 "Bacon" can. Soldiers would store their meat ration within. $50
E-4412  WW1 Officers Private Purchase, low quarter boots. $275
    E-4409  WW1 Gas Alarm Rattle. Good condition overall. $175
  E-4408  WW1 Enlisted mans suspenders by Mills. $175$SOLD$
E-4407  WW1 US Army shelter half. Very well worn, but nicely marked and dated. $130
E-4406  WW1 "No Buckle" web sling. $110
  E-4405  WW1 Eagle Snap canteen set.Shows lots of actual use and wear. $140
  E-4404   WWI Officers syringe container for the Officers Medical belt. $70
E-4403 WW1 Enlisted Mans Garrison belt with scarce accessory hanger. $220
    E-4402  WW1 enlisted wool puttees. $45
    E-4401  Unissued WW1 Forks and Spoons. Unused but need to be cleaned up from storage. This is all we have from this old lot. While they last, our choice of a spoon or fork. $15 each
  E-4400  Scarce 1915 dated US Army issue spoon. $25
  E-4399  Scarce 1911 dated US Army issue spoon. $35
  E-4398  Scarce 1914 dated US Army issue spoon. $25
    E-4397  Set of unissued WW1 US Army cutlery. Some rust stains as shown from poor storage, should clean up. $40
E-4396  About the best WW1 Raincoat we have ever offered. WW1 enlisted Raincoats are rare in any condition, but this is about the best one I have ever seen. Can't be upgraded. $925
  E-4395  WW1 US Army Sniper Scope Case made by Rock Island in 1917. Good condition overall except for the missing tip on the tiny tool pouch flap. You never find these with their original shoulder strap! $395 $SOLD$
  E-4393  WW1 Enlisted mans Garrison belt and pouches. About mint!! $250
  E-4392  Very nice 10 Pocket Ammo Belt. $175
    E-4391  Scarce WW1 Cavalry Bandolier. Exc Condition. $325
  E-4390  WW1 Bandage Pouch. Choice!! $90
    E-4389  WW1 Knit Scarf. Good condition overall. $45
    E-4388  WW1 Sweater vest. Good condition overall. $55$SOLD$
    E-4387  WW1 Grey Wool Scarf. Good condition overall. $45
E-4386  WW1 Toque, made for Doughboys by Christian Scientists, Comforts Forwarding Committee. $65
E-4385  WW1 Enlisted Trench Boots. Good condition overall with original laces. Need a cleaning otherwise very nice. $750
E-4384  Choice Model 1909 Rock Island Arsenal Canteen. Almost flawless. $225
E-4383  1917 dated Colt Revolver holster. Exc condition overall. $225
E-4382  WW1 Eagle Snap enlisted medical belt. Good condition overall. $190
E-4381  Early style flat bottomed Model 1910 cup. $90
E-4380  WW1 Grenade bag. Very good condition overall. $95
E-4379  Choice, large size US Jerkin. There were frequently worn by Tank Corps Crews, as well as any vehicle drivers, including Motorcycles. $325
E-4378   Scarce Eagle Snap canteen set, cover dated 1915. $285
E-4377  Haversack made from a WW1 Feed Bag. $75
E-4376  Very RARE, Meat Can Pouch stenciled to a member of the 811TH Pioneer Infantry, an African American unit. $175
E-4373  WW1 Private Purchase Poncho. A Better Quality than an issue item. Officers had to supply all of their own equipment and purchased items like this. $250
  E-4370  WWI Woven garrison belt. This late War version incorporated the two rifle clip pouches into a single combined fixed pouch. One snap has some minor damage under as shown. Scarce. $120
    E-4369  WW1 Officers Medical Belt. Exc condition overall. $250
    E-4368  WW1 Officers Private Purchase holster for the 45 Automatic. Still retains its original leg strap, usually missing. $150
E-4367    WWI Gas Mask set. Typical dry and brittle mask.  $85
E-4366  WWI Pick Mattock and Carrier. $105
E-4365  WWI Carry case for the Browning Automatic Rifle, the BAR. Very good condition overall. $145
E-4364  WW1 wool knit sweater vest. Some snags and pulls. Great for combat display. $60
E-4362  Choice WW1 Canteen and cover. Scarce maker. $190
E-4360  WW1 French Offensive Grenade as used by both French and American Forces. INERT and Empty. $395
E-4354  Very rare US Marine Corps Canteen set. Marine snap buttons and a rare USMC stamp across the front which is rarely seen. $695
E-4352  Choice set of WW1 suspenders. $235
E-4351  Mark III Flare gun. Good condition overall. $355
    E-4349   WW1 Regulation Motorcycle Gauntlets, Wool and leather gauntlets. $250
E-4347  WW1 Mess Kit from a Soldier in the Motor Transport Corps. Excellent engraving. $235 $SOLD$
  E-4346  Fantastic WW1 Mess Kit with wonderful image of this Soldiers Girl, etched into the surface. $120
E-4345  WW1 Stonebridge Folding Lantern with original advertisement. $195
E-4343  WW1 US Water Bucket. $75
E-4342  WW1 Kerr No Buckle sling with original instructions. $125
    E-4341   Model 1910 Bolo sheath. $65
E-4340    Very nice Aviator style Officers Boots. $150
    E-4338  Haversack made from a Army Horse feedbag. Nice field modified bag. $80
E-4337    Rare 9TH Infantry, 2ND Division Mess Kit. Nicely named. $225
E-4334   Scarce WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Manual. $75
  E-4333  Scarce WW1 Lewis Machine Gun Manual. $75
    E-4330  Officers Black Sam Brown Belt. Average condition. $45
E-4329  WW1 Officers Garrison belt with sword hanger uniform protector. $390
E-4328  WWI Dog Tag Stamping Kit with hammer, anvil and all dies. Just lacks guide plates. $165
E-4327  WWI Musette Bag for a member of the 103RD Ammunition Train of the 28TH Division. Lacks shoulder strap. $50
E-4325  WWI Officers boots. Good condition overall. One boot has a split on the rear seam. Very nice overall. $115
E-4324 1917 dated De-capping set with photocopy of the original manual. $180
E-4323   Officers cane with "Verdun" boldly carved into the side. $195
    E-4322  WW1 Canteen Bottle $30
E-4319   Post WW1 Flight Helmet and Goggles. $175$SOLD$
Image result for commission for relief in belgium hoover Related image
  E-4317    Extremely RARE WWI Flour Sack sent to Belgium to feed the starving citizens of the occupied areas. The Situation was dire, Germans were confiscating food and the Belgians already were importing 75% of their food prior to WWI. They would not let the refugees go into Germany, nor would they let them pass through the front lines into France. Herbert Hoover negotiated with the British , French and Germans to allow this humanitarian aid.
       Outrageously rare item of early US aid. Between 1914 and 1919, the CRB operated entirely with voluntary efforts and was able to feed 11,000,000 Belgians by raising the necessary money, obtaining voluntary contributions of food, shipping the food past the German submarine blockades and army occupied areas, and controlling the food distribution in Belgium. The CRB shipped 697,116,000 pounds of flour to Belgium and evidence indicates that sugar and grains were also sent. The flour was packaged in cotton flour sacks by American mills. The movement of these bags throughout Belgium was carefully controlled by the CRB since cotton was in great demand for the manufacture of German artillery powder bags and also because the CRB feared that the flour sacks would be taken out of Belgium, refilled with inferior flour, and resold as relief flour. As a result, the empty flour sacks were carefully accounted for and distributed to professional schools, sewing workrooms, convents, and individual artists. Separate from the trade schools of Belgium, the professional schools specialized in training girls to sew, embroider, and make lace, and the sewing workrooms were large centers established in the major Belgian cities during the war to provide work for the thousands of unemployed. Girls and women made famous Belgian lace, embroidered textiles and repaired and remade clothing in these workrooms. The flour sacks were used by these various Belgian groups to make new clothing, accessories, pillows, bags, and other functional items. This one is from the Brabant District in Belgium.  $235

E-4316  VERY Rare!! French made US Army Service Buzzer/ Field Phone with original canvas trench cover. This rare item of Signal Corps Equipment was made by the French for US Forces. Headset in choice condition. You will never see another one. $895
E-4311  Rare 2 Star Generals flag for a Division Commander. Good condition overall. a little staining as shown, but very scarce. Approx 3 x 5 feet. $295
E-4310  WWI Signal Corps flags and carrier. $120
E-4308  WWI Officers Trench Periscope. British made with detachable handle. $235
E-4305  WWI British Gas Mask Bag. Excellent condition overall. Bright and clean. Includes a "US" production gas mask, typical dry and hard. Nice Diary inscription on one side. $215
    E-4299  Set of 2 cleaning brushes for the 03 Springfield Rifle. $30
E-4291  WW1 US army Pack Tail. $40
  E-4284  WW1 Eagle snap belt. Very nice condition overall. $135
E-4268    WW1 Hard Bread Ration still sealed with original contents. These have always been scarce. $375
E-4267  WW1 Hard Bread Ration still sealed with original contents. These have always been scarce. $375
E-4255  $165  WW1 Officers Haversack for a White Officer in a African American Regiment, the 806TH Pioneer Infantry. Very well marked. $165  ON HOLD
    E-4251   Choice WW1 Officers Haversack with original shoulder strap. $225
E-4249  Rare unit guidon for Battery F of the 122ND Artillery of the 33RD Division. Shows lots of wear and tear. $325
E-4246   WW1 T Handle Shovel, as carried by every Doughboy. $80
    E-4245  WW1 Soldiers Trouser Belts. $30 Each, OUR CHOICE.
  E-4244  Pre WW1 Canteen hanger. $35
  E-4239  WW1 Officers Boots with lower laces above the top of the foot. $195
  E-4232  1917 dated cotton gaiters. $40
E-4231  WWI Trench Club with Harreville, France 1917" carved into its 20" length. $395
E-4223  WW1 Shotgun Shell bag. Lacks the interior loops. Very well worn. $175
  E-4221  Model 1910 , 10 Pocket enlisted ammo belt. Exc condition showing light use. $120
  E-4219  Model 1910 , 10 Pocket enlisted ammo belt. Exc condition showing light use. $120
    E-4218  WW1 Type EE Signal Corps Binoculars with original case. Binoculars are MINT. Case is excellent except it is missing its compass on the lid. $255
E-4213   WWI Pick Mattock and Carrier. $105
  E-4209  Choice WW1 Sweater Vest with the addition of  a pocket. Exc condition. $75
    E-4206   WW1 Catholic Scapular. These were frequently carried by Soldiers for protection. One was worn on the chest and one across the back. $40
E-4203  WWI Signal Corps U.S. Army Airplane Radio Transmitting and Receiving Set Type S.C.R. 68 Made by Western Electric Co. This set is all original and seems to have all the parts- including the RARE, original tubes.  The outside has no damage and has all the proper ID plates. The inside is complete and in fantastic condition- as the picture shows- the wiring diagram has some damage. The SCR 68 was one of the first steps for pilots and ground commanders to communicate during WWI. It operated at 750 kHz (400 meter wavelength), using a long wire antenna reeled out behind the aircraft. This is an ultra rare, museum quality piece of WWI aviation history and would be an excellent addition to any military collection. $2795
E-4198  Model 1910 pack dated 1917. Inscribed to an Aero Squadron. $95
E-4197  Rare Airplane Interphone set box. Only partial contents. These units allowed Pilots and Observers to communicate with each other in flight. $165
E-4196  WW1 Officers Boots. Exc condition overall. $210
E-4192  WWI Canteen. Seldom seen maker. $150
E-4187   Genuine WWI French Maps, assorted. These maps are from various areas in France, that were not on the Western Front but in the rear areas. Maps were purchased for various areas of France as they did not necessarily know where the battle may shift. Also troops moving from the coast to battle areas would be led by Officers using these maps. Our choice. $35
E-4183  WWI Canteen and cover. Very nice condition overall. $140
  E-4181  WW1 US Issue bugle. $175
E-4180  Set of WW1 unit marked dog tags. $60
  E-4179  Scarce unused set of dog tags with one rare square" emergency tag" and the other standard round. $55
E-4174  Unusual French made Officers Haversack with embossed name. Samur marked. $135
  E-4168  Rare!! US Marine Corps marked pack tail. "USMC" in all capitals, tough to read but its there. $100
E-4167    WW1 Officers conversational French language book. $40
  E-4166  WW1 Handkerchiefs. Our choice $20
E-4164  Large WWI Carry Case for a French Trench Periscope. Approx 30 inches in length. $155
E-4160   WWI 45 Automatic clip pouches. choice condition, varied construction and markings. OUR CHOICE. $30 each
E-4159  WWI Eagle Snap Officers Map Case with original shoulder strap. $230
E-4158  WWI Officers garrison Belt with chape and sword hangers. Excellent overall. $525
E-4156  Officers Personal Effects wall bag. This was hung at your bunk and hung from the 2 eyelets. The pouches contained various personal grooming, toiletry, and other items. Fairly scarce. $75
E-4151  Nice set of regimentally marked dog tags. $45
E-4150  WW1 Gas Mask and Bag. Mask is only fair. missing lens. Nice bag. $80
E-4140  WWI "Hate" belt. with 20 collar discs including, Train, MTC, Engineer, Ordinance, USQMC, Medical, Artillery and more. $155
  E-4139  WWI Gas Mask set. Typical dry and brittle mask. Canister has become detached due to hose separation. $75
  E-4133  WW1 Chauchat Machine Gun Spare Parts canvas envelope in average condition. $50
    E-4132   WW1 Personal effects bag. Would have contained goodies from home whn sent and then used as a bag later. $35
E-4130  WW1-1920s National Colors for a regiment in regulation size. 4 x 6 feet. Choice condition in silk. $395
  E-4129  WW1 Shovel Good condition overall. $95
  E-4127  10 Pocket Ammo belt. Good condition overall. $135
  E-4126  Scarce Ammo bag to hold the clips for the French Chauchat Rifle, specifically chambered in the American 30-06 ammo, a bad combination prone to jamming. These clips were straight instead of curved $195
E-4125   WWI Officer's Boots. Excellent condition.  $110
E-4124  Rare storage case for the Mark 1A Bomb Sight. Excellent condition. Approx 20 inches in length. $195
E-4114   WWI Gas Mask set. Mask is still pliable, hose is a rock. Canister has become detached due to hose separation. $75
E-4112    WWI Custom shoulder bag with metal closures. $130
E-4109  Matched sets of WWI wool puttees. $35 (OUR CHOICE)
E-4106  Very nice 10 Pocket belt, showing just light use. $95
E-4103  WW1 US Marine Corps Mess Hall Fork. $55
E-4102  Scarce 14TH Cavalry pack and tail. $90
E-4101   Gas mask set of John Albine Johnson who served  in Company K of the 305TH Infantry, 77TH Division. Mask is dry and hard as usual. Great combat history! $155
    E-4088  Choice WW1 Pistol Belt. $60
  E-4087  WW1 US Rifle Cleaning Rod and case. $55
  E-4084   Jewish Prayer Book as given to Soldiers. $55
E-4073   WW1 Dog Tag stamping kit set of guide plates. These are frequently missing or rusted. Choice condition, set of 3. $95
E-4072  Nicely decorated WWI French or British made Haversack inscribed to an MP in the 7TH Division. $95
E-4070   WWI Gas Mask set. Typical dry and brittle mask.  $75
E-4066  WW1 wooden belt Trench Periscope. $195
E-4062  WWI Gas Mask and Bag. Bag is very nice. Mask is dry and brittle and has pulled away from the hose. $85
  E-4058  WW1 Gillette Khaki Razor kit as issued to most WW1 Soldiers. $55
    E-4057  WW1 Trench mirror and carry case. $45
  E-4036  WW1 First Aid Packet in choice condition. $75
E-4034  WW1 Wool Puttees. $35
E-4033  Model 1917 US Rifle breach cover. One snap pulled through. $75
E-4025  1918 dated canvas leggings. $55
E-4002  Named and serial numbered WW1 Gas Mask set. Hose needs to be replaced but the face mask is pliable, which is very tough to find. Should be easily researched. $120
E-4001  US Marine stationed at St. Nazzaire France. Identified to "J. C. Gaskins, Jr.", one of the Guard Units of the 5TH Brigade. $75
E-3969  British contract made Officers Haversack with "US" and Broad Arrow markings with 1918 date. $175
  E-3958   Mexican Border Haversack for a member of Company D of the 3RD Pennsylvania. $145
  E-3954  WWI Rifle Grenade Vest. Mint un-issued condition. $55
E-3952  WWI NCO whistle. $45
E-3950  Fantastic field made Carbide lamp made from Artillery shell parts. Carbide was used in the antique car lights of the period. It is a powder that produces flammable gas when water is slowly dripped on it. About 11 inches in height. $175
E-3946  WWI Rifle Grenadiers chest pack. $65
E-3943   WWI Model 1910 Canteen bottle. $30
E-3933  WWI Officers Boot Jack, as used by most overseas Officers to remove their mud encrusted boots. $40
  E-3927  WI Officers Inflatable bed pillow. $75
    E-3925  WWI Trench Mirror. $40
E-3915  WWI US Gas Mask and Bag. One break to the hose. $80
  E-3914  WWI Soldiers watch fob and nail knife. Nice period piece. $30
  E-3911  81ST Division, 161ST Field Artillery Brigade horse feed bag. Choice condition. $85
E-3905  WW1 Officers Marching Compass. $60
E-3904 WW1 Souvenir silk handkerchief. Very nice design. $70
E-3902  Model 1910 leather map case with shoulder sling. Missing the leather closure tab on the front and a crack to interior plastic as shown. $75
E-3894  Very RARE, American Ambulance Field Service, convoy flag. These typically were flown from the front cab of the ambulance in the 1915-1916 time period. Very rare with French Ministry of War stamp and leather reinforcing tabs. Only the 4th I have had in 27 years of collecting volunteer ambulance service material. $550
  E-3869   WWI Red Cross Soldiers Ditty Bag. $35
  E-3868  WWI Soldiers bag. $35
E-3855   Pre WWI Artillery Shoulder Cord for Dress Blue Uniform. From an unopened bundle of 10 dated 1915. Excellent condition overall. $30 each
  E-3854  Set of two, 90TH Division Streamers. Some small splits and wear, but nice period silk battle honors. $85
    E-3813  WWI Carlisle bandage. $70
  E-3811  WWI Trench Shovel $120
E-3783  WWI Aviators goggles. These safety anti shatter goggles are made of 2 layers with clean sealant in between. Sometimes this inner layer goes bad showing this discoloration. Can be pulled apart and cleaned if you desire. $95
E-3779 Fantastic WW1 Pilots Flight Goggle Case. Choice condition. $90
  E-3771  Fantastic ditty bag which was used by a member of the 103RD Trench Mortar Battery to ship captured German helmet home through the mail. $165
  E-3770  WWI Signal Corps Flag. $40
E-3654  Marine Corps Rifle Scorebook. $40
E-3648  WWI US Navy Dog Tag. $55
E-3647  WWI US Navy Swim Trunks. $45
E-3602  1916 contract dated gauze packet. The end has been opened. $35
  E-3577  WWI Model 1910 Canteen bottle. $30
    E-3576  WWI Model 1910 Canteen bottle. $30
E-3488  Choice, 1918 dated Canvas Leggings. $45ON HOLD
  E-3456  WWI Officer's pistol belt with saber chape. $120
E-3407  Jefferson Depot 45 Automatic clip pouch. Dated 1924. Missing one rivet, as shown. $40
E-3041  Set of 4 different bakelite buttons for Marine Corps, Knights of Columbus, YMCA and Jewish Welfare Board. $80
  E-2877  WWI Red Cross Armband for a women involved with garment distribution. $75
E-2748  1914 dated Rock Island Arsenal Haversack. Some soldier naming to the front cover. $55
E-2608   WWI Mills manufactured case for the Signal Flag case. $45
    E-2498   WWI French made mirror, holder and outer case. $35
  E-2488  WWI Shaving Mirror and case. $30
E-2436   Choice medium brown leather leggings. $65
E-2333  Scarce WW! Battery Commanders Ruler. $40
E-2253  Great WWI Red Cross Ditty Bag. $50
E-2240   WWI blue US Army issue laundry/ clothing storage bag. One 3 inch rip. $50
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