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WWI Equipment- Part 2
E-0001  Back in Stock!! We have acquired a small box of 1990s reprints of a 1921 Mills Equipment Catalog showing the various items being offered through Military Outfitters and Suppliers during WWI. $5 each WITH OTHER PURCHASE.
E-3136  Very nice painted Gas Mask and bag for a member of the 1ST Battalion, 23RD Infantry. Mask is dried out as usual and stiff. $275
E-3135  Very scarce Training Device, The Hollifield Rifle Rod, for the 03 Springfield. It teaches a Soldier to use the sights, without having to fire a cartridge. $275
  E-3134  Battlefield Pickup souvenir with notation. $40
E-3133  WWI US Bed Sack. These could be stuffed with hay and used as a mattress. Very scarce. 6 were found and only 2 had US Quartermaster inspectors stamps and dates. $100
E-3132  WWI 45 Clip pouch with eagle snaps. Choice condition overall. $225
E-3131  Very rare "Blue Ointment". This was a mixture of Salve and mercury!! It was rubbed in areas that attract lice. It would kill the lice but who knows what it did to the soldier. Rare trench warfare item of Soldier's kit!! $145
E-3130    WWI Assistant Provost Marshall Armband. Very Rare. $145
E-3129  WWI Canteen set. Excellent condition overall. $140
E-3128  7TH Anti Aircraft Canteen. $150
E-3127  WWI Eagle Snap Map Case. Nicely identified to a US Marine Corps Major. Shoulder strap is a replacement. Overall excellent condition with just some minor mothing to the felt interior pad. Very tough items to find with Marine usage. $250
E-3126  Historic large section of SPAD XIII fabric, taken from the wing of Hockey Hall of Famer and Squadron Commander Captain Hobey Baker. 'Hobey Baker went to the Front as part of the 94th Squadron with Eddie Rickenbacker and Reed Chambers. When an opportunity came for transfer to the 103rd- then operating under French command- he took it. When Charles Biddle returned from the hospital and was given command of 13th P.S. 'Hobey transferred with him and, in September, was appointed C.O. of the 141st, part of 4th Pursuit Group headed by the now Major Biddle.  Baker made the first operational patrol.  Baker had shared one victory while in the 103rd and now, on Oct. 28th he shot down the first one for 141st Squadron. Then on Nov. 5th he and Shelby, Loris Cady, Bryan Hamlin and Paul Chappell shot down a D.F.W. two-seater near the village of St. Benoit. "The outstanding post-Armistice tragedy among Air Service personnel was the death of 'Hobey' Baker on Dec. 21st. He received orders to return to the States, and according to Brown and Dodds, wanted to make a last flight as a test hop in a Squadron SPAD, No. 7, which had carburetor trouble. He took off, revved up to full power and pulled up in a chandelle. Seconds later the engine quit, he tried to turn back to the field, side slipped and crashed to the ground. He died minutes later. Fabric section measures approx 24 x 30 inches. $1695ON HOLD
E-3125  Very rare mirror from the dash of a SPAD XIII. Much more rare then instruments from the period. $250  $SOLD$
  E-3124  3 sections of WWI Salmson Fabric from an aircraft from the 258TH Aero Squadron. Includes some original photos. $275ON HOLD
E-3123  WWI Officers Sam Brown belt. Choice condition. Tough to find this clean. $120
E-3122  WWI 1ST Aid Packet. $45
  E-3121  WWI 1ST Aid Pouch and Carrier. $75
    E-3120  WWI Canteen extension hanger. $50
E-3119  Scarce WWI Emergency contract mess kit. For years these were thought to be Span Am period. But they, in fact, were produced after the American declaration of War as the demand for regulation mess kits could not be met. $95
E-3113   Very rare American Ambulance Field Service leather wallet. These were given to the American Volunteers of the American Ambulance Hospital for Christmas in 1915 and used to keep their identification card/drivers license within. $250 ON HOLD
E-3112   Fantastic 26TH Division canteen for a member of Battery "E" of the 103RD Field Artillery. Since many of the men were mounted, the standard mounted canteen was used. $225
E-3111  Very rare WWI US Marine Corps "swivel" holster for the 45 automatic. These are rarely seen and are much tougher to get than dismounted USMC holsters. $625
E-3110   Amazing 1ST Division Silk and embroidered banner. Blue silk field is approx. 50 x 65 inches. The first division emblem is tightly embroidered and double sided. This flag was carried as it has a pole sleeve and leather tabs for attaching.  An old ugly tape repair will require some attention. We have not tried to remove the tape, so as not to cause more damage. Much of the edge fringe has deteriorated. Needs to be framed. Will be the centerpiece of a 1ST Division display. $575
E-3109   Scarce British Gas Mask Bag with markings for the 1ST Signal Battalion of the 2ND Division. Great stenciled crossed flags and "SC" for Signal Corps". $140
E-3108   Choice set of WWI Officers Binoculars, Signal Corps, Type EE with original compass topped russet brown case and strap. Binos also have neck strap. Tough to find in such good condition. $210
E-3107   WWI Kodak "Autographic Vest Pocket Camera". These Cameras were heavily marketed toward Soldiers going overseas. Soldiers were discouraged from using cameras at the front, but brought them anyway!! scarce. $75
E-3106  WWI US Marine Corps Snap 9 Pocket Model 1907 Belt as issued prior to WWI and also carried in France. Shows use and wear. Some tiny frayed spots, but a RARE!!! belt. $755
E-3104   WWI Eagle Snap Enlisted Mans Medical Belt. Choice condition with bandages, well marked. $210 ON HOLD
E-3103   Choice 45 holster, choice belt with Individual Dressing packet and carrier with clip pouch and 2 WWI two tone WWI clips. $225  $SOLD$
E-3101  WWI Deluxe Shaving Kit with jeweler engraved cover. Handle is split and missing the part of attach the head. $55$SOLD$
E-3100  Matched sets of WWI wool puttees. $35 (OUR CHOICE)
  E-3099  Very clean 10 pocket ammo belt. $135
Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-3098  Rare WWI period "Pork and Beans" These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.

  E-3096  Model 1904 Cavalry picket pin rope and hardware. $295
  E-3095  Nice rimless eagle snap pistol belt. Very good condition overall. $250
E-3094  Choice WWI US Officers Medical Belt with partial contents. Includes Hypodermic Kit, small dissection kit (minus the scalpels), bandages, tourniquet, small alcohol stove and bandages. Excellent condition.  $425
  E-3093  WWI Carlisle bandage with carrier. Choice condition overall. $110
E-3092  WWI Medical Officers dissection/ surgical kit, complete with needles. Missing from many Officers belts. $195
  E-3090  WWI Officers Hypodermic Kit, missing from most Officers medical belts. $135
E-3086  WWI Officers Sword Hanger set. Choice condition. $425
  E-3084  WWI Cavalry Bandolier , about mint condition. $275
E-3083  WWI Trench periscope with Officers name on the side. $110
  E-3082  WWI Cavalry Horse Brush. About mint. $100
E-3081  WWI Sam Brown Belt. High quality belt. One of the best we have offered. $150
  E-3080  Officers Trench Whistle. $70
  E-3079  Officers Trench Whistle. $70
E-3078  WWI Enlisted Mans Garrison Belt by Mills. $150
E-3074  WWI Dog Tag on cord. $35
E-3073  Great 104TH Infantry Regiment, 26Th Division Reunion Armband. This was the first unit in American History decorated by a foreign power. The French decorated the colors of the 104Th after their bravery at the battle of Apremont. $45
E-3072  Great 104TH Infantry Regiment, 26Th Division Reunion Armband. This was the first unit in American History decorated by a foreign power. The French decorated the colors of the 104Th after their bravery at the battle of Apremont. $40
E-3071  WWI Medics Surgical Kit used by a 2ND Division Soldier. Named on front. $195
E-3070  Nice, as found pistol belt, clip pouch and holster. The belt and pouch show lots of actual use and trench wear, holster has survived in very nice shape. Nice original set! $140
E-3066  Rare WWI Air Service, Radio Receiver. This allowed Observation Aircraft to relay real time observations from the air to Artillery Units, helping them to become more accurate with their fire. The transmitter would be installed on the aircraft. The green paint has been removed from the outside of the box and the strap is a newer replacement. A scarce item of early aviation history.. $595
E-3064 1917 dated Decapping set with photocopy of the original manual. $245
E-3061   WWI Dog Tag Stamping kit. About choice condition. Block is  style which I have never seen before. It appears to be a simplified model which omits the indent for the dog tag. $245
E-3056  WWI Trench Mortar Group. Includes decorated British Gas Mask Bag, Regimentally marked mess kit, named and marked writing kit, dog tag and paperwork. Nice set. $375
E-3053  Model 1910 Bolo by Springfield Armory. Average condition. $180
E-3051  WWI Foot Powder as issued to all Soldiers for foot care. $50
E-3050  WWI Wire Cutters and carry case. $130
E-3046  WWI enlisted mans wool shirt. $Choice condition. $90
  E-3045  WWI BAR Bandolier. $65
E-3044  WWI Carry case for the Browning Automatic Rifle, the BAR. Very good condition overall. $195
E-3043 WWI Individual Dressing Packet. $50
E-3042  WWI 9 Pocket dot snap ammo belt with 45 clip pouch. Shows actual field use and wear. Nice combat set. $110
E-3041  Set of 4 different bakelite buttons for Marine Corps, Knights of Columbus, YMCA and Jewish Welfare Board. $80
E-3040  Rare 83RD Division, WWI Unit Guidon for Battery A of the 323RD Field Artillery. Great combat artillery unit. This flag was definately carried in the AEF. Shows field repairs and some stains. This unit was disovled in early 1919 after returning from France. $375
E-3039   Rare 1916-17 Mexican Border, Punitive Expedition to Mexico unit guidon. Excellent condition . This flag also has the addition of some shading and trim lines, inked by hand. Rare regular army flag. $375
  E-3038  WWI Individual Dressing Packet carrier. $55 ON HOLD
  E-3036  WWI -20s Officers Map Case with strap. Made and labeled Gemsco. $80
E-3035  WWI Shovel cover showing loads of use and wear. $55
E-3034  1908 dated tranistional shovel cover. Nicely marked, modified for use in 1910 for the new equipment pattern. Leather loop is split, should not effect display. $95
E-3033  Rare Model 1912 Cavalry experimental rimless eagle snap cover for the picket pin handled pick head. Quite scarce. $120
E-3032   Rare Model 1912 Cavalry Field Trial rimmed eagle snap cover for the picket pin handled pick head. Quite scarce. $100
E-3029  1918 dated US Army ammunition bandolier with cardboard inserts. $50
E-3028  Extremely rare Mexican Border-WW1 period emergency ration. These are extremely rare. Much tougher to find than the standard emergency ration. This one has been opened and emptied. $395
E-3025 Early, 1ST Model shovel without rear handle reinforcement. $65
E-3023  Rimless Eagle Snap cartridge belt ca. 1915. Shows actual use and wear. $120
  E-3021  WWI US Marine Corps spoon. Very scarce. $75
E-3018  Nice 1915 dated mounted "swivel" holster for the 45 auto. $155
  E-3017  Holster extension with 1923 date. $25
E-3014  WWI Wire Cutters and Case. $140
E-3013  Set of WWI Nurses cuffs, collar and apron. $85
E-3011 WWI Cavalry Bandolier. Choice condition. $250
E-3009  WWI Eagle Snap Medical Belt. Good condition overall. $165
    E-2989   Half Moon clips for the 45 Revolver. $15 per pair.
  E-3005  Set of 90TH Division Streamers. Some small splits and wear, but nice period silk battle honors. $95
E-3004  WWI US Wire Cutters with 5000 volt rubber covered handles. $140
  E-3002  Fantastic ditty bag which was used by a member of the 103RD Trench Mortar Battery to ship captured German helmet home through the mail. $195
  E-3000  WWI canteen stenciled to a member of the 3RD Anti Aircraft Artillery. $160
E-2999  Nice pair of WWI Dog Tags. $35
E-2998  WWI US Kitchen boiler. $150
E-2996  Rare WWI 77TH Division Artillery unit guidon for Battery F of the 306TH Field Artillery. excellent condition. Approx. 20 x 30. $425
E-2992  WWI Kerr Rifle Sling. $175
E-2991   Rare and historic section of aircraft from a crashed and marooned US aircraft that went down in Mexico in 1919. The verso written in ink with the text of the last will and testament of two American Pilots Cecil Connolly and Fred Waterhouse, who crashed in the Baja de California, south of San Diego, after a storm, and who survived 17 days without food, only to be picked up and subsequently killed by two Mexican fishermen. The paint on the painted side badly worn, the verso slightly discolored with oil stains to left margin. Together with two identical photographs of the two draped coffins aboard the USS Aaron Ward.

The tale of the tragic death of two American Army flyers, attached to the 9th Aero Squadron, based in San Diego, who whilst on patrol hit a storm and were thrown dramatically off course. They eventually found land and crashed on an open beach at Refugio de Guadelupe, a deserted area on the eastern shore of the Baja de California, south of the Mexican border. With little or no food they survived 17 days waiting on the beach, until they were discovered by two Mexican fishermen, who took them in, fed them, but in some argument between the parties, the flyers were both killed, apparently on September 3rd 1919. The bodies were recovered in October 19th 1919 at Angeles Bay by the US Navy, according to the writer of the text, and brought aboard USS Aaron Ward to be returned to San Diego. A Mexican Judge in Tijuana in October 1921, two years later, sentenced the two men to 6 years imprisonment for homicide during a fight, and in 1928 the Connolly family sought financial recompense from the Mexican Government for covering up the two deaths. The text appears to have been transcribed by a naval officer, who was there when the bodies were recovered (see the hand writing on one of the photographs shot onboard the USS Aaron Ward), probably copying an original text found on the flyer's person.  $995
E-2987  Scarce WWI Rolling Kitchen, "Dipper" for preparing and ladling out food. About 1 quart. $85
E-2984  Fantastic  British SBR bag with 2ND Division painted insignia. Named on the reverse. $395
  E-2979  WWI Signal Corps Flag. $60
Image result for commission for relief in belgium hoover
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E-2778  Extremely RARE WWI Flour Sack sent to Belgium to feed the starving citizens ofthe occupied areas. The Germans were confiscating food and the Belgian already were importing 75% of their food prior to WWI. The Germans would not let the refugees go into Germany, nor would they let them pass through the front lines into France. Herbert Hoover negotiated with the British , French and Germans to allow this humanitarian aid. Outrageously rare item of early US aid. Between 1914 and 1919, the CRB operated entirely with voluntary efforts and was able to feed 11,000,000 Belgians by raising the necessary money, obtaining voluntary contributions of food, shipping the food past the German submarine blockades and army occupied areas, and controlling the food distribution in Belgium. The CRB shipped 697,116,000 pounds of flour to Belgium and evidence indicates that sugar and grains were also sent. The flour was packaged in cotton flour sacks by American mills. The movement of these bags throughout Belgium was carefully controlled by the CRB since cotton was in great demand for the manufacture of German ammunition and also because the CRB feared that the flour sacks would be taken out of Belgium, refilled with inferior flour, and resold as relief flour. As a result, the empty flour sacks were carefully accounted for and distributed to professional schools, sewing workrooms, convents, and individual artists. Separate from the trade schools of Belgium, the professional schools specialized in training girls to sew, embroider, and make lace, and the sewing workrooms were large centers established in the major Belgian cities during the war to provide work for the thousands of unemployed. Girls and women made famous Belgian lace, embroidered textiles and repaired and remade clothing in these workrooms. The flour sacks were used by these various Belgian groups to make new clothing, accessories, pillows, bags, and other functional items. $235


E-2972 WWI period map case by Gemsco. About mint. $125
  E-2968   Very clean 1918 set of Russell made US army suspenders. $215
E-2960  Rare WWI US Marine Corps spoon. $75
  E-2958  Set of WWI Dog Tags. $40
E-2955   Extremely rare WWI US Marine Corps 1ST Aid packet. These were issued to US Marines and US Navy Corpsman fighting in France. $95
E-2954  WWI Officers Trench Periscope. British made with detachable handle. $255
  E-2953   WWI Enlisted Medical Belt. Choice condition. $225
    E-2951  WWI Gas Warning Trench Rattle. $120
E-2948  WWI Battery Command Telescope and bracket. This was mounted on the standard WWI Tripod. $195
    E-2947  Small metal rimmed Soldiers mirror. About 3 inches with holes to attach or affix in the trenches. $35
E-2946  1ST aid Kit made from a Soldiers grooming kit. $45
E-2944   WWI Eagle Snap Officers Map Case with original shoulder strap. Nicely inscribed. $255
E-2942  WWI T Handle Shovel and cover. $165
E-2940  WWI Dog Tag stamping Kit with mallet, anvil and full set of stamps. Just lacks the clip on guards. $220
E-2937  WWI wool puttees. $35 set OUR CHOICE
E-2935  Late 1920s Artillery Guidon with Quartermaster label. Excellent condition overall. $75
E-2934  Rare Officers Private Purchase Poncho. Made in the same style as the typical issue poncho, except lighter weight with canvas upper and rubber underside. $210
E-2933   WWI Officers Medical Belt showing light use and wear. Good condition overall. $210
E-2931  1907 dated Field Trials Message Book with instructions. Very rare. $75
E-2930  WWI US Army Hatchet with carry case. Large chip to handle near the head as shown. Tough to find. $110
E-2929  WWI BAR Belt with hip cup. Choice condition. $140
  E-2926    WWI US Navy enlisted scarf. Excellent condition. $45
E-2925  WWI US Navy enlisted scarf. Excellent condition. $45
  E-2924   WWI Trench Boots. Overall, excellent condition. $775$SOLD$
E-2922  35TH Division Gas Mask with painted battle honors. British made set. Canister is intact but hose is in multiple pieces. $180$SOLD$
E-2916    Scarce Navy/ Marine Corps Individual Dressing Packet. Choice condition. $70
E-2915  Scarce Navy/ Marine Corps Individual Dressing Packet. Very nice condition. $60
E-2914     Rare 1913 dated Surgical Gauze. Rare pre-War medical item. $50
E-2913  Rare 1913 dated Surgical Gauze. Rare pre-War medical item. $50
E-2912   Fantastic CA. 1920 wool athletic shirt for a member of the "Fighting 69TH" New York National Guard, Company D. Only one of these we have seen. $145
E-2907   WWI US Marine Corps M1912 Pack. Good condition overall. $155
   E-2906   WWI Mills Officer's Private Purchase Web Holster for the 45 Automatic. Shows light use and wear. $675
  E-2904   WWI Musette Bag for a member of the 103RD Ammunition Train of the 28TH Division. Named on the front flap. $135
E-2903  WWI Musette Bag for a member of the 103RD Ammunition Train of the 28TH Division. Lacks shoulder strap. $75
E-2901   Very scarce WWI Navy Contract 1ST Aid Packet as issued to Marine Corps and Navy Personnel. $70
E-2899  WWI Navy Corpsman's Small Surgical Kit. Good condition overall showing actual field use and wear. $200
E-2894  WWI Medical Officers Belt. Mills made, 1918 dated. $185
  E-2893  WWI Womens Aid Worker or Nurses pocketed apron. $75
E-2888  Early pattern 1910 pack with provision for lace on meat can pouch. Good condition overall. $120
E-2882  Single Philadelphia Depot, US Marine Corps legging. Too bad there is just 1. $30
  E-2877  WWI Officers Medical Belt. Very good condition overall. $140
E-2876   Historic grouping of WWI Flight Helmet, Flight Mittens and his post WWI Heavy Flight Suit. This Officer was head of the AEF Balloon Service in France until November of 1918. The Flight Helmet is lined with curley brown lamb wool and is most likely of British manufacture. The flight gloves have mitten tips, so the fingers can be withdrawn for fine work and put back inside to keep out the cold. They are most likely British manufacture. The Flight suit is  avery rare 1930s Czechoslovakian leather suit. He was reactivated for WWII and he most likely used this suit at that point. Very rare set to the overall command of balloon forces in France!! $1750

E-2878  Very nice WWI US Army Poncho. Excellent condition overall. No visible makers mark. $575
  E-2877  WWI Red Cross Armband for a women involved with garment distribution. $75
  E-2872  "Au Lion" trench knife sheath. Rusty but impossible to find by itself. $155
E-2870   Very nice Mills Cartridge Belt with Coast Artillery Unit property tag. $110
E-2869  Wollensack Officers Trench Periscope in original case. Case could be worn on the pistol belt with loop. Front closure strap missing on front of case. Good optics. $295
E-2867   Small Size WWI Officer's Boots. $115
E-2865  Very rare Aero Squadron  painted trunk with full size squadron insignia painted on the lid of the trunk. Definitely made by the squadron artist. These are very rare!! Named to the Pilot on the end of the trunk. $1095
E-2862  WWI BAR Rifle Bag. Very good condition overall. $135
E-2861   Pre WWI US Marine Corps shoulder bag with leather strap. It is modified with a leather port added for some item of equipment. $125
E-2860  10 pocket WWI Ammo Belt. showing actual use and wear. $100
E-2859  WWI Gas Mask and bag for a member of the 28TH infantry, 1ST Division. mask and hose are very dry and stiff. , named. $100
E-2852  WWI Navy Individual Bandage as carried by Navy and Marine Corner. $75
E-2851 Rare WWI Canteen, stenciled to the 310 Trench Artillery (Mortar). 85TH Division. $225
E-2846 Scarce Machine Gun Battalion WWI Canteen. very clean condition. $155
  E-2844  First aid packet. $60
E-2843  First aid packet. $60
E-2842  WWI US Revolver holster. Well used, missing bottom plug. $60
E-2838  WWI Battery Commanders Telescope. The periscope is much more common and has a very similar bracket. These are quite scarce. $195
E-2835  Rare WWI British Gas Mask Bag, used and inscribed by a member of the 332ND Infantry in Italy. Very good condition overall. No mask, just bag. $195
E-2834  BAR Auto Rifleman's Belt. Good condition overall, but showing some light use and wear. $150
E-2828  WWI MP Armband. One broken snap. $80
  E-2825  Pre WWI sword hangers for wear on the leather garrison belt. $70
E-2824  WWI French made binocular case with fantastic inscribed lid with ID and decoration to a member of the 101ST Engineers. $50
E-2821   1919 dated Rock Island Arsenal produced Mounted Canteen. Just missing the snap hook. $135
E-2810   WWI US Flashlight with leather strap with eagle snap. Private purchase. $90
E-2791  WWI British made Gas Mask bag with great inscriptions of all the the battles. Some rust spots to canvas from deteriorating gas mask cannister. Great bag! $120
E-2790  WWI Mounted Holster. Finish shows lots of checking. Good for  a combat display. $135
E-2789  WWI Signal Corps Pliers. US surcharged.  $80
Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-2787     Rare WWI period "Vegetable Soup". These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.

E-2781  Rimless  Eagle Snap Canteen set with standard aluminum bottle and light green cover with "US" stamped cover. $295
  E-2775  Rare WWI Gas Rattle used by US Forces. Made by the British but widely distributed to US Troops, especially in the 27TH and 30TH Divisions.  $175
E-2772  WWI Gas Mask and Bag. Bag is very nice. Mask is dry and brittle and has pulled away from the hose. $85ON HOLD
  Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-2769   Rare WWI period "Pork and Beans" These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.
  Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-2768    Rare WWI period "Pork and Beans" These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50 

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.
  Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-2766     Rare WWI period "Vegetable Soup". These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.
  Campbells-Soup-Close-Up-I.jpg E-2765    Rare WWI period "Vegetable Soup". These were shipped to France in large quantity and issued to US Troops. Label design was the same from before WWI into the 20s. These are from the early 20s but the chances of finding a 1917 or 18 dated are almost impossible.  Can has been opened in the period. These were found in the basement of a Victorian house in New York. $50

Photo courtesy of "WWI Nerd" - US Militaria Forum.

E-2763  WWI Infantry Officer's Dress Belt, buckle and hangers. Missing saber end hooks easily replaced. Very good condition overall. $115
E-2762   WWI Holster for the 45 Automatic Pistol. $110ON HOLD
E-2756  WWI German Gas Mask and Bag. Very good condition overall. Mask is dry as typical. $110
E-2754  WWI Pistol Belt. Good condition overall, showing actual use and wear. $50
E-2748  1914 dated Rock Island Arsenal Haversack. Some soldier naming to the front cover. $55
E-2745   Genuine WWI French Maps, assorted. These maps are from various areas in France, that were not on the Western Front but in the rear areas. Maps were purchased for various areas of France as they did not necessarily know where the battle may shift. Also troops moving from the coast to battle areas would be led by Officers using these maps. Our choice. $35
E-2744  WWI Toque. 2 Areas that have splits, easy fix. $40
E-2742  WWI dated Rifle Cleaning Rod and Carry Case. $55
E-2718    WWI classic brown stripe blanket with embroidered "US" in the middle.  A few scattered pea size moth bites. One large tear as shown. $125
    E-2715  WWI Gas Mask Bag. Small chuck out of strap and missing central divider. Good to display with a uniform with combat gear.  $35
E-2698  WWI 26TH Division Laundry Bag/ Spare Clothing Bag nicely marked and painted. $85   ON HOLD
E-2697   WWI Engineer Corps Bolo. Heavy blade with tooled leather scabbard. Good solid condition overall. $175
2695  Very scarce Model 1912 Cavalry Experimental Rifle Ring that would have been hung from the ammo belt. Good condition overall. $125
E-2682  WWI Eagle Snap Canteen cover with Rock Island Arsenal markings and 1915 date. One small flaw above snap. Bottle and cup are also present. $155ON HOLD
E-2674  WWI Officers Marching Compass with original carry case and sheet. $90
E-2673  Model 1911 US Cavalry Experimental Cup. Tough to find. $145
E-2671   WWI British made Officer Style map case as inscribed to a member of the 7TH Sanitary Train of the 7TH Division, AEF. $110
E-2668  Rare matched set of WWI BAR bandoliers, left and right made by the same company during the same month. /4150
E-2665    WWI US Navy Binocular Set engraved  with number and with original donation tag, identifying the donor. The Navy called for thousands of optics to be donated to support the War effort. These were then numbered, issued and returned to the donor after the War. 1 plastic eye cup is missing, otherwise choice. $110
E-2663  WWI Naval Officers syringe kit (most contents missing), with case as used by Navy Corpsman. $75
E-2657  WWI Transportation Corps Armband. Very Rare. $125
  E-2647  WWI Officer's pistol belt with saber chape. $120
  E-2638  Very rare Model 1910 US Canteen for Prison Guard Company 79. $120
E-2631  WWI US Army Shovel. $90
    E-2630  WWI Gas Mask Bag. Shows honest combat use and wear. no mask. $50
E-2625  Model 1910 pack dated 1917. Inscribed to an Aero Squadron. $110
E-2624  MINT clip pouch for th e45 Automatic. $25
E-2618  Nicely decorated WWI French or British made Haversack inscribed to an MP in the 7TH Division. $110
    E-2617  WWI US Marine Corps Dog Tag with date of enlistment. $50
E-2615  Model 1910 leather map case with shoulder sling. Missing the leather closure tab on the front and a crack to interior plastic as shown. $80
    E-2610   WWI Rifle Sling for the issue Army Rifle. Markings are hard to read. $90
  E-2608   WWI Mills manufactured case for the Signal Flag case. $45
  E-2605  WWI Soldiers watch fob and nail knife. Nice period piece. $30
E-2604  WWI Type EE, US Signal Corps Binos with original belt case. Compass needs to be replaced. Overall good shape. $90
E-2596   WWI Officer's Sword Hanger for the Model 1902 sword. $70
E-2593   Very High Grade WWI Naval Officers Dress belt. $145
  E-2591   WWI Peterson Device carry case for the 1903 Springfield bolt. $45
  E-2590  WWI Eagle Snap 45 clip pouch. Excellent condition. $95
E-2589  WWI Deluxe Shaving Kit with engraved initials. $60
  E-2587  10 Pocket Ammo Belt, showing actual use and wear. Good condition, but for one split as shown. $75ON HOLD
E-2585  WWI Officers small surgical field kit with eagle snaps. Nice condition. $95
  E-2580  Mounted strap for Pre WWI canteen. $35
E-2578  WWI Pick Mattock and carrier. Handle is a unissued WWII replacement but head and carrier are WWI. $120
E-2573    WWI 45 Automatic clip pouch. Includes original instruction sheet. $45
E-2566  WWI US Army Revolver holster. Good condition overall. $80
E-2563  WWI period private purchase folding cup as carried by many Officers and Soldiers. $45
 E-2561   Very Rare Reference Book. Scott Meadows Holster Book, "US Military Holsters and Pistol Cartridge Boxes". This bible on the subject, was printed in limited quantity in 1987 and has never been reprinted. I covers roughly 1812-1985, 432 pages. This book sells for up to $395 on other Dealers sites. This copy, very good condition. $180
E-2542   WWI Officer's Trench Scope Leather Case for the Wollensack Trench Periscope. $95
E-2535   WWI Ditty Bag. Good condition overall. $30
E-2531   1917 dated revolver holster. Good condition overall.  $150
E-2526  WWI Revolver Ammo Pouch. $125
    E-2498   WWI French made mirror, holder and outer case. $35
  E-2495  WWI Pistol/ Revolver lanyard. Just missing the tiny spring. $40
  E-2494  WWI Ditty bag for  a member of the 3RD Air Service Mechanics Regiment. $35
    E-2489  WWI Shaving Mirror and case. $30
  E-2488  WWI Shaving Mirror and case. $30
E-2479  WWI Whistle with button chain. $55
E-2477    WWI Officer's Marching Compass and case. Lacks the fluid. $55
E-2472  We don't stock replicas, but this custom made Patton Saber Cavalry sword hanger is the rarest of the rare to find. I have actually never seen a real one!! $80
  E-2469 WWI British WWI Armband, showing additional post War service. $80
E-2468   WWI French Red Cross armband. $90
E-2466  WWI French Red Cross Officers Armband. $90
E-2459  American Red Cross Hut Token valued for 1 Franc in goods. $40
    E-2457   WWI-20s Officer's Dress Shoulder Boards. Some moth bites as shown. $30
E-2455  WWI French Red Cross Armband for Officer Level Position as worn by Ambulance Section Leaders. $175
E-2451  WWI Enlisted Mans Eagle Snap medical belt in excellent condition. $210
E-2445  Choice MINT! WWI Shovel Cover. $120
E-2436   Choice medium brown leather leggings. $65
E-2390  WWI Canteen with original customized extension hanger. These were always replaced with a a canvas extension as used by medics. This one still has it's field mod!! Rare. $145
E-2388  WWI Model 1918 enlisted man's garrison belt and pouches. $150
  E-2359  WWI 10 Pocket Ammo Belt. Excellent condition. $130
    E-2345  WWI Individual Dressing Packet. 1916 dated. Clean overall. $60
E-2333  Scarce WW! Battery Commanders Ruler. $40
  E-2331  45 Clip Pouch with paper instructions. $40
E-2308  Pouch of WWI Bull Durham period tobacco. Some of the paper labels have been glued to the bag and repaired. Still will look great in a Doughboy display. $45
E-2304   Pre WWI Artillery Shoulder Cord for Dress Blue Uniform. From an unopened bundle of 10 dated 1915. Excellent condition overall. $45 each
E-2303   WWI 1918 dated Instrument or Gun sight leather case. $35
E-2300  WWI Type EE Signal Corps Binoculars. Show use and wear. No case. Good optics. $65
E-2288    1922 dated Sam Brown Belt Saber chape. $20
E-2282   WWI US Navy/ Marine Corps Individual Dressing Packet. $65
E-2253  Great WWI Red Cross Ditty Bag. $50
E-2252  Nice WWI period collapsible drinking cup. $40
E-2240   WWI blue US Army issue laundry/ clothing storage bag. One 3 inch rip. $50
  E-2235  WWI Diagnostic tag pouch. $45ON HOLD
E-2228  Very rare larger sized Army Field Message Book. About 20% larger than the WWI version. Has been partially filled out. $75
E-2227  New old stock upper section of swivel holster. Never used. $40
E-2222  WWI Officers private purchase inflatable pillow and carry case. $40
E-2214  WWI cleaning kit case. 1918 dated. $35
E-2213  WWI Officers white gloves. $35
E-2189  WWI Shaving Mirror and carrier. $35
E-2163  Pre 1910 Officer's Message Book. Tape repair to cover as shown. $65
E-2142   WWI Officer's Pistol Belt with Saber Loop. Excellent condition. $110
E-2057  WWI Red Cross Nurses Armband. $55
E-1957  Very scarce WWI War Camp Community Service cane as given to returning WWI Troops. $110
  E-1820   WWI Choice US army Message Book. Can't upgrade this one. $80
E-1804  Pair of mismatched hooded stirrups, one brown, one blackened. $60
    E-1802  WWI Military Neck Stocks to prevent neck chaffing. $20ea.
E-1770   Commercial Map as used by many Officers in the AEF. Includes Vosges. $45
  E-1757  WWI US Issue Canteen. $25
    E-1756  WWI US Issue Aluminum canteen. This one lacks maker marks and is scarce. $35
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