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 Vietnam- Books, Paper and Photos
VP-368  Set of 27 Brown Water Navy photos of Gunners on a Coast Guard Cutter off of Vietnam, Swift Boats Floating Bases etc.. $70
VP-367  Interesting set of 8 x 10 photos as well as some personal photos of the infamous "Ranch Hand" Air Force defoliation program in Vietnam and the aerial spraying of "Agent Orange". Approx 90 photos, about 25 are 8 x 10 size.. $250 ON HOLD
VP-366   Vietnam Photo Album, 9TH Division. Approx 200 photos. $325
VP-365  Vietnam Photo Album, 1ST Cavalry Division. Approx 200 photos. $325
VP-363   Very interesting photo collection from a Soldier who was involved with Tanks, some with bulldozer blades. 187 photos. Very nice. $200  ON HOLD
VP-362  Great 4TH Division collection of photos, paperwork and certificates for a member of a Signal Detachment of the 4TH Division in Vietnam in 1968-1969. Over 100 pieces. $295
VP-360 Vietnamese Phrase Book identified to a MACV Advisor. Very nice overall. $55
VP-359  Very nice Vietnam Handbook for US Forces in Vietnam. These would have been provided to Soldier heading into Vietnam to help prepare them for what is going on in that theater of operations. $40 $SOLD$
VP-358  Very nice Vietnamese Language manual from the 1960s, geared toward American going to Vietnam. $40
VP-357  Guide to Vietnam and its People as supplied to Soldier heading to Vietnam. Excellent condition.$45
VP-356  Guide to Japan and its People as supplied to Soldier heading to Vietnam. $30
VP-353  Very nice Vietnam paper, letter and photo grouping once the property of Brigadier General Logan, Commanding General of the 26TH Division during the later part of the Vietnam War. $125
VP-352  Great 5 x 7 photo of the Mekong Delta. $45
  VP-350  South Vietnamese document for Citations for Americans. $25
  VP-349  Set of 5 items of currency used in South Vietnam. South Vietnamese and MPC, Military Payment Certificates. $30
  VP-348  Scarce MPC $1 cert in choice condition. $30
  VP-347  South Vietnamese propaganda leaflet. $35
VP-344  Manual for the helmet radio and helmet mounted receiver. $30
VP-340   Scarce 1960s M-1 Helmet instruction booklet. Shows how to size the sweatband and adjust the helmet for a great fit. Most of these were tossed. $35  $SOLD$
VP-334  11TH Armored Cavalry Christmas Card. $25
VP-333  Vietnam Language guide for downed aviators. $35
VP-330  9TH Division, Mobile Riverine Forces Operations manual. $45
    VP-329   Vietnam Photo Album for a Soldier on Leave in Japan and also in Sydney Australia, 2 very hot spots for Soldiers to go. He evidently was able to meet his wife or girlfriend there. Great souvenir card from a Japanese strip club, Cocktail bars and interesting memorabilia. $120
VP-320  2 guides for building Fallout Shelters. $35
VP-319  Scarce 25TH Infantry Division Unit History from 1941-1966. Very nice condition overall. $75
VP-318  Vietnam radio manual. $20
VP-312   Vietnam Period manual showing the set up of Load Carrying Equipment and how best to use the set . $35
VP-309  Rare folding Light Weight pack instruction sheet. $45
VP-308 Vietnam Period Radio Fact Sheet. $25
VP-307 Vietnam Period Radio Fact Sheet. $25
VP-306  Vietnam Period Radio manual. $25
VP-53   Vietnam map showing the various canal systems in the area. $30
VP-51   Annapolis Bachelor Officers/ Enlisted  Quarters in Saigon waiting for unit assignments. $35
VP-48    US Navy Official photo of Mobile Riverine Force Activity. Assault Support Boat. Original 1968 8 X 10 print. $30
VP-297   Rare North Vietnamese Propaganda Booklet printed in English and distributed by Leftist and Anti War Groups within the US during the 1960s. $35
VP-290  Very rare Counterinsurgency Manual as used by Advisors in Vietnam. $55
    VP-33   Original 8X10 of fisherman in Sampans. $20
  VP-244   Fantastic Vietnam wallet size Girlfriend glamour shot. $20
VP-242  Set of 8 Vietnam Street Scene Polaroid's. $40
VP-200a  Propaganda leaflet dropped on Vietnamese Forces to try and convince them to switch sides. $15
 VP-186a US Official 8 X 10 photo of action of the US Army in combat in Vietnam. $20
VP-146a 1968 dated map of Southeast Asia. $15
VP-32    Original 8X10 of fisherman in a small Junk. $20a
VP-31  Original 8 X 10 of a Machine Gun Emplacement. $20a
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