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 Vietnam- Books, Paper and Photos
VP-352  Great 5 x 7 photo of the Mekong Delta. $45
  VP-350  South Vietnamese document for Citations for Americans. $25
  VP-349  Set of 5 items of currency used in South Vietnam. South Vietnamese and MPC, Military Payment Certificates. $30
  VP-348  Scarce MPC $1 cert in choice condition. $30
  VP-347  South Vietnamese propaganda leaflet. $35
VP-346  MACV Card on treatment of prisoners. $35
VP-344  Manual for the helmet radio and helmet mounted receiver. $30
VP-340   Scarce 1960s M-1 Helmet instruction booklet. Shows how to size the sweatband and adjust the helmet for a great fit. Most of these were tossed. $35
VP-334  11TH Armored Cavalry Christmas Card. $25
VP-333  Vietnam Language guide for downed aviators. $35
VP-330  9TH Division, Mobile Riverine Forces Operations manual. $45
    VP-329   Vietnam Photo Album for a Soldier on Leave in Japan and also in Sydney Australia, 2 very hot spots for Soldiers to go. He evidently was able to meet his wife or girlfriend there. Great souvenir card from a Japanese strip club, Cocktail bars and interesting memorabilia. $120
VP-323   1968 Cruise Book for the USS Enterprise and their Aerial Strikes In Country. $80
VP-320  2 guides for building Fallout Shelters. $35
VP-319  Scarce 25TH Infantry Division Unit History from 1941-1966. Very nice condition overall. $75
VP-318  Vietnam radio manual. $20
VP-312   Vietnam Period manual showing the set up of Load Carrying Equipment and how best to use the set . $35
VP-309  Rare folding Light Weight pack instruction sheet. $45
VP-308 Vietnam Period Radio Fact Sheet. $25
VP-307 Vietnam Period Radio Fact Sheet. $25
VP-306  Vietnam Period Radio manual. $25
VP-53   Vietnam map showing the various canal systems in the area. $30
VP-51   Annapolis Bachelor Officers/ Enlisted  Quarters in Saigon waiting for unit assignments. $35
VP-48    US Navy Official photo of Mobile Riverine Force Activity. Assault Support Boat. Original 1968 8 X 10 print. $30
VP-297   Rare North Vietnamese Propaganda Booklet printed in English and distributed by Leftist and Anti War Groups within the US during the 1960s. $35
VP-113a  Vietnam Aerial Observation Guide. $25
VP-290  Very rare Counterinsurgency Manual as used by Advisors in Vietnam. $55
    VP-33   Original 8X10 of fisherman in Sampans. $20
  VP-244   Fantastic Vietnam wallet size Girlfriend glamour shot. $20
VP-242  Set of 8 Vietnam Street Scene Polaroid's. $40
VP-200a  Propaganda leaflet dropped on Vietnamese Forces to try and convince them to switch sides. $15
 VP-186a US Official 8 X 10 photo of action of the US Army in combat in Vietnam. $20
VP-155a    Vietnam Area Handbook. $35
VP-146a 1968 dated map of Southeast Asia. $15
VP-78   Guide for building rapport with the Vietnamese. $15a
VP-40  Very rare River Patrol Forces Orders from 1969 as issued to Boat Captains. $40a
VP-32    Original 8X10 of fisherman in a small Junk. $20a
VP-31  Original 8 X 10 of a Machine Gun Emplacement. $20a
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