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 WWII Cloth Insignia
P-3819  Fantastic ETO made Tank Destroyer SSI on felt with applied silver trim. $245 $SOLD$
P-3818  Instant collection of 20 Tank Destroyer patches with various styles and colors, 4 wheel, 8 wheel, round wheels cogged wheels, fenders, no fenders, lighting bolt variations, no lightning bolts ect.. Really a great base collection, built over a long period of time. $595ON HOLD
P-3817  Camp Hood Tank Destroyer SSI. $45$SOLD$
P-3816  166TH Tank Destroyer tab. Moth nip to upper left as shown. $95$SOLD$
P-3815  Tank Destroyer souvenir mirror in its original mailing envelope. Silver finish has deteriorated. $95
P-3814  1990s Reunion patch for members to the 648TH TD Bn. $40
P-3813  Fantastic Korean War Banner for Marine Squadron VO-2. This chenille patch is probably 12 inches across! Huge wall banner, killer patch!! $325
P-3812  Very rare 466TH Quartermaster Battalion. This is on the ASMIC Top 100 desirable patches!! Don't miss this one. $350
P-3811   Large FASRON 110, Disney, Donald Duck Patch. $245
P-3810  Large FASRON 117, Disney?, Parrot. $195
JS-3809  Collection of approx. 80 WW2 Marine Corps rank patches. Choice condition. $195  $SOLD$
P-3808  1ST Marine Amphibious Corps HQ shirt size patch, embroidered on twill. $40
P-3807   1ST Marine Amphibious Corps Supply shirt size patch, embroidered on twill. $40
P-3086  Marine Amphibious Corps, on twill, shirt size SSI. $30
JS-3085  Very nice WW2 82ND Airborne SSI. $65
JS-3083  Great bullion 7TH Army patch. $95
JS-3082  10TH Air Force Bullion SSI. $80
JS-3078  17TH Infantry Division SSI. $35
JS-3077  English made 9TH Air Force patch, embroidered on felt. $40
JS-3074  442ND Regimental Combat Team. $30
JS-3072  18TH Marine Defense Battalion. $35
JS-3071 Fantastic 9TH Corps SSI. German made? Embroidered on felt. $35
JS-3070 1778TH Engineer Battalion SSI. $45
JS-3069  Blue backed English made Air Crew wings. $70
JS-3066  French made 36TH Engineer Combat Regiment. $30
JS-3065  2 versions of the 43RD division SSI. $40
JS-3062  WW2 PT Boat SSI. $30
JS-3060  "Emergency Battalion" SSI, unit unknown. $30
JS-3059  Set of 2 different 44TH Division SSI. $35
JS-3058  WW2 82ND Airborne SSI. $50
JS-3055  Jump oval fro the 11TH Airborne Division HQ. $55
JS-3054  307TH Airborne Engineer Bn. Jump Oval. $95
JS-3053  Embroidered Constabulary SSI. $35
JS-3052  3RD Army SSI in bullion. $40
JS-3051  WW2 Wing with interesting customization of an added star device. $40
JS-3042   US Civilian Employee, Messenger, SSI. $35
JS-3041  US Civilian Employee, Scientific Consultant, SSI. $35
JS-3040  Hand Made CBI, SSI. $30
JS-3038  WW2 92ND Division SSI. $20
P-3035  Set of theater made 5TH army with "Italy" tab. $175
P-3028  Fantastic bullion  20TH Air Force. $75
JS-3021  WW2 501ST Airborne Infantry Battalion, removed from uniform. $95
JS-3002  Very unusual "Son in Service" shoulder patch. $35$SOLD$
JS-3001  Green back 34TH Division SSI. $30
JS-3000 Embroidered on felt Artillery oval. $45
JS-2990   Scarce WW2 Ranger tab used in conjunction with 100TH Division patches for those who were qualified. $75
JS-2988   Far East Air Forces SSI, embroidered bullion on silk. Small nips. $65
JS-2983   3RD Ranger Scroll. $65
JS-2887  Scarce "Stars and Stripes" correspondent patch. $75
JS-2885  WW2 Aleutian Islands patch. $35
JS-2884  WW2 Alaskan Command SSI. $20
JS-2883  WW2 Jump Oval for the TH Artillery. $65
JS-2880  2ND Marine Division, 1ST style patch. $40
JS-2878  Far East Air Forces SSI, embroidered on felt. $35
JS-2874  Airborne PIR overseas cap patch. $35
JS-2871  Airborne PIR overseas cap patch. $35
JS-2862  Ledo Road SSI in the original wax envelope. Some moth nips. $95
JS-2861  Very nice 101ST Airborne SSI. $120
JS-2860  Very nice 82ND airborne SSI. $80
JS-2858   Glider Infantry Officers garrison cap patch. $60  $SOLD$
JS-2854  1ST Division SSI. German made. $40
P-2849   WW2 Navy Nurses Shoulder Boards. $75
P-2847  5TH Army Grouping with 2 bevo 5TH Army theater made patches. $95
P-2834  Army Transport Corps Shoulder boards. $55
P-2833  WWII Navy Medical Officer collar insignia in bullion. $40
P-2832    WWII Army Lt. Col. Officer rank insignia in bullion. $40
P-2831   WWII Army Colonel Officer rank insignia in bullion. $40
P-2830  WWII Aerial Gunner wing, embroidered on cotton. $30
P2829 Fantastic WW2 Quilt with 80 different patches including American and German Insignia. $395
P-2827 WWII 22ND Anti Submarine Squadron patch. $225
P-2818  WWII Naval Aviators Name plate with wing  on black calfskin. $35 our choice. 3 Avail.
P-2817   WWII Naval Aviators Name plate without wing  on black calfskin. $25 our choice. 3 Avail.
P-2793  German made 1ST Division in Bevo. $50
P-2791  1930s Texas State Guard shoulder patch, embroidered on wool. $50
P-2790  Far East Air Corps SSI on felt. $35
P-2789  3RD Air Force on felt. $20
P-2786  Embroidered on twill Airborne Artillery overseas cap device. $50
P-2783  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider Artillery overseas cap device. $50
P-2777  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider overseas cap device. $50
P-2776  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider overseas cap device. $50
P-2773  Post WW2 Korea tab in bullion. $35
P-2772  WW2 Navy Bullion Wing. $60
P-2767  WWII Airborne enlisted garrison cap patch, on twill. $55
P-2764  WWII printed cotton CBI, theater made SSI. $40
P-2763  30TH Division red bordered SSI. $45
P-2762   30TH Division OD bordered SSI. $45
P-2761  82ND Airborne Division SSI. $40
P-2760    82ND Airborne Division SSI. $40
P-2759  Occupation period 88TH Division SSI. $40
P-2757  Set of 2 Civilian employee patches. $45
P-2752  1ST Composite Squadron, 3RD Air Force. This Squadron was tasked with protecting an airfield on an island which was a major fueling center for units going to Russia. There were P-39s for Fighter protection and Medium Bombers for Anti Submarine patrols. $345

P-2751   Squadron patch size Airborne Troop Carrier patch. Excellent condition. $195
P-2748  "Hell on Wheels" tab, unused on wool. One tiny hole. $40
P-2723  Navy War Correspondent patch. $60
P-2722  Air Command squadron sized patch. Approx 5 inches. $75
P-2712   WW2  2ND Class Navy Corpsman's rate. $30
P-2706  WWII, 19TH Corps, embroidered SSI. $40
P-2704  83RD Chemical Battalion SSI. $75
P-2682   Set of (12) very nice embroidered on felt, US Marine Corps embroidered on wool, jacket patch collection. 12 different versions. $195
P-2676  Fantastic Air Force Transport Command, patches, collar insignia, ear rings ad a n interesting  set of directions given to Soldiers traveling with them. Very interesting. $195
P-2667  Printed cotton CBI patch. $40
P-2666  Overseas cap device for Airborne troops. $45
P-2664  US Technician Patch. $30
P-2656   English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $40
P-2649   141ST Division, Phantom Division! $35
P-2642  FMF- PAC Artillery. $20
P-2641  FMF- PAC Anti Aircraft Artillery. $20
P-2634  30TH Div SSI. $20
P-2627  9TH Div SSI. $20
P-2589  Pre WWII 27TH Div SSI. $45
P-2588  WWII 9TH Div on wool. $40
P-2587  44TH Div SSI on wool. $40
P-2586 44TH Divi SSI on wool. $40
P-2547   WWII Aviators leather name strip. $40
P-2546  WWII Aviators leather name strip. $40
P-2527  18TH Defense Battalion. $30
P-2521  SETAF patch with attached scroll. $35
P-2517  21ST Cavalry Division. $30
P-2499  Scarce Hawaiian Division SSI. $40$SOLD$
P-2480   English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $50
P-2479  English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $40
P-2478     English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $50
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