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 WWII Cloth Insignia
P-2720  1ST Marine Amphibious Corps HQ shirt size patch, embroidered on twill. $40
P-2719   1ST Marine Amphibious Corps Supply shirt size patch, embroidered on twill. $40
P-2736  Marine Amphibious Corps, on twill, shirt size SSI. $30
JS-2866  Shirt sized Para Marine shoulder patch, embroidered on twill. $65
JS-2992  Very nice WW2 82ND Airborne SSI. $65
JS-2991  Very nice WW2 82ND Airborne SSI. $65
P-3085   WW2 "Navalairs" Baseball Team letterman's jacket patch. $75
P-3084  MTB Ron 22 PT Boat squadron patch. Exc. condition. $375
JS-3083  Great bullion 7TH Army patch. $95
JS-3082  10TH Air Force Bullion SSI. $80
JS-3081  WW2 Chinese Training Command SSI. $35
JS-3079   WW2 2ND Chemical Warfare Battalion SSI. $25
JS-3078  17TH Infantry Division SSI. $35
JS-3077  English made 9TH Air Force patch, embroidered on felt. $40
JS-3075  London Base Command SSI. $30
JS-3074  442ND Regimental Combat Team. $30
JS-3073  Aviation Engineers, embroidered on twill. $35
JS-3072  18TH Marine Defense Battalion. $35
JS-3071 Fantastic 9TH Corps SSI. German made? Embroidered on felt. $35
JS-3070 1778TH Engineer Battalion SSI. $45
JS-3069  Blue backed English made Air Crew wings. $70
JS-3068 2ND Cavalry, felt on felt. $40
JS-3067  Allied Airborne SSI. $30
JS-3066  French made 36TH Engineer Combat Regiment. $30
JS-3065  2 versions of the 43RD division SSI. $40
JS-3063  Large PX purchased Armored Force pocket patch. Approx 4 inches. $35
JS-3062  WW2 PT Boat SSI. $30
JS-3061  46TH Division Phantom unit. $30
JS-3060  "Emergency Battalion" SSI, unit unknown. $30
JS-3059  Set of 2 different 44TH Division SSI. $35
JS-3058  WW2 82ND Airborne SSI. $50
JS-3057  Army Hostess and Librarian SSI. $25
JS-3056  USO Camp Shows SSI. $30
JS-3055  Jump oval fro the 11TH Airborne Division HQ. $55
JS-3054  307TH Airborne Engineer Bn. Jump Oval. $95
JS-3053  Embroidered Constabulary SSI. $35
JS-3052  3RD Army SSI in bullion. $40
JS-3051  WW2 Wing with interesting customization of an added star device. $40
JS-3050  1946, Executive Headquarters, China. $35
JS-3049  Squadron size breast patch for a member of the Air Corps Transport Command. $35
JS-3048  Squadron size breast patch for a member of the Air Corps Ferrying Command. $35
JS-3047  WW2 Philippine Air Force, SSI. Worn by Philippine Nationals training with US Forces. $60
JS-3046  11TH Airborne SSI. $25
JS-3045  WW2 SHAEF SSI. $25
JS-3044  Set of 6 US Marine Corps shoulder patches. $90
JS-3042   US Civilian Employee, Messenger, SSI. $35
JS-3041  US Civilian Employee, Scientific Consultant, SSI. $35
JS-3040  Hand Made CBI, SSI. $30
JS-3038  WW2 92ND Division SSI. $20
JS-3037   WW2 War Correspondent SSI. $35
P-3035  Set of theater made 5TH army with "Italy" tab. $175
P-3034  Super Rare CBI with "Observer Group" , also known as the "Dixie Mission", embroidered. Only one of these we have seen. This group was sent to China to gather intelligence and establish working relations with the Chinese Communists. $595
P-3033  Scarce bullion Ledo Road patch. Has not even been trimmed. $85$SOLD$
P-3032  Scarce printed Kiska Task Force SSI. $100$SOLD$
P-3031  Fantastic bullion Allied Airborne SSI. $145$SOLD$
P-3030  Fantastic bullion Occupation period 71ST Division. $80$SOLD$
P-3029  Fantastic bullion 10TH Air Force. $90$SOLD$
P-3028  Fantastic bullion  20TH Air Force. $75
P-3027  Fantastic bullion Occupation period 4TH Division. $85
P-3026   Fantastic bullion Occupation period Allied Forces. $60$SOLD$
JS-3022  474TH Regimental Combat Team SSI in blue instead of red. $35
JS-3021  WW2 501ST Airborne Infantry Battalion, removed from uniform. $95
JS-3020  WW2 WASP patch. $40
JS-3019  32ND Division SSI with green back. $20
JS-3018  17TH Airborne SSI. $25
JS-3017  1ST Division SSI. $35
JS-3002  Very unusual "Son in Service" shoulder patch. $35
JS-3001  Green back 34TH Division SSI. $30
JS-3000 Embroidered on felt Artillery oval. $45
JS-2999a   Set of (6), Fleet Marine Force- Pacific, patches. All pass the black light test. $85
JS-2994  WW2 101ST Airborne SSI. $125
JS-2990   Scarce WW2 Ranger tab used in conjunction with 100TH Division patches for those who were qualified. $75
JS-2989  WW2 101ST Airborne tab. $60
JS-2988   Far East Air Forces SSI, embroidered bullion on silk. Small nips. $65
JS-2986  Bullion and silk GHQ SSI. $50
JS-2983   3RD Ranger Scroll. $65
JS-2891  Very nice WW2 29TH Division SSI. $45
JS-2889   Very nice WW2 29TH Division SSI. $45
JS-2887  Scarce "Stars and Stripes" correspondent patch. $75
JS-2886  WW2 93RD Division patch. $35
JS-2885  WW2 Aleutian Islands patch. $35
JS-2884  WW2 Alaskan Command SSI. $20
JS-2883  WW2 Jump Oval for the TH Artillery. $65
JS-2882  Just post War Rail Splitter patch with Airborne tab. $40
JS-2881  Scarce PX purchased Troop Carrier patch for wear on field jackets. $75
JS-2880  2ND Marine Division, 1ST style patch. $40
JS-2879  WWII Women's Auxiliary Service Pilot SSI. $90
JS-2878  Far East Air Forces SSI, embroidered on felt. $35
JS-2874  Airborne PIR overseas cap patch. $35
JS-2871  Airborne PIR overseas cap patch. $35
JS-2867  Very nice embroidered on felt 187TH Glider Infantry shoulder patch. $175
JS-2862  Ledo Road SSI in the original wax envelope. Some moth nips. $95
JS-2861  Very nice 101ST Airborne SSI. $120
JS-2860  Very nice 82ND airborne SSI. $80
JS-2858   Glider Infantry Officers garrison cap patch. $60
JS-2854  1ST Division SSI. German made. $40
P-2849   WW2 Navy Nurses Shoulder Boards. $75
P-2848  Fantastic Korean War Banner for Marine Squadron VO-2. This chenille patch is probably 12 inches across! Huge wall banner, killer patch!! $395
P-2847  5TH Army Grouping with 2 bevo 5TH Army theater made patches. $95
P-2845  Very rare 466TH Quartermaster Battalion. This is on the ASMIC Top 100 desirable patches!! Don't miss this one. $350
P-2844  2ND armored Patches. Our Choice. $20 ea.
P-2843  2ND armored on wool. $35
P-2834  Army Transport Corps Shoulder boards. $55
P-2833  WWII Navy Medical Officer collar insignia in bullion. $40
P-2832    WWII Army Lt. Col. Officer rank insignia in bullion. $40
P-2831   WWII Army Colonel Officer rank insignia in bullion. $40
P-2830  WWII Aerial Gunner wing, embroidered on cotton. $30
P2829 Fantastic WW2 Quilt with 80 different patches including American and German Insignia. $395
P-2828  Rare set of insignia from a Marine from the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. A small cadre was sent to the United States to train with the US Marines. They wore our forest green uniform but with buttons, insignia and shoulder tabs reflecting their country. Includes one of his dog tags. $225
P-2827 WWII 22ND Anti Submarine Squadron patch. $225
P-2818  WWII Naval Aviators Name plate with wing  on black calfskin. $35 our choice. 3 Avail.
P-2817   WWII Naval Aviators Name plate without wing  on black calfskin. $25 our choice. 3 Avail.
P-2809  9TH Air Force. Embroidered on wool. One tiny nip. $35
P-2805  WW2 American red Cross Military Welfare Service. $25
P-2804  WW2 American red Cross Military Welfare Service. $25
P-2797  Allied Airborne, embroidered on wool shoulder patch. $65
P-2793  German made 1ST Division in Bevo. $50
P-2791  1930s Texas State Guard shoulder patch, embroidered on wool. $50
P-2790  Far East Air Corps SSI on felt. $35
P-2789  3RD Air Force on felt. $20
P-2786  Embroidered on twill Airborne Artillery overseas cap device. $50
P-2783  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider Artillery overseas cap device. $50
P-2777  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider overseas cap device. $50
P-2776  Embroidered on twill Airborne Glider overseas cap device. $50
P-2773  Post WW2 Korea tab in bullion. $35
P-2772  WW2 Navy Bullion Wing. $60
P-2767  WWII Airborne enlisted garrison cap patch, on twill. $55
P-2764  WWII printed cotton CBI, theater made SSI. $40
P-2763  30TH Division red bordered SSI. $45
P-2762   30TH Division OD bordered SSI. $45
P-2761  82ND Airborne Division SSI. $40
P-2760    82ND Airborne Division SSI. $40
P-2759  Occupation period 88TH Division SSI. $40
P-2757  Set of 2 Civilian employee patches. $45
P-2752  1ST Composite Squadron, 3RD Air Force. This Squadron was tasked with protecting an airfield on an island which was a major fueling center for units going to Russia. There were P-39s for Fighter protection and Medium Bombers for Anti Submarine patrols. $345

P-2751   Squadron patch size Airborne Troop Carrier patch. Excellent condition. $195
P-2753   Set of 2 US Navy Cameraman patches. $30
P-2748  "Hell on Wheels" tab, unused on wool. One tiny hole. $40
P-2735   Marine Corps 51ST Defense Battalion. $30
P-2734   Marine Corps 18TH Defense Battalion. $30
P-2723  Navy War Correspondent patch. $60
P-2722  Air Command squadron sized patch. Approx 5 inches. $75
P-2712   WW2  2ND Class Navy Corpsman's rate. $30
P-2706  WWII, 19TH Corps, embroidered SSI. $40
P-2704  83RD Chemical Battalion SSI. $75
P-2682   Set of (12) very nice embroidered on felt, US Marine Corps embroidered on wool, jacket patch collection. 12 different versions. $195
P-2676  Fantastic Air Force Transport Command, patches, collar insignia, ear rings ad a n interesting  set of directions given to Soldiers traveling with them. Very interesting. $195
P-2667  Printed cotton CBI patch. $40
P-2666  Overseas cap device for Airborne troops. $45
P-2664  US Technician Patch. $30
P-2656   English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $40
P-2649   141ST Division, Phantom Division! $35
P-2642  FMF- PAC Artillery. $20
P-2641  FMF- PAC Anti Aircraft Artillery. $20
P-2640 FMF- PAC $20
P-2635  Amph Engineers SSI. $20
P-2634  30TH Div SSI. $20
P-2627  9TH Div SSI. $20
P-2589  Pre WWII 27TH Div SSI. $45
P-2588  WWII 9TH Div on wool. $40
P-2587  44TH Div SSI on wool. $40
P-2586 44TH Divi SSI on wool. $40
P-2547   WWII Aviators leather name strip. $40
P-2546  WWII Aviators leather name strip. $40
P-2527  18TH Defense Battalion. $30
P-2521  SETAF patch with attached scroll. $35
P-2517  21ST Cavalry Division. $30
P-2499  Scarce Hawaiian Division SSI. $40
P-2480   English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $50
P-2479  English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $40
P-2478     English made 9TH Air Force SSI. $50
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