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I am pleased to offer the results of a 4 year project that I and Stephen Kirby have just completed entitled "River Patrol Insignia of the United States Navy (Vietnam) 1966-1972". 168 pages. 375 color photos. Large format, deluxe binding.

Over three million personnel served in Vietnam, but only those of the U.S. Navy Task Force 116 wore the distinctive black beret while serving and fighting as the River Patrol Forces in the murky, brown waters of the Mekong Delta. Those who served in Task Force 116 are among the most elite teams deployed by the U.S. Navy in Vietnam: PBRs, SEALs, HAL-3 Seawolves, and VAL-4 Black Ponies. Their mission was to route the enemy deep within the secluded waterways of the Delta.

This book illustrates the colorful insignia, emblems, and artifacts used by these units in great detail. Many of the patches, jungle jackets, and tiger stripe uniforms didn't survive because of the environments of war in South East Asia and the restrictions placed upon U.S. Sailors. The unit patches produced by the River Patrol Forces used symbols of heraldry, strength, defiance, and sometimes humor which represents the best of men fighting to protect their "brothers in arms". The black berets and the distinctive unit patches emblazoned on their jungle jackets and worn into battle brought these men together as a fighting unit.

You are purchasing directly from the authors and all publishers royalties will be donated to the units featured in our book now represented by these 3 Veterans organizations. Gamewardens of Vietnam, the PBR-FVA and the Seawolves.                        $49.99.



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