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 WWII Equipment and Weapons
EE-1659   WWII Aviation Headset as worn by Flight crew instead of the built in earphones. $95
EE-1637  1943 dated Mountain pack with tubular frame. $95
EE-1625  Pre WWII Engineers large format clinometer with carry case. $50
EE-1613  Glass alcohol filled vial with suture thread. $15
EE-1611   WWII Pro Kit. $40
EE-1610  WWII Pro Kit. $40
EE-1607    Individual Dressing Packet. $15
EE-1603  Individual Dressing Packet. $15
EE-1602  Individual Dressing Packet. $15
EE-1601  Individual Dressing Packet. $15
EE-1592  Large bandage. Some tape applied. $15
EE-1589  Extra Large Format Battle Dressing. (Bottle for scale, not included.) $30
EE-1588  Larger Format Camo bandage.(Bottle for scale, not included.) $20
EE-1583  WWII Pocket Knife with "Government Property" marked blade. $60
EE-1582  WWII Pocket Knife, missing lanyard loop. $30
EE1569  WWII Map Case Strap. $45
EE-1521   Very unusual WWII British water filtration bag with what appear to be a US Air Force stamp, possibly for a Survival Kit. $20
EE-1518  WWII Map Case Shoulder strap $35
EE-1480  Unidentified WWII headphone set with built in mouth piece allowing for hands free operation of a switchboard or control panel. $50
PP-327   Small USO/Salvation Army pocket notebook. $15
EE-1402  WWII Pro Kit issued to Soldiers in the Field to prevent the spread of Venereal Disease. $55
EE-1386  Very scarce 10TH Mountain Division Rucksack cover with draw strings. This was designed to be placed over the rucksack assembly. $135
EE-1356  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
EE-1346  WWII Period Jungle Machete. $60
  EE-1333  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
  EE-1332  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
  EE-1330  WWII Louse Powder. $25
  EE-1328  WWII Bore Cleaner. $15
EE-1264  WWII KABAR US Navy Fighting knife with stapled scabbard. $165  ON HOLD
  EE-1261  M-1 Garand sling. A little dusty. $30
EE-1193  Pre WWII Officers Binos by Carl Zeis. $85
EE-1117  British made hand held lantern. $55
EE-1116  WWII Sewing Kit given by the American Red Cross. $30
EE-1113   WWII individual property bag. Approx 12 inches in length. $30
  EE-1073  3 inch camo bandage package. $15
  EE-1044  WWII Fuel canister for heating rations. $25
  EE-1031  WWII Housewife with Scissors, thread, buttons etc.. $30
  EE-1030  WWII Soldiers Pocket Sewing kit. $25
  EE-1011  WWII wool trigger finger mittens. $35
PP-322   WWI Manual with tips for Pilots and O2 use. $20
  EE-991  WWII Soap. $20
  EE-975  WWII First Aid Packet. $20
  EE-970  B-8 Goggles Lens set and case. $30
  EE-967   WWII pistol belt. Shows typical use. $40
PP-321  WWII Song Book. $15
PP-319  WWII 50 Cal Machine Gun Manual. $35
EE-900  WWII Private Purchase silk Aviators scarf. $35
PP-318   WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
PP-317  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
PP-316  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
EE-844  1943 dated Shelter Half. Very good condition showing actual use. $70
  EE-823   WWII Carisle Bandage. $15
EE-792a   WWII Air Corps Sun Glasses with AAF leatherette cover. Glasses lack one plastic ear ring. $75  ON HOLD
EE-785a  WWII Air Corps Headset. $50
  EE-747a  WWII Bandage $15
  EE-737a   WWII Trigger Finger mittens. $35
EE-731a  WWII Zipper Money Belt. $20
EE-724b   WWII Sheath for  a 5 inch double edged blade. $40
EE-711a    Invasion bag for the M-1 Rifle. This plastic bag was used to keep the M-1 dry until shore was reached. It was then torn off and thrown away. $20
EE-668a  WWII Pilots log book during stateside training. Also has his post war flights. $25 ON HOLD
EE-657a  Indian made Blood Chit with flag top removed due to its large size. Many flags were used for internal pockets. Scarce to find. $95
EE-615a  WWII Sun Glasses case with partial original label. $40
E-566a  WWII aftermarket highly embossed Eagle Discharge Holder. $25
  E-546a  WWII Marine Corps flotation bladder. $35
  EE-465a    WWII Carlisle Bandage. $30
  EE-446a    WWII Wire Cutter carry case. MINT. $40
  EE-446a    WWII storage bag as given to Soldiers to keep their personal items. $25
  EE-434 Nice Black WWII Pocket sized sewing kit. $15
  EE--431      WWII Dust shield in original package. $308
  EE- -430    WWII Dust shield in original package. $30


  EE- 428  WWII Patriotic Sewing Kit with Red White and Blue Eagle. $30
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