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 WWI US Equipment
E-1615  WWI US Marine Corps ditty bag inscribed to the Marine who carried it. Inscribed with his name, USMC, Guard Company, St. Nazaire, France and others. $45
  E-1582  WWI Trench Art Mess Kit with wonderful engraved Women's portrait on the bottom. $70 HOLD
  E-1525  WWI clip pouch for the Petersen Device for the 03 Springfield. $35
E-1496 Very unusual Engineer Compass. Stitching is popped on back side of case. $140
E-1467    WWI period, shoulder bag by Iver Johnson. Shoulder strap is salvaged British. Good condition overall. $85
E-1466  Fantastic deluxe hand embroidered stable belt with British an allied flags. $125
P-610    WWI Manual for the Lewis Machine Gun with pull out diagram. $40ON HOLD
 P-609   WWI Lewis Machine Gun manual with pull out diagrams. $40
  E-1143  WWI Officers leggings. Shows quite a bit of wear. $20
    E-1142  WWI Officers leather leggings. $40
  E-1128   Early form of Anti Dimming Compound in original canister. $35
E-1093  RARE Model 1905 Bayonet for the 03 Springfield Rifle. Production on these bayonets did not start until 1906. There were 2 manufacturers, Springfield Arsenal and Rock Island Arsenal. Springfield started numbering bayonets in 1906, RIA did not start until 1907. 1906 was a short run for them at just 2100 units making this the rarest of the standard bayonets for the 03! $395

  E-915  WWI Peterson Device clip case, marked Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1919. $35
    E-873  Mint unused spur straps. $30
  E-834  Captured German cloth case. Snap has pulled through. Appox 10 inches in length. $30
  E-833  French made 1918 dated Wire Cutters as used by Signal Corps Troops. $75
    E-829  Private Purchase shaving mirror with original wool cover and mailing envelope. Mirror has oxidized to wool cover so would be displayed as shown. $30
    E-822  Rock Island Arsenal WWI, Spare Barrel Cover. $95
E-809  WWII Shoulder bag for the Signal Flag set. $35
E-732  Trench Mirror. $40ON HOLD
  E-521a   WWI NCO Whistle. Very nice condition. $35







  E-484a   WWI National Guard issue sewing kit with red lining. $25







E-431a   US Quartermaster Corps Cruet (Vinegar bottle) for an Officers Mess. $45
    E-399a  WWI shaving mirror.$15






  E-316a  WWI Grenade Vest for the VB Rifle Grenade as widely used by both US and French Forces. $35





E-291a  WWI Laundry Bag. $40
    E-247a  WWI rubberized canvas organizer with stenciled name and unit info. $40





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