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 WWII Sweetheart Jewelry, Pillow Shams and Home front Items
  WWII 1ST Armored Division wrist Bracelet for the 14TH Armored Infantry Battalion. $85
  SH-3051  104TH Infantry Division Pillow Case. $45
SH-1823  106TH Infantry Division Table Cloth. $55
  SH-2139  WWII Souvenir Pin and Flag for a Volunteer funded Ambulance unit. $40
  Son in service pin- $10


  S-1467   "V" for Victory button. $20
  S-1527   WWI 1 inch Bombardiers Sweetheart wing. Catch is missing locking loop. $20
  S-1056    RAF souvenir tray, approx 5 inches across. $45
  WWII Patriotic Greeting Card to a Soldier on active service. $8


  WWII Patriotic Greeting Card to a Soldier on active service. $8


  PE-036     Colored Ash Tray made in Italy for the Tactical Air Forces of the Allies. $25
  Fort Devens sweetheart hanky case. $20


  S-1412, S-1416  US Naval Reserve Discharge lapel button. $8
  US Navy sweetheart frame. $15


S-320     1944 dated Sweetheart Hanky and gift box. $20
S-1419  Souvenir bracelet made form Aircraft aluminum. Normadie and Cherbourg are listed along with 196TH General Hospital. $55
    Souvenir Handkerchief from the Coliseum in Rome dated 1944. $15 S-1037*
  S-1060   WWII Patriotic lapel buttons. $5 each
  WWII Army Sweetheart hanky holder. $25 S-1036*
  S-1063    WWII Sweetheart Badge  Bundles for Britain. $15
  S-1559  WWII Sweetheart Badge #41  RAF- Sweetheart. $15ON HOLD
  S-1417  WWII large E Pin for War Service effort. $20
  S-1415  WWII E Pin for War Service effort. $15
  S-1560 WWII Sweetheart Badge #32 Polish Pilot Sweetheart. $25
  S-1059    WWII Sweetheart Badge  USO Pins $5 each
WWII USMC Pillow Sham. Nice condition. $20 SH-1034*
S-048    WWII Camp Fannin Pillow Sham. Nice condition. $20
S-218   WWII Ft. Knox Pillow Sham. Nice condition. $20