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VH-246   Vietnam Majors 5TH Special Forces Officers beret with fantastic "in Country" flash. Not the typical "Cheap Charlie" crap, but tightly woven like it should be. Fabulous item and quite scarce. One of the only real ones we have seen. $575
VH-245  Great Vietnam Door Gunners or Pilots Flight Helmet with interesting Ukranian Trident on reverse, still researching this one. Paint appears to possibly be pearl. Great custom color. These were popular around 1970. $350
VH-244  Great Vietnamese Navy Beret. $245ON HOLD
VH-241   Airborne Ball cap with In Country embroidered front with Master Jump Wings. $65
  VH-240   Nice In Country made, Size 59, OD Boonie hat with direct embroidered name and place of service, "An Son", great Snoopy patch and 3 grenade rings. $195 $SOLD$
VH-239   Nice 1966 1ST Cav Flight Helmet and bag. Helmet is choice except for the foam rubber ear pads as usual. Has never been painted and shows little use.$350
    VH-237  Very unusual Ranger Advisor Cowboy hat with Thai Ranger badge on front. Extremely high quality, possibly Officers grade. $275
VH-234   Vietnam Black Beret as used by River Patrol Forces. Nice South Vietnamese rank insignia for 1ST Lt on the side. Scarce early beret, as worn by PBR Officers from 1966-March of 1967. $210
VH-230   Vietnam War Boonie Hat with "Vietnam" tab. Great salty look. Shows actual use and wear. $130
VH-227   Vietnam spot camo helmet. Tired condition but a real camo. $75
VH-224  Great Wartime helmet cover showing actual use and wear. $30
  VH-220  Great Wartime helmet cover showing actual use and wear. $30
  VH-219  Great Wartime helmet cover showing actual use and wear, 1 small field tear. $25
VH-211  Communist Helmet as provided to the NVA by the Russians and Chinese Governments. $75
    VH-209  Great early Vietnam Flight Helmet with smoked visor. Early bound foam rubber edge and chrome track. $325
VH-200  US Ball style cap with Thai badge. Most likely worn by a US Advisor. $110
  VH-198   WILD Thai made Boonie cap with various patches including very interesting drug culture patch on crown. $180
VH-196  US Navy and Marine Corps 5 point fatigue cap. $25
VH-194   Vietnam Coffee Can style fatigue cap. $40
VH-188   Great Vietnam Helmet with great theater made early Camo Helmet cover circa 1963. $165
VH-184  Vietnam Combat Helmet with cover and black rubber retaining strap. $115
VH-165   Very clean Vietnam dated US Marine utility cap with 1961 date. $55ON HOLD
  VH-164a   Extremely RARE!! 1971 dated HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) Jump Helmet as used by SOG and other Special Forces Team. This is the only one that I have ever seen. Snaps are for an Oxygen mask and straps for goggles. This would be discarded after landing. Important especially when jumping into a Jungle environment. $545
VH-160a  Vietnamese made baseball cap with embroidered airborne badge. $90
VH-146  Vietnam camo bush hat. Very stiff with age. Unusual pattern. $85
  VH-163a  Very large Private Purchase fatigue cap, size large! $45
  VH-129a   Australian Bush Hat as frequently traded for and worn by US Serviceman in Vietnam. $120
VH-120a   1967 dated US Marine Corps Rain hat. $45
VH-114a   Very heavily worn and repaired Camo Cowboy hat. Rough but priced fairly at $50
    VH-111a   Vietnam Boonie cap with mosquito net (bag not included)$40
VH-108a   Private Purchase fatigue cap. $25
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