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       Many customers are curious as to whether Dealers they do business with are actual enthusiasts, or if this is "just a business". I assure you, that I am an avid collector and I have been for many years, especially WWI material. I have been an active player for over 35 years and my love for American military history grows each year. Most of my personal collection interests are in the American Volunteer Movement and the units who served with the French and British prior to America's entry into WWI. This includes the American Field Service, Lafayette Flying Corps, Americans in the French Foreign Legion and others. I have collected items from the American Revolution through the Vietnam War and although I no longer collect most of those items I still love buying and selling items from these periods.

     Some of the items I really enjoy buying and selling are WWII painted Flight Jackets. We probably handle more of these than anyone in the Country. A showcase of jackets purchased just during the last 2-3 years are shown below.

     My Vietnam collecting interests focus on the US Navy River Patrol Force in Vietnam also known as Task Force 116. I recently wrote a book on the Uniforms and Insignia of the River Patrol Forces in Vietnam which has been well received and can be purchased in the Vietnam Insignia section of this site.

     I am always willing to look at items for those interested and either buy or appraise these items. Please feel free to contact me via email to discuss you items. Our "Buying" page gives more details.


Scott Kraska

Bay State Militaria

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