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 WWII Uniforms
UU-1326  We actually sold this grouping several years ago. This Yank in the RAF joined in Canada and then later flew with the 402ND Fighter Squadron of the 370TH Fighter Group. Fantastic uniform, 2 extra English made 9TH Air Force patches as well as pay book and vaccinations. $795
    UU-1325  Fantastic WWII 8TH Air Force Fighter Pilots grouping with English made 4 Pocket Jacket, English made trousers, Squadron History and named Flight Bag. This Pilot got 2 confirmed Aerial Victories and 1 other unconfirmed. Includes some research and copy photographs, as well as a Osprey 359TH Fighter Group book on this unit. Great P-51set. $695ON HOLD
UU-1324  Fantastic WWII "Air Apache" grouping for a Gunner. The  B-15 Flight Jacket has a great painted reverse with first name painted on the front. Ike jacket was made up after WWII (when he got larger) and includes a mix of his Air Cadet Officers insignia and his Corporal's Gunner's insignia. He washed out of Pilot training and became a Gunner with the Air Apaches. Also included is a squadron patch, flight suit name strip, custom Air Apache lighter, engraved wrist watch, paper blood chit survival sheets and a wealth of photographs of himself, his aircraft and squadron mates. Research is incomplete but should be easy. Original flight records and other paperwork show the award of Purple Heart and Bronze Star after a short combat flight career. The Air Apaches is the most interesting Bomber outfit in the Pacific, flying modified B-25s with 10 50 caliber machine guns. Rare group , don't miss it. $2895  ON HOLD
UU-1323   Historic KIA Grouping for a member of the 9TH Marine Regiment, 3RD Marine Division killed at Iwo Jima. This rare grouping includes his Government engraved Navy/ Marine contract Purple Heart, WWI Victory Medal, Pacific Theater Medal and WWII Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers with KIA gold star. These were mounted on the wooden plaque shown by the family. Incredibly there is a uniform set named to him. Blues had to be turned in before going overseas, but he had the funds and decided to have a custom uniform made. Named in both tunic and trousers. Some tape residue on ribbons. $2195ON HOLD


This is a marvelous A-2 flight jacket grouping belonging to Co-Pilot from the famous 458th Bomb Group, 755th Bob Squadron of the Mighty Eighth!  Lt. Walter A. Schuch completed an entire tour of missions (35 missions) in a B-24 with the 755th Bomb Squadron.  His A-2 jacket and the accompanying grouping constitute a wonderful collection of the Might Eighth flying bombing mission against the Third Reich.

The A-2 jacket is a brilliant specimen of a painted 8th AAF flight jacket.  The jacket is 100% original and untouched in any way shape and form.  The A-2 is a classic ‘Perry Sportswear’ contract, in magnificent overall condition, to include original knits and zipper.  The jacket features Lt’s rank insignia, nametag, and a large English made 755th Bomb Squadron patch.  The artwork on the back is a superb example of 8th AAF art-work to include: aircraft name, 8th AAF heraldry (note the early ‘stubby wing’ design!!), B-24 bomber executed in fine artistic profile to include the group’s tail markings, and a mission tally in a form of bombs dropping from the Bombay doors.  The artwork was executed by a professional artist in fine professional detail to include a (red) shadow effect behind the letters and 8th AAF heraldry.

The grouping comes with a 1945 painting presented to Walter, it is a rendition of a 458th BG B-24 bomber coming in for a landing with smoke coming from a propeller and sending up flares (green and red) – these flares indicated distress and alerted ground crews to be on standby for necessary assistance.  This painting was painted by the group artist Jack Fisk who had also painted Walter’s A-2 jacket, the very jacket with this grouping!  Jack Fisk was a trained artist and became a noted artist after the war.  To have a group which contains not only a stellar painted A-2, but also a period (1945) painting by the same professional artist, is an extreme rarity! This grouping transcends militaria collecting, it is also American folk art!

Along with the grouping is Walter’s tan officer’s visor with a green mohair band – the green mohair band variety are a bit scarce.  The grouping further includes Walter’s IDs and military dog tag on original lanyard.

The accompanying archive consisting of:

1.      Professional original portraits (to include Walter’s pre-war with sweetheart, pilot in the CAP, AAF)

2.      Original photos (to include: nose art of “Big Chief Little Beaver”, crew photos, fellow serviceman, and several of Walter wearing this very A-2 jacket which is with the group)

3.      A plethora of original paperwork to include orders, discharge, etc..

4.      Original ephemera to include the “escape & evasion” photos and other interesting items.

The “Mighty Eighth” Painted A-2 flight jacket groups of this caliber are seldom encountered in the market today.  This grouping is deserving of a discriminating collection and/or museum.  Do not let this get away!  $7795 $SOLD$


UU-1321  Very nice CBI Gunners Grouping. Includes badged out 4 pocket with matching badged out shirts, one tan cotton and 1 OD wool. Nice A-2 Flight Jacket with leather Blood Chit sewn across the back. You can see where the Squadron Patch, name strip and CBI patches have been removed. His WWII Flight Suit is present and shows signs of real use and wear. Tunic has first initial of last name and last 4 of service number. There is a second blood chit still sewn to the remains of the liner from another flight jacket which is no longer present. Nice solid grouping needing to be researched. $1295
UU-1320  Interesting enlisted Liaison Pilots Grouping for a member of the 153RD Liaison Squadron. Includes tunic with scarce Liaison Pilots wing and ribbon bars. He was decorated with the Bronze Star for heroism on 2 occasions and the original citations/ onion skins are present for his Air Medal citations which include strike flight bravery awards. There are 2 flight logs including his overseas one as well as his ID cards, pay book etc.. There is quite a bit of paperwork and certificates all contained in the leather zip Pilots case. Lastly is his combat worn B-15 Flight Jacket, showing lots of actual use and wear. Some tearing to the fur collar and some scattered stain spots. Cuffs are frayed. Overall a very unusual enlisted Pilot's grouping. $1195ON HOLD
UU-1319  Fantastic 9TH Air Force, B-26 Marauder Pilots A-2 Jacket/ Uniform Grouping. Includes great painted A-2 jacket with clean A-2 with B-26 painted on reverse. the front has the 596TH Squadron patch painted on the front, as well as a painted bottle, with the nickname of "hootch" painted on the bottle. The name strip above with his actual name of "Hoch". The leather is soft and pliable, the zipper and knits have been replaced in the 60s or 70s by the Veteran. The Officers tunic is in solid condition with a few scattered moth bites as shown. The cuff is really the only place of note. The shirt is also named and in good condition. This Pilot flew over 50 missions including June 6TH, 1944 over Normandy. Photos found online show this Officer with his Co-Pilot and also in front of his B-26, "Mammy Yokum" and their crew. These can be blown up and would add to the display. there is also an online mission diary. This is really  a great set. The tunic had a 9TH Air Force SSI at one time, now missing. The metal insignia on tunic are correct replacements. $2995  $SOLD$
UU-1318   WWII B-15 Flight Jacket. Shows a fair amount of use and wear. Good working zipper. Cuffs could use some repair, otherwise solid jacket. $235
UU-1317  Painted A-2 from a "Captain Simon", a Pilot of the 448TH Bomb Group. They flew B-24s. He would have been in the 712TH, 713TH 714TH or 715TH Bomb Squadron. Good condition as shown with some touched up areas on the reverse in the white areas of the skunk and below, otherwise very nice. Needs to be researched. With the last 4 digits of the serial number it should not be terribly too hard. $2395 $SOLD$
UU-1313  WWII P-41 US Marine Corps 1ST Pattern Trousers. Choice condition, showing just light use. $750
UU-1311   Large US Navy enlisted Suitcase group for an Aviation Metal smith/ mechanic. The case itself is ship made out of aircraft aluminum and is well made with aircraft Plexiglas handle. Wonderful construction. Includes 2 jumpers, scarf, Navy cap, white fatigue cap, Pea Coat, Dog Tags, ID badge, another handmade box filled with his ship board crafts, pennants from places visited etc.. a nice set. $255
UU-1307   Amazing WWII US Marine Corps Officers Trunk Grouping from a Marine Officer who served on Iwo Jima as a Forward Air Observer for Marine 155MM Guns. He flew 32 combat hours over Mount Suribachi, at low altitude, taking fire from Japanese Troops while directing placement of rounds. This was a VERY risky job in a small plane. Included is painted trunk. Officers greens and Overcoat. Linen and Cotton Khakis and his fatigue clothing including 1 shirt and trousers with tactical markings, Pack with tactical markings as well as pistol belt, shoulder holster with note describing where he received it in his own hand. Similar notes appear throughout the group with select artifacts. Great Chinese made sword cane actually described in his included autobiography. In addition to other equipment, there are overseas caps, manuals, extra patches and insignia and 2 Marine Fighting Knives, one an Iwo Jima Survivors Knife. His Marine Officers Sword is named to him but is definitely something he was given later, possibly in th e1960s. Hi smedals are replacements and are noted as such in his own hand. Everything is n choice condition. His autobiography details his life including his days on Iwo Jima. Exceptionally rare and historic Marine Grouping.  $2395
UU-1303    Khaki shirt with English made Airborne Troop Carrier SSI, rank and overseas stripes. Nice overall, except for brown toning across shoulders. $95
UU-1300  Rare 102ND Cavalry Recon Squadron, Mechanized, Uniform Grouping obtained from the Veteran, Sergeant Schopp from New Jersey. Includes yellow piped o/s cap with 102ND Cav DI. Numbered collar brass with scarce 1ST Army Cavalry patch and 3RD Army on other sleeve. Trousers and cut down Cavalry boots as modified in the field round out the lot. $350  ON HOLD
UU-1297    B-14 Flight Jacket for an enlisted Gunner. Choice condition overall. $355
UU-1292  Exceptional CBI "Hump Pilot's" grouping. Includes a rare combat used flight suit with original cloth blood chit and leather name strip. Shows the oil and grease stains from so much time in the aircraft. Nice 4 pocket service blouse with bullion wings and shoulder patch. Ike jacket with bullion shoulder insignia. Apparently he had left the CBI on the left sleeve and had not switched it to the right sleeve when he returned to the US. Many years later, for  a reunion he placed the patches in the correct 1946 configuration. This one garment had been exposed to sun and shows the shadow. I would just switch the patches back to their wartime positions. There are multiple shirts with theater made insignia including one with bullion wings and one with cloth. There is an outrageously rare Bush Jacket cloth/ Ike Jacket with matching bush cloth trousers. His B-3 bag is present and named and his 4 pocket tan is also present. There is  aload of paperwork photos and history from 1943-45. He saw service as a Ferry Pilot before becoming  a Hump Pilot in 1945. Loads of paper and photos as well as his cased Air Medal. This just came out of the family attic, 3 weeks ago and has never been in  a collection. We hope to get some additional photos, paper and possibly headgear in the future. Those would be offered to the purchaser. $2295
UU-1288  Fantastic theater made leather Flight Jacket made in China or India. Each shoulder has a multi piece leather patch. One side has the CBI patch the other Air Corps. Lined with black shearling. Missing some buttons from the front otherwise very nice. Great look incorporating the design of an A-2 with the lower wrap belt of an Ike Jacket!!  $750
UU-1286  Nice 7TH Armored Officers 4 Pocket Service Blouse. No name, but nice uniform. $165
UU-1279   WWII OD wool shirt with interesting Aviator embroidered Gunner's wing, outlined in yellow thread. $100
  UU-1277  Air Force Sergeant's tunic with bullion blue backed wings. $155
UU-1276  Nice 10TH Air Force Air Air Crew badged uniform jacket with pin back sterling wing and shirt with matching SSI. . $175
UU-1271  A-2 Flight Jacket Condition is a little tired. It lacks liner and has quite a bit of wear. Cuffs have been replaced. $335 
UU-1267   799TH Armored Ike Jacket. Name was recorded when purchased. 2 photos of the Veteran were found in the pocket. Rare patch!! $295







UU-1266   Very nice Allied Airborne/ 9TH Air Force Troop Carrier Uniform set. Great English made SSI. Trousers have a couple of small moth nips otherwise very nice. $185
UU-1261  16TH Armored Division/ 5TH Division Uniform with DIs and Ribbon bars. $155
UU-1256   Model 1941 Field Jacket  with large leather unit patch and Air Force Shoulder patch. Some brown toning from storage. $275
UU-1244  Nice named P-42 Marine Corps Fatigue shirt with Corporal's stripes and name above the pocket. Excellent condition. $125
UU-1241  WWII English Tailored Ike Jacket, made from a cut down 4 Pocket Service Tunic. British made Ribbon Bars. Nice condition except for some small holes to the cuff as shown and a few scattered pin holes. $225
UU-1240    Very nice B-14 enlisted Man's Flight Jacket with English made 8TH AAF SSI and Overseas stripes. Good condition overall. $325


UU-1238   Very nice Size 40, Navy Flight Jacket. Good knits and zipper. Very usable. $255
UU-1235 WWII Para Marine Vest worn under the Jump Smock. $165




UU- 1231  Nice named M-44 USMC named fatigue shirt. $110



UU-1228    Set of WWII Navy Corpsman's Blouses, on eService Dress and one Undress. The undress has a few moth bites and tracks, the Service dress is in great shape. $90


UU-1225   Great 9TH Air Force Ike Jacket with very high quality bullion patches. $195
UU-1224  P-41 US Marine Corps Fatigue shirt with name stamped and inscribed above pocket. $130
UU-1223  86TH Division Ike Jacket. $95



UU-1214    Extremely rare 3RD Pattern, Decontamination, Jacket. This rare jacket was used by Naval Beach Battalions and Others at Normandy. It has been impregnated with anti Gas Chemical. This style of jacket was shown in Issue 236 of Militaria Magazine. $375
UU-1213  WWII Painted Navy Sheepskin Flight Jacket with white outline image of Vargas Girl. Jacket is in excellent condition overall, but zipper is rusted and cannot be zipped up. Sheepskin has no blowouts or tears. $995
UU-1212  Ultra Rare 795TH Military Police grouping from the War Crimes Tribunal for Japanese Soldiers in Manila, Philippines. Rare theater made unit DI and fantastic War Crimes SSI. One small mouse chewed area on the skirt, about 2 inches in length, and one to rear shoulder. Rare as you can get to find this insignia set on original uniform. $575
UU-1192    Very nice Model 1941 Field Jacket with USN stencil. These are quite scarce. Great for a D-Day Naval Beach Battalion display. $195



  UU- 1191   Very rare WWII USMC female fatigue jacket. These are quite scarce. Missing 2 of the factory plastic buttons. $195






  UU-1184  Tan Ties. $15 each
UU-1180   VERY RARE Field Camouflaged cold weather overcoat. Reversible for snow camo on one side and green on the other. Red vehicle paint has been sprayed on. Some of these saw service in the Battle of the Bulge. This was just found in a flea market in Ohio. Choice condition overall with just light use. Don't miss this one.!!! $595
UU-1177  Very nice 9TH Engineer Command tunic with great embroidered on felt SSI. Sterling silver wings are worn on the chest. We don't know what the history of the tunic is, but when it was pulled out of the woodwork, they were there. Nice high ranking set. $225
UU-1169    9TH air Force 4 Pocket Officers tunic with Sterling Navigators wing, great bullion SSI. Lacks one US and one winged prop collar insignia. Named on the interior, also has initials on the interior. $245



UU-1168   WWII Wool enlisted mans shirt. Good condition overall. $55
UU-1166   WWII Civil Employee Uniform as worn by factory representatives for vehicles, aircraft, armaments and others. $145
UU-1139  Very nice mans wool combat shirt. No mothing . Medium size. $45
UU-1136  Womens/ WAC M41 Field Jacket with 7TH Army Shoulder Sleeve insignia. Good condition overall, just lacks label. $90
UU-1132  Great Staff Sgt wool enlisted shirt with embroidered on felt 8TH and 9TH Air Force patches. Excellent condition. $95
UU-1123  Great private purchase WWII 1ST Class Aviation enlisted jumper and trousers. Both have nice chain stitched name on both pieces. Great bullion patch with cross stitching. $110
UU-1122   Great Gunners Ike Jacket for Sergeant who served in the 8TH and 9TH Air Forces. Mix of English and US Insignia. Just needs a nice set of Wings. $240
UU-1121  Very nice Ike Jacket for  a Sgt Gunner who was in both the 12TH and 9TH Air Forces in Europe. English made 9TH Air Force SSI. Nicely marked. $125



UU-1111  Clean 9TH Division Ike Jacket with shoulder cord. Named. $110
UU-1102   Great Allied Airborne Ike Jacket with English made shoulder patch. US and Air Service collar discs. $185
UU-1092    8TH Air Force Ike Jacket with Trousers. Excellent condition overall with just a few moth nips on the rear collar. $95ON HOLD
UU-1077  16TH armored Division 4 Pocket. Good condition overall. $65
UU-1065   WWII Navy Field Jacket. Stenciled USN on the chest. Great for a Corpsman's Display or Naval Beach Battalion display. Size listed is 36, is larger, possibly a 38. $175
UU-1055   Scarce WWII Mounted Troops Overcoat as used by motorcycle drivers and others. Mint unissued, but with unfortunate stain to front as shown. $80ON HOLD
UU-1047    Very nice WWII enlisted wool trousers, size 34 x 35. $65
UU-1027   WWII US army HBT Fatigue shirt with gas flap. Tough to find in such good condition. $75




UU-1018   WWII Army Service Trousers. Good condition. $55


UU-992   Great set of WWII enlisted trousers with 1946 date. Good size with belt. $35



UU-971  WWII Officers OD Shirt. Excellent condition. $35








  UU-942   WWII OD Officers Trousers in excellent condition. $50
  UU-874  Sergeant's Ike Jacket with ETO patch with "Western" tab. Scarce collar disc. $75





UU-870  WWII 10TH Mountain Troops reversible Ski Parka. Very nice condition showing some small repairs. $145
UU-841 WWII Cold weather wool lined trousers. Show actual use and washing. $50
UU-825   WWII shirt, size 15 x 33. $30








UU-813   Persian Gulf Ike Jacket. $65



UU-787   WWII cotton EM shirt. $25







UU-738  Nice set of WWII Trousers with belt, measuring  30 X 33. Tiny repair to back cuff otherwise very nice. $45




UU-731   Size 42 US Naval Officers Jacket and Large Size Trousers. Needs to be dry cleaned, otherwise very nice. $95



UU- 695a  Choice WWII Trousers Size 31 X 31. $45







UU- 694a  HUGE Size Extra Large Women's late War fatigue trousers. Some paint on rear. $50




UU- 688a   HUGE Size 44 Officers shirt in excellent condition. $45



  UU- 685a   Super clean issue OD Wool trousers. Size approx 30 X 33. $50








UU-682a  WWII Ike 7TH Army, 3RD Army. $50








UU-680a   WWII Tan cotton enlisted man's shirt. $35







UU-668a  Clean Officers shirt with 14TH Air Force SSI. $55








UU-595a  Type E-1 High Altitude Trousers in a HUGE!! Size 46!! Choice. $95




  UU- 508a  Theater made M-41 Field Jacket. Very interesting! Have not seen one quite like this. Some wear through on the edges of the cuffs. About a size 38-40.  $175




UU-582   WWII Button fly tan Army trousers in choice condition. No rips or tears. Larger size. Approx 38 x 30. Nice size!! $35






UU-578a   1ST Sgt, 1ST Class on very clean OD shirt. $35








UU-419b    WWII L-1 Flight Suit in good condition. Size medium, couple of tiny holes from actual use and wear, really of no significance. $110




  UU- 507  Officers chocolate Trousers. 28 inch waist. $50


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