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 WWII Medals and Documents
MM-416   Nice WWII WIA Tank Destroyer Medal and Grouping. Government engraved. Nice set. $265$SOLD$
MM-415  WWII Government engraved Purple Heart with original cemetery photos and visitors guide. This Soldier was killed on Saipan by a Japanese aerial attack. $375$SOLD$
MM-414   The 14TH Armored Division and this particular Sherman Tank unit were involved in heavy fighting during its time in Europe starting in November of 1944 through the Wars end. This Tanker was killed during defensive operations following the units famous 11-Day stand at Hatten and Rittershoffen. Classic Government engraving. Choice condition. $345 $SOLD$


MM-413   Cased Purple Heart fro a member of the 297TH Combat Engineers. They landed at Normandy on June 6TH 1944 on Utah beach. Choice condition and box. $325$SOLD$
  MM-412    English made ribbon bars as used by th e8TH and 9TH Air Force. $25
  MM-411    English made ribbon bars as used by th e8TH and 9TH Air Force. $25
MM-374   Important 1ST Division, Normandy, June 6TH 1944 KIA Purple Heart/ Bronze Star pair!! Government engraved Purple Heart with original box, Bronze Star, Government engraved with box. Includes research. Normandy June 6TH, Purple Hearts are among the most sought after of all Purple Heart sets and seldom come up fro sale. $3395   Price Reduced
MM-410   Very nice 350TH Infantry, 88TH Division KIA Purple Heart with Certificate and accolade with original mailing tube. Medal is officially government impressed. This small font was used for just a short time as it was found that the lettering was too small, and is scarce. $595
  MM-409   Very nice early Bailey Banks and Biddle Silver Star purchased from the Veteran in 1992. Including his very modest description. Like many WWII Vets, they claim they didn't do anything important, it was other Soldiers that were the heros. $245
M-405  Very nice 79TH Division KIA Purple Heart. Numbered and government engraved. $350
M-404  Government engraved Purple Heart for  a member of the 24TH Division. $325ON HOLD
  MM-400  Fantastic WWII US Navy Purple Heart with fabulous engraving as well as the Sailors dog tags, ID cards, photos of the award of the Saipan Purple Hearts showing this Sailor in the receiving line, as well as a section of their American Flag. Really a fantastic privately engraved heart, done in the style of the WWII Navy Official engraving. $650
MM-394   Scarce Navy contract matt finish Air Medal in the short titled case. Choice. $185 $SOLD$
MM-392   Normandy KIA Purple Heart with Purple Heart certificate and Accolade Document in the original mailing tube. Choice condition overall. This Soldier was killed on June 10TH, 1944 during the breakout from the Normandy Beachhead, while a member of the 358TH Infantry, 90TH Division. $600 $SOLD$
MM-390  Very nice WWII KIA Purple Heart for a member of the 4TH Division killed in august of 1944.. $410
MM-386  Very rare WWII KIA B-17 atrocity/ casualty. This Gunner was murdered by the SS after being taken as a prisoner of War. Crewman's KIA Purple Heart. 446TH Bomb Group, B-24, "Slightly Dangerous piloted by Marty Mullane on October 19TH, 1944 on their 34TH Mission. They had just dropped their payload over a railroad yard near Frankfurt when the plane was hit by flak. 2 men from this crew were murdered on the ground by civilians.
The crew of 1/Lt Martin J. Mullane were flying B-24J 42-50681 “SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS” on Oct. 19, 1944. Mullane was KIA, not able to exit the plane. The following crew members were POW’s: CP Norman Marshank (member of the
Association), N Louis H. Kieffer, B/NG Ralph Dougherty, BT Wallace Maxson, WG George Green, WG Roy Glover and TG Ben Ringo (newest member of the Association). Willard Perry E/ TTG and Hoover Baucom RO were killed by German civilians.

 This atrocity is documented in the published War Crimes Trail of the SS Officer in charge. Atrocity Purple Hearts are among the most rare. $795


MM-384  WWII KIA Purple Heart for a member of the 3RD Division killed in action during the 3RD Divisions fighting in Italy. Complete with research package. $415
MM-381   3RD Division, 15TH Infantry Purple Heart for a Soldier Killed in the Invasion if Sicily. The 15th Infantry was part of the 3rd Infantry Division's "Task Force Joss" in the invasion of Sicily on July 1943. The Regiment fought with distinction at Palermo, Messina, and elsewhere in the Sicilian Campaign. $415
MM-380  Interesting 104TH Infantry Division KIA Purple Heart with Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade Document. Includes copies of research and interment doc. Killed 11/18/44. $675 


On 16 November, following the biggest air assault of World War II (2,400 bombers), the Division, from its positions in the Aachen-Verlantenheide area, launched an assault on the pill boxes and other fortifications of the Siegfried Line and clawed it's way past Hill 287 and through the heavily defended fortress towns and cities of Stolberg, Rohe, Helrath, Durwiz, Eschweiler, Putzlohn, Volkenrath, Weisweiler, Frenz, Lamersdorf, Inden, and Merken to the banks of the Roer River opposite Duren.
  MM-376  Very nice 94TH Division, 302ND Infantry Regiment KIA purple Heart and Documents. Includes cased Government engraved Purple Heart, Accolade Certificate and Purple Heart certificate. He was killed in action during his units attack on Campholz Wood and the town of Sinz. $585$SOLD$
MM-375   Nice 9TH Division WIA Government engraved Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Divisional Unit History and paperwork.$450
    MM-373  Very rare Government engraved Purple Heart for a member of the 10TH Mountain Division who was killed in action. $650
MM-371   War time Bronze Star in the original box. This 1944 dated example is typical for those given in the field. No fancy presentation box, just a throw away cardboard version. Seldom seen. $35
  MM-363   Very nice 37TH Division KIA Purple Heart with full research packet. Classic Government engraving. $425
MM-360  Early numbered Air Medal in the early untitled case with narrow broach hook. $195
MM-358  Very nice Silver Star/ Purple Heart pair for a member of the 71ST Infantry Regiment of the, 44TH Infantry Division. Well researched for citation. $1095$SOLD$
 MM-351  WWII 44TH Division Purple Heart, excellent condition overall, government engraved and numbered on the rim.  The 44th Infantry Division landed in France via Cherbourg, 15 September 1944, and trained for a month before entering combat, 18 October 1944, when it relieved the 79th Division in the vicinity of Foret de Parroy, east of Luneville, France, to take part in the Seventh Army drive to secure several passes in the Vosges Mountains. Within 6 days, the Division was hit by a heavy German counterattack, 25-26 October.  $425
MM-348  Early numbered Air Medal. The early versions were numbered on the back of the wrap broach and most found their way to early members of the 8TH Air Force for missions in 1942-43. Excellent condition. $195
MM-347  41ST Division KIA Purple Heart with classic Government engraving. $435
  MM-332  British made 2 place ribbon bar set. $20
MM-328   Very nice cased WWII Purple Heart in the small purple "coffin box". Late War style PH with letter describing who the Purple Heart was for and which battle it was received. Includes this Marine's original unit history, where he has circled his name. Very nice WIA set. $495
  MM-324  WWII Air Medal with 2 clusters. Excellent condition. $70
MM-296  WWII KIA Gold Star Mothers Pin with engraved initials. $20
  MM-290  WWII Navy Cross with Legion of Merit. $25
  MM-268  British made ribbon bar, Air Medal, ETO Campaign Medal and American Campaign. $35
MM-254    WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
  MM-253   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
MM-252   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
MM-251   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
  MM-195a  WWII Government impressed Good Conduct Medal. $30
  MM-194a   WWII Good Conduct Medal $20
  MM-169  US Navy Expert Rifleman Medal. Choice condition. $75
MM-175  WWII Government named Good Conduct Medal. $30
  MM-141  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $20 per foot.
MM-121  1930s-40s WWII Silver Clusters for Medals and Ribbon Bars. $5 each
  MM-119  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  MM-118  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Air Medal Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  MM-116  American Campaign and Pacific Campaign ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-115  Philippine Defense ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-114  Presidential Unit Citation ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  MM-113  US Navy Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. (Expert Rifle Sold Out) $10 per foot.
  MM-112  US Coast Guard Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. $10 per foot.
  MM-111  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Coast Guard Good conduct Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  MM-102  Named WWII Good conduct. $25
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