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 WWII Medals and Documents
M-316   93RD Bomb Group Purple Heart with 2 Purple Heart Certificates and 2 Accolade Documents. Evidently additional ones were sent out when the fate of the crewman became known. This is the only one like this that I have seen. Comes with research and MACR report on disc. Very early and scarce KIA PH. $SOLD$
M-315  Very interesting WWII Distinguished Service Cross/ Air Medal pair for a Sergeant in the 8TH Air Force killed on a test flight over England. He had previously served on over 10 combat missions so rated the Air Medal with 2 clusters and the DFC for an individual act of heroism in trying to let others get out of the burning plane. $SOLD$
  M-314   Very nice WWII  Purple Heart, Government engraved to a member of a well known Combat Engineer Regiment that distinguished themselves at the Battle of the Bulge. He was killed in action about a month later. $395ON HOLD
M-313    WWII US Navy Air Medal and case. Short titled case with wide ribbon and matt finish medal. Mint condition. $225
M-312  Interesting 104TH Infantry Division KIA Purple Heart with Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade Document. Includes copies of research and interment doc. Killled 11/18/44. $750


On 16 November, following the biggest air assault of World War II (2,400 bombers), the Division, from its positions in the Aachen-Verlantenheide area, launched an assault on the pill boxes and other fortifications of the Siegfried Line and clawed it's way past Hill 287 and through the heavily defended fortress towns and cities of Stolberg, Rohe, Helrath, Durwiz, Eschweiler, Putzlohn, Volkenrath, Weisweiler, Frenz, Lamersdorf, Inden, and Merken to the banks of the Roer River opposite Duren.

M-311  Very clean 8TH Division Hurtgen Forest KIA Grouping with Government engraved Purple Heart and Mother's Pin, Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade Document.  $SOLD$

At the end of September 1944 the division was sent to Luxembourg to build up its strength and prepare for the Rhineland Campaign. It was then put into the bitter fighting for the Hurtgen Forest. There the enemy was not only the Germans, but the harsh weather as well.


M-310 Very nice 4TH Marine Division KIA Purple Heart for a Marine killed on the 3RD Day of the invasion of Saipan. Nice Government engraved Purple Heart in the classic USMC style. Planchet shows old polishing, as I am sure this was a treasured memento of this Marine's mother. Full research packet with over 35 pages of research. Great set.  $SOLD$
M-309   Great 90TH Division Silver Star/ Purple Heart KIA Grouping. Includes official Government engraved Silver Star and Purple Heart, cased. The Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade Document are also present. Research packet with full citation for the Silver Star along with other data from the Division. Great ETO Division. Tough to find groups like this anymore. $1495ON HOLD
M-308  Very scarce WWI Purple Heart grouping for a member of the 18TH Infantry, 1ST Division killed during the closing hours of the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. They fought their way through North Africa and landed at Normandy. a Fantastic unit with great history. This young Soldier fell in battle in January of 1945. Included is his portrait photo, Purple Heart Certificate, Accolade Document, Gold Star Memorial, cased Government engraved Purple Heart and qualification badge he is shown wearing in the photo. $1125
M-303  WWII Cased Purple Heart Set. $90
M-302   WWII Air Medal, cased set. $80
M-301  WWII cased Bronze Star. $40$SOLD$
M-296  WWII KIA Gold Star Mothers Pin with engraved initials. $20ON HOLD
M-293  Nice 30TH Division KIA Purple Heart Certificate and Accolade document with original mailing tube. $245ON HOLD
M-292   WWII cased Purple Heart with ribbon bar. $85ON HOLD
  M-290  WWII Navy Cross with Legion of Merit. $25
  M-281  Boxed Good Conduct Medal. $20
  M-268  British made ribbon bar, Air Medal, ETO Campaign Medal and American Campaign. $35
M-265   War time Bronze Star in the original box. This 1944 dated example is typical for those given in the field. No fancy presentation box, just a throw away cardboard version. Seldom seen. $35
M-254    WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
  M-253   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
M-252   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
M-251   WWII Pacific Theater Battle Streamer. $35
M-229  Very interesting Black Soldiers Bronze Star Certificate, cased Bronze Star, Memorial Document with photo and Memorial Document. Very nice set. $295
M-220   Nice WWII Purple Heart with lapel button and ribbon bar. $95  ON HOLD
M-215  Very nice WWII U S Navy Sailors Medal/ photo and certificate lot. This Sailor started out with the Navy in 1936,(graduation photo) and was assigned to the USS Utah and remained with this ship until 1941 when he transferred to the Tuscaloosa. Photo album is from his time on the Utah and includes shots of Hawaii. His medals include his Pacific Medal with "Fleet" bar and his Good Conduct Medal, officially impressed to him with 2 bars. Also includes a set of 1942 dated dog tags. Nice set. $295
M-207a  Boxed GC. $20
  M-195a  WWII Government impressed Good Conduct Medal. $30
  M-194a   WWII Good Conduct Medal $20
M-181  WWII Navy Minis. $55
M-170   US Navy Expert Pistol Shot. Choice condition. $75
  M-169  US Navy Expert Rifleman Medal. Choice condition. $75
M-175  WWII Government named Good Conduct Medal. $30
  M-141  1940s Distinguished Service Cross, watered Silk replacement ribbon. $20 per foot.
M-121  1930s-40s WWII Silver Clusters for Medals and Ribbon Bars. $5 each
  M-119  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length.
  M-118  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Air Medal Cross Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  M-116  American Campaign and Pacific Campaign ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  M-115  Philippine Defense ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  M-114  Presidential Unit Citation ribbon. 1940s stock. $10 per foot.
  M-113  US Navy Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. (Expert Rifle Sold Out) $10 per foot.
  M-112  US Coast Guard Sharpshooter Ribbons. 1930s-40s stock. Your choice of the 3 varieties. $10 per foot.
  M-111  Original 1930s-40s watered silk Coast Guard Good conduct Medal Ribbon, old stock. $15 for a 1 foot length
  M-103  Named WWII Good conduct. $25
  M-102  Named WWII Good conduct. $25
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