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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-308   This is the one that everyone waits for!! A Model 1943 wool cap with officers silver braid along the top. This was brought home by a member of the 10TH Mountain Division and was taken from a Soldier while in use. This one shows just moderate use. One of the few REAL ones we have seen in recent years. Just found in Massachusetts by one of our local Pickers!! $995
GG-307   WWII Japanese Tan Tropical enlisted mans tunic. Choice condition. $175
GG-306   Amazing Japanese folk art decorated aluminum helmet from a member of the 544TH Engineer and Boat Company, a unit active in the Pacific. This unit also participated in the occupation of Japan and utilized a cast aluminum Civil Defense helmet for the artwork. $425
GG-305   WWII Japanese Naval Landing Force Canteen. $155
GG-304   WWII Japanese enlisted man's Field Cap. Nice markings on the interior. Shows actual use and wear. $275
GG-303  WWI German Building Banner. Approx 46 x 91 inches. $175
GG-302  WWII Officers Dispatch case with stampings and name of the Soldier who carried it. $95
GG-301  RARE!! WWII Hitler Youth Corps Flag. Approx 6' in length. Very nice condition overall. $625
GG-300  WWII German Marker Flag. These were placed on Tanks, Trucks and emplacements so that they would not be attacked by the German Air Force. Metal grommets at each corner. $175  $SOLD$
    GG-298  WWII German Luftwaffe Helmet with full liner. $495ON HOLD
GG-297   WWII German podium banner. Approx 30 X 40 inches, single sided. $260
GG-296   WWII German Marker Flag. These were placed on Tanks, Trucks and emplacements so that they would not be attacked by the German Air Force. Metal grommets at each corner. $175
GG-294  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $145
GG-293  WWII Japanese Raincoat. Nice salty battlefield pick up. $175
GG-289  Small Double Sided Nazi Flag. Approx 20 X 30. Shows having been on a pole at one time. Nice GI bringback, nice reasonable size. $125ON HOLD
GG-287   Fantastic WWII decorated German helmet belonging to a member of LST-381 a Coast Guard ship which landed at Utah Beach at Normandy on June 6TH 1944. Great diary helmet inscribed with all the places they went and campaigns in Africa and Italy. Interesting GI applied Silver swastikas on the sides. $1195 $SOLD$
GG-283  WWII enlisted Man's Panzer breast eagle. $70
GG-282   WWII Infantry Officers visor cap eagle. Missing lower prong. $50
  GG-281  WWII German Mothers Cross. Some tape residue on reverse. $25
    USS Hambleton
GG-280  Amazing War Diary captured German Helmet for a member of the USS Hambleton. This helmet was just pulled from an Ohio Estate auction weeks ago. You never seen helmets like this for Navy units, much less a fast Destroyer like the Hambleton. The Diary chronicles the events of the ship for a Sailor who was on board during 1944 and covers a Submarine, the U-616, that the Hambleton sank as well as a fight with E-Boats, The Offshore bombardment it made off Omaha Beach on June 6TH 1944 at Normandy, Bombardment of Cherbourg and many others. 1944 travel is shown below. Very RARE helmet for the Navy and Normandy. Don't miss it. $1295

After a second shakedown in the Caribbean and training along the East Coast, Hambleton escorted a convoy to Oran in April 1944, and began to prepare for her role in the Normandy invasion. Operating in the Western Mediterranean with seven other destroyers and British scout planes, she sank U-616 on 17 May after an intensive 4-day pursuit of the German marauder. From the Mediterranean Hambleton sailed to Plymouth, England, staging area for the epochal invasion. She escorted a large convoy of LSTs to the landing areas on 7 June, D-Day plus 1, and remained off Omaha Beach for critical shore bombardment and screening duties. In the early morning hours of 9 June, Hambleton's radar picked up several contacts, soon determined to be Nazi E-boats. Her guns blazing, Hambleton set out after the enemy. In a 4-hour running gun battle, she sank one and severely damaged another of the five German boats. After returning for provisions at Portland, England, Hambleton was back on the line for the Bombardment of Cherbourg 25 June.

Hambleton departed Belfast, Northern Ireland on 4 July, and steamed to the Mediterranean, touching Oran, Algeria, 10 July and reaching Naples, Italy, on 15 July. On 11 August, she participated in the bombardment of shore positions on the southern coast of France prior to Operation Anvil, the invasion of that vital area. Hambleton remained in the Mediterranean for patrol and screening duty until sailing to Boston on 25 October. Arriving Boston on 8 November,


GG-281  WWII, 1942 dated British combat helmet. $135$SOLD$
GG-279   WWII German Bayonet, scabbard and frog with missing strap. Blade is very nice, scabbard and frog are tired. $100
GG-270  WWII Japanese Mortar Round. No visible markings. Missing center of the aluminum nose cone. 81MM for the Type 99 Mortar.   $195
GG-267   WWII German Helmet with green and white splotch camo. Shows lots of wear and has been cleaned but is absolutely original. This one surfaced in Ohio. No liner and strap. $750
GG-264  Choice set of WWII Japanese Officers Binoculars with carry case and straps. $220
GG-241  German Luftshutz Helmet strap. Tough to find on the loose. $35
GG-232  2 WWII Japanese silk Artillery powder bags. $35
GG-230    WWII Japanese Bayonet with rubberized bayonet scabbard and frog. Rubber frog has stiffened and cracked exposing the underlying cloth. Good condition overall and very scarce. $150
  GG-219  German Luftwaffe Bayonet Knot. $55
GG-214  Late style porcelin canteen with harness and stopper. $145 ON HOLD
GG-213  WWII German Police Helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Would have been nice but decals have been removed, "de-nazifying" the helmet. This was popular in the late 40s. Still a great helmet. $185
GG-211  Large format Japanese map of the Pacific Ocean showing the Islands and Coastline of Asia. Approx 4 x 2.5'. $50
GG-203   WWII Japanese Bayonet and Scabbard. Average condition overall. $110
GG-202   WWII Commonwealth Gas Mask with 1942 and 1943 dates. Very nice condition. $55
GG-197   Very nice WWII Japanese Mess Kit/ Rice Cooker. These are almost always missing their leather strap.  A small chunk of leather missing from strap. $130ON HOLD
GG-196   WWII Japanese Canteen and harness. Leather cross strap is broken, no stopper. $85
    GG-193    Very scarce WWII German Navy enlisted Cotton tan Mediterranean blouse. This was pulled from a warehouse in 1945 and purchased directly from the Veteran about 25 years ago. They never even had buttons put on! Never worn. Lifetime Guarantee. $695
GG-191a   WWII Japanese Bayonet and scabbard. Very nice condition with double stamps. $120
GG-190a  WWII Japanese Navy/ Naval Landing Force trouser buckle. $110
  GG-187a  Late 1920s-Early 30s German Army Buckle. $75


GG-175a  WWII German Fire or Police Bayonet. $95
GG-171a   WWII German Photo Album. Over 65 photos. Loads of WWII shots $125
GG-153a  Austrian Anschluss meal and box. $220
  GG-134a   WWII German Army buckle in aluminum. $75
  GG-126b  WWII German Ribbon Bar Set- $95
GG-125b  Royal Merchant Navy uniform. World War Two period with wartime service ribbons. Possibly a clergy officer with specialty service colors to the cuffs of the jacket. An unusual uniform offered here at a very reasonable price. $120
GG-124b  Royal Navy mess dress jacket to a Lieutenant. World War Two period, in excellent condition. Does not have epaulettes. $80.
GG-123a  Luftwaffe Souvenir Helmet with Soldiers name painted across the front. Nice salty single decal raw edge. Chin strap and liner are dry. $625$SOLD$
  GG-119b  WWII German Political Buckle. $85
GG-114a  WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $80
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