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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-342   Very rare WWII German General's tunic and visor cap. Named on the interior as shown and dated in 1941. All insignia is original to the tunic and in clean condition. Tunic shows wear and washing, one small tear to cuff as shown and a couple of tiny holes to one upper pocket as shown. Cap is in very good condition, but as the tunic, shows use and wear especially to the interior. Maker marked on the leather sweatband. Great bullion insignia on the cap. The eagle is not as nicely sewn to the cap as the rest of the insignia but appears to be war time. Photo is a copy. Research provided as shown. A very rare opportunity to purchase an IDENTIFIED WWII German General's grouping that has been in a collection for many years!! $8995
GG-384     WWII Mauser Bayonet with Veteran applied post war engraving listing his various battles and places. $225ON HOLD
GG-383  Captured Japanese Helmet with star. No liner or chinstrap. Good shelf helmet. $220
GG-382  Collection of captured Japanese items including a Pay book, with translations of contents and some cloth insignia. $80
GG-381  Party Armband with original paper label. $75
GG-380  Austrian Anschluss meal and box. $170
    GG-379    WWII German Navy Leather 1 piece suit. These were made for German Naval Gunners on ships and Submarines but have also been photographed being worn by Panzer Crewman, so it could be for either. Excellent condition overall. All zippers functional and working. Shows just moderate use. $435
GG-378   WWII Airborne Battle Jacket with original insignia. Well marked. Un-named. Jacket has a 1942 date stamp. $375$SOLD$
GG-375  WWII Japanese Chief Petty Office's cap with original carry case and white cover. Includes 2 photos of the Sailor. Crown of cap is moth eaten as shown. White cover has a touched up stain. Scarce set. $225
  GG-374   Japanese Suba captured during WWII. $80
GG-372   Very nice Japanese Officers tunic, map case with strap and named Sun Helmet. Some mothing to underside of Sun helmet that will not show when displayed. 2 flags found inside case are printed cotton. $650ON HOLD
GG-371   Japanese Naval Officers tunic, named on the interior. Needs a light cleaning on the front. $450
GG-370 Choice WWII Army Officers Dagger with yellow handle. Nicely marked. Rates a 9 out of 10. $450
GG-367   WWI Japanese Officers Visor cap. Some moth nips as shown. Named on the interior. $150
GG-366  WWI Japanese Officers Visor cap. Some moth nips as shown. Named on the interior. $150
GG-364  Very clean, named Japanese Officers Field Uniform and cap. Tunic is very nice with embroidered name strip on interior. Cap has fantastic bullion device. $600
  GG-363  Choice WWII Army Officers Dagger with yellow handle. Nicely marked. Rates a 9 out of 10. $450
GG-362  Choice WWII Army Officers Dagger with white handle. Nicely marked. $450
GG-360  WWII German Army Dagger Hangers. Aluminum fittings. Some wear to ribbon. $125
GG-357   Choice Japanese CPO Naval Visor Cap in excellent condition. Named on the interior lining. $200
GG-356 Ultra Rare!! Grossdeutschland enlisted M-36 tunic with Officer grade cuff title. Rare shoulder straps and collar tabs. Repair to lower pocket as shown. Numerous loops for awards. Really a RARE!! uniform. $2595$SOLD$
Gro▀deutschland is sometimes mistakenly perceived to be part of the Waffen-SS, whereas it was actually a unit of the regular German Army. In 1942 it was expanded into the Gro▀deutschland Division, the best-equipped division in the Wehrmacht which received equipment before all other units (including some Waffen-SS units); however it remained a regiment within the division and was renamed to Grenadier-Regiment Gro▀deutschland. It received its final name, Panzergrenadier-Regiment Gro▀deutschland, in 1943.
  GG-355  Luftwaffe Falschirmjager's enlisted mans tunic with cloth Airborne badge. Some spotting and soiling to yellow collar tabs as shown, other than that excellent overall condition. Well marked. Falschirmjager tunics are impossible to find, don't miss it!!   $1595 $SOLD$
    GG-353  WWII Japanese Generals Tunic and Trousers with full set of ribbon bars and matching jodhpurs. Classic gold collar tabs and buttons. Excellent condition overall. One collar tab is slightly loose. $795ON HOLD
GG-350  WWII cased Gold Wound Badge. Badge shows about 40% of the original gold wash and gold pin. Box is excellent. Lid is detached. $295
GG-347   WWII Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp. No maker marks. Excellent condition overall. $395
GG-346  WWII Silver Wound Badge in original envelope of issue. Good condition overall with contract number on reverse. $100
  GG-344  WW2 German Metal waterproof metal case for two Tellermine 35 antitank mines. Used extensively by the German's in WWII, the Tellermine 35 (T.Mi.35) was manufactured from sheet steel, circular with a slight convex pressure plate. It was capable of blasting the tracks off any WWII period tank or destroying an armored car. This one was captured by an American and used to ship souvenirs home. One broken catch to latch as shown. $220
GG-340    WWII Italian enlisted mans RSI tunic. Excellent condition overall. One repair under the arm and one barely noticeable repair between button holes as shown. Overall garment is bright and clean. $350$SOLD$
GG-339  Very rare WWII Panzer Officers tropical tunic with pink trimmed shoulder straps and collar tabs. This one shows lots of actual combat use and lots of sun fading. Looks like it was just taken off the back of captured Officer who had been in the field for months! Repair to rear of collar from heavy wear. You just don't find combat clothing like this!! $1295
GG-335  Very nice WWII German Cavalry Officers visor cap with Brunswick Tradition badge. A few scattered moth bites as shown. Hat still has a great look. $695 $SOLD$
GG-334  Very nice WWII German Officers visor cap with Brunswick Tradition badge. Excellent condition. $1095
GG-333  Very nice WWII Army Officers tunic with original insignia including "Krim" Shield. Original ribbons through button hole. Really a choice uniform. Dagger hanger on the interior. Small pull to bullion eagle otherwise choice. $995$SOLD$
GG-331  Choice Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap with bullion insignia. A couple of tiny flaws as shown. Rates a 9 out of 10. Nice cap and tough to find. Well marked on the interior. $1050
  GG-329  WWII  Japanese Naval Officers Visor Cap, named on the interior. Has some edge chipping to the visor. $175
GG-328  Typical Japanese Arisaka Bayonet. Good condition overall. $90ON HOLD
GG-323   Choice WWII Italian Officers visor cap. About mint. $265
GG-322   Italian Officers Visor Cap for Armored Infantry. Choice condition. About perfect. $295
GG-321   WWII Japanese Naval Landing Force Canteen. $140
  GG-320   WWII small Japanese Rifle Flag with small ties. $45
GG-314  WWII Japanese Type 4 ceramic grenade. $90
GG-311  RARE air dropped propaganda leaflets intended to be dropped over German held positions to explain to them that the War is lost for them and that they can surrender and survive. Have several available. $50 each
GG-307   WWII Japanese Tan Tropical enlisted mans tunic. Choice condition. $175
GG-306   Amazing Japanese folk art decorated aluminum helmet from a member of the 544TH Engineer and Boat Company, a unit active in the Pacific. This unit also participated in the occupation of Japan and utilized a cast aluminum Civil Defense helmet for the artwork. $375
GG-304   WWII Japanese enlisted man's Field Cap. Nice markings on the interior. Shows actual use and wear. $275
GG-303  WWI German Building Banner. Approx 46 x 91 inches. $175$SOLD$
GG-302  WWII Officers Dispatch case with stampings and name of the Soldier who carried it. $95
GG-301  RARE!! WWII Hitler Youth Corps Flag. Approx 6' in length. Very nice condition overall. $625
GG-300  WWII German Marker Flag. These were placed on Tanks, Trucks and emplacements so that they would not be attacked by the German Air Force. Metal grommets at each corner. $175  $SOLD$
    GG-298  WWII German Luftwaffe Helmet with full liner. $495
GG-297   WWII German podium banner. Approx 30 X 40 inches, single sided. $260
GG-296   WWII German Marker Flag. These were placed on Tanks, Trucks and emplacements so that they would not be attacked by the German Air Force. Metal grommets at each corner. $175$SOLD$
GG-294  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $145
GG-293  WWII Japanese Raincoat. Nice salty battlefield pick up. $175
GG-289  Small Double Sided Nazi Flag. Approx 20 X 30. Shows having been on a pole at one time. Nice GI bringback, nice reasonable size. $125ON HOLD
GG-282   WWII Infantry Officers visor cap eagle. Missing lower prong. $50
GG-279   WWII German Bayonet, scabbard and frog with missing strap. Blade is very nice, scabbard and frog are tired. $100 $SOLD$
GG-270  WWII Japanese Mortar Round. No visible markings. Missing center of the aluminum nose cone. 81MM for the Type 99 Mortar.   $195
GG-267   WWII German Helmet with green and white splotch camo. Shows lots of wear and has been cleaned but is absolutely original. This one surfaced in Ohio. No liner and strap. $750
GG-264  Choice set of WWII Japanese Officers Binoculars with carry case and straps. $220
GG-241  German Luftshutz Helmet strap. Tough to find on the loose. $35
GG-232  2 WWII Japanese silk Artillery powder bags. $35
GG-230    WWII Japanese Bayonet with rubberized bayonet scabbard and frog. Rubber frog has stiffened and cracked exposing the underlying cloth. Good condition overall and very scarce. $150
GG-214  Late style porcelin canteen with harness and stopper. $145 ON HOLD
GG-213  WWII German Police Helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Would have been nice but decals have been removed, "de-nazifying" the helmet. This was popular in the late 40s. Still a great helmet. $185
GG-211  Large format Japanese map of the Pacific Ocean showing the Islands and Coastline of Asia. Approx 4 x 2.5'. $50
GG-203   WWII Japanese Bayonet and Scabbard. Average condition overall. $110
GG-196   WWII Japanese Canteen and harness. Leather cross strap is broken, no stopper. $85
    GG-193    Very scarce WWII German Navy enlisted Cotton tan Mediterranean blouse. This was pulled from a warehouse in 1945 and purchased directly from the Veteran about 25 years ago. They never even had buttons put on! Never worn. Lifetime Guarantee. $695ON HOLD
GG-191a   WWII Japanese Bayonet and scabbard. Very nice condition with double stamps. $120
GG-190a  WWII Japanese Navy/ Naval Landing Force trouser buckle. $110
GG-175a  WWII German Fire or Police Bayonet. $95
GG-171a   WWII German Photo Album. Over 65 photos. Loads of WWII shots $125
  GG-126b  WWII German Ribbon Bar Set- $95
GG-114a  WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $80
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