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 WWII German, Japanese and Commonwealth Militaria
GG-480  Nice WWII Veterans grouping of a German Flag, Airborne Unit History for the 139TH Airborne Engineers of the 17TH Airborne Division. 17TH Airborne Division SSI and enlisted garrison cap device. Unfortunately- no associated name. $325 $SOLD$
GG-479    Fantastic Iwo Jima captured flag/ invasion map grouping for a member of the Reconnaissance Company in the 5TH Marine Division. Includes a small memorial to those killed in the invasion from their unit, set of 3 wartime 5TH Marine Division Histories including the Iwo Jima issue. Has an extremely rare Secret Invasion map and landing diagram. You NEVER see things like this... AND!!! a captured Japanese personal silk flag and so noted on the corner of the flag. Captured on Iwo Jima February 27TH!! The press photo showing the Veteran is  a copy. $655$SOLD$
GG-478  Japanese Officers private purchase canteen with harness. Shows the effects of being actually heated over a fire for tea. Much smaller than a traditional enlisted canteen, these were also used for Saki. $110
GG-477  WWII Japanese Type 4 ceramic grenade. $70
GG-476   WWII Japanese Coveralls as worn in cold weather by infantry and tankers. Large size and in mint, unused condition Some chipping to buttons otherwise unworn/ mint. $150
GG-475  WWII Guidon for the 52ND Light Aid Detachment of the A.I.F. in WWII serving in Syria and the Middle East.  Approx 18 inches in length. Some moth bites. $235
GG-474   WWII German Holster for the P-38 Pistol. Very good condition overall. Waffen marks on the reverse. Name written on front flap. $235
GG-473 WWII British canvas map case with wartime date stamp. $45
GG-472  WWII Officers Dispatch case with stampings and name of the Soldier who carried it. $65ON HOLD
  GG-471  WWII British Goggles. Our choice $20 each
  GG-466  WWII Service Medal with box and certificate. $40
GG-464   Very rare WWII Japanese Naval Pilots Goggles in the original box. $455  (REDUCED PRICE)
GG-463  WWII Japanese Navy/ Naval Landing Force trouser buckle. $55  (REDUCED PRICE)
GG-462   WWII Japanese Bayonet and Scabbard. Average condition overall. $110
GG-461  WWII Japanese Mortar Round. No visible markings. Missing center of the aluminum nose cone. 81MM for the Type 99 Mortar.   $110
GG-459  Post WWII Air Raid Warden Crash Axe and carry case. $55
  GG-458  WWII Air Raid Service Ashtray. $25
  GG-457  WWII Fire Guard Armband. $35
PP-333   Post WWII ID Card. $10
  GG-450   Air Raid Match Safe. $35
GG-444   WWII Air Raid Civilian Gas Mask and bag. $75
  GG-443 (2) WWII Air Raid Manuals. $35
  GG-442    WWII British ARP (Air Raid Precaution) Lampl. Original box $35
  GG-440  Air Raid Armband. $35
GG-439   1939 dated Air Raid Wardens Knife. $55ON HOLD
  GG-432  British Fire Guard Armband. $25
  GG-426  WWII British Air Raid Warden shoulder bag. $55ON HOLD
GG-424   1942 British Air Raid warning rattle. $60
GG-423   WWII British Black Out window covering. $40 per roll
  GG-422  WWII British window black out tape. $25
  GG-414  WWII Air Raid Warden badge in Sterling Silver. $25
  GG-413  WWII Air Raid Warden badge in Nickel. $25
GG-407  Very early pre- Nazi, 1931 dated Black German Holster for the P08 Luger. Lacks the leather strap retaining loop. I believe this to be an early Police Holster. $265
GG-380  Austrian Anschluss meal and box. $125 Price Reduced!$SOLD$
GG-328  Typical Japanese Arisaka Bayonet. Good condition overall. $90
  GG-320   WWII small Japanese Rifle Flag with small ties. $45
PP-331   RARE air dropped propaganda leaflets intended to be dropped over German held positions to explain to them that the War is lost for them and that they can surrender and survive. Have several available. $50 each
GG-306   Amazing Japanese folk art decorated aluminum helmet from a member of the 544TH Engineer and Boat Company, a unit active in the Pacific. This unit also participated in the occupation of Japan and utilized a cast aluminum Civil Defense helmet for the artwork. $345 Price Reduced!
GG-301  RARE!! WWII Hitler Youth Corps Flag. Approx 6' in length. Very nice condition overall. $625$SOLD$
GG-297   WWII German podium banner. Approx 30 X 40 inches, single sided. $260
GG-293  WWII Japanese Raincoat. Nice salty battlefield pick up. $145  Price Reduced!
GG-282   WWII Infantry Officers visor cap eagle. Missing lower prong. $50
GG-241  German Luftshutz Helmet strap. Tough to find on the loose. $30 Price Reduced!
GG-232  2 WWII Japanese silk Artillery powder bags. $35
GG-213  WWII German Police Helmet with full liner and chinstrap. Would have been nice but decals have been removed, "de-nazifying" the helmet. This was popular in the late 40s. Still a great helmet. $185
GG-196   WWII Japanese Canteen and harness. Leather cross strap is broken, no stopper. $65 Price Reduced!
GG-191a   WWII Japanese Bayonet and scabbard. Very nice condition with double stamps. $120
GG-171a   WWII German Photo Album. Over 65 photos. Loads of WWII shots $125
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