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 WWII Equipment and Weapons
EE-1460  Superb WWII US Marine Corps Camo Shelter Half. Rates a 9 out of 10 for color and condition. One small corner field repair and one tiny L shaped tear. These have become increasingly tough to find, especially in this kind of condition. $425
EE-1459   WWII US Marine Corps, Corpmans' bolo, sheath and pistol belt. Nicely named on the front of sheath. Blade needs to be cleaned. Theater replaced grips. $140
EE-1458    Pair of 2 WWII Medics bags with the scarce lace-in inserts. Very good condition overall. $130
EE-1457    WWII Invasion vest as worn by the Soldiers who waded ashore at Normandy on June 6TH, 1944. Nice pre D Day date. Excellent overall. $150
EE-1456  Unusual short version of the K Ration Dinner ration. No contents but great for a Soldier display. $80
EE-1455  2 bottles of Halazone to purify canteen water. $25
EE-1454  WWII US Marine Corps 2 section pack. Very good condition. $130
EE-1453  WWII Vintage Life Vest with stenciled name. $45ON HOLD
EE-1452  Lot of 2 Goggles to fix up or for parts. $65ON HOLD
EE-1451  Very interesting Veteran bring back grouping from a member of the 101ST Airborne. This bag was given to a friend of mine about 12 years ago while he was doing some home repairs. The bag contains some souvenir tinnies, stamps and cigar bands as well as some booklets including a Luftwaffe Pilots memorial card. He saved the covers from numerous 101ST Airborne Veterans newsletters and some of the inserts. His 1964 dated 101ST Airborne Membership roster with his name as well as a scrap folder containing Wartime clippings concerning the 101ST. Most interesting, is a captured German Officers map showing Bastogne in the original case for the Battle of the Bulge!! There are also 2 maps from their position opposite the Rhine River at Düsseldorf near the War's end, as well as a second captured German map. His name does not appear on the items but it was a direct Veteran acquisition. $SOLD$


EE-1450   Choice yellow striped body WWII Grenade (INERT). These are tough to find. $225$SOLD$
EE-1449  WWII US Officers Map case with original writing implements. $95
EE-1448  WWII Helmet cover with original label. Mint condition. $90
EE-1447   M-4 Bayonet/Fighting Knife with M-8 scabbard. Scabbard shows wear but blade is very nice. $100$SOLD$
EE-1446   WWII Radio Bag with shoulder strap. Shows combat use with stains. $50
EE-1445   Large grooming kit which can be hung on the wall and forms a shelf. Includes original contents including shave brush, razor, sewing kit, comb and canned powder. Excellent condition with sewn name strip. $65
  EE-1444   WWII Shovel cover with early 1942 date. Just lacks metal buckle. $40
EE-1443  1945 dated British Machette and scabbard. Also given to American in the Pacific. $60$SOLD$
EE-1442 WWII K Ration Supper package. Lacks contents, excellent for display. $80
EE-1441  WWII K Ration Breakfast package. lacks contents, excellent for display. $80
EE-1440  D Series WWII Flashlight. $40
EE-1439  Western Knife with scabbard. Broken retaining strap. $45
EE-1435  WWII issue angled flashlight. $45
  EE-1433   WWII Helmet cover with some tiny pieces of scrim. Shows actual use and wear. $95
EE-1431  1942 US Army Issue Binoculars. One metal cover is slightly loose and bent, but optics are fine. $95
EE-1430  Scarce pocket manual for the upper gun turret on a B-25. $40
  EE-1429  Small USO/Salvation Army pocket notebook. $20
EE-1428  Collin No.18 Bowie Knife with profusely tooled scabbard, most likely done in North Africa. Snap on scabbard has been replaced in the period. Knife is in excellent shape and scabbard in incredible. $395
EE-1427 Classic WWII 2 piece US Marine Corps Pack set. Very nice. $150
EE-1426  WWII Assault Gas Mask bag. Mint condition. $120
EE-1425  Very rare WWII US Marine Corps Raider Stiletto. Handle is very nice and has been marked with the owners initial. The chief complaint about these knives is the fragility of the blade and they could be easily broken. This blade was shortened by about 2 inches in the time period, most likely to damage. Still will look great in your M-6 scabbard. $225$SOLD$
EE-1424   Choice WWII Wire Cutters and case. $65
EE-1423  Amunition vest. Pockets on both sides for hauling mortar and rifle ammunition. Scarce! $110
EE-1421  Choice WWII USMC Kabar Knife. Appears veteran polished the blade to a higher finish. Mint scabbard and handle. $145ON HOLD
  EE-1420  Very scarce Red Cross provided razor in the original box. $30$SOLD$
  EE-1418  Gillette Razor and case. $20
EE-1417  Very scarce Red Cross provided razor in the original box. $35
  EE-1416  WWII Straight Razor with wartime OD caase. $30
EE-1415   Very nice Air Corps postcard writing kit. $30
    EE-1412   WWII  US "Handy Talkie". These appear to have been rebuilt by a foreign Government from unissued WWII units. Missing the data plate. Otherwise choice condition. $245
EE-1409  Rare WWII Pink emergency whistle. $45
EE-1408  Fantastic US Military Issued Speed Graphic with US Army Air Corps data plate. These are IMPOSSIBLE to find!!!  Very nice condition overall, and no we don't know if it works. These were carried all over Europe and the Pacific by Combat Photographers. $425
EE-1407  Fantastically RARE!! WWII KIA Effects bag for an Army PFC killed in action in May of 1943. He was from Buffalo, New York and was originally from Poland. This field made bag contained the effects removed from his body and shipped back to the United States. It is the only such bag I have seen in 30 years. I assume these bags were supposed to be emptied and inventoried by the US and then boxed up and shipped home. The fact that this survives is amazing. $Approx 24 inches in length. $255
EE-1406  WWII AN-6530 Pilots Goggles. Excellent condition. $225ON HOLD
EE-1404   WWII US Marine Corps Canteen with blue porcelin canteen bottle. $95
  EE-1403  WWII Tanker and Air Corps Dust Goggles. $65
  EE-1402  WWII Pro Kit issued to Soldiers in the Field to prevent the spread of Venereal Disease. $75
EE-1400   Anti Gas impregnated compass carrier and compass. VERY tough to find. $165
EE-1399   Choice set of AN6530 Goggles as used by most WWII Pilots. $235
EE-1398   WWII Bayonet and scabbard for the 03A1 Springfield Rifle. Bayonet is a WWI reissue and scabbard is WWII. $245
EE-1397   WWII Rifle Grenade launcher base and grenade (INERT). Excellent condition overall. $275ON HOLD
EE-1392  WWII waterproof haversack and sling as used by Airborne Troops and others. $135
EE-1391  MINT!! WWII Revolver Holster. About as good as you will find. $195
EE-1389  WWII waterproof haversack as used by Airborne Troops and others. $95
EE-1388   WWII Heavy duty gloves for handling barbed wire. $55
  EE-1387  Very unusual Air Gunners Body Armor, possibly rigger made. $265
  EE-1386  Very scarce 10TH Mountain Division Rucksack cover with draw strings. This was designed to be placed over the rucksack assembly. $135
  EE-1383   WWII Hand Held RAF Microphone used by the Air Corps. $30
EE-1382    WWII large Bowie style Theater made knife. $135
EE-1381    WWII American Red Cross purse. Very nice condition except for one small hole to front and one to back. $115
EE-1377   WWII Camo makeup stick. $45
  EE-1376   WWII Dog Tag with rubber sound deadener and original carry cord. $40
EE-1373   Very unusual wallet and dog tag grouping for a Merchant Seaman who eventually transferred from the Merchant Service to the Navy and Coast Guard. Great wallet, great photo ID's. $135
EE-1371  WWII B-8 Style Aviation Goggles. Customized with more elastic strap for larger head. $50
EE-1370   WWII General Purpose bag. $70 ON HOLD
EE-1366  Mint British made 1ST Aid Pouch. $35
EE-1365  WWII Range Finder for Gunners. $55
EE-1363   WWII A-8 Air Corps Stopwatch, 1944 contact. Working condition. $140
EE-1362  WWII T Handle Shovel. Good field used condition. $60
EE-1361  WWII US Army Issue Tank Top. $35
EE-1356  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
EE-1355   Carisle Bandage with carry case. $30
EE-1353  WWII All Purpose Carry Bag. $65
EE-1350  Model 1903 Springfield Bayonet. Blade shows combat use and sharpening. Tip of scabbard shows an interesting field repair. Great for a mannequin display. $140
EE-1349  Nice set of Khaki WWII Suspenders. Appear to be dated 1942. $45
EE-1348  WWII US Marine Corps Kabar Knife in a MKII Navy Sheath. Blade shows sharpening. $115
EE-1347  WWII Cotton Musette Bag, 1943 date. $75
EE-1346  WWII Period Jungle Machete. $60
EE-1344  Great WWII Theater made Stiletto with scabbard. Overall length  12"  $165
EE-1343  Fantastic Sword Blade Knife. Named on blade "Keith Rae Holbrook" with great scabbard. Choice condition. Blade was made from a section of a Civil War Cavalry saber. $195
EE-1340  V-44 Sheath. Tip is missing. $80
EE-1336  WWII Musette Bag with shoulder strap. Nice early Wartime dates. 1942 on bag and strap. $135
EE-1334  WWII Tan Suspenders 1942 or 1943 dated. Mint condition. $55
  EE-1333  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
  EE-1332  WWII Waxed Carlisle Bandage. $20
  EE-1331  WWII Foot Powder. $25
  EE-1330  WWII Louse Powder. $25
EE-1329  WWII Fuel Tablets. $15
  EE-1328  WWII Bore Cleaner. $15
EE-1325  Extremely rare "Air Apache" presentation shoulder holster for the 45 Automatic. These were produced by the commanding Officers and presented to Pilots and Co Pilots in the Air Apaches. This is only the second I have seen. Mike Stacey, noted "Air Apache" collector and historian told me about these years ago. This was brought back by one of these men. As their are three initials there is a good chance the identity can be found. Mike said he tried to get one of these from various "Air Apache" Veterans, but he could never pry one loose, as they were their prized possessions! $695
EE-1322  Early 1940 dated Officers map case. Good condition overall. You very seldom see any equipment dated 1940. $100
EE-1321  Model 1903 Springfield Bayonet with 1942 dated blade. Blade shows combat use and sharpening. Great for a mannequin display. $140
EE-1319  WWII Musette Bag named to a Women with the State Department, most likely for an overseas visit with a political figure. May prove interesting to research. $150
EE-1317  WWII Machete and Sheath, early war with leather scabbard. Blade shows moderate pitting. $140
  EE-1316  WWII T Handle Shovel. Shows average use. $60
EE-1313  WWII Carry case for the Thompson Machine Gun drum magazine. $125ON HOLD
  EE-1312  WWII MP Armband. $60
  EE-1311  WWII US Army Officers map case. Very nice condition. $120
EE-1310  MINT- WWII British made canteen cover. Looks almost unused. $90
EE-1309  WWII Invasion Gas Mask Bag as worn ashore at Normandy. $110
EE-1308  Nice WWII Trench Art Cup with various inscriptions from Italy and Sicily. $60ON HOLD
EE-1306  Choice WWII AN-6530 Goggles. $250ON HOLD
EE-1304   WWII Officers Binoculars with case. Choice condition, practically unused. $150ON HOLD
EE-1303  WWII Canteen and Cover. Choice condition overall with cup. $120
EE-1301  WWII Bazooka Bag Rounds bag. $90
EE-1298  WWII Engineer Compass. $50
  EE-1296  Custom boots made in England with sheepskin lining. Used by a member of Pattons 3RD army as they advanced into Europe. $275
EE-1295   WWII US Marine Corps Raider Stiletto. These are quite rare to find in such good condition as the zinc handles tend to delaminate. No scroll left on the blade as is typical. Just needs a nice M-6 Scabbard to complete. $750
EE-1294  Great Theater made Sword Knife with "New Guinea" inscription with name and 1944 date. Great knife. $135
 EE-1293    Knife Crafters Sword Knife made with a Patton saber blade. Choice knife and scabbard. $655
  EE-1290  WWII US Marine Corps Depot made Leggings. $30
  EE-1289  Choice WWII sewing kit. $25
EE-1286  WWII Air Corps Radioman's Headset. $75
  EE-1283  Set of WWII US Marine Corps Suspenders. $65
EE-1279  Cavalry, Mounted Airborne extension strap. $25
EE-1274  WWII Pick Mattock and carrier. $75
EE-1273  Nice B-3 Flight Gloves, showing slight edge wear. $55 ON HOLD
EE-1269  1943 dated Ammo Belt, Mint Condition!! $120
EE-1265  WWII US Marine Corps Carbine Clip Pouch. $60ON HOLD
EE-1264  WWII KABAR US Navy Fighting knife with stapled scabbard. $165
EE-1262  WWII Camillus US Marine Corps Fighting knife with stapled scabbard. $120
  EE-1261  M-1 Garand sling. A little dusty. $30
 EE-1260  Nice set of WWII US Suspenders. $55
EE-1254  Marbles, pin on compass. Private purchase but many were carried during WWII. $50
  EE-1252    o3 Springfield Bayonet, dated 1919 with choice scabbard. $275
EE-1251  WWII 1ST Pattern Griswold Airborne Jump Bag. Some roughness to edge of bag as shown, otherwise excellent condition. $295
EE-1245  WWII Mounted Canteen with extension strap. $110
EE-1241   1942 Dated Map case with grid insert and cover. Well used. $100
EE-1235  WWII Medics Aid Bag with shoulder strap. $80
EE-1233  WWII Air Corps Flare Gun. Carried on board Bombers, it would be placed in a port in the side of the Aircraft and then fired. $135
EE-1231   WWII leather bottomed shoulder bag for a member of the American Red Cross. $95
EE-1230   WWII Officers map case and shoulder strap. $90
EE-1226   WWII Gunners Goggles, MINT still wrapped in tissue paper. $65
  EE-1225  WWII Carbine pouch. Mint. $35
EE-1221   MINT!! WWII clip pouch for the 45 Automatic. $50ON HOLD
EE-1220  WWII Pistol Belt, 1943 date. $50
EE-1218  WWII Shoulder Holster in almost perfect condition. $150
EE-1216  M-3 Trench Knife made by Case. Tip of plastic scabbard is snapped, but nice blade. $175
EE-1214   Mark II Navy Knife and scabbard. Very nice condition overall. $140
EE-1213  Interesting WWII War Department Document bag. $45
EE-1204    WWII 1945 US Army Suspenders in OD Green. Very nice condition. $55
EE-1203   Very rare 3 Point "Ranger Knife". Identical to one shown in "Military Knives, a reference Book" page 125. This rare knife is HUGE with its original sheath with Soldiers ID inked and stenciled on the back side of sheath- tough to make out. Only one we have seen with a sheath! $1050
EE-1201  WWII Lineman's Repair kit with pliers and Camillus knife. Choice leather holder. $120
  EE-1200  M-1 Garand Rifle Sling. Good condition. $40
EE-1197    WWII Enamel finish canteen. Good condition overall. $70
EE-1196  WWII Parachute emergency booklet which was attached to all parachutes in used in WWII. A must have booklet. $30 
EE-1195   Very nice WWII 45 Automatic Holster. $120
EE-1193  Pre WWII Officers Binos by Carl Zeis. $85
EE-1192  1943 dated Canteen, cup and cover. $80
 EE-1191    MINT Holster for the 45 Automatic. $115
 EE-1189     WWII US Marine Corps Hospital/ Corpsmans Bolo. Excellent condition. $155
EE-1188   Clip pouch for the 45 Automatic, US Marine Corps contract, 1943 date. These are usually not "USMC" marked, they just have a plain front. $40ON HOLD
  EE-1184   WWI Binoculars with WWII Rock Island Arsenal Case. It was quite common to reissue WWI Equipment after upgrading the cases. Snap needs repair but all pieces are there. $95
  EE-1178  WWII Pistol Belt. $35
EE-1176    WWII Ammo Bandoliers, 2 avail. $20 each
EE-1171  WWII US Navy Poncho in mint condition. Bright, clean and soft. $140
EE-1167  WWII Garand Bayonet. Very nice condition. $130
EE-1159  WWII Rifle Scorebook. $35
EE-1153  Manual for the 60MM Mortar. $35
EE-1152  Manual for the 37MM Cannon. $35
EE-1151  WWII American Field Service Canteen with cover. $75
EE-1147  Choice 1943 dated Pistol Belt. $40
EE-1143  WWII bandage and canister. $30
EE-1140  Manual for the Browning Automatic Rifle. $40
E-1134   WWII 2/3 length boots in the style of the RAF Aviator boots also enjoyed by the Americans. $120
E-1133  WWII theater made fighting knife with aircraft plexi glass handle with Kabar handle. $95
 EE-1131   WWII Variable Density Goggles, unused in the original metal can with instructions. $55
  EE-1129   WWII musette bag or map case sling. $30
  EE-1128  WWII waterproof invasion bag dated 1944. $25
  EE-1126  WWII Watch box. $15
EE-1123   WWII Aviation Headset as worn by Flight crew instead of the built in earphones. $95
EE-1122  WWII AN6530 Goggles. Complete with chinstrap. Needs one lens replaced. Priced accordingly. $175
EE-1121  Scarce WWII British contract made canteen. $80
    EE-1118  WWII Shoe Laces. $5 per pair. or 3 Pairs for $10
EE-1117  British made hand held lantern. $55
EE-1116  WWII Sewing Kit given by the American Red Cross. $30
EE-1115  WWII Individual 1ST Aid Packet and pouch. $25ON HOLD
EE-1114   1942 dated enamel canteen. $50
EE-1113   WWII individual property bag. Approx 12 inches in length. $30
EE-1112  WWII shoulder holster, tired condition. $55
EE-1111   WWII Sewing Kit. $25
EE-1110  WWII Fire Control Rifle Gauge. $30
  EE-1109   WWII Soldiers Money Belt. $20
EE-1107  Great WWII USMC Kabar Style fighting knife. Choice condition with like scabbard. $185ON HOLD
  EE-1106  Theater made US knife with great scabbard. $75
EE-1102  WWII US Pistol Belt. Good condition. $45
EE-1101 WWII US Pistol Belt. Good condition. $40
EE-1098  WWII dated Boxers shorts. $30
  EE-1097   Tent pegs with tent cord. $30
EE-1095   WWII  Soldiers pocket games. Approx 3 x 4 each. $35
EE-1093  Large Size Soldiers Grooming kit. Approx 8 x 9. $55
  EE-1092 Issue Guide to Australia. $20
EE-1091  WWII enlisted Man's Garrison Belt. $35
  EE-1090  WWII Tank Top undershirt. $25
  EE-1085  Larger tubular Soldiers sewing kit. $25
EE-1084  Large Sized sewing/ mending kit with snap closure. $40
  EE-1083  Small 1943 dated Battle Dressing. $20
  EE-1082   Small 1943 dated Battle Dressing. $20
  EE-1079    1943 dated plain gauze bandage. (1 avail) $15 each
  EE-1078   Box of 6 individual Iodine Swabs. $25 each
  EE-1076   WWII 40 inch Triangular Bandage $20 each
  EE-1075   1943 dated Head Dressing. $20 each
  EE-1074   32inch camo bandage package. $15 each
  EE-1073  3 inch camo bandage package. $15
EE-1071  WWII Shore Patrol armband. $45
  EE-1062   WWII generic shoulder strap. $20
EE-1059  WWII British Made canteen cover with 1944 production date. Choice. $110ON HOLD
EE-1053  Misc Corpsman's supplies. $30
  EE-1045  WWII Navy Issue Lip balm. $20ON HOLD
  EE-1044  WWII Fuel canister for heating rations. $25
  EE-1043  Set of 3 Johnson and Johnson roll bandages. $30ON HOLD
  EE-1042   Set of 4 Johnson and Johnson roll bandages. $40
EE-1041  WWII small gauze bandages from an original box. Set of (4) Bandages. $25
EE-1037  RAF Gloves as favored by US Fighter Pilots. Zipper is broken on one as shown. One zipper is chrome and one is brass. Great for an 8TH Air Force display. $140
  EE-1031  WWII Housewife with Scissors, thread, buttons etc.. $30
  EE-1030  WWII Soldiers Pocket Sewing kit. $25
EE-1027   Great WWII Sword Knife made from a captured WWI Officers Sword. $195
EE-1020  Official  8TH and 15TH Air Force Bomber Crew map covering Strasbourg. These were carried on all missions. $35
EE-1017   Official  8TH and 15TH Air Force Bomber Crew map covering Strasbourg. These were carried on all missions. $35
  EE-1011  WWII wool trigger finger mittens. $35
EE-1008   WWI Manual with tips for Pilots and O2 use. $20
EE-1006  Scarce 1943 dated BAR belt. $130
EE-999    WWII Theater made "Fighting Knife" with great scabbard. $125
EE-998     Clean 1942 dated Boyt made holster for the 45 Automatic. $100ON HOLD
EE-997   Clean 1942 dated Boyt made holster for the 45 Automatic. $100
  EE-996  WWII US Army wool trigger finger mittens. $35
EE-995   US Marine Anti Tank Pouch for the T-7 Mine. $45
  EE-994  WWII Razor set. $10
  EE-991  WWII Soap. $20
  EE-988   WWII GI Socks $25
  EE-987  WWII GI Socks. $25
  EE-977  Choice WWII Sewing kit. $30
  EE-975  WWII First Aid Packet. $20
EE-972    WWII 1943 dated Jungle Pack. Very nice condition. $145ON HOLD
EE-971   WWII enameled canteen, some chips, otherwise nice. $75
  EE-970  B-8 Goggles Lens set and case. $30
EE-969  B-8 Goggle box with lens selection and case with B-8 instructions. $40
EE-968  Small waterproof person goods bag. $15
  EE-967   WWII pistol belt. Shows typical use. $40
  EE-964    WWII Trouser Belt. $20
  EE-963  WWII Trouser Belt. $15
  EE-962  WWII Trouser Belt. $15
EE-958  Scarce "British Made" marked pack and mess kit carrier. You see lots of belts and pouches but seldom do you see Packs. $110
EE-953   Late WWII Shovel cover. $40
EE-939   WWII Ice Cream Box, dated 1945. 3 Avail. $15 each
EE-931  1945 dated Grenade Carrier. $45
EE-930   1941 dated rubberized Officers Musette Bag. $125
EE-924   1942 dated Canteen cover with 1942 dated enamel bottle. Some staining, otherwise nice. $85
EE-921    WWII US issue British Made musette bag. $90ON HOLD
EE-916  WWII Song Book. $15
EE-913   WWII US Army Signal Corps Message Books $20 each.
EE-912  WWII 50 Cal Machine Gun Manual. $35
EE-907  EE-907   WWII Khaki Flight Suit. Excellent condition with a couple of pulls and 1/4"  tears. $140
EE-905  B-8 Flight Goggles. $50  ON HOLD
 EE-904  Super clean USMC Corpsmans Knife and scabbard. Excellent condition. $160
EE-900  WWII Private Purchase silk Aviators scarf. $35
EE-886   WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
EE-885  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
EE-884  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
EE-873  Very nice early ammo belt, about MINT. $175
EE-866  WWII Pistol belt. Mint condition. $45ON HOLD
EE-863  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35ON HOLD
EE-862  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
EE-861  WWII Combat Map for Troops in Italy. $35
  EE-858  WWII Thompson Machine Gun clip pouch. $50
EE-853  Nice early 1942 dated Canteen cover with black enamel bottle. $135ON HOLD
EE-844  1943 dated Shelter Half. Very good condition showing actual use. $70
EE-843  Very nice WWII wool sweater. Shows some field use and small repairs. $40
EE-842  WWII US Army wool undershirt. Excellent condition. $35
EE-841  WWII GI Mittens. $35
EE-840  Choice, almost mint, 1943 dated 10 pocket ammo belt. One snap is not working properly and shows some damage. You really would not know unless you were using it! Still closes and opens, just not as tight as the others. Really a choice belt. $105
EE-833  WWII Pistol Belt. Unusual weave. $40
EE-828  Interesting Rigger made Flight Bag. About 2/3 the size of a standanrd production bag. $80
  EE-823   WWII Carisle Bandage. $15
EE-819  Very scarce WWII Sword Knife made from a Civil War Officers Sword. Bone handle. due to the scarcity of Tool and Blade steel during WWII, so swords were cut into sections and turned into fighting knives. $180
EE-806a WWII US Navy Tanker style coveralls. Good condition. $110
EE-805a  WWII US army Aid Bag and Shoulder strap. $90
E-797a  Great Navigators Stop Watch in excellent running condition. $125 ON HOLD
EE-795a  WWII First Aid Pouch and Carlisle bandage. $35
EE-792a   WWII Air Corps Sun Glasses with AAF leatherette cover. Glasses lack one plastic ear ring. $75
EE-791a   WWII USMC Canteen and cover. Shows actual use and wear. $80
EE-785a  WWII Air Corps Headset. $50
EE-784a  WWII Tank Top shirt. $30
EE-783a  Choice WWII Pistol Belt. $40
EE-778a  WWII Canteen dated 1943, nice early set. $75
EE-776aa  Choice WWII Shelter Half with original rope and 3 wooden pegs. $125
EE-773a   WWII GI Socks. Used showing use and age. $20 pr-
EE-772a  WWII USMC Canteen and cover. Good condition showing actual use. $90
EE-767a   WWII black wrinkle finish lighter. $35
EE-762a  Very clean 1944 Pistol Belt. $40
  EE-751a  WWII trigger finger gloves in wool. $35
  EE-747a  WWII Bandage $15
EE-738a  WWII First Aid Pouch with bandage. $25
  EE-737a   WWII Trigger Finger mittens. $35
  EE-734a  Very scarce 1945 Nylon Flight Suit as used by Marine and Navy Pilots in the Pacific. $135
EE-731a  WWII Zipper Money Belt. $20
EE-724b   WWII Sheath for  a 5 inch double edged blade. $40
  EE-723a   Wartime carried map for American Units in Italy. $25
  EE-722a  Wartime carried map for American Units in Italy. $25
EE-711a    Invasion bag for the M-1 Rifle. This plastic bag was used to keep the M-1 dry until shore was reached. It was then torn off and thrown away. $20
  EE-708a   WWII Black enamel 1942 dated canteen. $65
EE-668a  WWII Pilots log book during stateside training. Also has his post war flights. $25
EE-657a  Indian made Blood Chit with flag top removed due to its large size. Many flags were used for internal pockets. Scarce to find. $95
EE-650a  1945 dated WWII Suspenders. $45
  E-645a  WWII Aviation variable density goggles. $130
E-644a  WWII Leather Cavalry Equipment Chest. Approx 22 inches in length. $90
E-642b   WWII Flight Suit, choice condition. $135ON HOLD
E-633a   WWII M-1 Garand Bayonet and scabbard. $140
  EE-626a  WWII Parachute log booklet which was attached to all parachutes in used in WWII. A must have booklet. $30
EE-618a  WWII Air Corps Scarf with owners name. $45
EE-615a  WWII Sun Glasses case with partial original label. $40
  EE-601a  WWII Tan Ties as worn by Officers and Enlisted men. $10 each
EE-594a  Great Theater made knife with inked inscription for the Armored Man who carried it. $250
  EE-590a  WWII MP armband.  $50 ON HOLD
  E-588a   Nice WWII Canteen cup and cover. $55
E-566a  WWII aftermarket highly embossed Eagle Discharge Holder. $25
EE-475a    Original packages of V-Mail as used by most soldiers during WWII. A "must have" for any personal artifacts display for the WWII Soldier. $20 each
  E-546a  WWII Marine Corps flotation bladder. $35
EE-544a    WWII Combat used shovel and cover showing heavy use and wear.$65
  EE-540a    81MM Muzzle cover. $25
EE-531a    WWII Army Air Corps sheerling boot liners, electrically heated. $20
EE-526a    WWII Size 2 Gaiters. $15
EE-510a    WWII collapsible water bucket. $30
  EE-465a    WWII Carlisle Bandage. $30
  EE-457a    WWII Camo Marine Corps Utility Straps. $45
EE-456a    WWII US Army Tan shelter half. $145
EE-455a    WWII Field Telephone is choice condition, just missing the crank. $145
  EE-446a    WWII Wire Cutter carry case. MINT. $40
  EE-455a    WWII Water bucket as seen on Jeeps and other vehicles. $30
  EE-453a    WWII Camo pack straps. Set of 2. $35
  EE-451a    WWII wrist compass as carried by Airborne troops. $55ON HOLD
  EE-446a    WWII storage bag as given to Soldiers to keep their personal items. $25
EE-437b    WWII M-1 Carbine Pouch. $25
EE-436a    WWII 1942 Army Pack with rigger modifications. They eliminated the need for the tail by sewing the main tongue of the pack to the 2 side flaps forming a square bottomed bag. Great rigger modified item. $75
EE-434a    WWII Theater made shoulder holster. $55
EE-1261  WWII US army Bandage Packs. $15 each 3 Available
    EE-1911  WWII Tourniquet. The ones remaining do not have the brown paper wrapper. $15 each. 2 remaining
  EE-1199a  Nice Black WWII Pocket sized sewing kit. $15
  EE-4013a  Nice Green Soldiers WWII Pocket sized sewing kit. $15
EE-1940a    WWII British Invasion belt with 1944 date. $85


  EE-2236a      WWII Dust shield in original package. $30


  EE-2235     WWII Dust shield in original package. $30


EE-5551a   1943 dated Musette Bag. $55
  EE-075a   WWII Patriotic Sewing Kit with Red White and Blue Eagle. $30
EE-410b    WWII Shearling Flight Helmet. $90
  EE-1789b    WWII US Navy WAVEs Dog tags. $75
EE-1477a  WWII Tool Roll for carpenters Chisels. $20
  EE-064a   WWII GI Sewing Kit. $15
EE-063a   WWII Women's canvas leggings. $25
  EE-044a    WWII Leather mittens with original wool liners in absolutely mint condition. 1935 contract issued during WWII. $45
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